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Water Is Life, Water Is Sacred ... The Fight

Smokey, a member of the Sioux Native American tribe, rides the horse Prophecy, a descendant of the horse belonging to war chief Crazy Horse, at the Oceti Sakowin camp

Saturday yowls, most lovely Kittens ... this is a good overal pictorial of STANDING ROCK, and what is happening. One thing they got wrong. Red Fawn, a woman mentioned in the article, who being held for murder. She HAD NO GUN, AND SHOT NO ONE. Yeah, the so-called authorities are LYING ... may they pay the price for their outright deceit. For one thing, if this woman had dared to fire at anyone with a gun, she would be DEAD, riddled with bullets.

Myron Dewey, owner of Media Network Digital Smoke Signals at camp Scared Stone, greets a friend near a solar panel at the camp

EXCLUSIVE: 'This could turn out to be a war zone.' More than 6,000 protesters at Standing Rock brave subarctic conditions and 45 mph winds as they face eviction by the US government

  • Thousands are braving the cold and threat of a government eviction notice to continue protesting the $3.8billion Dakota Access Pipeline project
  • An estimated 6,000 people are standing their ground against the pipeline at the main Oceti Sakowin camp near the Standing Rock Indian reservation
  • A sprawling network of tents, vans and communal areas are spread out across a valley where the Missouri and Cannonball rivers meet
  • Snowstorms and freezing conditions have driven out many who were ill-equipped to withstand the conditions
  • Volunteers are working around the clock to ensure food and warmth are provided to protesters 
  • Entire families are living at the camp including dozens of children
  •  Demonstrations take place on how to protect yourself from tear gas and pepper spray and how to act against the greater threat of hypothermia
  • Sessions are held by the camp's legal department on what to do if you are arrested.
  • Doctors and nurses are manning medical tents and three ambulances are on stand-by in case people fall ill or protests turn violent
Lana Jack, of the Celilowy'am tribe in Oregon, is in charge of coordinating the donations. She sounded a note of warning after the blizzard this week left many on the camp in dire situations

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Oh Yeah, the Clone Clown Loves You...NOT!!!

Late morning big ole yowls... most precious Big Cats ... Today's world IS NOT PRETTY ... oh, you can immerse yourself in the BREAD AND CIRCUS CIRCUS of  the Media Industrial Complex -- movies, TV, vids, vid games, all the pretty distractions of today's society, etc. can look at all the pretty baubles thrown your way by the darkside establishment ... you can stay in their TV-induced trance ... OR YOU CAN FACE REALITY ... and here's one REALITY we Americans are facing ... thanks, Obummer and darkside company. Just what we need...huh?

The Stealth Invasion of Somali Terrorists Coming Across the Mexican Border- Jobs Awaiting


What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide!
What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide! What is happening there, is happening here.

In the interest of national survival and individual preservation, it is important to do some much needed dot connecting. There are a serious of late-term actions taken by Obama that are very concerning. On the surface, Obama’s individual action would appear to be Obama just being Obama as he works up until the last possible moment to eviscerate our national boundaries and give preferential treatment to foreigners over American citizens. However, when one starts to connect the dots, a much more ominous future begins to take shape.

Mexico and Obama Are Shipping Thousands of Somalians Into the United States

In the brief following video, below, shot by a Mexican national, we see Africans being amassed in preparation to enter the United States. The local Mexican citizens have never seen anything like this. I have learned from one of my sources that these individuals are from Somalia. The public is being told that these people are refugees and are fleeing for their lives. One of my sources tells me that nothing could be further from the truth. Simply look at the images, these people are all male, young males of fighting age. There are no women and based upon past experience, one can safely bet that this is a fifth column invasion force similar to what we have seen with MS-13  brought into the United States in the summer of 2014. In fact, as Paul Preston and I have discovered, these terrorist immigrants, admitted by DHS in the summer of 2014, involved in the Calexit scenario should legislative action not be successful in obtaining California’s release from the United States. Paul and I have previously reported that an undercover source reported that random violence against white people would be perpetrated to force a California withdrawal in order to become a free and independent country. Although I do not know the final destination for these Somalians, I am willing to bet that their final destination is Northern California where they can disrupt the State of Jefferson movement which would result in No. California becoming the 51st state, but would disrupt the Calexit movement.
With regard to bringing in terrorists to so disrupt California, thus forcing a break away from the US, we are witnessing massive amounts of terrorists entering California.
Are we just supposed to forget about the stabbing incident at Ohio State?

At the 20 minute mark of the following video, listen to the 3 minute explanation of this enterprise.

In short, we are being overrun by unscreened terrorists who are entering our country with bad intentions.

Obama Passes Two Executive Orders That Allows Foreign Nationals to Hold Civil Service Positions

This past Tuesday, President Obama signed a pair of executive orders Tuesday giving federal agencies “more flexibility in hiring for civil service positions”. These two EO’s wave competitive requirements for Fulbright Scholars, foreign service officers and others. What in the world is meant by the term “others”?  This could mean anything, any position. And do these EO’s relate back to the importation of fighting age, male foreigners to come into the country for no good reason. Question: Why aren’t the fake news publications of the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting on either the Somalians coming into the United States or on the EO’s that will hire foreign nationals like these for foreign service jobs? Dot Connecting Exercise #1: What if these Somalians are the beneficiaries of the new Executive orders? Or, do you believe in coincidences?
The endless justifications never stop when it comes to destroying opportunities for our citizens. Obama went on to say that “The federal government benefits from a workforce that can be recruited from the broadest and deepest pools of qualified candidates for our highly competitive, merit-based positions.” Really Mr. President? What about the 100 million American people of working age who do not work full-time or work at all? Don’t they deserve these jobs, whatever they may be, over any foreign nationals.  By the way, Obama should be known as the Executive order President. These two executive orders were his 260th and 261st of his presidency.
Dot Connecting Exercise #2: Why are newest immigrants all male and are of fighting age? Isn’t this exactly what we saw n Europe with the Muslim immigration? No children, no women and certainly no Christians were part of the invading forces that are destroying Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, et al., are in the Muslim invasion force that are destroying the European cultures with massive acts of terrorism and the refusal for these immigrants to assimilate?
muslims against free speech

sweeden muslim riots 9

And what about the impact this movement with no screening of immigrants for terrorist ties show up in our communities and interact with our children and have access to our neighborhood schools? Can you say Columbine on steroids? Wait a minute, as I have already reported, Muslims with clear and distinct ties to terrorism dominate key positions in our intelligence community (e.g. CIA Director, DHS, NSA).
muslim bros in the whitehouse


The fifth column invasion of places like California are well underway, in fact, I do not think this can be stopped as it has progressed too far. Trump, if he survives the Electoral College revolt and possible assassination,which inherit a country that is disintegrating before our eyes. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this unholy invasion will stop with the Calexit movement.
On a more disturbing note, I am investigating the veracity of the claim that some of the immigrants will indeed have federal jobs, working in FEMA camps.
The next dot connecting exercise may include this FEMA camp connection that I am investigating.
Are We Next?

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Late Morning Yowls, darling-est Kittens... it just gets worse and worse ... the evil pus of satanic pedophile practices is bursting out... yeah, like a damn exploding volcano ... THE DIVINE HELP US, AND HELP ALL THE VICTIMS ...

#Pizzagate Smoking Gun? Anonymous hacker gets into Comet Ping Pong Server; connects it to Austin Pizzeria


Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Late morning yowls and mews, precious Kitkats ... yes, this whole beyond-horrific story is pouring out from several sources now. Only the Divine knows how many people have been murdered attempting to expose the massive, massive pedophile, human trafficking rings throughout our country, and throughout the world... way too many examples out there, including one of the real reasons behind WACO... seems as though the good folks at that complex were keeping records, NOT ONLY ON DRUG TRAFFICKING, BUT ON CHILD TRAFFICKING... yeah, that's why they were burned to the ground. Gee, who wouldn't have stockpiled weapons in that situation???

If you want some background on these gov pedophiles in action, search for the FRANKLIN COVERUP.

Oh, and btw, don't believe the EPIC-LYING MSM'S constant demonization of Alex Jones. This Big Cat has been listening/viewing his show since about 2005. NO, he's never been involved with the KKK, and has 'disavowed' David Duke -- and did do an interview with David Duke, who attempted to dominate Alex, and clearly didn't like Alex's view of the world. Yeah, this is just a desperate attempt by the corp-owned, gov-controlled MEDIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX NOT to fall into burning ruins.

child sex trafficking children sold
Recent Wikileaks PizzaGate revelations have come full circle and coordinate, in a hand and glove manner, with the research I was doing 30 months ago.

Stunning Report From SGT Radio

One of my readers sent me an interview conducted on SGT radio with an anonymous  researcher, “Mark” who revealed the incredible number of children who continually go missing from the Virginia-Washington DC area, primarily in Fairfax County.
There are very serious statistical anomalies associated with the number of children that go missing in Virginia as compared to the rest of the country. For example, Virginia’s missing children are double and triple the rate of missing children, such as Texas which has a population almost four times that of Virginia have less than half the missing children.
In the SGT interview, the informant, “Mark”,  revealed what definitely is a child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the area, as he found a very high correlation of a high number of missing children in that area. Virginia is second only to California in total number of missing children.
It is the apparent conclusion of “Mark’s” research that the missing children of Virginia are, at least in part, going to service the perverted “PizzaGate” needs of the elite identified in the Wikileaks report.
Here is the interview and subsequent discussion between “Mark” and SGT radio. The facts covered to this point are revealed in the first few minutes of the interview.

The Monika Weslowski Case

Although it was not called PizzaGate in 2014, I discovered this unholy practice over 30 months ago.
In 2014, current State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski who holds a significant security clearance, was “swat-teamed” by her local police and CPS at 830pm, one December night in 2013, because CPS wanted to do a child welfare check on her child, Dylan, age 4 at the time. After hours of brutal interrogation, the CPS agents accused the mother of strangling her child. Even though the police were present during the entire Gestapo type interrogation, no charges have ever been brought against Wesolowski. A subsequent pediatric report exonerated Ms. Wesolowski from the original allegation. No judge has held her accountable. Yet, her son was removed from her custody and Ms. Wesolowski claims, with proof, that the two foster “dads” who were originally given custody were molesting the boy and the boy is failing to thrive. Monika provided proof on The Common Sense Show.
My research efforts also revealed that Monika’s son would play with a man’s daughter in their apartment complex. The father’s name was Pito Segovia and he was one of Congressman Wolf’s chief child sex trafficking researchers. Segovia died under very mysterious circumstances and immediately thereafter, Virginia CPS showed up and executed a completely unwarranted snatch and grab of Monika’s son. It is obvious from the time frame and the social relationship between the two families that Monika was also targeted in order to silence her from what she may have learned from Segovia.  Segovia’s death was never satisfactorily solved. Pito’s wife, Anna, called the investigation a whitewash. I can tell you, it was a homicide and served as a direct warning to Virginia’s Congressman Frank Wolf to quit was he was doing with regard to his investigations into sex trafficking in Fairfax County, VA.

Congressman Frank Wolf

Congressman Frank Wolf (link has been scrubbed) formerly of the 10th District in Virginia is on the warpath against human trafficking. Congressman Wolf’s website used to contain numerous references to child sex trafficking in Northern Virginia, centering in Fairfax County.  Nearly every one of the links to legal actions against child sex traffickers, since I first published them in 2014 have been purged.
Just like the late Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, the pedophile forces coalesced and combined forces to force Congressman Wolf from Congress. I believe that he is lucky to be alive. Schaefer, as you know was not so lucky, she was murdered to keep her research from going forward.
At one time, Congressman Wolf’s website provided partial excerpts of his comments on this dire problem. Here is an excerpt I lifted from Wolf’s website in June of 2014.
“Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Not only is it an affront to human dignity, but it is an insidious criminal enterprise. Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year, according to the U.S. State Department. This figure does not include the thousands who are trafficked annually within countries, including the United States. While the hidden nature of trafficking makes reliable numbers difficult to come by, we do know traffickers prey on the most vulnerable. Traffickers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling women and children, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Polaris Project, one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in the country…”
These were the words of a U.S. Congressman on this issue and they validate the SGT Report’s interview listed above.
Trafficking in Virginia: The Media Cover-Up and the Purging of Relevant PizzaGate Information
Sometimes in journalism, it is not what you find that is important, it is what is covered up. In June of 2014, I posted to The Common Sense Show, the following references to child-sex trafficking in Fairfax, VA., county. Someone has gone to a lot a trouble to cover up what the Congressman was reporting on his website.
From former Congressman Wolf’s website  (now defunct):
 “People often think trafficking takes place overseas in places like Thailand. In reality, it takes place right here in Virginia.  The links below show how close to home trafficking takes place:
Click here  (dead link) to read a piece from Washingtonian Magazine about human trafficking in Fairfax County.
Click here (dead link) to read about the sentencing of the owner of an Annandale-based massage parlor to 30 months in prison for transporting women to work as prostitutes and laundering the proceeds from the illegal activity.
Click here (dead link) to read court documents involving a Georgia man who pleaded guilty in federal court in Alexandria in 2013 of trafficking young girls in northern Virginia. Be sure to read Section 15 on page 6 to see the names and locations of hotels in the region where the young girls were prostituted.
Click here (dead link) to read about how local gangs are finding trafficking women and young girls is more profitable than trafficking drugs.
Click here (dead link) to read about gang members indicted for racketeering, sex trafficking, robbery, cocaine distribution, and multiple acts of violence.” End quote from Congressman Wolf’s website.
This information is still available on the Wayback Machine feature (fee based) of retrieving old Internet information.
The scrubbing of the published research, by a sitting US Congressman, is not the only attempted cover up into PizzaGate in Fairfax County.
After Wesolowski’s son was taken, she appeared on my radio show and this prompted a letter of concern from the Fairfax County’s District Attorney’s Office.
Ms. Wesolowski’s claims of them trying to eviscerate her First Amendment rights are bolstered by the contents of a letter written by Fairfax Assistant County Attorney to Ms. Wesolowski’s attorney.
“Ms. Kramer,
It is my understanding that you are representing Ms. Wesolowski. The Department would like to schedule a meeting with you and your client so that we can discuss the case and moving forward. The Department has some concerns about Ms. Wesolowski’s radio appearance this past weekend and would like to discuss that with you and your client. Please let me know when you and Ms. Wesolowski would be available for such a meeting. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to working with you.
Chris M. Christopher Sigler
Assistant County Attorney
Fairfax, VA”

Ms. Wesolowski also had sent me the following and very disturbing information in an email:
“My therapist said that DFS Social Worker Magda Alarcon told her that I was “unstable” because I contacted the media and was on your show. Magda had said that people left comments about the show that place Dylan in harm and danger as the comments stated that people wanted to hurt and threatened the lives of the foster parents. She said that Magda stated that my actions to go to the media did not factor in threats to DFS and therefore I am “unstable.” She also said that Magda told her I would not be getting more visitation time with my son because of this”.
So the Department of Family Services took away visiting time from Monika with her son, because she told her story on a nationally syndicated radio show. What are they are afraid of? More importantly, what are these public officials covering up in Fairfax County?
Since when should a radio appearance cause concern for the County Attorney? Should any public official fear the light of day, unless they are engaged in wrongdoing? PizzaGate is alive and well and the guardians of the gate are doing their duty to this unholy endeavor whether they realize it or not.
But wait, there’s more!

Dave Hodges Interviews Two Anonymous Former Virginia CPS Workers

In the furtherance of my investigation into the Virgina CPS/DFS kidnapping of Monika Wesoloski’s son in Fairfax County in Virginia, I interviewed two former CPS agents admitting and they both stated “that the goal of the agency is child abduction from the homes of law-abiding parents. The agencies are paid by the federal government for the procurement of each child. And that some of these children, simply go missing”. More money is paid to the Virginia CPS/DFS when the child is a minority and even more is paid out when the child has a disability as is the case with Monika Wesolowski’s son.
Parents of America, do you feel safer after reading these accounts?
The investigation will continue. In Oklahoma there are over 70 missing children that were under the guardianship of Oklahoma’s version of CPS. It is time to call more attention to this event as well.

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#Pizzagate...Will This Topple the Darkside Establishment? Finally...

Late Monday morning yowls and mews, most precious of Kitkats ... so too bad and so sad ... pizza, a really good thing will forever be associated with a criminality that is beyond the age of Caligula ... #Pizzagate, this is evil, evil stuff ...and is not for the faint-hearted ... truthfully, it's beyond HORRIFIC -- like the most gruesome trainwreck ever, only pure evil ... however, the DIVINE LIGHT OF TRUTH is exposing what we all need to know, if we are to go forth as the human race, and have a Renaissance Paradise during the Aquarian Age ... because hey, who wants to be run and ruled and enslaved by a network of pedophile killers??? Not this Big Cat!!!!!!!!!!

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The Evil Benghazi Witch Is Casting Another Spell

Sunday mews and yowls, most GOOD KITTENS ALL ... yes, as this Big Cat intuivitely felt the Hildebeast is rising from the grave to sataically ruin ALL of our lives. May the Divine Intervene Immedialy!!!

Urgent Call To Action To Trump And His Supporters

Urgent Call To Action To Trump And His Supporters

Eddie Savage | RedFlag News Desk
The goal of the 'recounts' is to prevent the electoral votes from being counted in WI, MI, PA. If they can make the recount go beyond the Dec. 18 deadline, then they then only have to bribe 7 electors to change their votes from Trump to Clinton in order for Clinton to win.
To combat this, Trump needs to call/pay for recounts in California - due to voter fraud, Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Colorado.
He needs to drag out the counts in these states so that she can't get the electoral votes there.
The deadlines are passing and Trump must use the law in his favor. That's what Hillary's camp is doing. They are waiting until the last second so Trump doesn’t have time to respond.
If you can, sign up to volunteer for the recount:
The rest of us need take our info, and broadcast it just like we did about voter fraud during the election: Email conservative newspapers and radio, send out tweets (#RecountHoldup? #ElectionTheft?), generally make what Biden would colloquially refer to as "a big fucking deal" of the situation.
And, most importantly, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE can proactively broadcast on social media and via email to election officials that we are watching and will embarrass the hell out of any election official who lets fraud happen on his/her watch.
Everybody can warn the election officials that we will be watching and will horribly embarrass them if they screw around during the recounts... This is potentially the most important thing we can do...
Wisconsin: 1-866-VOTE-WIS and
Michigan: 517-373-2540 and Twitter @michsos and,1607,7-127-13162---,00.html
Pennsylvania: (717) 787-6458 and (717) 787-5280 and Twitter @PAStateDept
Trump has been declared the victory of the election, but it’s not over until the electorates are cast and he is sworn in. Hillary and Soros and the Democrats will pull every trick they have, starting with this recount. They need to know that if they thought the anti-Trump protests were bad after the election, should Hillary steal the election, they aint seen nothing yet!
H/T /u/sqlchaos and /u/shadowman3001

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All Power To the FAKE ALTERNATIVE NEWS...Crush the FAKE MSM Presstitute Media

Big forceful yowls, darling KitKats ... so, if you're looking for any manner of TRUTH-TELLING NEWS ... well, the Kougar suggests you go down to the extensive list of FAKE NEWS OUTLETS, as labeled by a bunch 'o brain-washed idjits and fascists who are straight-out control freaks. Oh, and check out RT news. Yeah, they're Russian. However, their track record as far as truth ... well, it far exceeds the MAINSTREAM MEDIA HACKS.

Washington Post Names Drudge, Infowars, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton “Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools”

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Zero Hedge
November 25, 2016
The desperate flailing of a mainstream-media struggling through the five stages of grief continues as no lesser unbiased foundation of the fourth estate than The Washington Post pushes ahead with its “fake news, blame the Russians” narrative for why their candidate failed so miserably.
Citing “two teams of independent researchers” (who surely have a substantial libel litigation provision)  who found “Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery… echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal,” the Jeff Bezos-owned website names Drudge, Zero Hedge, and The Ron Paul Institute and countless other outlets among the “useful idiots” that true American patriots should be wary of.
“The way that this propaganda apparatus supported Trump was equivalent to some massive amount of a media buy,”said the executive director of PropOrNot, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with the Post.
“It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign.”
In the wake of the election, fake news and its spread on social media has come into the spotlight – for our latest thoughts on this topic please see our “thank you” notefrom last night.
President Obama denounced the attention garnered by false information last week, saying: “If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not … if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.” And as The Hill reports, a sophisticated Russian propaganda effort helped fuel the spread of fake news during the election cycle, the Washington Post reported Thursday.
Two groups of independent researchers found that Russia employed thousands of botnets, human internet “trolls” and networks of Web sites and social media accounts to inject false content into online political talk and amplify posts from right-wing sites.  
“They want to essentially erode faith in the U.S. government or U.S. government interests,” said Clint Watts, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute who co-authored a report about Russian propaganda.
“This was their standard mode during the Cold War. The problem is that this was hard to do before social media.” 
The Washington Post states – without irony – that there are now scientific studies that show how the Russians influenced the 2016 election
The flood of “fake news” this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy, say independent researchers who tracked the operation.
Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of Web sites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers. The effort also sought to heighten the appearance of international tensions and promote fear of looming hostilities with nuclear-armed Russia.
Two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House. The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on “fake news,” as they have vowed to do after widespread complaints about the problem.
The report from PropOrNot, provided to the Post, identifies more than 200 websites that routinely pushed Russian propaganda to at least 15 million Americans, and found that false stories pushed on Facebook were viewed more than 213 million times. You may be surprised by some of the sites on the list (it seems even satirical fakes news sites are propagandists too)…
So in other words, any and every one who is anything but a liberal drone is now a Russian plant? McCarthy would be proud.
As the “scientists” explain, reporting facts is tantamount to being a “useful idiot.”
Please note that our criteria are behavioral. That means the characteristics of the propaganda outlets we identify are motivation-agnostic. 
For purposes of this definition it does not matter whether the sites listed here are being knowingly directed and paid by Russian intelligence officers, or whether they even knew they were echoing Russian propaganda at any particular point: If they meet these criteria, they are at the very least acting as bona-fide “useful idiots” of the Russian intelligence services, and are worthy of further scrutiny.
Which reminded us of @SarcasmRobot’s artist’s impression of what desperation by the establishment, and its pet media, looks like.
For further color on “Useful Idiots”, Jim Quinn uncovered the following video by a former KGB member Yuri Bezmenov who defected to Canuckistan in 1970. In it he details how the Marxist/Leninist’s planned to conquer the west from within without ever firing a shot. How well do you think their plan is working? At about 7:20 the host, G. Edward Griffin, asks Yuri “What do we do?” (to counter the takeover) and we were more than a little surprised by his response:
Since the election and even a little before, many have pushed the idea that Trump needs to concentrate on aggressively educating people to the evils that surround us… it appears that is the only way to right back against the tyranny of the fourth estate.
Finally (and no this is not Friday Humor), this is how the scientists described Zero Hedge.
ZeroHedge qualifies as “dark gray” propaganda, systematically deceiving its civilian audiences for foreign political gain. 
Articles from ZeroHedge are frequently reposted by other sites, but appear on ZeroHedge first — the site’s authors are driving and shaping the stories, not merely reacting to them. An analysis of web traffic patterns and linking backs this up: ZeroHedge has a prominent place within the network of pro-Russia news and propaganda outlets.
We at PropOrNot rate it: Five Shadies.
While this latest spin on the so-called “narrative” will certainly backfire, and accelerate the demise of the mainstream media’s efforts to maintain credibility and control of the American mindset  – which it painfull lost with their lies during the presidential campaign – not to mention “eyeballs” and ad revenue, we remain fascinated by the so called “liberal left’s” relentless charges that Trump will unleash a massive censorship assault on the “free press” when the “free press” itself is doing everything in its power to squash dissenting voices. To which all we can add is that it is a good thing that said “power” is declining with every passing day.
This article was posted: Friday, November 25, 2016 at 12:48 pm