Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Mad Carousel or Whirligig Kougar

Heavens to Mergatroid! The Kougar is on the mad carousel of busy. Too bad there are no actual horsies, snorting and ready for a wild-dashing ride. Back to the Kougaress' whirligig brain, spinning with everything that needs to be done today.
Big Cats, meow about a headspin and tailspin ~ today the Kougar can't find her tail to chase it.
The first order of kitty business ~ and no, that does not involve a trip to the litter box ~ with a juvenile cub teehee added.
Yowl! Not potty humor! The Kougaress is already off on the terribly wrong hunt.
O Great Bast help! Renee Knowles ~ ~ GOING TOPLESS, my fellow Siren author, does not deserve this! For she has kindly featured moi's first Siren Publishing release in her newsletter. The purrs below.
I wrote this novel because Sheridan , as she appeared in my twilight state before sleep, was irresistible. Not to mention her Baron ex-fiancee', who was still in love with her. Their World of the Blue Pearl Moon intrigued me, and I had to write their love story.
This is the shortest blurb available:
All Shades of Blue Paradise by Savanna Kougar
Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance] Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his slave lover. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.
Review Snippet: All Shades of Blue Paradise: World of the Blue Pearl Moon is part one of this series. Savanna Kougar is a talented author. The plot is extremely steamy. I would not mind being a slave lover for a year or maybe 20. Kougar has created a completely new world and culture. The characters are well-matched. Sheridan is a strong and very sensual. Zag is incredibly sexy, dominating, and loving. Fans of erotic romance will enjoy All Shades of Blue Paradise: World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Second big roar! If you catnip-adore those paranormal romances paw on over to Just Another Paranormal Monday, a Monday Yahoo group which features all sorts of salmon-delicious excerpts of print and e-books, new releases and the novels you may want to indulge in ~ plus it's just fun and fascinating.
And my oh my! Those shifty beasties are pouring out of the forest woods and from every conceivable wild world, from futuristic to urban fantasy. These ferocious, yet tender-hearted beastie shifters are growl-fiercely demanding their own stories to the delight of many readers. If you dare doubt moi's huntress-intensive investigation, sleekly lope on over to ~ ~ where readers and authors have their purring-to-roaring say ~ not to meow-mention the great beastie-subject blogs already up at this new wylde blog place.
Thirdly, and pass the dark chocolate bonbons, the Kougar hopes to finish polishing her wolfie shifter novella tonight, and claw-hit send...?
And we have a Big Cat Winner...which the Kougar will announce tomorrow.
Mad carousel kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitty's Cable is Cut

Extra! Extra! Read and meow all about it. The Kougar's Cable is Cut!
Yep, yesterday as moi was about to send off a paw-penned e-mail -- click! and nothing. Dead. Dead everything. No dial tone! Nothing.
After lot's of yowling! That's a whole lotta yowling! And hunting for any problem within the Kougar's lair...and no cell phone...and living blessedly away from civilization...well, suffice-it-to-growl, the Kougar discovered the cable to her phone service had been cut, but was being repaired. So sorry for the inconvenience. tomorrow is tuna catch-up day...unless...
However, Big Cats, take a romp over to Title Magic. Today Mel did a wonderful blog on the male perspective and female perspective in your critique partner. Mews below.
Mel, you are one lucky! Wish I did have a good crit partner. But I'm on my lonesome. I'd luv the viewpoint of both a another woman and a man because sometimes it is difficult to get the right balances sorted out.
Sorry I didn't comment earlier. My phone line cable got cut, so I've been incognito and not very happy about it.

And yesterday at Title Magic Mai contributed with great blog on the name game, our characters and author pen names. Purrs below.
The name game, it is fascinating. I'm very, very particular about what I name my heroine and hero. And nearly as exacting for the other characters, especially the bad guys.Great post, Mai. And your name is perfect as an author name. It does have that magic ring to it.
Big relief smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flash! International Party

Flash! Big Kitties, it's an international party at Liquid Silver blog today. For any Big Cat who yowls and meows in Spanish, this is definitely the sizzle-erotic blog party for you. And Roscoe James, Liquid Silver author, is the perfect party-more-than-hearty host. Take a languid trot on over, and purring-wild enjoy.
Below is moi's flashing yowl from her WIP ~ The Golden Tigress Dances
She was golden tigress. Curvaceously beautiful, yet all powerful sleekness. Her mane of hair was rinsed by gold, yet bold red in color, reaching to her hips. And swinging like a heavy curtain of silk whenever she danced, or moved seductively. I knew she hadn’t been in cat form recently. She reeked. Beautifully. With many needs. I steepled my palms together, forced my breathing to less rapid. I used my thighs to squeeze my aching balls, to keep my towered cock from firing too soon. For her. I’d been carnal blistering for her, for several turns of the moon now.
And roaring-tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow...the Kougar's blog. The Red Lioness and Mars, will be featured on Star-Crossed Romance ~ ~
Stroll on by, my Beautiful Big Cats, for a fun romp among and with all the galactic star authors at Star-Crossed Romance. The Kougar has enjoyed her many visits to this spacey realm already.
And omypurringgoodness! Lovely Big Kitties, you must take a long peek at Evonne's blog on Title Magic today. Evonne does a fabulous job of reporting on the Romantic Times Convention. Please, do kitty-rolling enjoy.

Golden tigress kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

All Hail the ATIV Queen

Today, Big Cats, belongs to Helen Scott Taylor, winner of the American Title IV contest with her entry, The Magic Knot.
For the fabulous cover art and some wonderful pics straight from the Romantic Times Convention ~ including Helen's daughter with Fabio ~ use those long kitty legs and run on over to Title Magic ~ ~
Moi's mews below.
Helen, fabulous!!! So glad I checked Title Magic today. Thanks for the pics of you and everyone. More than exciting. And, hey, it's not every girl who gets their picture taken with Fabio. LOL, I'm beginning to appreciate the vicarious thrill of it all. Helen, congratulations again! And like Anitra said, please share the process and your journey with us, as you can.
Kiss to the American Title IV Queen, Helen, from the Kougar...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Emerald Greening of the Prairie

Inspiring, my Big Cats, the Spring's emerald greening of the Kougar's tame grass prairie. Emerald lush and growing taller, the pond sparkling as if jewels litter the surface, the blue sky covered by long banner strips of cloud, the winds blustery and blowing in a chill, with the sun almost obscured ~ and moi's small brown bird, who must be nesting nearby, since he watches and flits about his business ~ using a fallen branch which the Kougaress had planned to move, and now will not.
Kitty Kougar is still under the proverbial weather, but recovering and working on improving her wolfie shifter novella while missing her World of the Blue Pearl Moon. Her keep-it-all-going strategy being to simply accomplish whatever writing her strength and brain power allows for on any given day. Nap, then prowl, nap and prowl.
On a meow note of interest, the Romantic Times e-newsletter, reports that Dorchester has changed its publishing mind, and will sponsor American Title V. Anything goes on these manuscripts as long as you follow the guidelines. Good purring luck to all who enter.
Meow smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kougar Lands on Mars

Kougar Lands on Mars or Hitchhiker's Guide to Get Me the Heck Outta Here!!!
Meow and Howling Yowl, Big Cats, the Kougar's world is terribly askew and her fang troubles have not abated. Not to growling-mention her wrist is mouse-brutalized. Computer mouse, that is.
Soooooo, for now, Big Beautiful Kitties, only a parting swish of the Kougar's tail...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Woozy Kitty

Me-oooowww...woozy kitty. The herbal affect of a potent white willow product because the Kougar took more than normal. Owie-agony! Kitty accidently gnashed her fangs too much, misaligning her jaw. Moi rarely has to take this pain reliever, but tooth pain...not to be yowling-tolerated. And since the Kougaress never takes aspirin, all such medications being deadly to her system...well, to kitty space-out land.
Smooch, smooch...Kitty loves you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smooch for Coffee Time Romance

Yep, Big Kitties, it's here. Here!!! Another review for moi's All Shades of Blue Paradise, Siren Publishing. And meow-no, the Kougar is not telling how many steaming coffee cups she received. However, the review snippet is purr-featured below.
ISBN#: 1606010131
March 2008
Siren Publishing ~
E-Book ~ $3.99 ~ 148 Pages ~ Fantasy Romance
"This story is very erotic and sensual, with a ferocious carnal appetite that can never be appeased. The syntax is extraordinary, and flows with an almost poetic feel. I do feel, however, that the constant sexual pleasures are somewhat overpowering to the plot line of the story. This being said, I very much want to read Part II, the continuation of Sheridan and Zag’s story. Ms. Kougar has an amazing way with words that very few authors could pull off, and she does so brilliantly."
Lototy ~ Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Rumble-psssst...Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougaress is feverishly improving her contemporary wolfie shifter novella with the wish...wish, hope...hope it will find a contracted home soon. Paw-toesies crossed.

Coffee hot smooch from the Kougar...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Art of the Red Lioness

Yes, dear Kitties all, my purty lioness girl is being judged as the Kougar blogs. The cover art for Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, created by artist David Burton ( is currently awaiting the press your paw and claw. Your vote at The Author's Lounge ~ & at The New Covey Cover Awards ~

Purring-truthfully, the Kougaress requests you choose your fave cover art. Being more than fang-fiercely enchanted with her own cover...yowl-well, moi is happily, Spring sun-bathing biased.

And Blues News, Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar received her review for All Shades of Blue Paradise, Siren Publishing, from the Coffee Time Romance. Indeed, a tail-swiping case of the good along with the sorta bad. The review and more meow rumblings tomorrow.

And! Nope! No Harlequin e-novella fame for the Kougar. Which may be a meow blessing for reasons best left professionally un-roared.

Also! If you luv those incredible incorrigible shapeshifters check out this new animal-lusting fun blog:

Swing on over to Title Magic today, Big Kitties. Anitra blogs on the dreaded synopsis. Moi's mews below.
Hi Anitra, that is a good approach. And I've used that in a less structured way when writing a synopsis.
While I never had the jelly-shaking in my boots reaction. I certainly felt utterly overwhelmed, and lost in a cloud of confusion, at first.
However, I learned about a technique of writing a short description of each chapter. That really helped me organize how I wanted to write a synopsis.
The easiest way for me is to talk about the heroine, then the hero, then a short description of the story itself.
Often, the Happy Ever After is requested. So I will end with that, either a description or the final paragraph itself.
Writing a synopsis in that way keeps everything organized in my mind. If that makes sense...?

Artful kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flash! All That Bull

Hold onto your stetsons, Big Woolly Cats, there's a new bull in town, and he's aiming to star in his own story as the heroine's to-ride 'em and not die, yippee ki yay! hero...
Check out all the cow shifter and talon-fierce critters in the fiction flashes at the Liquid Silver blog ~
Flash! All That Bull
Damn! Like this is how I wanted to spend my Sunday. On stupid repairs. I pounded the third nail into the loose middle board of my old corral. I wouldn’t have bothered, except I needed it fixed for my new Arab colt.
Ouch! The hammer smacked my thumb. Damn it to effing hell! Worse! Now sweat beaded on my forehead, threatening to sting my eyes.
I bent over, pounding the stubborn nail. Damn! I stilled. A large snout snuffled, pressed against my crotch. Sniffing, blowing loudly, the animal’s muzzle pushed upward, snuggling.
None of my horses were in the corral.

I whirled around, the hammer poised like a weapon. The huge coffee-colored eyes of a longhorn bull met me. His coat was a shiny healthy liver red. His immense spread of white horns gleamed beneath the noon sun. From what I could see, flattened against my corral post, with my heart thundering, he was all sleek ferocious muscle. And beating him with the hammer would most likely have only enraged him. Calm in my panic I merely stared back at him, then asked, "Have a home?"
My answer. His nostrils flared. Stepping closer, he thrust his muzzle against my loins.

Blowing loudly, he slowly rubbed his muzzle up the zipper of my jeans. Almost delicately, he snuffled the thin hugging fabric of my tank top. My sweat-damp tank top.
"I’ll bet someone’s looking for you," I crooned softly, half-mesmerized by the look of rut glinting from his hooded eyes.
Surprised when his muzzle shoved between my breasts, my belly leaped as if a bullet had struck.
Omygawd! Naked as a jaybird, the cowboy I’d refused to dance with last night stood pressed against me. I dropped the hammer, reached back to clutch the post. My breath poured out in gusts.

A lotta bull smooch from the Kougar...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Purr ~ Unruffled Fur

Ah, Big Kitties, the great and mouse-hiding mysteries of the internet world. Or the mysterious functions of the Kougar's e-mailbox, which has now been adjusted to her 'unblocked' preferences. Mew-Whew, a swipe of moi's furry forehead. It's an unknown dangerous jungle out there for us tech disadvantaged types.
Purr, unruffled fur for now, Big Cats.
Given the droopy state of the Kougaress's eyelids ~ at least, heaven forbid or is that yowling heavens to mergatroid ~ she was not slaughtered on the mean terrifying streets of Chicago, as that other poor-soul cougar, who is now residing happily on the Other Side, idly lounging on a huge comfortable tree limb with the vast open prairie before him, filled with every delightful creature.
However, given moi's state of sleepiness, an unedited paragraph snippet from her WIP Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil (for Siren Publishing).
"O do open your evening jacket to me, master," she crooned, a wicked slice to her tone. "That I may so ease your little pains with the fervent licking of my lusting tongue. Or, would you prefer my tongue as I applied it to your raised and mighty ‘sword’ during Tarimudhi?"

Purr, unruffled fur kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Meow-Yowl! Frustration Rules

Hello, Big Kitties, first the good purrs. Nina Pierce, author of The Healing Garden is the guest blogger on Title Magic today. Take an enthusiastic leap over and enjoy. The Kougar's intro below:
Hi Title Magicians, writer magicians, and especially readers. Today I have the privilege of introducing a new author, one of my fellow authors with Liquid Silver Books. Her first novel is impressive to me personally because of the futuristic subject and because of her writing style. Nina's words flow beautifully onto the page, a melodic capturing of the story she tells.
The cover art for her next three novels, gorgeous and romantically sensual ~ you have to check them out on the Books Coming Soon forum page at Liquid Silver ~ anyway Anne Cain's cover art resonates perfectly with Nina's stories and with her lovely writing style. It is that magical blending of the arts, visual and novel, which simply enchants and further enhances a reader's enjoyment.

Meow-Yowl! Frustration Rules! The Kougar's Yahoo Groups have been sender blocked. Yowling to the heavens, who knows how??? By moi's mistake, or what? Growling-whatever, who the heck in Bast's paradise knows if it's been corrected??? Despite all the electronic pushing and shoving and machinations...?
Is hate not strong enough to describe the Kougaress's current state of tail-spinning frustration and fury? No !!!
Moi's mews for Title Magic and the Liquid Silver blog today.
Anitra, yay! for you!
I've done a fair share of standing up in my life with the hope that justice and right would prevail.
LSB Blog ~ Nina Pierce blogs
Hi Nina, revving my writing engine is similar to yours. Although a lot of my stories begin at that time when you're just falling asleep or when you're awakening -- a conscious dream that looks like I'm watching a movie, only also feeling the heroine and hero -- what they're all about, what they're feeling.
I can't work with all those chart things. The story itself is the inspiration, and boy, do I get the surprises sometimes! On how the plot develops, and what happens next.

Grimacing kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pleasures of Blue Paragraphs

Big Kitties, yesterday the Kougar's blog, Fantasy Escape, was featured on the Romance Junkies blog, what a sweet sizzle of a kick to the smiling bone, to see it up there. Thank you to Kim and Jenn. And thanks to Jeanne Barrack, Liquid Silver author, and Lexie, my Title Magician buddy, for stopping by.
Today the Kougar is actually cleaning (an amazing miracle) a tiny bit, and penning Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil. Offered for your feline perusal are moi's last two unedited paragraphs:
Zag smiled, his gaze following her like a hungry predator. When his Sher decided to taunt him, she was always flame sultry sex. His whip’s slight mark on her gorgeous ass satisfied him fiercely.
The sight of her dungarees and her evening top caused Sheridan halt in her steps, her breath to burst inward. Was he actually...hope soared in her as she quickly pulled up the dungarees, then slid on her top. "Goddess," she whispered, her breaths swift and shallow. The delicious torment of her nipples against the snug fabric, the press of her dungarees' crotch...sweet, sweet sensual torture.
World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II ~ Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, contracted by Siren Publishing.

Back to claw-hitting the keyboard, my Big Beautiful Cats.
Languid-trot on over to Title Magic where Mai presents a case of the missing hero. Mews below.
Mai, I find that fascinating about the secondary character being the hero of the hour. Why can't both of them save your heroine? The hero would be even more of a hero in my eyes if he helped the secondary character out with the bad guy.
I've made tons o' missteps, will probably make lots more. I can honestly say this one never crossed my mind. Not that secondary characters don't play a role. Often they do in my stories.
Lexie, I think bloodlust sells these days. With all the serial killers and such stalking romance novels. Yeah, turn the ex bad, and knock him off -- only in the bloodiest way, of course.
Sorry, it's tongue-in-cheek day for me.
No, Lexie, you should follow whatever your truest writer instincts are, whether to turn bad or not to turn bad, that is the question.

Passionate Blue kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crash of the Kougar

The strange dry winds bluster. The sky is a dirty nasty pale gray during the late morning hours. As if every chemtrail has converged into a covering mass. Sure, science fiction lives. The nightmare is today. Not tomorrow...and the Kougaress's eyes close...sleep is required.
Crash of the Kougar...nap time, Big Kitties. Five hours was not enough.

Moi's offering from a WIP, begun from a scene two days ago as the Kitty awoke. Tentatively titled ~ Winter Were-Beast ~

"Turn around," she slowly commanded. "Take me home."
"I am taking you home."
What do you mean? Taking me home? Hell, she was afraid to ask him that out loud.
"If you are, you just missed the driveway to turn around," she snapped, crossed her arms over her chest. Now what? She’d persuaded a couple of drunk males not to rape her, talked her way out of it. But, he was hardly drunk. Unless, he was drunk on his own power? And he figured he could get away with ‘seducing’ her. Raping her. Maybe buying her off.
"Krystal," he softly intensely spoke, "I’m not like other men."
"That’s absolutely true. No other man has abducted me. That is what you’re doing, isn’t it?" Her stomach quavered nastily. He was so huge she doubted her fighting skills could overcome him, unless she got real lucky. Unless divine intervention...Krystal prayed.
"I’m claiming you."
"Rape. Claiming," she slicing crooned. "What’s the difference?"

One exhausted smooch from the Kougar...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smooches for Romance Junkies

Smooches for Romance Junkies, Big Beautiful Cats. Tomorrow the Kougar's blog will be featured at ~ ~ Meow-yay!
A mewing-snippet: Fantasy Escape...Reading for me has always been about what I could learn and what I could experience through the author’s written word ~ and that glorious, euphoric escape into worlds painted by the author’s unique talent, from all realms of fantasy to our globes’ eclectic range of cultures. I enjoyed travel for the same reasons I adored reading, being in the midst of another culture, seeing and experiencing that world, if only for awhile.
Warmth, Big Kitties, a blustery warmth, dry winds own the greening magnificent prairie. The usual Spring humidity is absent, and the weather remains in a state of transformation. The afternoon sky is intensely beautifully blue, and last night on Coast-to-Coastam, Gordon Michael Scallion, futurist and Seer, spoke about the return of the Blue Star, a companion sun with an elliptical orbit. The return of such a celestial sun-being would, of yowling-course, affect blessed Earth -- magnetic fields, electrical fields, quantum fields -- all those physic's dynamics which are the fundamental operating system, the working engine of our galaxy ~ as the Kougaress comprehends.
The blue star, the blue's here and it's the old hippie song, crystal blue persuasion, it's a new vibration...
Skatterbrain...Big Lovely Cats, the Kougar just saw that as the name on the Blogs of Note...bringing back how often she heard that 'term of endearment ~ NOT' during her cubhood and beyond. Purring-alas, it accurately describes her usual state of mind these strange-universe days. It feels like being blasted from every corner of Earth, and every corner of the Universe with vibrations...without a real clue about All that occurring and all that is truly arriving???
Speed on over to Title Magic, my daring and darling Big Cats, Lexie offers exceptional insights into a writer's fierce and fragile psyche. Big purrings below.
Lexie, profound blog. I can really relate to writing for the reasons you spoke about. Although, most bullies were too smart to mess with me. Having a hair trigger, and the moves to match if need be, is a good thing. One I've rarely had to use, and one I never think about it, it just happens. Like the kid who hit me hard with a toy rifle and ended up doubled over because I didn't think. I just plowed my fist into his solar plexus.
Okay, way off track here. Just giving you something to a couch handy?But I absolutely love words the way you described. And I have to write, regardless, or go more crazy than I already am. However, my lifelong path to this point in my writing, has been wickedly difficult for the most part. So, I write because that's what I do.Being empathetic here, I wish you had more time for your writing. I definitely feel the pain.
P.S. For anyone interested, I'm blogging at Romance Junkies tomorrow.
Scatterbrain smooches from the Kougar...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tired Kitty Kisses

Kougar kitty is tired today, a long trek to hunt her vittles, and gather up all the life necessities, like the two huge spindles of blank Cd's for moi's stories and pics ~ a two for one price, a deal not to be missed for this Big Computer-dependent Cat.
Spring's warmth is still elusive for moi's greening splendid cattle prairie. However, the Kougaress is great-big-purring grateful there was no freeze last night, as was weather-predicted.
On the return journey today, Mother Moon hung as a half-disc spectre above the eastern horizon, while very early this morning She was blasting-radiant orange, and weirdly spooky as only half her light, sitting on the western horizon.
Love letters, Big Beautiful Cats, when humans actually penned their thoughts upon paper ~ a true pssion for the Kougar once upon a time ~ hand penning on gorgeous paper with beautiful colors ~ Kate Pearce on has wonderfully blogged about her 'silly' love letters of ye olden days. Mewings below:
Kate, talk about chuckling a lot over your letters. I grew up in the age of penning letters, and I adore it. Although, no one else seems to appreciate my efforts, so I don't bother anymore.
In Junior High there was one guy, sweet, but I was definitely not interested in him romantically. No chemistry at all for me. But he would write the most wonderful letters, with beautiful poetry...too bad. I felt bad about having to keep telling him 'no' -- although with the way my life has gone I did that boy a favor!

On Title Magic Mel provides a librarian's edge over the rest of us when it comes to be surrounded by inspiration of the non-fiction variety. She also bids adieu with the promise of elf-ear reports from the Romantic Times Convention. Moi can't wait and is meow-yes! hoping Adrian Paul will be sighted. Talk about titillation from afar. Very afar. Mew-yowl!
Yay! Mel, I want those elf-ear reports! Have fun, guys!
I agree, great post, Mel. I've always read as much non-fiction as fiction just because I love learning, and there are so many fascinating subjects. Most of my stories are inspired by non-fiction books as much or more than fiction books.
Tired Kitty Kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blue Water Flash

Synchronicity wins once again, Big Cats, moi's pinup featured in a past blog is winning popularity and artist friends -- for, it fate-seems, David Burton, moi's cover artist for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil was researching a project, and happened upon her.
Meow-Kougar, can only hope this is a good shaman omen. O Great and Wonderful Bast, please. And purring-thank you.
Since her writer's Muse beckons insistently, the Kougar will leave her sweet and ferocious kitties with this 150 word flash and dash created for the Liquid Silver blog, a short scene from Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil before her battling ride in the Braverth. Already moi spots, no not leopard spots -- but corrections she would make.
"Warrioress fire surged through her flesh. Barefoot, Sheridan moved carefully between the small misshapen boulders. With light steps she negotiated the rocky shelf of ground toward the waterfall, hidden in the deepest-shadow forest of the Wyldeland. The melodic crash of water falling onto stone and splashing loudly into an enormous pool, beckoned her untamed spirit. Inside her loins, the blaze to compete, to win curled, savage and calm.
Once she stood atop the largest boulder, Sheridan speared her arms upward in supplication and reverence for the Blue War Goddess. Subtle, fierce, the white-blue lightning coursed through her veins.
Unhurried, as in the most ancient tradition, she disrobed.
Leaping down, she strode toward the diamond-magnificent sprays of water. Swiftly stepping beneath the waterfall’s fury, Sheridan slowly turned. Cold-sluicing water ripped away her breath as she sacred-cleansed herself. Soon she reveled in the pummeling sun-gleaming water, feeling her triumph in the Braverth."

Blue water flash kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sinderella Kougar

The chill of Spring, Big Cats, has descended upon the tame prairie today. Meow-still, the lush emerald green grasses spring up taller and taller. The daffodils are gorgeous adornments. And the Kougar can breathe for the most part -- beyond the chemtrails. Now if she could race and bound again ~ ah, are sweet-purring dreams far behind?
Big Lovely Kitties, The Romantic Times Convention looms ~ Adrian Paul, Sea Fairy Ball, the lavish was-it-good-for-you? costumes, the wild imbibing pageantry, the men (cover models, brave husbands and boyfriends). Being able to talk with, companionship with those rare few who understand what it is to be a writer...and the all-important networking. On and on...
Mew-sadness, for, indeed, it's Sinderella Kougar, with no Big Beautiful Fairy Goddess-Cat to sparkling-wand dress her for the ball, provide magical transport. Indeed, no Prince Charming.
Although, the heroes of moi's novels are beyond superior to a mere Prince Charming. Indeed, to purring-prove moi's assertion, a tiny snippet from Pleasure of Blue Lotus Oil ~ Deepest sapphire truth, the first time his Sheridan had smiled at him with complete fondness sparkling in the depths of her azure-sea eyes, she had mastered his heart.
Which tail-swishing reminds ~ the Kougaress has sent her cover art form and images to David Burton, with the knowing-feeling that the paint brush magic will occur, whatever his artistic vision.
And, roar-tingly yay, both Red Lioness Tamed and All Shades of Blue Paradise are on the March release page of Fallen Angel Reviews ~
Rumble-apology for the interruption in penning. However, the canines must be released to enjoy bounding about the land. And on the sundown horizon, a magical glow of pale apricot with a sheer tint of gold beneath the deep steadfast blue of the low-hanging clouds. Perhaps, a sweeter magic than if the Big Beautiful Fairy Goddess-Cat appeared...meow shrug?
Another tidbit shrimp of good news, moi's blog, Hunting the Magic Were-Beast, has been accepted as an article for the upcoming Passionate Ink newsletter. Meow Cool Cat, dark shades and strolling included.
And talk about a real FAT CAT, snarl-no, not the fat cats of commerce, check out the pic on coast-to-coastam with George Noory of a real live Garfield, a thirty-five pounder. Can anyone growl 'chase the mouse' instead of 'come dine Italiano style'?
Sinderella kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prairie Roaring Winds

Prairie roaring winds, Big Beautiful Cats...the Kougar has cracked open her favorite window just a few times today...a knock-over blast o' wind in the ole' kitty mug, I can meow-tell ya. And the Kougaress is fiercely fond of the air blasting in her face, the winds whipping around her. Not these bad boy lion-roaring winds.
Most excellent purring-news...hope, hope! It looks like David Burton ~ ~ cover artist for Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, will be doing the cover art for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, since pics of truly voluptuous models are in seriously short supply ~ like gasoline and oil of ye current days, or so THEY claim. If sex-kitten moi was younger, in her physique-curvy prime, she would seriously consider selling her pic for cover art purposes.
Unless, there is an image-commercial website unknown to the Kougar, and they are zillions upon trillions ~ the catnip-caveat, however, a site devoted to the luscious feminine body type, think Anne Margaret in the teen movie, Bye Bye Birdie, of moi's ancient teenage-cat days, or a female body like this cheesy and classy pinup ~ what a new business opportunity. One the Kougaress would like to indulge in, yet does not possess the time nor the the wise expertise.
Don't get blown off any branches, stay low to the ground, Big Cats, and head on over to Title Magic. Our guest blogger, Liz Jasper, author of the Undead, Cerridwen Press, discusses how paranormal elements are successfully woven with mystery and suspense in romance novels. Mewings below.
Liz, excellent detail on adding mystery and suspense by use of paranormal elements. Paranormal is a natural for me. Weaving in suspense and mystery is what I'm learning. Thanks for all the insights.
Lexie, RT and the RWA and other chapters probably have workshop/lecture CDs or DVDs available on that topic.
Wind kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Were-Beast on Title Magic

Were-Cats all, come out of least, for us Big Cat writers who want to star you in our novels. Please, were-kitties, give a snooty scan to moi's blog for Title Magic today.

Hunting the Magic Were-Beast
Authors, aspiring authors, are you hunting the magic were-beast?
Pssst...if you’ve settled on were-ducks, I’d give that honking mallard another thought. According to the SmartBitches, Ellora’s Cave has already claimed those quacking heroes as their own. Yeah, yeah...I gotta an old fallin’ down duckstand I can sell ya.
Still ~ still as a full moon werewolf-shifting night ~ are you looking for that perfect were-beastie to star in your next novel?
Howl desperately to the moon, dear that next were-heroine or hero ~ or were-villain elusive? Is your were-inspiring Muse on up with that gorgeous ManWolf, and she’s not emerging from the waterbed den until all her lusty appetites are completely satiated?
Growl-darn the writer’s block, is that perfect were-beast still escaping your imagination? Just as the real were-beasties do, escaping detection by mainstream media and mainstream science?
Yep, I said ‘real’. There are dedicated researchers combing through all the reports turned into law enforcement agencies, including animal control, about beasties that go more than ‘bump *or hump* in the night’. These truth-seeking researchers tromp through the fields and forests tracking down evidence, snapping pics of unusual, unknown tracks, bagging bits of hair, along with the occasional claw-ripped shirt. These intrepid few among us have even been known to set up camp for a night or two, attempting to lure the beasties with their fave snacks. I believe lunch meat was mentioned in one report. Truth to tell, if I were a fierce and cunning were-critter, I don’t think lunch meat would tempt my primal slavering immense hunger. Now frying bacon.... Linda Godfrey, author of Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf, is one such dedicated researcher. Her occasional reports on Coast-to-Coastam, night radio, are beyond fascinating, the stories of encounters absolutely enthralling, not to mention chill-scary entertaining.
Nope. We are not alone, Earth humans. Strange monster critters, magical were-beasts, wherever they originate from...inner earth? And...wherever they lurk...? Are hiding deep, deep inside our forests and caves, their lairs unlocated by Google Earth...yet.
So, if your writer’s imagination is on the fritz, and all you’re visualizing is a set of savage yellow-neon eyes, get a spooky halloween re-charge, investigate were-beast territory on Linda Godfrey’s website: Here is a snippet from Linda’s blog:
November 5, 2007 - Return of the Bearwolf?
It never ceases to amaze me the way these things seem to work. Only a few days ago I had decided to post a note about the Washington County Courthouses's cryptid creature art, and then today I get a call from Mike Lane, the hunter who went looking for the creature's footprints last fall right about this time. He found some, too...bipedal, large and roundish looking deep imprints that indicated something very large and upright went walking through a mushy field across from Holy Hill, and then entered a marsh where the tracks ended. (See photo of Mike standing in front of that marsh last year.)
Inspired by Linda Godfrey’s reports, an excerpt from my WIP, Don’t Cry Werewolf ~
"This should be the spot." Weak, in pain, she shuffled slowly. Focusing on each step, she tried not to stumble, not wanting to fall, hurt herself so severely she’d have to crawl into the isolated forest.
"The lucky spot," she encouraged herself. "The lucky spot where I get eaten by a werewolf." She whisper-sang those words to herself over and over – forging ahead at a snail’s pace.
The night-chilled air wheezed in and out of her lungs. Her feet drug over the dead damp leaves from last autumn. There wasn’t much spring foliage to hinder her way.
"Here, little werewolf," she called out. Again she laughed at herself. She needed a big monstrous werewolf, actually. "Here, big horrible nasty werewolf," she called out instead – several times. She chuckled, faltered, the effort costing her.
Looking upwards at the immense display of tree limbs in the moonlight, she felt the usual quick up and down of her chest, listened to her struggling whoosh of breath. It took nothing anymore to wear her out completely. "Hey, if nothing else I’ll get lost in the forest and die," she murmured philosophically, between her strained puffing breaths. "Maybe only the bugs will get me."
Able to lift her foot again, she continued moving deeper into the old forest. "Death by mosquito – god, that would be horrible. Instead of a thousand cuts. A thousand bites. – The it’s better to be ripped apart. Definitely."
Reaching an enormous tree trunk, she leaned against her palm – the rough bark strangely comforting. "Maybe it’s still too cool for mosquitos." Breathing heavily she turned, leaned back against the trunk, rested. "Death by exposure can’t be much fun," she whispered, huffing huge breaths, hurting breaths. "No, death by werewolf is the way to go."
When her breaths calmed down, she called, "Here, werewolf, here, werewolf." Painfully she shoved from the tree trunk, shuffled from the rough bike trail onto a deer trail. "I may not be as tasty as little red riding hood." Feeling woozy, she slowed her steps. "But I should be good enough for one meal."
Numbness crept into her limbs. She forced one step after another. "Maybe I’ll just die on the trail."
No fresh dinner for you, werewolfie. She sent the telepathic message just in case werewolves were a telepathic species, like most animals. No drugs, I’m mostly organic – even if I’m no spring chicken dinner. She stumbled to her knees.
"Damn!" Pain radiated upwards sharply. Straightening, she grimaced, shook her hands out. I guess a bear will do. Soon as she could, her breathing not as ragged, she leaned forward on her hands, struggled to stand up. Groaning with the pain and effort, she cried out, finally standing up.
Geez – not a good night to die. Dragging one foot, exhausted, she continued along the deer trail. Bear...cougar...maybe a wild pack of dogs...come on, werewolf. Eat me!
She begged. Heart, mind and soul, she begged. Come on, werewolf. Eat me! Her eyes shut, she took several small steps. She begged, knowing it had never mattered before how much she’d begged for help. I need a cliff.
She opened her eyes. Nothing, no glowing red eyes. No glowing eyes at all. I should just jump off a cliff...of course, there’s the whole fear of heights thing. But it won’t really matter once I’ve jumped...I could just pretend it’s a flying dream...Hit.
Her body felt wooden, about ready to collapse. Feeling chilled, she hugged herself – kept dragging her feet forward, tiny steps. She didn’t care. If she simply dropped and died – that would serve her purpose. It’s just that she wanted to know. If werewolves existed, she wanted to know. Before she died.
She figured she was owed at least that...for enduring her pathetic nightmare life. For maintaining her integrity, her goodness as a person, despite the endless brutal trials.
Why not serve yourself up as a meal? And know. It was eco-sound – no land-eating coffin. No energy expended in cremation. Just bloody rent flesh, dinner for a werewolf. Any remaining pieces devoured by nature.
"The natural way to go," she whispered. "Instead of don’t feed the animals at the zoo. Do feed the animals." She laughed silently at herself. "The new cool on YouTube," she muttered. Looking around, she noticed there were no more night sounds. "The zoo’s new slogan – end it here, save a polar bear," she whispered, trailed off. The eeriness tingled her flesh to goosebumps.
Hugging herself unconsciously, she waited, noticed she was frozen. She couldn’t move her feet. A strange dread coursed through her. Yet she was calm, a strange anticipation soared through her. Slowly, slowly, she swivelled her head, looking.
It rushed at her from the darkest part of the forest, fearsome, upright, huge. Shadow-dark in the moonlight. Searing feral gold eyes charged straight at her. Her scream stuck in her throat. She was grateful. Her fast breaths hurt like knives in her throat. It would be upon her soon.
Closing her eyes instinctively, she prayed it was a werewolf. That she would know. Somehow. Fluttering her lids open the next split second, she saw the wolfen features, monstrous and magnificent, displayed beneath the full moon. She nearly passed out from the shock, swayed. His ferocious growl as he ran at her possessed her spine.
Forcing her eyes wide, she watched him launch – fur and bulk and incredible power. His hot breath blasted her neck. His fang tip touched the side of her neck. She fainted.
But not before she thought – goodbye, cruel world.
Moi's mewings:
Linda Godfrey is great inspiration, Mel. And she's out there doing the real research.
Anitra, yeah, a tiny dry comment on struck my wing bone funny.
Were-beastie smooch from the Kougar...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Journey Tree Obstacles

Journeying down to her mailbox after the torrential Spring rains ~ thank you, weather goddesses and gods ~ first a gorgeous adorable cardinal lands in front of the Kougar, then *blast the eye* a major humongous dead limb across most of moi's gravel drive, branches scattered everywhere. Most sacred fortunately, the limb was dried and dead, therefore not as heavy, and the Kougaress could leverage it out of the way. Quite a large undertaking to clear away all the limbs and branches, meow-moi can tell you. So now, the weariness has taken over for the day.
The good rumbling news, on the trip back the Kougar saw another large-girth tree had fallen into the neighbor's pasture from water saturation and the winds. Roaring-yay! It would have been too large for moi to manhandle out of the way. And no guilt required since Dead Tree is on their side of the fence, and no damage caused.
Journey tree obstacles ~ a sacred message? All other obstacles in the Kougar's life path may be removed with this level of effort? Wish, wish...hope, hope...yowling-please, please...
More mewing-smiling news, the Kougar's horse drawing has been incorporated into the cover art of Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, as a small silhouette ~ so tingly cool, Big Cats. And the candle-erotic scene continues with our heroine and hero's turn for extreme pleasures...
Lovely Big Cats take a swift stroll over to Title Magic. Renee Knowles, fellow Siren author, is our guest blogger. With a background in small business, she offers great tips for networking. Purrs below.
Renee, it is kinda strange in a way, always forming stories in your head as you're grocery shopping, etc. and trying to keep aware enough while paying, so you don't end up losing a credit card.
Thanks for joining us today. I so luv that your career is taking off!
Journey kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kougar, On the Hunt

Ah, the greening of the April-rain prairie grasses, Big Beautiful Kitties ~ what a fantastic and glorious relief not to worry about mowing, or the neighbor next door overly-concerned about their property values if moi doesn't keep her lawn trimmed to within an inch of it's very little shooting-up life. Roar-yes! To live with the splendid wildness of a lawn gone completely weedy wild! Must be the shaman witch inside the Kougar.
Big Cats, anyone watch Medium last night? Irresistible show for the Kougar...meow-purring indeed, with yummy chuckles galore. As jowl-licking fun as if moi had just dined on a bowl of buttered plump shrimp.
Medium is one of the few TV shows in the vast wasteland of idiocy programming designed by the dumb to continue the process of dumbing us all down. First, and originally designed, controlled by THOSE who consider themselves our rulers, and thus, superior in every way. A mad, mad world of elite.
Yowling back to the TV fun, Kitties ~ 'cause how tickle-the-kinky-bone fun was that show? Whether or not, you are a stalking cougar after the delicious abs-hard meat of a younger man, as Jane Fonda claims to be, or whether you just enjoy the sexy quirkiness of the fictional author character and her Cougar book on scenarios to hunt down that hard sausage between your thighs.
Moi knows, crude and lewd. But a Big Cat deserves some cheesy giggles, now and then.
And confession, moi is not an older-woman man-stalking cougar...just to burst your imagination bubble.
Big Cats! Romp on over to Title Magic. Mai posted late with a Fabio-topic about it ain't all the physical looks when it comes to a romance hero. And today, Evonne presented a wise commentary on how much info is too much info in a romance story? Moi's incredible and insightful meows below.
Well done, Mai. It's the whole package. Certainly not just a physique. Personally, I adore physical beauty. Not what is deemed physical beauty these days, however. But I also adore a beautiful personality, a beautiful intellect. Someone who is genuinely beautiful inside and out. I've known some people who physically may not be that impressive, however when you get to know them, they become more and more beautiful. Because that's what shines through. It's who they truly are.
Wonderful discussion on this topic, Evonne. Sometimes I'm a research hound, just because I enjoy learning.
However, when I read a story, I want the story, the people, not ten tons of info which really has nothing to do with the dynamics going on between the characters.
Unless a character is working on a combustion engine, forget about it!!!
But, that's just me.
Hey all, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Think of all the great posts Title Magic will get from you all attending the RT convention.

Yes, Evonne, nothing more sexy to me than a man doing what he's good at and confident about, whether blue collar or white collar.Lexie, I think your Druid hero is far more fascinating and desirable than just a hunk guy.Trish, I couldn't agree more. There were some guys in college that were considered the most sexy. Yeah, physically, they were good-looking. But their attitudes were such a turn-off I rarely noticed them, unless another gal pointed them out.
Kougar, On the hunt kisses...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Madness

Monday mad brain, Beautiful Big Cats, and the Kougar can't keep a claw in every dish of promo out there. Not to meow-mention she had every pen-plan to continue the erotic scene in Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, the agreement which delivers the sacred oil to Baron Zaggry. Instead, she has completed a sorta silhouette blue drawing, which may or may not be used, since it seems there is no stock pick of Lady Sheridan on a Braverth racing horse. Yowling-comments, Big Kitties?
Growl-okay, Just Paranormal Mondays is a new Yahoo group courtesy of Destiny Blaine, multi-published author with Siren Publishing. Good roaring opportunity for all, and great paranormal genre fun. Take a kitty run on over.

The Kougar did promo with review snippets. Then, moi did ask for feedback on her fang-spoof scene for Red Lioness Tailspin...should she, or shouldn't she? Include this scene in book II of Adventures of the Red Lioness.

Meow! Howling! Help! Back to writing!!!

Monday madness kiss from the Kougar...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aries New Moon

Today the moon hides from Earth, from our eyes, Big Kitties, the Aries new moon, while the afternoon sun masquerades as the moon, the flowing clouds disguising Sol. The juicy winds of Spring warmth blow over the tame prairie. And the froggies raucously sing.
Sun and new moon, Warrior Aries rises, demands the right to live and fights for freedom, battling against every injustice. Explosions blast over the globe in every domain, from the emotional psyche to the horrible destruction of bombs. Explosions rule our current world.
Watch out, hang on, Keen-eyed Kitties, we're in for a bumpy ride.
Flash and dash, Big Cats. Below is moi's offering for flash fiction Sunday at Liquid Silver Blog ~ ~ Some intriguing and inspirational pictures taken in Memphis, Home of the Blues.
"Imprisoned in stone," Shevra muttered derisively, flipping back her long tresses. She planted one hand on her defiantly thrust hip. Impatience and boredom had been her only companions for the several sun spins she and her well-hearted parents had arrived for an educational tour of this backwards mud-slow world.
Shevra stepped closer studying the magnificent woman draped in the hiding folds of her robe. Sensing the sparkle-flow of life inside, she glanced all around her. On fiery impulse, she touched her fingertip to the statue’s knee.
"Freed...where do I go?" the stunned woman whispered.
"It’s a big universe. Your choice."

Aries New Moon smooch from the Kougar...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kiss to the Winged Messenger

Kiss to the winged messenger, Big Kitties. Upon awakening the Kougar stuck her head out the window, admiring the emerald green grass growing like weeds on her prairie, and enjoying the air, warm with Spring's arrival, and bright with the overhead sun. From the corner of her eye, the Kougaress spied a brown bird arrowing toward a tree branch. Even perched for a bit, moi could not tell what kind of birdie it was, so she sent a little message asking the bird to come closer, yet not expecting that outcome.
Yep, the deep brown birdie, medium-sized, with a pale orangey breast coloring, flew right before the Kougar, landing on top of the dried up stalk, one from last year's milkweed forest. Ready to be praised and admired, brown birdie preened handsomely, yet kept a careful watch for predators. The Kougaress cooed, speaking lovingly, using both thought and her voice. Amazingly, brown birdie boy, remained a long while, then hopping-flew from stalk to stalk, staying close.
It was a wondrous experience, Big Beautiful Cats, and the Kougar does not know if it was simply a lovely inter-species contact or a shamanic message...or both. However, the birdies are trilling and feeding, winging and swooping...probably building their nests.
Just outside moi's writing area, two itsy bitsy birdies quickly peck, concentrating on nourishing themselves.
O Winged Messenger, a message for moi?
Perhaps, the winging of her novels into the hands of those readers who would enjoy them...hope, hope.
For now, back to writing...Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry are winging inside his flight limo toward a carnal appointment neither one of them desires...yet one which will offer them a sacred prize toward victory in the Braverth ~ All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Book II, Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil ~ Siren Publishing.

Winged kiss from the Kougar...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Untamed Giggling With Mrs. Giggles

Aahhh, Big Cats...yes, meow, the Kougar's Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, has been officially 'Giggled'. A definite rite of passage, moi must believe in this strange new land of the e-author.
Paw to the truth...her funny bone struck with a hammer, the Kougar was a giggling kitty for quite a while over her Mrs. Giggles' dry-to-the-bone and drill-to-the bone review.
Alas, there is only one loud complaining mew. See the unedited scene from Red Lioness Tailspin below. Captain Draxen Z of the Venture has his say and bit of retaliation-more. *
The score? You roar...84. There ya go. With the requisite snippet:
Still, on the whole Red Lioness Tamed is a most enjoyable quick read that doesn't take itself too seriously but instead revels in its more cheesy elements. You may need to adjust your expectations before you begin reading to enjoy this story, although the cover art - deliberately designed to reflect its dime/pulp novel nature - should have been clear indication enough of the author's intention. I believe that if you have a fondness for stories that aren't afraid to be deliberately campy and cheesy, this one may find a home on your hard drive, right next to your dubiously-obtained complete series of the original Battlestar Galactica, Jason Of The Star Command, and Buck Rogers In The 25th Century TV series.
For the full review ~ Google Mrs. Giggles, click on e-book reviews, then on 'K' for Kougar.
Take a quick long stride over to Title Magic today, Big Beautiful Kitties, Nina Bruhns, a very accomplished lady and author speaks to the current trends in what readers clamor for in a romance story. Meows below:
Welcome, Nina. Utterly fascinating topic and big congrats on being a RITA finalist.
I enjoy a light-hearted story as well as the complex darker stories.
Personally, I compare this time in our history with the depression era and WWII film fare -- Pennies From Heaven, for example.
Often people needed a break then, like they do now. Not hard to figure out. What sold back then? Booze and entertainment. Escape into fantasy is often what people need to endure these darker times. Whether it's a light-hearted fantasy or the darker-edged urban fantasy coming into its own.
Art, and the art of writing serves this time we live through, as well as creates this time in our history.
At least, that's my over-simplified viewpoint.

* Unedited scene from Red Lioness Tailspin by Savanna Kougar
The woman’s gaze felt like sucker tentacles on the back of his neck. Draxen idly lowered the collar he’d been examining at the vendor’s stall, where he purchased items whenever in port, since the owner possessed a superior eye for quality merchandise.
"Not to your preference?" the tiny eel-slick woman seductively inquired.
"It is to my preference, keeper Maunfa." Draxen flirtatiously grinned at the pewter-colored, green-tinted Yligor. "If you will place all similar collars together, I will choose when I return shortly." He offered a rakish head bow, then surreptitiously slid a prized data-containment coin beneath her webbed hand.
"Service is our desire," she crooned, smoothing the illegal payment into her waistband pouch.
Spinning on his heel, Draxen glanced up at the space port’s High Beam level, as it was called. Without a blink of apology, the woman, one of the commerce OverSeers focused on him, her bearing as powerful as a plasma anaconda. Hybermion, she was a liquid shape shifter, her current body incarnation reminded him of his grandmother, her count-the-stars probable intention. Her lasering gaze, the subtle imperious movement of her head, indicated she intended to speak officially with him, either with or without his cooperation.
Curious to the sunflare max, Draxen also tingled with primitive wariness as he strode to meet her. Obviously, he had not committed any observed code misdeed, or she would have summoned an enforcement team. Instead, the OverSeer glided down the zigzag of descending translucent planks, her robe billowing out behind her, great impatient waves of pale glistening material.
"Dear Lady." With care Draxen swept up her hand, pressed his lips onto one of her large knuckles. "How have I offended your sensibilities?"
Her gaze narrowed, black as a gathering storm on his home world. Withdrawing her hand, she assessed him. Zero favor glimmered in the depths of her eyes. "OverSeer Ghiggles," she corrected in a manner suggesting she was accustomed to offering correction often. "The woman, who was with you. I have become concerned for her welfare. Where is she?"
"Currently my bride is resting aboard my vessel."
"No doubt, Captain of the Venture, she is resting." The OverSeer glared at his crotch as if his actual shaft had criminal intent. Indeed, to his amusement and puzzlement, as if his cock had suddenly transformed into his face. "You have over-burdened her with your insatiable activities."
More amused, Draxen crooned, "Am I to be condemned for carnal appreciating my wife?"
"I believe, Captain." Her gaze raked up and down the outline of his shaft, as if she measured it’s precise rutting proportions. "From the visual reports received, your ‘carnal’ state was constant in your bride’s presence. Although..." She leaned a particle or two closer, inspecting his crotch with professional intensity, "I believe the front of your pants are shriveled compared to the prominent stretch endured by the material earlier."
"My beloved Sun Rocket is splendid in her beauty, ‘stimulating’ the large carnal appetite of my race, OverSeer Ghiggles. Quite common, I assure you."
"I am knowledgeable about your race, Captain." She continued scrutinizing his lessened shaft, causing him to wonder if her ruthless interest was a ‘stimulation’ to her. "Which brings forth my further concern for your...your bride. I am not familiar with her race, or her capability to withstand your constant lusting assault, as is indicated by your genetic birthright."
"Your concern is to my understanding, OverSeer. I would offer a meeting with my Sun Rocket. However, it is vital she remain resting."
When her unhurried gaze arrived to his, her eyes sharply whipped him with further questions. "Yes, your Sun Rocket was overly pale. And by our health monitoring in a somewhat weakened condition."
"Easily explained, dear Lady. When we met she had been through a draining ordeal. If you have already reviewed my purchases, you will notice I have provided for her swift recuperation."
Her following silence and her unblinking gaze gripped him as if the OverSeer’s hands, themselves, were around his throat, choking. "Did you purchase your bride, Captain?"
"That was my original plan. However, OverSeer Ghiggles, fate, in a benevolent-sailing mood, intervened. Delivering my adorable bride."
"Your bride looked to be quite un-enchanted with you earlier."
"Merely a difference in our cultures. And my bride is fiery spirited, as you evidently witnessed. If I may speak more boldly, dear Lady." Draxen moved closer to her as if they were friendly companions. "My Sun Rocket is quite untamed in her temper, thus in her passions, and one reason I am nova-smitten with her."
"Then, you do not choose a biddable wife as many men of your heritage do."
"As I explained to my new wife, not all men of my world seek a biddable wife. " Seizing on a gamble, Draxen leaned closer to her ear. "If you wish to meet a man from my world, closely study his prowess stamina, may I introduce you now?" He offered a gentleman’s arm. "The Celestial Salon is not far away. And my presence is welcome."
"Yes, I would further investigate. For the welfare of women who may be enslaved or ‘purchased’ against their will." Stiff with her official status, she laid her arm upon his, then moved with him. "Since you are welcome, this will be an unofficial visit, Captain."
"Of course, OverSeer. Please prepare yourself for an explicit gallery display. My culture is proud of their erotic art statues."
"So, I have heard," she dry-as-afterburn spoke.
Still, Draxen allowed a tiny inward smile. The OverSeer’s cool patina flesh had warmed against his arm in anticipation.
Arriving before the entrance of the Celestial Salon, Draxen applied his right palm to the convex blue-silver disc on the side of the open arch. A minimal surge of energy moved upwards, identifying him. Rapidly, the solid ultramarine color before them phased to a twinkling deep blue, abundant with clusters of jewel-blazing stars and the majestic whirls of distant galaxies. As they strolled inward, it was as if they walked the galactic, unencumbered by a craft.
Gradually the deep blue lessened to the magnificent brilliance of a blue sky. On either side of them partial alcoves held the statues of their world’s artists, and the replica statues of men who wished their aroused attributes fully displayed.
"Oh, my..." the OverSeer whispered, her breath rushing out as successive pants. One hand captured her throat.
"Do you prefer the artist’s creative interpretation?" Draxen brought her before an elegant stylized statue shaped from a translucent cobalt substance. The long sleek phallus was aimed like an ancient missile. "Or perhaps," he deeply crooned, "you prefer more realism." Guiding her toward the other side of the long galleria, he intoned, "One of our world’s founders, Garrustus, the Brave."
"Brave is correct," the OverSeer murmured. Greedily, her gaze devoured the replica statue, finally savoring Garrustus’ mightily raised phallus. Thick and brawny with a brute head, the shaft nearly reached his navel. "One of your ancestor’s?" She pushed the words out, the sound like a sudden strong breeze.
"On my maternal side, yes." Draxen carefully urged her forward. "If you will confide your utmost favorite, then I will know which of the men here would be to your pleasurable introduction."
"Yes...of course. Let us keep looking," she muttered softly. Thoroughly, hungrily, she ran her gaze over the next ‘founder’.
Draxen escorted her from one statue to the next, a smug grin curving his lips. When OverSeer Ghiggles halted before a replica similar to his younger brother, her flesh molten, feverish with desire, Draxen fingered the side panel, slowly spinning the pedestal, so she could view every physical asset of the statue. Her hand flew to her chest, and flattened.
"To your passion?" he murmured confidentially.
"Yes," she breathlessly hissed, trembling a bit before composing herself.
"This way," he encouraged her. "The available men wait in the lounge."
They stepped through a circular arch into a midnight blue realm, illumined as if tiny moons shone from above. Thirty-four men from his world enjoyed seats at the large curved bar, or played a variety of gambling games on the three levels of the immense room. All of them paused, idly watched. Waited. Casting his gaze around for the man of the OverSeer’s lusting dreams, Draxen quickly settled on Jauxur.
Subtly, he head-signaled him, then leaned close to her ear. "Already he tightens for you," he crooned, low and bold.
"His trousers tighten for you," Draxen sensuously purred. "In my culture, a husband will say to his wife, ‘I tighten’ for you’...meaning his pants, his breeches, his trousers become tight with his engorged shaft. And his seed tightens with passion."
"Oh my heavenly gods..."

Tailspin kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

David Burton ~ The Queen & The Red Lioness

David Burton ~ The Queen & The Red Lioness, Good Kitties all, that is moi's exciting blog topic on this chill-gray spring day. Especially fond of fantasy art, Big Cats, don't hesitate, claw-click over to admire David's Queen ~ she is mesmerizing, ancient-exotic and gloriously nude.
The Kougar has always purred, meow-yes, been caught in the weaving euphoric spell of fantasy art, her gaze captured by the exquisite enchantments before her. Or enthralled by the savage rapture of raw color transmuted to OtherWorld beings and creatures.
The roaring question: How can it be that not everyone is as entranced by the phantasm-sorcery of the artist's imagination? The fantastical world of the imagination trapped for a moment, that magic-wondrous moment to live for a generation and beyond as a drawing or painting. For, the Kougaress has always imagination-drooled over her fave fantasy works of art, wishing she could enter those worlds, since earliest cubhood.
Yowling-yes, every world, from fairy-delicate ethereal to god-barbarians challenging the stark gates of hell.
Thus, the pure thrill of seeing her lioness shifter heroine come to life on the cover of her e-novel, Red Lioness Tamed (Liquid Silver Books) was a dream realized, thanks to cover artist, David Burton.
David was wonderful and exacting to work with ~ much, meow-much appreciated by the Kougar. For more of David's cover art (moi's cover included) check out his website ~ ~ and his Published Covers Page: ~

David Burton’s bio ~
For nearly 20 years, Northwood artist David Burton has been providing high quality and creative images for a wide diversity of clients. His paintings and illustrations have appeared as covers and interiors for hardcover and paperback books, magazines, comic books, character design for movies and advertising art. His work resides in collections all over the world and is highly sought after by publishers, studios, and collectors.
Burton's take on Burroughs' famous characters is unique and has been hailed by some of the top writers and artists working in the field of science fiction today for being perhaps the most realistic attempt yet to capture this alien world and its inhabitants. After seeing Burton's work on the project, Ray Bradbury (author of such SF classics as "The Martian Chronicles" and "Fahrenheit 451") immediately commissioned Burton for a painting of King Kong.
Unlike some artists who embed themselves in one area or genre, David enjoys the challenges encountered by illustrating a diversity of job types and subject matters. As such, he is just as comfortable painting a domestic scene of young adults as he is in painting a film noir detective or a fantasy scene with a dragon.
Born 1960 in Manchester, New Hampshire, his earliest artistic influences were comic books. David is a mostly self-taught artist. He also teaches a free art class for anyone willing to participate at the Chesley Memorial Library every Monday night.

What are a writer's favorite tools to create that next story? Lightly spring on over to Title Magic where Anitra blogs about her faves, and asks the question answered my moi's enthusiastic mews below.
A few of my fave things? Anything that works -- pens, hard surfaces. My IBM electric typewriter, that now does not get used -- but I adored it when I worked after graduation at Park College.
The bells and whistles are great on my computer, when they work, which is most of the time. When they don't! Flashfires of upset abound -- if only I were a fire-shooting goddess.Okay, copy, paste and cut are my fav features, and the fact that my fingies can move much quicker than on a typewriter. It means I can write and re-arrange sentences, paragraphs without having to re-type a whole page. Now, that's real progress to me.
One of my old faves, and still is -- My old poor Thesaurus is in brown-piece pages, held together by clips. And my crossword puzzle dictionary, if I could find it.
Also! Paper, I'm crazed over paper, any color practically, as long as I can write on it, and create on it.
Fantasy art kiss from the Kougar...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smooch for Debra Gaynor ~ 5-Stars

From out of the blue ~ It's Big Kitty smile-on-my-squinchy face day for the Kougar. Yep, moi is thrilled over the moon, and body-shaky...and reclining on a lovely floating cloud.
And, she does have a huge ole' paw on the ground...finish current WIP...finish...finish...
However, with further meowing-adieu:
All Shades of Blue Paradise
World of the Blue Pearl Moon
Savanna Kougar
Siren Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 1-60601-013-1
5 Stars
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 3/08
Gryphiz is a world two dimensions from Earth. The people evolved differently from those on Earth. Their stamina and sexual ability increased.

When Lady Sheridan saw her betrothed, Baron Zaggry, betray her, she ended the relationship without ever telling anyone why. Ten years later her brother, Brad, begged her help. He owed money to the Baron and needed more time. Regardless of her feelings she agreed to approach him on the subject of the loan. Zag agreed to forgive the debt if she would be his slave lover for one year. He would also help her with her project of a riding stable for children. She agreed. He needed her help to stop a corporation from possessing the Vettura lands and destroying the world as they knew it. Zag hoped to win back her love during that year.
All Shades of Blue Paradise: World of the Blue Pearl Moon is part one of this series. Savanna Kougar is a talented author. The plot is extremely steamy. I would not mind being a slave lover for a year or maybe 20. Kougar has created a completely new world and culture. The characters are well-matched. Sheridan is a strong and very sensual. Zag is incredibly sexy, dominating, and loving. Fans of erotic romance will enjoy All Shades of Blue Paradise: World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Psssst...any of your Coast Cats out was the night of Project Blue Light.
Lazy bed kitties, check out Mel's fab post on Title Magic about e-book or print book. Long purrs below:
Illuminating, even backlit post, Mel. Adobe PDF works fine for me. Although, you can't beat the feel and smell of a paper book! Especially curled up in bed, if you don't have a light sensitive spouse.
I think both 'e' and print will be around for a long, long time to come.We humans like texture, the feel and look of print. We like the design, the moods evoked.
Whereas, e-publishing is a different experience, yet wonderful in convenience and it's own digital artistic expression, IMH.
Personally, I believe there's a lot of room for both. Look at the growth of graphic novels on the side of print. At the same time it could go digital, almost a video version of the story.There's a lot of exciting possibilities, which I hope will serve the preferences of all readers and authors.
I have to say, it is exciting to see my novels go digital. I think as exciting as it would be see them in print. Who knows, though? Until I actually hold one, the paper book in my hot little ole' hand.
Smile-cat smooches from the Kougar...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two Kisses for Passionate Ink BookNotes

A few hours of sleep, Big Kitties, and the Kougar can't sleep. It's grocery hunt day, anyway. Meow-Yowl! What an exhausting hunt! The Kougaress is now worn to a fine roaring frazzle. With her eyelids wanting to close.
Yet, on her journey many winged messengers appeared, spring-flitting birdies. One shot so close to the windshield, the Kougaress was amazed the blurr-flying critter made it and wasn't smashed nastily on her windshield. A cardinal swooped and winging-dashed across the road. A hawk circled, wings steady and fully spread, searching for dinner. And, the wild turkeys, at least twenty-five turkles were gathered in one area of a flat pasture near a small creek, dark forms against the bright blue of the horizon sky. The male turkeys strutted boldly, their tails fanned splendidly. Oh, the lusty mating days of spring. Moi halted, and merely watched the display, having not see them for a long time.
On the journey home the Kougaress watched the magnificent tundra of clouds, such as she has not observed for years. The blue ray sky peeked through, Bast-indeed, the light of the Divine. Her transport was packed with drive repair materials and groceries, and as the Kougaress ambled down asphalt ribbon, she had a visit from brother Crow, who alighted on the side of the highway, stood still as a stuffed statue as moi drove by, not bothering to fly off until after he was passed...the message? Moi hopes it is continued resurrection from the ashes of life. Or, perhaps, it was just a nice 'hello' from Crow Spirit.
Oh Kitties, happy news! The cover art for When a Good Angel Falls is even more gorgeous! Moi so adores all of her covers!!!
Purr-speaking of...David Burton has Red Lioness Tamed presented on his website along with his other works of cover art...oooh, those luscious women! As soon as moi claw-can, the Kougar will put David's bio and his links up here, and on her presentation blog,
Also, purr-happy sigh...Passionate Ink BookNotes e-arrived yesterday. This is the monthly presentation of new novel releases by the members, and! Roar-voila, there are the Kougar's first two e-novels, which she wasn't quite sure were e-sent correctly. What a sizzle-delicious roll on the velvet carpet, Big Cats. If this is your genre, erotic romance, sign up. You won't be disappointed. And the eye candy of the covers is just yummy-fun.
And for a lovely respite from stress, Beautiful Big Kitties, join Helen for tea and her reading faves on Title Magic. Mews below.
Helen, I've never gotten that specific -- but a wonderful romance regardless of the genre is my first choice. That or non-fiction subjects I luv exploring.
Anitra, I can relate. Not with the tea. Usually it was juice. My dad would mix orange juice and grape juice, and I'd have my books to read. My horse books like The Black Stallion.
Two passionate kisses from the Kougar...