Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tomorrow ~ Happily Ever After...

Tomorrow, my Big Beautiful Kittens, the Happily Ever After blog ~ the Kougar’s romance blog in partnership with her special author friends launches. Introductions will be featured. If man/woman love stories are your thing, this may be the blog for you to find the books that will warm your cockles and your heart.

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

A claw snippet from The Special Secret Project ~

“One of Mowzolin’s lieutenants, probably.” Zent felt his brow furrow while rage spiked through him. “I’m going to be having nightmares about floods and endless torrents of water forever.”
“Oh gee, is this where I say, drown yourself in me, instead, oh big wonderful Dark Superhero? Oh flick that big fishing rod into my hot silky water.” She paused, folding her arms tighter. “Never mind.”
“Yes.” Lifting her higher, Zent nuzzled the center of her ear. “Yes, say it,” he demanded.
“I already did.”
“Say it for real.”
She flashed a ferocious little frown at him. “I will not.”
“You know you want to,” he crooned near her ear, in the very manner he knew would draw her claws.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 7 ~

Sylva froze in terror, the scream in her throat failing to pass her lips. Desperately, as time slowed around her, she looked for a way to escape becoming a bloody broken *okay,sexily-dressed* pancake. The headlights glared like devil’s eyes. The grill suddenly reminded her of a dragon’s face. When a blast of light struck her, then formed into a mirror-bright circle, Sylva dived toward it, not knowing what else to do. The first thing she noticed ~ she’d landed on her butt in a shallow mud puddle. Then she noticed, the air smelled heavenly despite the drift of fresh horse manure.

Zeke reined Smoky down to a slow trot at the edge of town. With excitement charging through him like a bull, he scanned both sides of Main Street, looking for the rowdiest celebration. A woman wanting marriage would be making herself available there tonight. He hadn’t confided in anyone. No, he’d cherished the notion he’d have his pick of fillies without the two local women who chased after him, scaring any newcomer away. As a shooting star appeared, he halted Smoky, taking in the celestial beauty and making his wish for a woman he could love with his whole heart.
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Big happily ever after kiss from the Kougar...

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