Friday, February 29, 2008

Year of the Red Lioness

Big Kitties, the Kougar is holding her own in this battle of virus versus wellness. While not spunky and tail perky, she is paw-to-blog functional enough.
Dancing paws, Big Beautiful Cats, the synchronicities arrive like swarms of silvery fishies for Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books. What did the Kougar hear as bumper music on her fave internet radio shows? Year of the Cat, that mystical lyrical haunting song. And 'nashville cats', and now the title escapes moi's un-steel trap like mind.
Roar! The Year of the Red Lioness, or the lioness chases, then consumes the Chinese Year of the Rat. Yeah, that's the space ticket, or the ticket into space -- which not! for all the shrimp in the seas of the world, would the Kougaress pay for a trip on such primitive NASA vehicles. Of course, that tuna-begs the real question. The Black World NASA revealed by Richard Hoagland in his best-selling book, Dark Mission...well, to Mars and beyond.
To the Kougaress's sharp jewel eye, the current NASA is for smoke-and-mirrors public consumption, and is as laughable as a dog leaping up frantically to catch the Kougar while she lounges on her favorite tree limb. Or, comparable to Keystone space cops, who can't fly beyond the space station while riding in their rickety accident-waiting-to-happen shuttle.
Yeah, sarcastic-meow -- where does all that black budget money go?
Segue into Black. Last night the Kougar completed and sent her submission to Nocturne Bites, Kill the Black Wolf. Big long shrug, moi has no idea what will occur???
Blurb: With the writer’s strike on the way, her Muse missing, and her body about to crash and burn from exhaustion, Sondra knows it’s time to take a break at her friend’s isolated home in the Montana forest. But why can’t she sleep? And why is her intuition zinging through her as if she’d stuck her finger in a light socket?
On a night roaming journey to decide his future with his Red Rock pack, whether or not to challenge his brothers for alpha leadership, Duke doesn’t count on rescuing a wolfess, then racing for his life from two seasoned hunters who want his hide as a trophy. But fate howls his way, when he’s rescued by the woman, who is his path, his Prophetess, and his mate.
Race on over to Title Magic, Lovely Big Cats. Nancy Haddock, author of La Vida Vampire, RT 4.5 stars Top Pick, blogs today about writing the paranormal into your story.
Nancy, I'm lost in all the wonderful comments. Sorry, I'll get my thinking cap back on. Happy Leap Day everyone. Gotta luv those powers. The transport thing would be marvelous. I've daydreamed about that, and written it in stories. But I think in this day and age, I would like the power to erase the memory of the bad guys. Get stopped by a cop determined to taser you without justification, just erase the memory that you were ever there. And erase the memory of all the cameras, etc.
Lexie, ah, those flying dreams. Mine aren't as often as yours -- and I have had encounters with those power lines, and monstrous trees, but fortunately I've been able to avoid them at the last minute.
Nancy, Your novel just sounds fantastic. Luv your heroine's name and the Title. It is amazing how the paranormal realm is on our side when we're writing about it. At least, my experience.
Biggie congrats on your RT review! That is soooo exciting!

Sorta perky smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bolts From the Blue

Bolt from the blue, Big Lovely Cats, two bolts from the blue. The good one -- the Kougar's e-romance sizzle novel, All Shades of Blue Paradise, is at the top of the Coming Soon page of Siren Publishing, March tingle-purr-tingle splendid to gaze upon. Sigh-glow-happy. Roaring yay!
Bolt number two is the bad one. The Kougar has contracted the crap virus stuff going around, staved off to minimal suffering by her natural supplements -- purr-thanks to the Divine.
This is fascinating to the Kougaress, and a mystery, since her prairie home is isolated, and it's been two weeks, at least, since any direct contact with the humans. Unless cyber transmission is involved, and black cyber ops are the secret culprits.
It's a meowing-yowling-growling conspiracy...what else? Now your computer screen can transmit virus not only to itself, but to the innocent screen-staring user. Covert-suspicious, stealthy as her kind, the Kougar investigates. Aha! the frequency is encoded, invisible as nano dots designed to simply burrow into your brain. The message: Crap Nasty Flu
Meow-okay, it makes a good plot. And it's all mine! Claw-hiss-spit-swipe! You keep your mitts off Stephen King!

Cough...cough...blogging session over the Kougar...

And no germy kisses!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Red Mystical Synchronicity

Mystical synchronicity, Big Kitties, meow and enthusiastic yowl! On Title Magic today Helen posted a wonderful blog about our celestial speeds through space. Our beloved Earth orbiting the sun. Our solar system circling the galactic center. Our galaxy dancing toward another galaxy. The Celtic circle upon circle, spiral upon spiral, The Magic Knot of life -- and the title of Helen's entry in the American Title IV contest in Romantic Times magazine. BTW, the love scenes need your vote!
Red mystical synchronicity...the Kougar wished for a way to blog about Red Lioness Tamed, her claw-fierce lioness woman in space. And what appeared but this image of a small galaxy, breathless in its beauty...and gloriously savagely red at its center. The pic Helen chose for her blog.
Bow to the Great Bast. For this is what Sun Rocket and Captain Draxen Z of the Venture view as they speed through the far reaches of space, dodging dangerous enemies and unexpected phenomena.
Last night, the Kougar, happily concentrating with a frustrated twitch or two of her tail, worked on her Siren-Bookstrand questionnaire --blurbs and the cover art -- for When A Good Angel Falls. Just the kind of artistic fun and thinking-ferocity the Kougar adores -- with the purring-hope, toe-crossing hope, it will do the marketing job, inspire readers to read her 2012 adventure story.
Above the Kougaress's brown hibernating prairie, as she journeys back from her mailbox, the sky beams blue, as if covered by the sheer dust of sapphires. The scudding clouds look like glisten ethereal lands in shades of white and gray. And the blue light reaches for us all, filling our spirits with the new angelic light of Earth.
Trot on over to Title Magic, Big Cats, savor Helen's blog. Purrs below:
No counting for me! I just luv the whole mystical beauty of it. Godspeed, and we're in the middle of it in our own way.

That pic is extraordinarily amazing and gorgeous.

Red Mystical kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blessings Out of the Blue

Blessings out of the blue, Big Beautiful Kitties! The afternoon sky above the Kougar’s brown winter-crushed prairie, is the new blue, infused with violet, radiant, pouring down the new blue blessings of the Aquarian age. Winds crash and sweep, cold, almost menacing. Clouds, an immense dense terrain of domes and streaming lines blow in, gradually taking over the sky.
Today, blessings out of the blue ray, the Kougar decided to do a bit of research (her time slippery as a trout escaping her claws), on the blue ray of William Henry, new age shaman/mystic/revealer. Yes, the angelic blue light mentioned by Doreen Virtue on her HayHouse radio show. Found on William Henry's blog, Manna from the Muse. And a feast for the Kougaress’s soul. William Henry’s blog is manna for the spirit, providing the keys, the golden keys for opening the Kougar’s stories.

The Keys:
The blue lotus oil opening Lady Sheridan’s heart to Baron Zaggry in Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, book II in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
The connection Jacquelyn Kennedy had to the Egyptian temple at Denderra is revealed in William Henry’s blog. And, thus, the connection to the antediluvian world of Atlantis, since Egypt was mostly colonized by the Atlanteans...and thus, Jackie O’s and President John F. Kennedy’s role in Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis.
Blessings from the blue ray sky...bow to Bast, the Kougaress is grateful.
Hip hop and sway over to Title Magic. Mel posts an amazing blog about how she uses music to create. Just like films have a musical score, so do her novels. Moi’s purring-enthusiasm below:

Mel, so absolutely kool. I don't quite do the music thing as intensely as you do. But silence is usually not my ally when I'm writing. I have internet radio on, shows which include a variety of music. Stories, scenes have been born from the snatch of a song as I'm driving, or the whole song puts me in that mood, which creates the next scene in the story I'm working's as though my Muse says, here ya go, just what you need. And it is!
A couple of months ago I heard some oldie goldie Samba music (courtesy of Rollye James, radio talk show), Byrd, the musician -- it was wonderful incredible music, the perfect music for my hero in Curses Were Strange Beasts. I knew that was the music he chose to dance to at a retro Hollywood thirties/forties nightclub. Dance scene is upcoming, however, in the story. But he did tell the heroine they were going dancing, while solving the current oil crises and running from the Black Unit.

Blessings Out of the Blue kisses from the Kougar.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Silk Road Kisses -- it's official, Big Beautiful Kitties, thanks so very purring much to Mike of Liquid Silver Books. The Kougar has been in such a tail-flicking dither about how to manage the cyber world. Time and funds versus writing and the business of writing. That, and the Kougar's large-meow! knowledge deficit. Hopefully, Big Cats, a website to arrive soon, where info is paw-easily accessed by any who desire it, on moi's romance sizzle e-novels.
Plus and loud happy roars, the Kougaress just adores viewing her cover art, not to mention her words -- her blurbs. There is an art to the author promo, a creative enjoyable exercise unto itself.

Ever been curious about the future, how the vast reaches of space will become the new Silk Road, with every manner of merchandise on cargo ships, mammoth-huge to hawk-swift, instead of loaded onto camels and horses. Where trade and traveling from planet-world to moon-world, to asteroid island worlds is the new way to wealth, a commerce of prosperity for a galaxy.

3051, on Terra-Mars, and the year of Red Lioness Tamed, the year of my lioness shifter heroine, Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan, lives during this time of the New Silk Road. She tells her story at Liquid Silver Books, on March 3.

Take a lovely stroll over to Title Magic. Anitra's blog is most purring-excellent and insightful on the rejection writer's face, and the rejection we all face in life. Moi's meows below.

Anitra, wonderful blog. Ain't it the truth, trying to separate your personal feelings by simply looking at rejection from an objective learning standpoint. It's probably a soul lesson for me, since rejection was such a big part of my childhood.
I do my best to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to critiques or comments. Since I truly do want to write the best story I can, while, at the same time, I don't want to go off track just because someone else didn't like it for whatever reason, personal to them.
Perseverance definitely does pay off in my experience -- and looking for that next opportunity coming down the pike.
And, I especially like Glynis McCants, super numerologists, viewpoint. To paraphrase: If they reject you, it's not the right publisher for you. Just keep on going.
Destiny, lovely to see you here!

New Silk Road kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kiss of the Blue Ray

In the land of the Kougaress, snow is a gentle melting blanket over the prairie. And the late afternoon sun, caught between banks of cornflower blue clouds, transforms the large pond into a pastel-silver glisten of yellow and blue. Just outside the window are melting tracks, the coyote has circled the lair. Welcome, Coyote Spirit. Welcome, Coyote brother or sister, as long as you harm none of my beloveds, you are welcome.
Synchronicity, Big Beautiful Cats, is becoming, more and more, the thread-spun fabric of life. How you may meow? Harken ye-mewing back to the magic of our lunar eclipse. Mark Husson, the amazing astrologer on Hayhouse Radio, reminded moi of a major news story on the day of the eclipse. Blu-ray took the battle prize for high definition. Now granted, the Kougaress is a Kat dancing in the dark when it comes to these tech realms. However, she is a Kat dancing in the mystic light when it comes to knowing what trends arrive upon Mother Earth -- of having that intuitive sense of the future, merely a natural knowing since her cubhood.
No, not with any manner of complete and detailed accuracy does the Kougaress know the future of our world. Yet, it is an overall knowing of how our society evolves decade after decade -- and proven out, year after year.

This is part of the Kougar's opening for All Shades of Blue Paradise, a description of the fantasy-seductive World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
The blue ray created and loosed by the origin goddesses and gods at the inception of human life, shapes the artistic moods and the expressions of the culture itself. B.B. King and Janis Joplin would certainly find royal homes here for their music, as would all of the musical artists of Earth.
Roaring synchronicity or what? Blu-ray wins the high def battle. And the Kougar receives her release date from Siren Publishing, March 10, for All Shades of Blue Paradise, the story set in an OtherWorld, a world created by the blue ray.

Blue Ray kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Split Personality Kisses

The Kougar's split personality revealed. Purr-to-roaring revealed by the cover themes of All Shades of Blue Paradise, available at Siren Publishing on March 10, versus Red Lioness Tamed, available at Liquid Silver Books on March 3.
Indeed-meow, truth revealed, that is the Kougaress's nature, and a major theme for the heroine in most of her romance sizzle novels. How could it not be, since moi desired with all her heart as a wee cub to be a ballerina dancing beautifully in her pink tutu, magic star wand always in hand.
Her other cub passion was playing baseball with the boys, wild-running with them tomboy style throughout her suburban neighborhood -- before the days of doors always locked. Yep, kitty-moi was always picked for the team since she could catch, throw like a boy, and hit home runs, which meant her team would most often win, and why 'being a girl' got overlooked.
Yesterday was yowling excitement and tingly enthusiasm. The Kougar lovingly admired her blue-sensual cover art for All Shades of Blue Paradise, and read through her novel in e-book form, the ending bringing the burn of tears to her eyes. Love, the hope of love is a many-splendored thing...purring sniff, sniff.

And the Kougar is bravely awaiting the slice and dice fangs of the reviewer/critics. Plaintive-long yowl ensues, since her writing pen is a style not in favor with many. Moi believes the Smart Bitches of snarky claw-slashing fame will be in pouncing-possession of fresh meat to attack and joyfully rip apart. If they prowling-discover this blue-innocent prey. Shush...don't tell...

To website or not to website...yet? That is the haunting question for the Kougar...still. And where and how to promo? for superior advantage? In this land of the promo gone frantically mad. Moi did finally send an e-mail announcement of her first sell to Romance Writer's Report. What other opportunities are hiding like wary rabbits on the Kougaress's winter ice-rain prairie?

Split personality kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Purr-Kiss for Red Lioness Tamed

Big Kitties, moi knows you've hopped up on a clothes dryer or a washer -- warm and vibrating with their machine purr as they domestically serve the humans. Well, meow, the Kougar's head is on permanent spin cycle. Yesterday, on Happy Lunar Eclipse Day, the e-mail arrived. Release date from Liquid Silver Books for Red Lioness Tamed is March 3. Yowling! heavens to mergatroid, and don't exit stage left. Even though the Kougar's paws are too stunned to dance, for the moment -- and her eyes are open wide, her gaze stuck staring into the super bright lights.

Blurb: (Erotic lioness shifter futuristic)
What does a lioness shifter do when she’s suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser’s cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she’s trapped beneath the handsome human Captain.
And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?
Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.
Molten Silver: Forced seduction, mild bondage, sex while in partially shifted state.

Help all good and wonderful promotion angels. Bast send your best advisors, the Kougaress needs your divine assistance. Maooow, please and thank you.
On another author note, the title has been changed on purring-moi's latest WIP. After doing a book title search on Wolf Kill, and, as the Kougaress suspected, discovering another novel by that name, she has changed the title to Kill the Black Wolf. Yep, the rifles raised and aimed at the wolf shifter hero, he races for his life. And toward love.

Yes, yes! My legions of Beautiful Big Cats, the Kougar hears your demanding yowls and siren-loud pleas. Soon...soon, she promises her love scene entry in the American Title IV contest - calm, stroking calm now -- it will be revealed. Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis lives, beloved in her authoress heart.

Bound, lithe and languid, over to Title Magic, lovely Big Kitties all, for a fascinating and revealing portrait of NY best-selling author, Alethea Kontis. Inspiration is yours for the goldfish-taking. Meowings below:
Alethea, your dad is great. I can so relate to a lot of what you spoke about. Truth is, I just went underground with my intelligence level when I was in school, since it was obvious 'smart' kids weren't liked, and the other kids wouldn't play with you. Plus, there was a box of expectations the school system wanted you to live in, that I didn't want to be trapped in...and, well, high school, after the short skirt incident, I got out, went on to college later.

Congratulations on all your success, and for ain't all that easy. And you're more than welcome to be here, play with us, where you'll be appreciated and valued for who you are.
Happy early St. Patrick's day, and you don't have to wear green if you don't want to. Although, I will confess I have a fondness for emerald, peridot, jade and forest shades of green. Ahh, and then there's spring green...

Spinning smooches from the Kougar...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Lunar Eclipse Day

Happy lunar eclipse day, Big Kitties. For your purring pleasures, meow-moi will post her Title Magic blog just for the glistening wise eyes of kitties here.

Lunar Eclipse Magic
I had planned to blog only about the magic of our lunar eclipse last night, when Mother Earth separates Lunabelle (my pet name for the moon) from Sol's light. And thus, we earthlings are separated from the bright light enchantment of Diana for a short time. For those astrologically inclined, during this eclipse the sun moves into the dreamy water sign of Pisces while the moon shines her full silvery beauty in the virgin earth sign of Virgo.
In the bone-chill cold, at about nine-thirty, I watched the spectacular and hypnotic lunar eclipse. The heavens were a deep black. The planet, Saturn, and the star, Regulus – and another snow-brilliant white star in the constellation of Leo – formed a triangle to the north side of the moon. So entrancing was this picture, so beautiful was the moon in her finery of radiant red-gold, her veil of transparent smoke, I remained outside far longer than I anticipated, freezing my you know what off...and every moment worth it.
Plans change, as if tapped by a magic wand, however. Yep, an over-the-moon surprise arrived in my e-mail! Upon this day of the lunar eclipse. My fantasy romance e-novel, All Shades of Blue Paradise, coming from Siren Publishing, has been given a release date. March 10, is the lucky day. Okay, it has to be lucky since St. Patrick’s wearin’-of-the-green, shamrock day is just around the corner.
Indeed, the happy, happy dance on cloud nine beneath the dark eclipse of the moon, then beneath Luna’s brilliant luminosity, ensues. Ahhh, perhaps, Sparkles and the other fairies will join me in the glade or behind the barn. Does my golden unicorn await the gaiety? Are the St. Pats’ leprechauns lurking?
Enough...enough! Of such word-sorcery and gushing-spillage. And more about the opportunity of the lunar eclipse.
From my research this is a time to gaze at our personal situation in the world with a realistic eye, then use the tools of Earth to make changes. Or simply make some practical improvements in your life. For example, your home – what would you alter to have it suit you, your particular preferences? A new bookshelf? New writer’s furnishings? Or perhaps, find new ways to organize which will assist you in writing that best-selling romance novel.
Any new works-in-progress being penned out there? Share a small working blurb with us. And if you have a question we can help with, just ask.
'Shamanic Astronomer' AJ McGettigan writes for all of us on the public domain of the website:
The darkened Full Moon with Saturn highlights an opportunity for those willing to take stock of their true situation and act accordingly. Saturn is still roughly trine with Pluto— an arrangement which promotes regeneration and renewal for all conditions ripe for change. Additional details are available at
From the darkness
Rings a tone of new potentials
Karma need not bring fear
When seen with attentive eyes
Old shapes take new form
New choices and new strength
Emerge in opportunity’s light

Lunar Eclipse Magic...yep, the synchronicity is obvious as the full white-shimmer moon above. Since my fantasy aristocratic realm, World of the Blue Pearl Moon, is the series title for All Shades of Blue Paradise. How truly moon magical is that?
Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance]
Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his love slave. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.

For wonderful love scenes, each one with it’s special brand of magic, click on over to Romantic Times. Heart-savor the final two entries of Helen and Trish in the American Title IV contest. Then vote for your fave!
This is the big one. Winner takes all, the whole publishing contract enchilada with Dorchester Publishing.
Moon eclipse kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kisses for All Shades of Blue Paradise

Release date, Big Kitties, the Kougar's paws are dancing on cloud nine! Fortunately her sleek, tawny-muscled body keeps her atop the fluffy cloud, instead of crashing through such ephemeral soft wet stuff.
Yes, it's here! March 10 is the release date for moi's e-novel from Siren Publishing, All Shades of Blue Paradise. Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry live, battle and love in their aristocratic fantasy World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Yay! Smile from kitty ear to kitty ear...loud purr rumbles ensue.

Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance]
Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his love slave. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.

And, the Kougaress has received her entries to judge in Passionate Ink's published author contest. Lots of good reading ahead.
Last night, or actually meow-this morning, the Kougar completed her first draft of Wolf Kill, about her wolf shifter hero and the woman he lusty desires, the woman who saves his life, and the woman who is destined to become his Prophetess -- if he can win her from the claim of his two brothers, the alpha leaders of his pack.

Beautiful Big Cats, Evonne has posted an exceptional blog at Title Magic on heroes, the heroes in your romance novels. The heroes of your fantasies, all delightfully written in across-the-pond style. Moi's meowings below:
Evonne, you brought up so many wonderful things to consider, well, I could write pages. Usually, I will have a strong visual of my hero like the movie Lexie described -- but it becomes the entire package, his emotions, his character, how he feels -- I start feeling him, even how he moves physically.
I have written stories that began with a movie star like Pierce Brosnon and especially Adrian Paul -- but the longer I write, the more the heroes are completely unto themselves. They live in my imagination as real.
Great post, luved it.

Blue Pearl Moon kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Title Swan Song

The Kougar wipes the sleep blearies out of her eyes, and attempts coherent thought. Yesterday was a whirlwind of e-mails answered. Liz French of Romantic Times magazine is collecting our swan song last words as ATIV finalists. Meow-happy for the Kougaress since she has a wonderful report on her successes and opportunities.
The great 'squidgy' mystery has not been solved, but has been resolved. 'Squidgy' will not be in Red Lioness Tamed. And rumbling-please, put your kitty eyes on the digital cover art at Liquid Silver Books, the forum's Books Coming Soon page. If the Kougar could have rolled her joyful satisfaction on top of her computer screen, alas the modern ways...not fun sometimes.
And, wonder of wonders, indeed, the Kougar discovered she still has a contract for Tangerine Carnal Dreams. No communication received had the Kougaress wondering this novel's fate with Aspen Mountain Press.

Below is moi's roar e-mailed to Liz. It will be fascinating to see what makes it in her roundup article.
E-mail to Liz for final round
Okay, Liz, here goes:
Wow! Lots of shiny highs and lots of mopey lows, with great amounts of chocolate required. However, the roller coaster ride just gets bigger and better, even though I was eliminated in the first round. My fantasy novel, ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE, is on the Coming Soon page of Siren Publishing. PLEASURES OF BLUE LOTUS OIL, Book II in that series titled, WORLD OF THE BLUE PEARL MOON, will also be contracted by Siren, as well as my 2012 futuristic, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, which will be offered in Siren's new sister company, Bookstrand.
And the good news continues! My lioness shifter novella, RED LIONESS TAMED, contracted by Liquid Silver Books, is on the Books Coming Soon forum page. And I just received my cover art. Meow-roaring delicious!
And! Aspen Mountain Press has contracted my space-futuristic, stallion shifter novella, TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS.
My fingers are blazing on the keyboard, except when I'm stuck and listening for my dear Muse. I have several WIP's, one being at novel length currently, CURSES WERE STRANGE BEASTS, CHRONICLES OF AN EARTH-BOUND GODDESS.
Once the winner is declared, I am so hoping the rest of us ATIV finalists will find the right publishing home for our entries. Soon. A big thanks to Jenny Gardiner, last year's winner, who was our guru and guide, especially at first.
Advice: One key for me, for every rejection (after more chocolate and escaping into my writing), I looked for an opportunity to submit to another e-publisher. No matter how the contest plays out, go for all the opportunities available, and listen to your Higher Self.

Later, Beloved Big Cats, the Kougar will post her love scene entry for American Title IV -- what would have been, yet is not...forgive, the Kougaress's brain is foggy slow...yawn, need cocoa yummy boost.
Vote, Beautiful Big Kitties, for your fave love scene entry --

Brain-sluggish smooches from the Kougar...

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Purty Lioness Girl

Big Kitties all, it has arrived! Da, da, da...drumroll please. The official cover of Red Lioness Tamed. Included here for your rumbling perusal.
Here's my purty lioness girl, Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan.
And here's her handsome loner space captain, Draxen Z of the Venture.
Yep, lust on love on the high dangerous cosmic sea.
Coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.

The blurb:
What does a lioness shifter do when she’s suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser’s cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself she’s trapped beneath the handsome human Captain.
And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?
Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.

Huge congratulations to Trish and Helen for being the top two finalists in the American Title IV contest in Romantic Times magazine. Now is the time to indulge your fantasies, vote for your fave love scene.

Beautiful Cats, Trish has written a great blog on the mighty or not so mighty impact of reviews. Take a leisurely run on over to Title Magic. Moi's meowings below.
Great perceptive blog, Trish.
So true, everyone, what's already been said, although, I must disagree about Tom Cruise, not that he's a particular favorite actor of mine. I think the bad rap he's gotten is highly over-rated.
But, actually, that's just a side issue. I'm having a thought -- what if I read someone else's reviews, and they read mine, and we acted like filters for each other?
From an objective perspective reviews are sometimes a writing art unto themselves, whether they reflect the quality and content of the book, or not.
Naw, I don't pay attention to reviews except as their own campy art, or if they hit certain themes in movies I like, or are the types of stories I'm interested in.
As Sylvia Day said, she goes for the story itself, not the rating of the book. That's me too.
It could be the highest-rated book since a Nora Roberts, but if it's got the secret baby them...forget about it!
With the caveat that there are excellent enjoyable 'secret baby' romances. It's just so ubiquitous, makes my tummy queasy.

Excited kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Escape

Frustration yowl! The Kougar is about to run for the hills. And time flies as fast as the Millenium Falcon escaping from Darth Vader. At purring least, the prairie hills are luminous with sundown, a vibrant gorgeous pink below the indigo-shaded bank of clouds. And a very welcomed rain blessed the land, the later-arriving snow melting as it struck the too-warm ground.
Opinions, they spray like bullets from an automatic -- or, like each droplet of water spraying up from a passing bus lumbering swiftly down the street after a downpour. Wanted, or not, opinions abound. The Kougaress has a wish never to be fulfilled, don't ask for an opinion you don't want, since a knotted giant yarn ball of emotional chaos ensues... emotions never to be satisfied. It doesn't exist in the realm of possibility.
Or, perhaps, it is merely the celestial arrival of the lunar eclispse on the night of February 20, driving moi's frustration and escapism fantasy. Mother Earth separates Lunabelle from Sol's light, thus, we are separated from the light of Diana. From what the Kougaress has researched this is a time to gaze at our personal situation in the world, and use the tools of Earth to make changes, to make practical improvements. For example, your lair home, Big Kitties, what would you alter to have it suit you, your purr preferences?

Lunar Eclipse Escape, it should be a title -- and, thus, with a magical roar, the Kougar proclaims it so.

The night cat, as is the Kougar's natural cycle now, listened with great sadness to last night's Coast-to-Coast show with Ian Punnett. For what she knows, has prowling-gaze observed for a decade now, was Ian's topic. It is the loss of men. The loss of real men. With brutal despair for herself, for all of us, and for our future, she heard all the good doctor presented -- a horror sci fi pictures of males chemically altered toward feminization -- proven out by the doctor's research and experience with his patients.
The Kougar's mighty pleading yowl soars for the heavens. Real men, please...Bast, oh please, real men.

Kisses to all real men from the Kougar...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kiss of the Supernatural Heralds

A cold damp chill saturates the Kougar's prairie -- the kind of chill that keeps moi coldy shivery inside.
Excitement and maniacal focus, Big Cats, the Kougar is searching for a font that will 'express' her e-novella, Red Lioness Tamed. Good meowing luck! Since fonts are like grains of sand -- a good thing, since the Kougaress has a great purring fondness for fonts -- then again, the search is difficult, even with Google hunting parameters. Not that moi is experienced in this manner of hunting.
If you've ever possessed a fascination about the connection of Rock Stars with UFO's run fleetly, don't walk, over to, click on the internet radio show, the listen button, and savor. The revelations are...meow well...beyond amazing and fabulous food for thought, manna for those who wish to learn with open cosmic minds.
Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, John Lennon - the Beatles, Santanna, Led Zepelin... the supernatural roar and whisper of their music, the poetic whine of electric guitars, created to bring in a new awareness, the heralds of our Aquarian Age. Yes, in sweetest synchronicity, since this is the Sun in Aquarius time of year.
Yowling-howling yes, the kiss of the supernatural heralds bestowed upon us all, upon the world, this Mother Earth.
Supernatural Higher and higher, the mission of these heralds and many more -- these musicians, songsters, artists mentioned, are especially beloved by the Kougaress... within her spirit, her soul, her heart... her primal Being mesmerized and savagely enchanted. Soared to dimensions and worlds beyond on the light of stars, and through the mist-curtains of time.
And, thus, my Beautiful Big Cats, hep cats included, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison of the Doors play their shamanistic notes again in the Kougar's novel, When a Good Angel Falls.

Supernatural kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lord Thaddeus 'Thad, the Unclad' Bonesteel

Middle of February, Beautiful Big Cats...the Kougar can hardly believe time whizzes by so fast. Did she blink? And miss something? Other than the chem-trails crisscrossing her blue-violet sky? Perturbed, her tail whips back and forth. Something is in the air, something with a powerful stink is upon the precious Land. Roar and beware, not a foul odor to be smelled, but the psychic scent of darkness arriving full force.
To a personal kitty matter, the Kougar spun her brain to weariness last night reviewing the proof of Red Lioness Tamed. She must do a paw search on Google for the word 'squidgy' to discover it's meaning. Being an ancient boomer Big Cat, this word has not crossed her awareness path yet -- perhaps, 'squidgy' could be compared to a quick-hopping bunny escaping the Kougar's prowling notice.
Dreams, my Big Kitties, not the fun escape-the-trials-of-life dreams, the Kougaress so desperately wishes for...but, the kind of dreams moi hopes never to live through. Several different dreams morphing into each other, all of them dark and ruthless with weariness and confusion -- where nothing is what it seems, it's only worse than it seems.
Yesterday, the Kougaress traveled to a fun and titillating and quite decadent, yes *purr, purr -- lap the picture of the Lord* quite naughty blog site --
Yes, she attempted the use of her imagination powers by naming this newly created Lord of Sin, who is ever willing to please a lady in the affairs of pleasurable lust...and even, perhaps, several at a time. For such is the contest being offered. Name the Lascivious Lord and win all sorts of romping-erotic goodies for the reader's enjoyment.
Meet at the entertainment or in bed: Lord Thaddeus 'Thad, the Unclad' Bonesteel.
Meow-dedicated to and in ever-compliment and recognition of Chad Bonesteel, that nighttime radio host, with a face for radio, and a voice for print.

'Squidgy' kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prairie Valentine

Valentine's Day on the heart of the prairie, Beautiful Big Cats...the southern winds whip through bringing a lovely spring-like warmth. The half-moon hangs as mist over the old large barn. Diana is lofty and ethereal above the brown-tan horizon, above the trees with their bare limbs -- a gossamer beauty in a serene soft blue sky. The wispy clouds soar upwards in love's grace, adoring her, as the Kougaress adores her.
When the Kougar returns from her tranquil journey to the mailbox -- from watching the darling cardinals flit like red-winged messengers of happiness from their fir-tree home -- her Tiego dog greets her, dashing like a dervish back and forth, his sweet face the perfect valentine.

Valentine's Day at Title Magic, Big Kitties, enjoy Helen's blog with heart-melting purrs. Moi's meow below.
Oh, Helen, that was fantastic. Everyone's story is poignant in its own way. My little heart is all pitty pat.And what timing, I was just doing a bit of research on Lupercalia, the roman festival you mentioned. Hey, who wouldn't luv a 'running of the bulls -- naked men without the naked bulls, that is. Does anyone remember that scene in Northern Exposure, the running of the bulls, all the men of the Alaskan town running naked, an annual event. It was a scream.
Happy Valentine's Day All

Be My Valentine, the Kougar...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lioness Adorable & Swashbuckling Handsome

Okay, Big Kitties, the Kougar has returned, her body weary and her paws sore from the grocery hunt. Returned with a weary sad soul. So few happy people these days. Not that the Kougaress has any complaint. She well understands that tiny leaky boat cast off from the Titanic into icy and shark-infested waters.
Meow-yowl, the miracle is that politeness remains, civility triumphs...still.
Purr-amazing, the sun these past few weeks. Sol is huge and brilliant and blinding as He sinks on the blazing beautiful horizon of the winter-bare prairie, beyond what the Kougaress has ever witnessed in her life. Fascinating and frightening, Sol's light is still blinding, when in the past, it would have been easy to gaze upon His countenance during sunset, no matter the neon fiery brightness.

Yay! Happy dancing meow! Yay! On Liquid Silver Books' coming soon section for the forum, the Kougar's Molten Silver novella, Red Lioness Tamed, is now featured, her blurb submitted for editing. What a running-praire rush!
Then, to greet the Kougar's arrival back home, an e-mail with the cover painting of Red Lioness Tamed. The Kougaress is paw-dancing extremely happy and excited. The heroine, Sun Rocket Kahoqua, is completely lioness adorable. And the hero, Draxen, is swashbuckling-yummy handsome.

On the Lust Bites blog ( the Kougar couldn't resist taking the bait and paw-scribbled a piece of flash fiction. Remember, copyright applies.

Black lace slips over my bath-cooled skin. I sit at my vanity, examining my ruby red nails, feeling lace scrape deliciously over my nipples. Impatient, I flip back my long strawberry-colored hair, and cross my bare thighs. Lace slides, a sensual tickle between the bottom of my butt cheeks and the top of my thighs.
I rise as I hear his steps, strong yet stealthy, on the stairs winding up to my room. Black lace strokes my body like a lover’s caress. My sex drips as he opens the door, uninvited and forbidden. My neck throbs, wanting him.
"Dinner, darling?"

Today on the Title Magic blog, our super librarian, Mel, give us a course in how books are thoroughly reviewed and critiqued. Such impressive knowledge! Take a spirited lope on over, Big Cats. Below is moi's meow.
Mel, thanks for the all great info. I have learned a lot judging contests, not many. And certainly the times I've critiqued someone else's manuscript, it's extremely helpful to see what does work and what doesn't. I especially enjoy discovering where the writer is absolutely brilliant. Maybe, it's a mere paragraph. Maybe, it's the overall story -- but it's finding that jewel, or being able to say, hey just elaborate here, or this great, but awkward phrasing... certainly, you've taken it farther than I have...and I'm learning from you. Thanks.
By the way, the Long and Short of It website and blog are impressive. If I had time I would enjoy reviewing, but it's write or read right now.
And I gotta write.

Lioness Adorable kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kiss Beaver Cleaver's Cheek

Hey, Beautiful Big Kitties, any of you remember Beaver Cleaver, that cherub-faced little guy who lived the adventures of the 1950's suburbs with his parents June and Ward Cleaver? Moi was a devoted watcher of that black & white TV program as a cub -- and often wished she lived that idyllic picture of life.
Meow-impressed, speak about the nurturing wisdom of a mother, that was June Cleaver, and always perfectly turned out in a full-skirted dress and pumps. Ward Cleaver was that ideal father type of hard worker, yet always there for his family, both of his sons, and especially The Beav. Yeah, he wasn't perfect, but he was the Saturnian ideal of fair and just and stoic, and if he made a parenting mistake, he would apologize, make it right where he could. That often brought tears to the little Kougaress's eyes.
Profound words could be spent like golden coins on the good versus the bad affects of Leave it to Beaver upon our cultural ideals. The Kougar will only spend a few. While the ideal of the nuclear family was presented in its most favorable light, what was lost to us all -- growl-obviously, was the power of the extended family in our lives. The extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends was relegated to a lesser importance, instead of shining as champions for each other in the hard business of life, in those joyful moments of celebration. Perhaps, The Andy Griffith show, Andy of Mayberry would be a counterpart to the nuclear family as the only ideal.
Dutifully Beaver went to school, and had one of those wonderful caring teachers we all dreamed about having -- those invaluable teachers who taught for the love of it, taught because she loved learning and she loved her students. The bad side of this golden coin. Regulation. Everyone is a cog in the factory of life. Teachers were ultimately responsible for education -- not the parent, and not the child's natural willingness to learn, to learn by their own initiative. To learn from their own creative participation.
Why Beaver Cleaver? Memory lane is a potent invitation for the boomer-aged Kougar. And today on Title Magic, Jenny Gardiner, author of Sleeping With Ward Cleaver, is our guest blogger. Race on over for Jenney's look at young love, and what happens after the bloom of first passion fades.
Moi's meow two cents and her intro of Jenny:
Greetings from the magical realm of American Title. Jenny Gardiner, winner of American Title III is our guest blogger. I am so proud she is with us today. Without her generous guidance, I fear we Title Magicians would have spun our wheels, before understanding what it took to gather in those all-important votes. More importantly, Jenny helped us to understand the real opportunities available to us in the publishing world because we were finalists.
Jenny's warm charm, her deep insights and her kitchen-knife sharp wit nearly jump out of the pages of her novel, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. Enjoy this modern day feast of relationship wisdom, where love wins.
Thank you, Jenny, for being our guest blogger.

Jenny, your blog really took me back to those teenage years of having those crushes that seemed to stab through your heart and soul. I often remember the innocence of young love when I see the young couples embraced, attached at the hip by their feelings for each other.
It's fascinating to compare those feelings with how I've come to experience love and passion as I've grown older. It's a profound process. Yep, we are complex creatures.

Beaver Cleaver smooches from the Kougar...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Queen Kougaress for a Day

Cold! Big Beautiful Cats! Bone-chilling cold. And the Kougar is grouchy, her tail slashing. So meow-what if it's still winter, the tease of spring, of warmth in this endless weather carousel upon the sweet prairie, riles the Kougar. Today.
Or, maybe it's just an outrage of hormones hotflash-flooding through her. If moi was Queen Kougaress for a day, such an outrage of hormones would be banned. Off with their royal hormone heads! Set up the guillotine, high, high above the Queendom. Keep the blade razor-sharp and shiny. Any hormones who dare disrupt the citizens. Off! With it's slimy nasty wriggling head.
And off with the heads of all those who poison our water with fluoride like Hitler once did, to control the German people. Off with the foul heads of whoever makes our men sterile with all their pesticides and chemicals in our water, food and air.
The Queen Kougaress prefers her men virile and strong -- lusty in the ways of passion. Not droopy and pathetic between the sheets.

However, the Queen Kougaress yowl-sings the praises of Lexie for her blog at Title Magic today. Wise words for us all, purring-indeed. The Queen's comments below.
Lexie, wonderful post, and so true about keeping everything in proportion. I'm famous sometimes for letting something be bigger than it actually is, then I do what you suggest. Hey, the important thing is your child came home, not that they are perfect at everything in life. It's more important that I get to kiss and woggle my doggies, than the bad stuff life doles out. I think giving and receiving love is the great equalizer.
Lexie, is that beautiful red hair I see, or a tricky cast to the photograph?
Gosh, you and Trish do resemble each other -- and only in the most beautiful way.
Good trick, Anitra, I'm going to have to try that strategy out.

Queen Kougaress kisses...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Happy Dance Ensues

Most excellent news! Big Kitties all. The Kougar's happy dance ensues. And she has a big smile on her furry mug. Book II in her World of the Blue Pearl Moon series, Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, is being contracted by Siren Publishing. Indeed, Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry will continue their sizzle-fierce love story. Yay! Joyfully roaring! Yay!
And the news gets better! When does that happen in our current dark-mood world? Siren Publishing's sister company, Bookstrand, will be the new home of When A Good Angel Falls. Yes, the fictional truth about 2012 will be told. Oh! Happy Days! and lots of Endtime Hurrays! Butch Volcano and the Sundance Angel save the world astride heaven's super-powered black motorcycle.
Yep, coming to an e-book near you!
Dilemma...dilemma, oh what to do about a website. More and more the Kougar feels the need to create one, or have it created, since her tech skills are still severely limited. Oh, rumbling-yowl, what to do...
Cold, dear Big Cats! The arctic cold swept in like a lion wind, and the prairie ground freezes while the sun blazes warmth from the blue, streaming-cloud sky. And the Kougaress has made good writing far...on her WIP, Wolf Kill. Below is the current first paragraph, and remember this is under copyright, meow-mine's.

Mother Moon hung in the western midnight sky, a slim silver-white crescent. Duke Zon of the Virgo Clan, wolf shifter, paused on a high grassy ridge located just inside the Crow Indian Reservation near Billings, Montana. After howling his reverence to the all-guiding Mother, he sniffed the gentle crosswinds of early autumn, then scanned the cattle range below. Although, the cattle weren't in his wolf sight, the odor of the thin herd burned rank and potent inside his nostrils. Two full humans, also rank in smell, camped nearby, the crackling of their fire tiny bursts in his ears.

Happy dance kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Nocturne Kiss

Warm winds flow across the cattle prairie. The sky is deep blue and grand with floaty small clouds. There are clumps of green grass beneath the thick brown grass, and buds are forming on bushes and trees, just waiting to be frozen off when winter sad to the Kougar's eye. Nature is confused by it's own 'up and down' state, absolutely mirroring the Kougar's usual state of confusion these days, and for several years passed. To bloom now, or not to bloom now. To jump now, or wait. To form buds now, or wait for another climate, another turn in the weather. Is spring really around the corner?
Big Kitties, the Kougar has jumped with all four paws into a small writing project. Nocturne Bites is being introduced as an e-book addition to the Silhouette Nocturne line of paranormal romances. 10,0000 - 15,000 word short stories are being acquired.
To quote: We're looking for fast-paced novellas that hook the reader early by establishing a paranormal world and its conflicts. We are looking for stories of vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, psychic powers, etc. set in contemporary times.
Yep, the gold rush for what is often labeled, Urban Fantasy, is on. Grab your writer-panning tools, your picks and axes, head for the hills of your imagination, and mine that golden story.
Yep, the Kougaress could launch into a profound analysis of why this genre is becoming so popular -- but meow-moi believes just a few peeks at the headlines of our world, and the real goings-on beneath the headlines, provides all the insight required to understand the 'why'.
Not to rumbling-mention a new renaissance of the mind and spirit is occurring. More and more we all awaken to the Aquarian age. We all awaken to the paranormal, indeed a new world to many of us -- as rich in color and complexity as a kaleidoscope.

A nocturne kiss from the Kougar...

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Kiss of Rebellion

Roar, a lazy roar...the Kougar is still waking her brain up, enjoying her daily dose of chocolate. Meow yum! Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? Silly purr-question, moi knows. Who hasn't at some time in their life upon the Blessed Mother.
Imagine this scenario, Beautiful Big Cats, what if the level of false accusations increase all around you...maybe including you, maybe not including you.
Consider -- what if more and more of us are accused falsely, then harassed, thrown into confinement for something we never did, and no matter what proof we provide, we are still considered guilty. Consider -- what manner of world will that create for all of us?
Roar upon roars...the very bowels of hell itself will be released. That is the Kougar's contention and eye-ferocious observation.
In this world of false accusation, this world of endless snowballing laws creating new criminals everyday...there will be those of us who simply lay down and die from a broken heart, a broken spirit. Or because our bodies are too broken.
There will be those of us who go insane with grief and hopelessness, causing whatever damage we can -- because our very lives are lost, cruelly injustly taken from us, and we have nothing else to lose. Nothing...
There will be those of us who fight, who battle back like George Washington and his troops against the British. There will be those of us who throw tea into the harbor. There will be those of us who cunning-fight back like the Swamp Fox -- remember? The Wonderful World of Disney TV series from way back when...Tinkerbelle appeared with her star-sprinkling wand?
Yep, that's our world today. Justice has been defeated by injustice. And freedom has been lost. Cruelty reigns, becoming ever more brutal in its ravenous appetite.
Yep, without justice there is no peace. No true peace. And thus, no freedom.
And, no freedom of spirit.
The human spirit, like the Big Cat spirit, yearns for freedom, that measure of freedom which insures and brings about our real peace, always nourished and fed by the waters of justice. Precious justice. The precious justice that does not let us stand accused when we are innocent.

For, true justice and true freedom, running-the-prairie freedom, encourages love and kindness and caring in our treasured world, among us all.
Indeed, the spirit of freedom and justice created our beloved republic. Our America. Our land of the free, home of the brave. The home we adore, the home many of us will fight for.
Remember, darling Big Kitties, our freedom of spirit nourishes the angelic work of many light-workers upon the Mother, all those blessed ones who bring about the Divine. Who assist in bringing about heaven upon Earth. For us all.

Big Cats all, the kiss of rebellion is upon us. Prepare and be prepared.

For a wonderful blog about a writer's inspiration and her road to publishing and staying published, rush on over to Title Magic. Patricia Sargeant is a sweetheart. Below moi's comments.
Hi Patricia, that is a sensual beautiful cover, the tones and shades are gorgeous. The Sound of Music was my Dad's favorite movie, I think mostly because of Julie Andrew's singing, and the whole idea of hope. The first time I saw it, I found the movie very inspirational.What a wonderful way of explaining how to add more subplots to your story by using the Star Wars' analogy. I never thought of it like that. I think it's just because I do it naturally. Usually, I have to narrow my scope, go in reverse.It's so wonderful to see your success and your willingness to share how you arrived and what it takes to keep on publishing. Mucho success.

Rebel kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be My Horse Valentine

Today, my Lovely Big Cats, the Kougar reveals more of her cubhood, with this offer of a penned early valentine, one she hopes will resonate with your heart.

In my grade-school days, and until I was fifteen, I had a shy streak a mile wide. There were a few exceptions to this rule – when I was being a tomboy and playing sports with the boys. Or, if I was fascinated with a subject in school (often), I’d forget to be shy and come out of myself for a bit. The other exception, if my Aries redhead temper was triggered by bullies (not often).
So, you may wonder at this point, what the heck does that have to do with ‘the magic of horse valentines’? In third grade (1958) I had this incredibly marvelous teacher who noticed how much I loved horses. Okay, it was probably all the doodling I did of horses on my papers, the books I chose to read and however I could include horses into my assignments. She brought my love of horses to the attention of the other kids. And guess what! The
magic happened.
Through fifth grade I received horse valentines. From the most cheesy – Whoa! Will you be my valentine? – to the elaborate and expensive, a Hallmark Rocking Horse complete with red yarn that you ‘sewed’ around him. There were palominos and painted ponies with red-cheeked cowgirls – Yippee! Be my valentine. Eager cowboys covered in freckles astride their stick ponies were stuffed into my box (oops, freudian slip...too many sexy cowboy covers). Their cowboy hats too big, with rope in hand, they tossed the loop around ‘If I rope you, partner, will you be my valentine?’
Being in love with valentines already – it was love at first sight I tell you! My heart went pitty-pat euphoric at the very sight of red and pink lacy hearts. Hummm...let me think, was my passion to read and write romances already showing at that tender age?
Do ya think?
My dad helped me make my first valentine’s day box out of the requisite
shoe box with red and white tissue paper, of course. Later we graduated to red foil and fancier hearts. One year he wrapped the shoe box entirely in aluminum foil, then we placed on pink, white and red heart doilies. Yep, it was an original. And I loved it.
And oh, in those childhood years, did I ever treasure each and every horse valentine. Did I ever cherish that one magical day of candy hearts, of putting my valentines into every classmate’s fancifully decorated red, white and pink box – I swear I felt like the good fairy tripping about, despite not having Tinkerbelle’s fragile wings or Glinda’s wand, that ever-beautiful good witch of Oz.
And no, the magic wasn’t because I received my precious horse valentines, but because it meant the kids and their parents cared enough
to give them to me. Shy little, mostly invisible me, who never did get the ‘hang’ of how to fit into grade school society.
aring and kindness, yep, that was the real magic of my horse valentines.
Valentines are offered as true gifts of the heart to those we love. Just as my romance novels are gifts of love written from my heart. Often horses star in my stories, racing against the wind, competing in equine sports game I create for their world. As dressage is a sport derived from training horses for war, the Braverth in All Shades of Blue Paradise is an ancient battle-sport for horses.
Yes, horses forever live in my heart, how could I not include them?

The question: How have valentines magically made a difference in your life, in your writing?
With Valentine’s day just around the corner...yes, romance lovers all, the love scene entries for the American Title IV are just around the corner. Two finalists remain, and this will be your chance to decide on your heart-tingly favorite.
And! On February 12, Tuesday, Jenny Gardiner, author of Sleeping With Ward Cleaver and last year’s winner of the American Title III, will be our guest blogger on Title Magic. I’m feeling tingly with anticipation. Jenny is warm and witty and wonderfully dynamic. Plus just downright inspiring.
Valentine smooches from the Kougar...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wild, Wild West Purrs

Greetings, my Lovely Big Cats, it's a wild, wild west world out there in blog and forum land! And the Kougar ain't all that experienced in this cyber frontier. She needs practice plugging those tin cans. Yippee! Git yer sidearms loaded, set on your hip, your hand planted on the handle...then settle in with a couple of shots of whiskey, or sarsaparilla as the Kougar usually seems to be the beverage of great choice, given it's ubiquitous mention...yep, howdy friends and strangers, get your keyboard rattling with your comments, take your verbal shots of kudos or insights...yup, git yer wrangling rope ready...after your prowling gaze takes in the digital penned word traveling the new chisolm trail. All hell is breaking out, Big Kitties, like the gunfight saloons of olden days. Fun untamed hell and villain-sidewinder hell, for the ultimate good, or bad. It's all out there. And it's all comin'...unless the tyrant dudes at the top ride roughshod with their hired guns and ambush us all off the ranch...?

Yesterday, cold and rainy on the gray-blanketed prairie, with her brain still mushy and not receiving her Muse's inspiration -- the Kougar initiated herself into Photobucket. Okay, late to the party as usual, but not all of us were born to blaze a trail inside the vast uncharted Web lands, ranches and empires springing up like mushrooms after a rainshower.
Here, the Kougar takes a bow before all those who are the brave impetuous pioneers. She'll follow beside a covered wagon, rifle at the ready, eyes sharp to the horizon. Growling-hopefully, her gaze fierce and sharp enough.

Big Cats! Take a paw, summon up Title Magic. Yesterday Trish blogged about how her childhood schooling experiences made her the writer she is today, and more importantly, the person she is today.
Then today, Evonne takes us on a delightful trip to an author's event on her side of the pond. What enormous purring-fun.
Moi's rumblings below.
Wow, Trish, take me back to Anna's Vlad the Impaler days. I was definitely the Outsider, unless someone needed help, academic or otherwise, they'd ask me. When I was fifteen I got fed up with the whole hypocrisy 'social clique' thing that was high school. It was just a prison basically, designed to keep everyone intellectually suppressed. I got into a short-skirt battle with the 'authorities'. It's a long, long story. Suffice it to say the kids who drank, smoke, got into trouble, hey, the cheerleader who got pregnant, well, they didn't get suspended. So, I never finished high school. I just went on to college, where I learned what I wanted, and developed intellectually how I wanted.
Trish, that is an absolutely adorable picture of you. So glad you let us enjoy it.

Evonne, that was absolutely fascinating, the inside view of your event, especially the different culture on your side of the pond. Which leads me to ask, could you give more detail on -- 'First there was lunch – guinea fowl followed by individual mulled wine souffl├ęs – absolutely delicious and a total puzzle as to how they got them to stand up long enough to serve them!' Sounds delicious.
I hope you use a 'variant' of 'Ladies Who Lunch' in one of your stories. Have you ever thought of going the e-publishing route? for your novels. There's a whole range of genre and heat levels out there. I have a feeling you'd find a good niche.

Sarsaparilla kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Belated Smooches to Tom Petty

Big Kitties, a belated kudos to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Moi has always relished his down-to-earth, yet lyrical -- understated and powerfully lyrical at once -- music and song. No, Big Cats, no excess flash, no costumes malfunctioning, just music from deep down in the gut and soul. Where reality and dreams meet, and blend into the beauty of living.
Lovely Big Kittens, it's a rainy windy day across the brown beautifully rolling prairie. And life continues spinning it's web, it's magic. Both. The connecting web of life or the brutal web of tyranny. The magic of our One Spirit or the dark-empire magic of Darth Vader. The lines between good and evil are being drawn more fang-sharply every day to this Big Cat's eye.
Indeed, the Kougar has always dreaded this time arriving upon us. She shivered internally whenever learning about the Great Depression, about World War II as a cub -- never wanting to live in such times. Never.
No, destiny has not abided by her deepest wishes. Here she is. Caught in this tortuous trap. Trapped in an adventure where she lives on the wings of angels, and on the power of prayer. And existing only by her abilities and skills. Only because of the love of others, and by giving love and caring wherever she can. Only that.

Love scenes, Big Cats! Oh, the Kougar shivers most deliciously anticipating the final American Title IV round. The final two finalists go romantic-head to-romantic-heart in this penned showdown, which will determine who is the champion of us all by popular vote. Yes, excitement tingles through the Kougar like tiny lit firecrackers. Who will ultimately win, become a published author with Dorchester?
Paw-to-heart hopefully, all of us finalists will present our entered love scenes on Title Magic. Moi's is steamy-bold. So any Big Kitty under eighteen beware -- not for your innocently blinking eyes yet.

Brown prairie kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kiss the Clydesdale Hero

New Orleans' humidity has invaded the Kougar's prairie...meow-yep, the windows are open. However, the Kougaress still shivers in her little paw boots, for surely that means the arctic cold is planning its retaliation. Purring-good fate, and a bow to Bast, it was a warm day to hunting-shop, stock up the lair's shelves against the rain and snow on the weather horizon.
Yesterday, the Kougar yowling-ranted against the excruciatingly boring hype of the Superbowl, longing for the good ole' days, when some level of intelligence was appreciated, even *heavenly mercies and a tasty trout* respected. Moi would like to praising-add, the game itself was warrior-against-football-warrior exceptional. Huge cat-roaring kudos to both the Giants and the Patriots for a battle of guts and heart and spirit.
And enjoyment-kudos to our Clydesdale hero (and his dalmatian dog buddy-trainer), who turned Rocky and won his place back with the team.
Also, high amusement kudos to Shaq, the jockey, for his horse race victory. Hey or hay for horses, luv the thirty's era call of the race -- which fits right in with one of the themes of the Kougar's current WIP -- back to the future of 1930's and 1940's. You know when skirts had gams, and the bad guys spit lead at the hardboiled gumshoe hero.

Big Sleuth Cats, head on over to Title Magic. Investigate Mai's blog on the creation of the TV phenome, Heroes, and how that applies to writing our romance novels. Moi's purr-enthusiastic comment below.
I like to make it character-driven, that is, whatever theme or story line I'm using, it's bent according to who the heroine and hero are, and what their world, their social structure is. It's about how they overcome the trials and tribulations before them. Also, how they celebrate their lives, what makes them personally happy, their souls fulfilled. And, of course, love is love, it just comes in every color and shade, in every variety and flavor. Good question, Mai. Thought-provoking.

Smooches from the hunting-weary Kougar...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blast the Kougar's Brain

Roar and yowling ensues. Blast the Kougar's brain with kindergarten boredom! That premier sports event known as the, yowl, help! Long days ago, the Kougar ravenously enjoyed football, and this ultimate championship event -- being a sport's girl herself, and playing football even though it wasn't allowed for girl cubs.
Roaring-however, this isn't an event with a big party hardy attitude anymore -- purr-sweetly, except for Willie Nelson, of course. No, dear Big Cats, it's become pablum for the beer-soaked brain. It's for all those who can't or won't think beyond their kindergarten years. Who talk on their cell phones endlessly while their poor brains fry and erupt with cancerous tumors.
Talk about Circus Circus (don't kill the messenger mountain lioness) -- keep the masses happy and distracted long enough while the precious realm is looted of every valuable left -- well, the Kougaress assumes that's real game plan. The real trick play. The ole' end around toward the real goal of creating us all dumber and dumber...and dumber still.
Appears to be working...the Kougar observes from her prairie tree house, her tail twitching the rage of her frustration...and twitching her despair...while her heart mourns the loss of a great sporting event.

On a sweet note, the cover art for Red Lioness Tamed (from the Liquid Silver Books) is in it's final creation steps. The Kougaress just couldn't resist that intense enormous yellow sun as the background for her lioness shifter heroine and her loner space captain hero. And, after cosmic all, the heroine's name is Sun Rocket.

Purring sweet kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Satiny Pink Slips

Pink slip blizzard -- ticker headline. Sadly, as the Kougar would adore witnessing, it's not a blizzard of lingerie, of satiny pink slips dropped from the Empire State building on Valentine's day -- floating, slippery ephemeral banners in shades of pink falling into the eager hands of men, who give them to their sweeties -- or women grabbing for their favorites to wear for the amorous affections of their beloved.
Sadly, lovely pink slips in all styles and sizes, aren't falling from our skies in a snowy fantasy storm, truly befitting our love for Valentine's day as a culture -- at least, as the Kougaress observes it within herself, and in most of the fair sex.
No, the pink slip blizzard are people losing their jobs, and thus, their homes, their cars... sometimes losing their entire lives. Ever read the Grapes of Wrath, dear Big Cats, or watched the black and white film? If not, now is the time. Because that story of the dustbowl depression looks like our future in many ways. Unless we change our future by our collective will, by our collective consciousness toward a future bright with true happiness and opportunity for all.
From the high perch of the Kougar's tree house, this pink slip horror is not merely the ebb and flow of life upon Dear Mother Earth. No, my Big Kitties, this is by design. The design of those few who believe it is their right to rule over us, to dictate how we should all live. It is the design of those who live in the world of billions upon billions in wealth -- wealth gained mostly by the constant economic rape and plunder of the middle class.
Meow-yes, it's a classic case of follow the money, amateur sleuths -- who has it? Who controls our system of fiat currency. Who can print this fiat currency at will, and who decides how much this will cost us all. It's all about the money, all about who controls it -- and, in our current world, money equals power. And money buys power.
Just as the peasant population in the British isle were intentionally bred to a lesser physical size, and kept hungry so that they depended upon their royal masters, upon the fiefdom -- so, we have been managed, are being managed in different ways, simply look toward Fifth Avenue to understand the power of psychology and propaganda -- we are all being 'managed' to serve the few.
The Brave New World and 1984 are now. Not later. Not on the possible horizon. Now.
Yes, the details may appear different, Big Brother's control is not.

How the Kougaress wishes with all her heart and soul, she was among the Valentine's day celebrants, with those who worship the value of love between a woman and a man, of love between any who would cherish each other -- with all those who relish the giddy sweetness of lacy pink, red and white hearts -- how she wishes she waited, anticipation glowing in her eyes, to snatch up one of those silky fragile pink slips for her very own. How she wishes such a Valentine's day event would occur, to be enjoyed by all who wish participation.
How she wishes...softly yowling wishes...

Valentine pink kisses from the Kougar...