Why the MSM Is Quiet About the Awan Arrest

A member of Congress, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has had her #1 IT employee arrested attempting to flee the country. This is huge news in and unto itself. Adding fuel to the fire is that this employee was working on the controversial emails related to DNC voter fraud. This brings in the Seth Rich Murder. This is bigger than Watergate!
Yet, the mainstream media is strangely quiet on this issue, suspiciously quiet. Crickets chirping is the best way to describe the media’s reaction to this blockbuster news!!! Why? The following video casts light on these questions and more. Additionally, below the video, is information related to new and very concerning information on this case.
One has to remember that  federal DA was murdered in Wasserman Schultz home congressional district. Suspiciously, the death was passed off as a suicide until the coroner determined that he died as a result of blunt force trauma from behind. The prosecutor was looking into DNC voter fraud. This would have brought in the Seth Rich murder. Wasserman Schultz, fhe former DNC Chair, resigned in this time frame.
As previously revealed on The Common Sense Show, it was Wasserman Schultz brother that, a Federal DA in Washington DC, that killed the Seth Rich murder investigation!!!
Now, we have another smoking gun. Wasserman Schultz’s  brother is in charge of investigating and possibly prosecuting Awan. Talk about the fox watching the hen house!
This is on big mafia, criminal enterprise that needs full exposure for all to see. Before we have any chance of reclaiming our Republic, we need to educate the ignorant on the nature of the mafia that is running large segments of our government.
Please make this go viral!