Monday, June 30, 2008

Needed Eye Candy Break

Entirely for the Kougar's lusting entertainment, my Big Kitties, this pic of Adrian Paul. Rrroarrr, how ya doin', handsome Highlander?
Indeed, moi had to sneak out of her deep dark edit's cave...just for this eye candy break.
Meow okay, okay, you twisted the Kougar's tail. Just for you, Big Angel little tiny tasty tidbit of the Kougar's revisions for When a Good Angel Falls ~ BookStrand Publishing ~

"At least get under the covers."
He made a grand production of rising, pulling the covers back, and getting in, then waiting expectantly.
"Do I have to rest with you?" Her irritation felt like effing razor blades.
"Energy infusion. You’re going to need it," he seriously spoke, and tempted.
"Sure, I bet you offer that to all the fallen angels." Sedona flounced toward him, intuitively knowing he spoke the truth. Knowing from previous experience he could achieve it. She let the blanket fall, then lifted up the covers sliding in. "This is completely awkward. And my hair is still wet."

For Mai's fave book reviews stroll on over to Title Magic ~ ~, Lovely Big Cats. It's summer and reading is easy!

The Darkest Pleasure
By Gena Showalter

Worth Any Price
By Lisa Kleypas

The Very Thought of You

By Lynn Kurland


By Colette Gale, An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of the Opera

Tired smoochie from the Kougar...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flash of the Good Angel

Greetings, my summer-lounging Beautiful Cats! The Kougar is deep in the cave of her edits for When a Good Angel Falls ~ BookStrand Publishing ~ which are coming along swimmingly, but tortoise slowly.
The sky...oh, the sky! Today it is the most outstanding splendid shade of blue, with just a few fluffy deep white clouds. And the temps are delicious and dry. Meow for more, pretty please, Bast.
Late last night several thunderous explosions slightly shook the Kougaress's humble lair. After the initial moment of shock and wonderment, ever-curious moi remembered it was closing in on the Fourth of July. Sure holy enough, with some outdoor investigation, walking into the wilds of the lawn, there it was...a glorious orange burst in the night sky, then a white blossom burst. Yep, a fireworks display. And as if the angels whispered, here's your gift...the most gorgeous purple fiery blossom shot upwards.
Yay! and excitement sweet tingles through the Kougar! Her final edit of Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Aspen Mountain Press ~ came today, and is on it's way toward e-publication.
Sadly today, the Kougar didn't have the paw-penning time for SEx Flashing at the Liquid Silver blog ~ ~ however, it was definitely sex-hot luscious over there with Nina Pierce, author of the Healing Garden, etc., hosting. And the Kougar left her own offering, the 100 word snippet below, from the section being revised.

"Want to remember how to use one of your warrioress angel skills?" Volcano tempted, his tone also deadly serious.
"Warrioress angel skills, what the blasted heck are you talking about? Sedona straightened. "We’re in danger, aren’t we?"
"A drone has discovered us. Raise your palm, Sedona, destroy it."
Without thought Sedona scanned above them. Seeing the glint, she aimed with her hand. Her intention fired, a flash of white light.

Angel flash kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Excerpt

An excerpt from All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Savanna Kougar

~ "Lady Sheridan Kayla Woadeir," Clarence intoned in his best aristocratic voice. A broad smile broke over his face, brightening his countenance to near jolly. He widened the door, inviting her entrance.
She stepped into the cobalt and pearl foyer, smiling in return. "How are you, Clarence?"
"Sunny azure days ahead now, Lady Sheridan. He’s up in the grand office. Go on. I’ll ring up your arrival."
Her high heels clicking on the alabaster brilliant floor, Sheridan watched her image in the nouveau shimmer panels. The panels reflected the immense entry room’s light creating a crystalline ambiance.
Sheridan had resorted to dressing in the way he used to passion smolder over. She had no idea if that was still true.
Sapphire blue, gleaming sapphire. The luxury satin dress fit her curves, bared her arms, bared her legs from the knee down to her matching high heels. The pearls around her throat matched the moon’s color of last evening and provided a tiny touch of comfort.
Sliding her fingers along her pearls, Sheridan moved up the long curving sweep of stairs, low steps designed for a woman. Butterflies battled to escape her stomach once she stood at the top on the wine red carpet.
Keeping her feet moving, she glided toward the open office door, as if she moved inside a pocket of air. Reality seemed a horizon away.
He didn’t speak when she entered. He casually leaned back on his chair, one foot propped up on the dark shining wood of his enormous desk. Potent power and grace, he stood, silently moving to one side.
He motioned to a swivel cushioned chair before his desk. His presence had always made her feel sultry. Once his sultry woman. It was no different now. Her whole body was a sultry sizzle rhythm. She felt it to her core as she approached the chair and sat.
Her legs crossed, she steepled her fingers, watching him pivot. Lithe, powerful as a cougar, he returned to his chair. She’d seen the media’s view of him, unavoidable in her ‘horse show’ circle. Confronted with him, her breath demanded freedom from her body.
Like a cougar, the way he moved, his fierce intense nature, that was how she’d always seen him. Cougar in male beautiful form. Cougar spirit incarnated to man.
Goddess behold! She had loved him.
Sheridan didn’t blame the women who wanted him, not just for his status or his wealth but for the primal and the aristocratic blend he was as a man, as a lover, the way he made a woman feel.
Pure sensual desire. Pure sensual need. Pure ferocious passion for him.
She waited, knowing that was his cougar-and-prey game with her. She waited, her gaze fondling the burnished waves of his dark mahogany hair, streaked with wild sunlight.
The rough grazing purr of his voice made her shiver inside. She met his gaze boldly. Never flee before a cougar. Always stand your ground, even if faced with the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen.
Pale emerald, so ice crystalline, his eyes were always startling, always stunning.
"Baron Vettura," she returned, her tone icy cordiality. Sheridan knew her eyes glowed hot. She felt it. She shook back her hair. "It has been a while."
“Ten years, forty-three days...and ten minutes. Approximately.”
He leaned toward her slightly, cougar raw intensity. She didn’t allow his piercing gaze to pin her.
“Impressive remembrance, Baron. No woman cares to be forgotten.”
Electric as an arriving storm, the air between them. Sheridan remained ice calm. His gaze glittered storm.
“Do I kiss your mouth first, Sheridan?” His savage soft purr touched up her spine, up the back of her neck. “Or do I put my mouth on your breast first? Suck, tease your nipple, until your thighs part.”
From the corner of her eye, she watched him stand, watched him stalk her. She remained still except for her fingers stroking over her pearls.

“Or do you want to bend over, Sheridan? Lean over my desk. I’ll take you.”
He moved closer, sex stalking her.
“I’ll take you where you desire. Lift your dress, Sheridan.” He arrived behind her. Every male atom of him wanted possession of her. She felt it. Felt it swelter through her, potent, mesmerizing, paralyzing.
“I smell you, Sheridan.” He bent near her ear, ready to pounce, ready to make her carnal prey. “Bend over my desk.”
Sheridan forced calm collected breaths while her flesh boiled and rose in desire’s steam. Up to him.
“I’ll let Brad know my attempt to help him was unsuccessful. If you’ll pardon me, Baron, I do realize your time is commerce valued.”
Suddenly, he deserted her, the emptiness behind her palpable. He faced her across his desk once again, his gaze brutally enigmatic. She glimpsed the large mating strength of him. Before her he sat, cougar―lean and hard
and poised.
She quivered between her thighs, wet heat and desire and hunger. She began to rise, hoping, forcing herself to walk. To leave.
“I will forgive your brother’s entire debt to me.”
Sheridan paused before the chair, then slowly sat again and waited. Waited for the heart-deadly cougar to pounce. She watched the savage art of his features. She waited for long moments, then slowly spoke. “Not for a mere lust tryst, bent over your desk.”
“Agree to be my slave lover for a year and Brad is free.”
Sheridan couldn’t swallow. Her throat tightened ruthlessly. She could barely breathe.
“By ancient rite as the tradition exists now. I own you as my slave lover for a year.” ~

Blue sizzle kisses from Savanna Kougar...

5-Star review from Review Your Book ~

Friday, June 27, 2008

Siren-BookStrand Membership Drive

Be there! Or be square, my kool Big Cats. Yours truly will be the purring hostess with the un-mostess between 7:30 to 9:30 EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Here's the link ~ ~
A tiny snippet from When a Good Angel Falls (BookStrand Publishing), Big Kitties ~ the paragraph the Kougar just revised ~

"Oh no." Despair settled in her stomach like a rock. Her van slowed, clunking offensive loud noises. "It’s a good day to die. Good night to die." Her own whisper knifed her insides, as she guided the rolling van toward the crumbling edge of the neglected highway. "Maybe the coyotes will get me first. Rather feed the wildlife," she muttered.

Lovely Big Cats, for an informative and fascinating interview with a new Kensington author, and a winner of two Golden Hearts, take an easy lope over to Title Magic ~ ~ Moi's mew-sings below.
Hi Kris, so glad you're here today!
Mai, another terrific interview. You have the talent, girl!
Kris, I'd love for you to share your author journey with us at Title Magic. I know your time will be eaten up with everything that goes with being an author -- but still, I want to know!
I think Kensington chose the perfect title, The Conqueror, for your novel, given how you described it.
I used to read everything romance historical for the reasons you said, being transported, to live the adventure and sigh -- and I've always adored history.
But then, I think, the genre hit a snag for awhile...and since paranormal and fantasy resonate with me so strongly, that's what I chose to write, although, often with historical elements.
Congratulations on all your success. And much, much more! I can feel it coming your way.

Fantasy excited kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tangerine Celebration & Another Toadie

Tangerine celebration, Big Beautiful Cats...sort of...meow-wow, the final edits have been turned in for Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Aspen Mountain Press...and it was long, long night of reading through the mss and fine-tuning...however, a glitch in sending back the file being useful and enslaving at the same believes by diabolical design more that sheer incompetence and yowling-there ya go...
That being meowed, it was fiercely lovely and relieving to see moi's story on its way to cyber publishing land...hopefully, unless further glitches, moi pauses to beg the aid of the angel cats for their much-needed and much-appreciated assistance...pleassssee...
Another toadie hopped into dog-landia and the Kougar had a much more difficult time rescuing this biggie toadie, who found hiding spots and was not cooperative and definitely in panic mode. Not that moi could blame the huge cutie...but after numerous skin-of-your-teeth escape attempts, fat, fat toadie was released into a much safer area...the lesson being, moi is supremely happy there are toadies since their numbers have decreased significantly...

Kougar kisses from toad-landia...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Title Magic Welcomes Chris Winters ~ Mr. Romance, 2008

Hi! Beautiful Big Cats, if you would like MORE than just to gaze longingly at Chris Winters, come on over to Title Magic ~ ~

Not only does Chris speak about how he loves to ‘touch’ his woman, but his current writing project is utterly fascinating.

Here is a snippet of Helen’s interview with Chris:
When we were in Pittsburgh in April for the Romantic Times Convention, some of us had the pleasure of meeting Chris Winters, Mr. Romance 2008. Chris is more than a handsome face and yummy body, he’s a lovely guy with a great sense of humor. Today we’re delighted to have Chris visiting us on Title Magic to answer our questions to give us a little insight into what makes him tick!
Moi's mew-sings below.
Helen, thanks for asking that last question!
Chris, there is so much in your blog that is thought-provoking. And since Wonder Woman is your fantasy, I'll forget my Redhead question. However, as a woman I luv your answer.
Regarding your current WIP, are you coming from what some would call the Anti-Christ?One reason I ask, is pure curiosity. The other reason I ask is because my 2012 futuristic, When a Good Angel Falls, coming out from BookStrand (when I can get to the edits) -- deals with similar themes, only the romance is front and center, of course.
You are such a fascinating person, it would be just lovely to talk with you.
Kisses to Chris Winters from the Kougar...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cloud of the Tiny Lavender Butterflies

One of the sweetest joys, my Big Kitties, of living on the tame prairie is the bounty of wildflower blooms and butterflies. When the Kougar ventured outside to check her mailbox, she was greeted by a cloud of tiny lavender butterflies. Literally, they swarmed in an ethereal dance and looked like little lavender blossoms flitting about. A most lovely stunning sight. Since they were fluttering behind the back tire of the van, the Kougaress was concerned for their safety, and gently suggested they leave. Before that, however, moi wished to see one up close and personal, so she asked. Moments later one of the ultra fragile critters landed right before her eye with it's wings folded up. Praising it, the Kougaress then asked for a close look at their wings. One of the darlings slowly flitted by, providing an excellent view of the ephemeral shade of lavender.
Okay, think what you will. The Kougar's brain bolts have busted loose. Yet, this is truly what transpired. And there are lots of animal communicators out there, who will tell you their similar experiences.

Beloved Big Cats, yes, the POV change edits for Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Aspen Mountain Press ~ have been completed and sent for perusal. Moi so loves this story! What's not to love about a tangerine fantasy carnal playground and a stallion shifter hero...oh, and a heroine who is not only kick-ass fiery, but can shoot fire from her palm.

And! meow-throaty speaking of fantasy. Da plane...da are arriving on Fantasy Island. What is your most desired fantasy? That's question theme for moi's hostess time at the Siren-BookStrand membership drive on June 28. Live your fantasy, if only in words, and join us. You could win big, or just the book of your dreams.

Just for paranormal fun and promo! A new blogspot has been created for members of Destiny Blaine's and Ann Cory's Just Another Paranormal Monday Yahoo chat. It's a beauty! Take swift stroll over, Big Cats. And yowling-yep, the Kougar posted Red Lioness Tamed ~ Joyfully Reviewed. Tomorrow moi will provide the web addy which has slipped her over-taxed brain.

Today on Title Magic ~ ~ Evonne takes us on another fascinating atmospheric tour of her writerly world. Moi's mew-sings below.
Evonne, absolutely excellent blog. Like Anitra says, I would love to have attended, just for the location itself. As well as all the attendees!
I think there is a balance point. And research can become too seductive in a way that actually defeats your story, just in how much time you're spending on it.
There's that moment when pen must meet paper, or fingers must meet the keyboard.
All the research -- and I love research, which is one reason I totally loved college -- won't actually get the story written.
BTW, I have a request. If you're ever up for it, a blog on animals as characters, a report on that session would be so cool.
I am having a guest blogger on, who is going to write on that topic, Jami Davenport. She rides in Dressage, and is quite accomplished at the equine sport.

Tail-slashing widely, it's back to the writing cave for moi...and other writerly business pursuits.

Lavender butterfly kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Fat Toadie of Summer

Beautiful Big Cats, meow-hopefully a quickie blog today. Since it looks like Blogger is about to pull the proverbial cyber plug.
A couple of days ago the Kougar had a lovely short visit with an adorable big fat toadie. Toadie made her way into moi's lair causing quite a frantic ruckus with the Kougaress's beloved doggies. Imagine if you will....huge yipping crazy carrying ons...the Kougar flips on the light. And sitting there is a toad. A large plump toad. Moi springs into action attempting to rescue toadie before she's harmed. Picture the Kougar in a long t-shirt grabbing up a large tuna tin can and following the now hopping toadie. While praying she could catch the plump wartie cutie. Success, adorable toadie allowed moi to coax it inside the tin, which was barely large enough for brave toadie. After cooing and gazing into the sweet dark eyes of Ms. Toadie, it was time for release. It took a bit of convincing but toadie finally sprang away, out the back door...hopefully to enjoy a happy toad life.
Okay, the Kougar has always thought toads were adorable, ever since seeing the babies and the biggies in her basement well window as she was growing up.
Today on Title Magic Lexie discussed editing and the writing process. Summer slink on over, Big Kitties. Moi's mew-sings.
Hi Lexie, I'm envious of your page count too! Glad you're getting time to write.
That is so cute about your daughter. And, truth to tell, that's been my experience on the road less travelled. All the beasties and meanies are lurking to take their turn at devouring me. And, oh! do they! sometimes.
Omygosh, if I went through your editing process, my eyes would be spinning back into my head.
Not that I don't edit. I'm darn ruthless with certain elements of a story and how it's put together. I want it to sing and live for me. To be intense with color and passion, the passion of life, not just romantic passion -- but, that too.
Lexie, you made a good point about sometimes there is too much 'showing'. That can take away from the story for sure.
Your blog is very timely for me. I just spent last night on the second edits for Tangerine Carnal Dreams. The most intense editing process so far, because I ventured out on the road less traveled with my intentional POV shifts.
Oh well...but I am thankful the book is coming together and is definitely a much better story. Thank you, to my editor. Hopefully, I'll get the last chapter done today, and get it sent back.

Air kisses for Toadie and from the Kougar...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Flash & Fantasy

Summer Kittens, come and enjoy the Kougar's trip into vacation fantasy land. And for more Summer Flashin' join Roscoe James today at Liquid Silver's SEx blog ~ ~

Eternal Life and Beauty ~ Click Here ~

"Once in a blue moon," she whispered.
Stacy blinked and stared at the words – at the invitation on her computer screen.
Want eternal life and beauty? Click here.
Surrounding the words was a Jamaican paradise resort, the gently waving stretch of sand, the spectacular turquoise sea, the azure bright sky – the few distant palm trees – the dreamy hope of a new life, romantic and beautiful.
She sighed, resignation, despair. A tiny part of her still wished – a longing that felt like knives inside – a thousand excruciating cuts – a longing for what she could never have.
Curiosity compelled her. She clicked...

She scolded herself for clicking on something which could disastrously harm her computer. Or be some stupid pop-up annoyance. Goddess only knew. A wing and a prayer, that was how she used the internet.
"Over fifty. That certainly applies to me," she derisively whispered.
Are you a woman over fifty?
Here at Nirvana Shores we offer the latest and the best in natural and organic rejuvenation therapies – including a fountain of youth.
Believe it! You will once you try it.
Are you over fifty and single?
Do you desire a romantic adventure?
We present an exclusive offer just for you.

Here at Nirvana Shores twelve young men are searching for that ultra special older woman.
Sexy fun and passionate games await you.
Ten days and ten nights with the younger man of your dreams.
Women over fifty, all free if you’re chosen.
Completely free. Believe it!
Airfare and travel expenses will also be paid.
Simply check the younger man who excites your wildest passions or revs up your naughtiest juices.
Click here.
Her curiosity on the rampage, and her naughty juices, she clicked – half-expecting porno flesh to hump and bump in a nightmarish display she’d never be able to exorcize.

Instead she drew in a swift stunned breath of pure female appreciation.The twelve featured men were hunk mostly-naked gorgeous, wearing only brief brightly colored speedos. Each one was truly handsome, sexually appealing in a different way. Their skin tones varied from cocoa to light caramel. Their hair coloring, manes actually, were from deepest raven black to platinum blonde. Their eyes ranged from ice blue to almost midnight.
What intrigued her most, beyond their spectacular looks, were their features – manly, and what she would describe as warrior intense.
Why would men like this want women over fifty?
SCAM! Screamed at her.

TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW AT ~ ~ because it's the Kougar's day to blog...

Summer flashing kiss from the Kougar...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joyfully Reviewed by Lisa ~ Red Lioness Tamed

A most giddy surprise, Lovely Big Cats! And an offering up for a Saturday where the Kougar really needs to keep her claws on the keyboard writing. Later moi will offer up proper thanks for the Finder of this review, which was not found by the Kougaress despite her due paw dilegence on Google.
Also, moi participated in a most mentally and carnally invigorating chat on Fallen Angel Reviews Yahoo loop with her Siren and BookStrand sisters. Take a long peek if you want the steamiest and most imaginative of blurbs and excerpts.

Joyfully Reviewed by Lisa
Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar
Adventures of the Red Lioness, Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59578-424-7
Red Lioness Tamed sizzles with sexual chemistry between this very hot alpha couple, Sun Rocket and Draxen. An imaginative plot and some light bondage give readers an exciting story.
Hot physical attraction, space pirates, old enemies and a hidden identity make for one wild trip through the stars.

Thank you, Lisa!

Joyful smooches from the Kougar...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Meow-Happy First Day of Summer

A perfect deep blue sky, my Beautiful Big Cats, with a scattering of perfect puffy clouds. No humidity and oh-so perfectly on the cool side. A small ocean of out-of-control prairie grass with native flower blooms. Butterflies flitting hither and thither on the first black-eyed susans. Gloriously red cardinals on the branch outside the kitchen window. Early season crickets as evening arrives...
Happy First Day of Summer from the middle of tame cattle-landia...
Before the blistering heat of summer, before the tensions of our time builds up to non-stop, remember Big Kitties all, the Kougar loves you...
Moi has two happy little surprises to share. First, her author's page at Siren Publishing tickles her tummy delightfully. Thank you so much, Diana and Stella. Take a stroll on over to ~ ~
And two! the Kougaress, while stalking the wildlands of the cyber world with Google, found an absolutely lovely page devoted to her aristocratic fantasy, All Shades of Blue Paradise, at ParaNormal Romance ~ ~ glimpse the titles under 'A'.
Last Wednesday Lunabelle was full and in her apricot golden splendor near the horizon. What would we do without her, my Kitties all? For she helps to keep our beloved Earth on a more even keel while we whirl around Sol, Father Sun.
Ah...and the world of the romance author does spin with trends and twists, with women's fantasies new and old. Xandra Gregory at Star-crossed Romance ~ star-crossedromance.blogspot. com ~ has done an exceptional blog and furthered the terrific discussion begun at Title Magic with Monica Burn's blog ~ Sex, Language and Readers. The title of Xandra's blog, Erotic Romance's Slutty Reputation (moi quirky and kinky luvs this title) should be enough to get your paws fast-loping in that direction.
Today. ah today and through the weekend, Fantabulous Cats all, romance author, Diane Whiteside ~ with all those delicious cowboy stories and the cover art to match ~ is with us at Title Magic ~ ~. Her subject is the Sure-Fire Six Point Pitch, wonderful info for authors and aspiring authors. Think six gun held at the ready as an attention getter, but then, it's your story that peacefully sells to the right publisher. Moi's mew-sings below.
Diane, thank you so much for being with us today. That's an excellent approach for pitching, as I understand it so far. Also, it looks like a good way to organize your own thoughts around your novel.And out of that the 'sucky' middle gets going under its own steam.
Actually, I just hit that middle in my current WIP.
Powerful cover art. 'Course I always have a soft spot for cowboys. Who is your cover artist?
And, silver bullets for vampires ~ or the Lone Ranger's silver bullets ~ on the Liquid Silver Sexpressions blog ~ ~ romance author, Jeanne Barrack, is talking food and hot food romance. Just for a purr-tease, moi's comment below.
Well, cucumbers are always good for a laugh or a salad. But, the hero was more into plucking her berries than having his banana peeled.
If ya know what I mean...

First day of Summer smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's Worse than a RITA Cat Fight?

Meeeowww-phssst! Big Cats! What's worse than a RITA finalists cat fight? It's here. On Youtube ~ Trash Talking Romance Novelists: Bring on the RITAs, baby! ~ ~
Okay, the Kougar had a yowl-huge laugh fest over this one. And did moi ever need it after compiling her six scavenger hunt questions for the BIG DAY! When? About what? you politely mewing-ask? Why roar and prepare to fun-soar, it's the Siren-BookStrand membership drive on June 28. And yours truly Kougar Kat will being playing hostess with the least mostest on the chat loop for a few hours, which is accessible by claw-clicking on the Siren-BookStrand banner, located on the left.

Big Cat Congrats to Valerie T, who won a PDF copy of Red Lioness Tamed, because she successfully answered moi's trivia question about the animated version of Catwoman.

Just for your entertainment, my exceptional enchanting kitties, the beginning and only the first draft of moi's WIP ~ Absolute Sacrifice
Heroine: Karlisamio of the Sujyon World ~ Kar ~ Karlisa
Hero: Prince Commander Dronth Zexxer of the Vault-Realm
May 2, 2008
Kar bit the inner flesh below her lip drawing blood as she regally strode through the generous corridors of the Vault-Realm’s flagship. She was about to lose a piece of her soul. She was about to do what she never believed in a million yerrns she would ever do. Not in her worst scenario thoughts. Her outward appearance was one of utter calm and utter resolve, even as she continued biting her sore bloodied flesh. Even as her heart pounded too loudly, too rapidly. And all she wanted to do was close her eyes and collapse. Be dragged somewhere. Anywhere.
Still, her feet moved with flowing precision. Her shoulders were back, and her body moved proudly, a natural showing of her heritage and her nature. Her long stately gown, of the purest platinum thread, gracefully swept the floor behind her. Her blood thrummed through her, yet it felt as though ice particles owned her flesh.
Behind her, three of the flagship officers followed in attendance, a custom she didn’t understand, but seemed of utmost importance to the Yuilgurri, an ancient celestial peoples with god-like abilities and advanced technologies far beyond the comprehension of her world’s scientists and engineers, even the Union’s hidden technologies.
With icicles stabbing her drumming heart, Kar entered the formal chamber. Since the Yuilgurri were all so similar to her eye, her gaze flicked to the badge rank of the One hearing her beseechment, the One standing with serene power on the plain half-circle dais, a pale luminous gray. Taller, slimmer than her race, they were radiant silvered-flesh beings without one hair on their physiques. Their heads were perfect elongated ovals and their eyes, as she had witnessed, were minimally varying shades of deepest midnight purple.
Because of the emerald tint of his platinum hide, The One Who Decides, as the badge revealed, was of a male gender. Her heart leapt into her throat, hope and a severe anxiety, given he was of highest rank, and could offer an immediate decision or pronouncement. The Yuilgurri were strict in enforcing merit advancements as opposed to political or popular appointments. And while on duty wore the same body skimming uniforms, pearled white with a sheen of stardust. Off duty, they often indulged in the most outrageous colors and color combinations, with fashion designs that could have rivaled the galactic gypsy outpost parties.
Refusing to shut her eyes briefly as she approached, Kar attempted to swallow down the thump thump of her heart in of her throat. She squared her her shoulders, lifted her chin a fraction higher, and stiffened her resolve. Her life was no doubt over. At least, as it had been. Most of her own people would turn against her, once they learned...whatever the outcome of her fiercely desperate plea. It was for this reason, she had donated most of her possessions and not renewed the life spans of her beloved pets.
Halting upon the small lit circle before the One Who Decides, she waited, not meeting his gaze. Yet, she felt the energy flow of his perusal, deliberative, assessing. Patient. Annoyingly, her heart still hammered, and she noticed in the corner of her eye a humanoid male. He was of impressive bulk, his natural carriage one of command.
A race unknown to her, his physique was similar to the men of her race, as she could observe. The difference, he was larger in build, his height taller. The breadth of his bull-muscled chest would have been the envy of many men in her world. And the coloring of his skin reminded her of deeply tanned rawhide. Whereas her own skin coloring was nearly as the pale as the white pearl uniforms of the Yuilgurri.
Why he was allowed this attendance she could not own one guess. At least, he was a focal point, a distraction from her wildly thrumming nerves. His hair was thick, springing boldly up from the crown of his head. Cropped neatly below his ears, it was a dark deep shade of copper. The carved prominence of his jaw caught her eye next, and she wondered about the color of his eyes.
"Karlisamio of the Sujyon World, why have you come to us?" the One addressed her, speaking her language flawlessly.
"I would beg your assistance in aiding the innocent and good people of my world against those of blackest heart and soul. The current ruling darkness, the evil that has swept across every continent of my planet-world, has become an infestation in every individual state. And so oppressive, it becomes impossible to effect change without taking up gun and sword, or any available defense and weaponry. Even if the evil is eradicated, and justice restored. The horrors brought to bear against them, the innocent, would be a massive slaughter. In truth, I cannot bear the thought. And in further truth, my anger could rival any volcano. I grow weary of the innocent suffering at the hands of those who should know the suffering of a justice claimed against them, instead. Therefore, I come before you. I bow before your wisdom." Kar bowed at the waist, waved her hand in a gesture of ultimate respect, as was the custom of the Yuilgurri.
Long moments passed as Kar waited. She knew her breaths arrived and departed, yet she could not feel her body, nor the satin formal stiffness of her gown against her skin. What she could hear was the breathing of those around her, the three attendants, two other Yuilgurri officials standing on either side of the dais, and him, the man. Their breathing seemed to roar in her ears, or perhaps, it was the sound energy of their telepathic conference.
"Karlisamio of the Sujyon World, indeed, it is never our way to interfere with the growth lessons of any sacred-conceived world. True, at the invitation of a world’s citizens and the divine counsel of our own High Mind, we have taken certain actions deigned to restore a more spiritual balance. However, such an action is decidedly rare. I will tell you, daughter of the Interplanetary Ambassador Grevorz, we, and several other of the Confederate Worlds, are exceptionally concerned with the unbalance of your world. Not only for the welfare of your innocent citizens, but how the ‘unbalance’ now takes it toll on our Galaxy Whole. That being spoken, how would you have us proceed?"

Launch on over to Title Magic ~ ~ , Big Kitties. Anitra is talking about an astoundingly prolific reviewer residing at Amazon Books. Yeah, and check out the puking pumpkin. Moi's mew-sings:
Shows you where my head is -- I didn't even a 'Harriet Klausner' existed.
Gee, if she ever reviews one of my books, I'll know to hit the ignore or giggle button.
I did do a Google search last night because Rachel at Liquid Silver recommended to do a check every month, to see if your books are reviewed. I didn't find any reviews, but I did find All Shades of Blue Paradise listed beautifully and with it's own page on ParaNormal Romance ~ ~ with an Amazon link. My book was awaiting it's review, a possibility which may never occur. But it looked darn cool there.
It seems to me Harriet Klausner is a perfect name for a reviewer, designed to stick in your memory banks. So, gosh only knows what's really going on -- one mad hair-frazzled librarian who is going for infamous status -- or just a fluff promo designed to sell books???
Neat blog, Anitra

Siren smooch from the Kougar...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monica Burns ~ Sex, Language and Readers

Frazzled and frizzled, that's the Kougar today! Meow and hello, Big Cats, an author's work is never done! needs a lazy daydreaming sun bath. Roar and can't snore, that won't happen unless she happens to stumble out to her eccentrically uncared for lawn, and can't get up because of sheer fatigue.

So, it's purring-helpful moi has a guest blogger on Title Magic ~ ~ today.

Guest Blogger ~ Monica Burns ~ Sex, Language and Readers
Hi all, Monica, author of Dangerous and Mirage, had an opportunity to sit down with readers and discuss what they wanted in their romance novels. So, I consider what she learned about sex and language, to be of the utmost value and importance to us all as authors and aspiring authors.
Once you’ve read about Monica’s experience and her conclusions, please weigh in with your own knowledge and insights. As a reader, what do you want? We authors and aspiring authors truly want to know.
Monica Burns -
Dangerous -- 4.5 Stars, RT BOOKreviews "A pretty good read" -- Mrs. Giggles
Mirage -- Top Pick, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

The comment section is filled with writerly wisdom...trot on over, Big Lovely Kitties...

Frizzled frazzled smooch from the Kougar...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Are All These CatWomen?

Sweet and Lovely Kittens, the Kougar provides her Title Magic blog for your luminous all-knowing eyes.
Shayla Kersten, erotic romance author, has won a copy of moi's e-book, Red Lioness Tamed (Liquid Silver Books) ~ because meow-amazing, she is so trivia savvy!
Shayla Kersten (
Past Lies, Ellora's Cave, Available now!
Forever, Liquid Silver Books, Available now!
Longing for Eternity, Ellora's Cave, Available July 2nd!

Only for you, my Beautiful Big Cats ~ if any of you know the buxom actress who is the voice for one of the animated versions of CatWoman ~ yowl and comment, and you'll own your own PDF copy of Red Lioness Tamed.

The Magic of CatWoman

Okay! After a day that should have been Friday the 13th with black cats crossing my path at every turn *I won't go into the gory details* I have totally forgotten my blog for today. Truthfully, I was utterly exhausted and just fell into my bed without a clue I should be writing my blog.
So, I have been working on a novella for Halloween titled Black Cat Beauty. Duly note the synchronicity, Title Magicians and dear readers.
Here is the first draft of the blurb:
A private Halloween party in a gothic mansion hidden in the Hollywood Hills. Add one party crasher, Sable Kiki, a naughty black cat with a sexy wild human side. Her assignment: find out the truth from Devon Zant, a movie star on the rise to super stardom.
For me all the various incarnations of Catwoman hold a feline mystique, a feminine power I am irresistibly drawn too, that I envy, and wish I could release in myself more.
So, for your enjoyment, here are some pics of CatWoman in all her tv and movie incarnations.
For the first person who can tell me all the names of the actresses, you will win a free PDF copy of my e-book from Liquid Silver Books, Red Lioness Tamed.

Raowrrrrr kiss from the Kougar...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Authors and Books ~ Questions for Savanna Kougar

Great Kitties, one and all, this has been a Friday the 13th day for the Kougar. A flat tire, not just flat, but off the rim with the stem broken...don't meow ask...
And after a huge and terrible tussel with the new washing machine, it is finally hooked up and actually performing it's cleansing duties...yowl, miracles do occur.

Today, the Kougar is featured on Authors and Books ~
Thank you, Renee Knowles ~
Sensual, Sassy and Slightly Sinful
Going Topless--"A must read."--Euro-Reviews Out Now! Siren
Guilty Pleasures--Summer 08 Siren
Courting Trouble--Regency Historical--July 23rd! Wild Rose Press

Below are the questions moi answered to the best of her kitty kat ability:

1. Tell us a little about your road to publication.
2. Your series, World of the Blue Pearl Moon, (cool name, btw!) is a fantasy series. How did you pull your readers into your world and what attracted you to this hero and heroine?
3. What do you love about writing fantasy?
4. You were an American Title IV finalist. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! What do you think the whole process taught you?
5. Who are some of your favorite authors?
6. What are you working on now?
7. What new releases do you have coming up?
8. Where can readers find you on the web?
9. And the final question is: what can you tell readers about yourself that makes you different or unique?

A flat tire smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blessed are the Fathers ~ Flash and Fins

Blessed are the Fathers! For it is they who love and guide their children in the ways of life. Thanks to every good and caring father, the Kougar honors you. May the Divine always protect those you love and all those who love you.
A storm today, my Big Beautiful Cats, mostly wind and rain, with another one possibly moving in...the rumbles of thunder are overhead. So, the Kougar has been deep in her writing cave, with good story results, and the computer disconnected from the webbie for most of the afternoon.

However, the Kougar did manage one fuzzy-brain flash on Fin Shifter day with Celia Kyle at Liquid Silver Sexpressions blog ~ ~

How often had she wished she could swim beneath the sea, breathing as naturally as she did now? Kyrrien shielded her eyes against the diamond-intense flashes of sunlight as she gazed over the rolling dark turquoise ocean, and wished again. Why couldn’t she simply turn into the Woman from Atlantis like the old TV show the Man from Atlantis? It clawed at her gut, more strongly than ever, this ripping need. Just to walk toward the beckoning shine of water, dive in. And swim.
She sensed, more than heard the steps in the sand behind her.
"Wishes do come true."

On Title Magic, Anitra time-traveled, posting a blog on Friday the 13th. Moi's mew-sings below.
Cute doggie! Yep, I bet she does get lots of attention and treats.
Friday, the 13th has traditionally been one of my better days. Have no clue why, although I was raised not to be superstitious.
Black Friday, when the all the Knights Templars were murdered, is thought to be one origin of Friday, the 13th, also.
That sweatshirt is pretty darn cool!
Time travel ~ the wave of the future.

Beneath the sea kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Storms, Digging Trenches & Werewolfen Mystery

Evening-meow, Big Beautiful Cats. With the ferocious storms rolling across the tame cattle prairie, the Kougar has resorted to digging trenches, just so her precious canines will remain high and dry in their yard. What moi wouldn't give, except for the lack of actual cash, for one of those little cute cat digger-scooper machines, so she could add a decorative stream and refill a small pond area ~ and, thus, solving two problems at once. Or catching two birds with one stone. Indeed, one of the Kougaress's most fave things to do in life.
On Monday, June 16, moi's author interview for Authors and Books will be posted, courtesy of Renee Knowles, Siren author of the new series, Pleasure, Inc. Thank you, Renee!
Renee Knowles
Sensual, Sassy and Slightly Sinful
Going Topless--"A must read."--Euro-Reviews Out Now! Siren
Guilty Pleasures--Summer 08 Siren
Courting Trouble--Regency Historical--July 23rd! Wild Rose Press

And now, for your continued reading enjoyment ~ Part IV of Chapter One ~ Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves

In no time , they stood within, dripping. He flipped on the lights, carefully scanning the room before he moved within.
"Two people," he spoke. "Man and woman. The woman is not Trista."
"The man is human I take it – your sense of smell," she answered, when he glanced down at her. So briefly, she thought she imagined the wolfen gleam in his eyes.
"Yes, Keira. And those blonde hairs static-clinging to the drape. Trista is a medium brunette."
"Could have been a previous guest." Keira slightly shrugged. "Don’t watch those crime shows for nothing."
"Yes." Laughter edged his voice. "But we don’t get that many guests. The hairs are too recent – my keen sense of smell," he teased over her, the pleasure of velvet on her senses.Then he was slowly moving, inspecting every nook and cranny of the typical room, too typical room. Finally, he inspected the tiny bathroom area, Keira on his heels.
"What do you feel, Keira?" he asked, carefully opening drawers.
"I feel..." She closed her eyes, allowing her intuitive sense to flow, to communicate. "I feel romance – new, light-hearted, fun – then anxiousness, extreme anxiousness. Rob pacing – not knowing what to do – then receiving a call on his cell. I feel confusion. – He’s in danger, isn’t he?"
"I believe so. This is partially addressed to you – is it not?"
Keira snapped her eyes open, stared at the envelope he held out to her. Grabbing it, she looked at the front. It was her partial address – but there was nothing inside. Her frightened eyes flew back up to the Werewolf Marshall.

"Dinner," he softly spoke. "No, Keira – don’t think I betray you."
"What then, Marshall?"
"Dinner because it’s a practical matter. Dinner because there are those I can talk to – find out more information. Dinner because it makes you accepted. By my world."
She shivered. Slightly on the outside. Violently on the inside.
"Your world," she murmured. "Dinner with you – that’s what makes me ‘accepted’. Isn’t it? – No, I won’t ask more questions. Although I know there are tons more. Only! because I want to find Robert."
She whirled. Tucking the envelope inside her half-soaked blouse, she marched outside to his car. Avoiding the largest puddle, she jerked open the door. But he was inside the car before she – it spooked her. Spooked her to greater high strangeness.

Crossing her arms, she ignored him. As much as you could ignore a werewolf, one that was devilishly incredibly handsome.
"We’ll change into dry clothes at my place. I have clothes that will fit you."
"Previous women guests, I may assume."
"Keira, darling," he magically male-flowed over her. "I won’t inquire about your past affairs, if you won’t inquire about mine." His voice had turned arrogantly amused. "However, the clothes belong to my sister. She stays at my place when she’s here."
"And when she’s not here?" Keira did not unfold her arms, yet felt easier – she scowled at herself.
"College. Back east. Not ivy league."
"Darling?" she dared, her chin jutting out.
"Know much about wolves?" he inquired, his tone natural velvet.
"Probably not much. Certainly nothing about werewolves."
"Wolves mate, Keira."

Wilding tingles erupted all over her, dimpled her flesh. Her breaths could have run a race.
"Baby wolfs – cubs," she let her tongue go to it’s sarcastic nature, a little.
"Yes, baby wolfs." She felt his grin. "Baby wolfs," he repeated more softly.
Keira didn’t speak what was on the tip of her tongue. Baby werewolves – were there baby werewolves? And beyond that – werewolf mating. She slammed the door on her mind shut. Hard shut.
Yet, he spoke it. "Werewolves mate."
"With other werewolves," she attempted, squeezing her eyes closed. And squeezing herself with her folded arms.
"The werewolfen men of my clan always know their mates."
Silence sang eerily around her. Keira finally opened her eyes, when she felt them make a turn. Before her stood a turn-of-the-century mansion – carved ivory in the gray rain gloom, in the fall of dusk. "Yours?" she inquired, knowing it was before he spoke.
"Yes, Keira."
"I forgot to call Diane," she suddenly remembered. "It’s absolutely lovely. Amazing – almost like a fantasy house." Keira focused her eyes, soaking in the mansion’s regal romantic structure and features. Until they drove the u-shaped driveway toward the back.
"My sister’s entrance is in the back. Wear what pleases you. There’s a phone, I believe, on her nightstand."
Halting beneath a large canopy, he came around, gentleman-opening her door. Once again, he presented his hand.

Late evening smooch from the Kougar...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Reviews by Cindy & Werewolfen Secrets

Big Adorable Kittens all, today the Kougar will post Cindy's reviews of moi's two e-novels. Cindy is a reader who participates on the Siren-BookStrand Yahoo loop, and loves reading erotic romances. She also likes writing reviews. So the Kougar is purring-glad to present ~

Reviews by Cindy ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise by Savanna Kougar is a great story. I especially liked that the hero was aggressive and the heroine was a very strong woman. The out of control passion they felt for each other was sizzling .The clash between the aggressive hero and the equally strong heroine creates a tension that keeps the reader wondering how they'll reconcile their past mistakes.
Even though I enjoyed this book, the writing style is unique and it makes it somewhat challenging book to read.

All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Siren Publishing ~

Author's note: Like a historical romance this novel is written in the culture of the World of the Blue Pearl Moon, and thus, all good and dear readers are advised the writing style is unique.

Red Lioness Tamed
By: Savanna Kougar

This is an awesome story, it caught me from page one. I loved the way the hero wasted no time in telling the heroine exactly what he wanted from her. Their interaction and the fact that he found her beautiful, regardless of what form she was in, kept me involved to the last page. This is a fast paced story , that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to read more of this series in the future.


Red Lioness Tamed ~ Liquid Silver Books ~

Now, just because the Kougaress loves you, here is Part Trois of Chapter One ~ Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves ~

"Human is not a real good thing to be right now, is it?" she asked, unfreezing enough to sink down in the seat. "Planning on a meal?"
"Only if you join me. – And not as dinner, Keira." He paused, the wolfen magic continued. "My beautiful, fairy-delicate, Venus-lush Keira."
"My Goddess," she murmured, sinking lower – and noticing, through the lessening rain, they approached a quaint town of lovely old architecture.
"Dinner, Keira?" he asked, as if the balance of the world depended on her answer – yet also, as if the balance already belonged to him. The arrogant all-knowing male. Male wolf.
"Why not?" She tried to breathe more normally. Tried to unclutch her bag. Even though she realized she didn’t have any silver bullets – or a gun – or a silver-tipped anything. And maybe none of that would protect her. Anyway.
Silver forks at dinner?"

The Half Moon is on the outskirts, the other side of town," he spoke as if all was completely normal. The world hadn’t just switched to ferociously bizarre.
"Would Rob have been anyone’s dinner?" she tentatively inquired, sneaking a peek at him.
"A bear maybe. Spotted a few new ones lately."
"Running as a wolf?" she asked, figuring she might as well take the wolf by the furry dangerous – if gorgeous tail.
"Yes. – And on night rounds. Had some reports. Wanted to check it out. – Silver bullets won’t kill me, Keira. Or a silver fork," he amused offered, then waited – enjoying, enjoying tremendously.
"Oh, this just gets better and better. Werewolf and mind reader. Do you ‘mind’ letting me know what does work?"
"There’s only one way to kill me, Keira."
Sadness filled her like an empty well. She saw him wolf howl mournfully – the full mammoth moon, radiant behind him – but that was all.
"Half Moon is just up ahead. Stay close, Keira. Let me do the asking."
"Part of the wolf brethren?" she inquired, curious and thinking escape.
"Escape, Keira?" he teased. He pulled in, stopped.
Before she knew it, he captured her hand. His lips grazed just above her thumb, so sensuously she nearly swooned. And felt entirely shocked. Nothing like that had ever happened to her. She didn’t even own the willpower to reclaim her hand.
"Battle me later, my beautiful Keira. Stay. I will open your door."
Werewolf! It bounced through her, pinballs ringing, zigzagging. Beating against her insides.
He opened her door, presented his hand – reminding her of the regency movies she had seen. She gazed up at him, then placed her hand in his. A strange sense of belonging whispered through her – vanished, as they moved through the steady rain, side-by-side, to the Half Moon’s office.
"Marshall Vhulfe," the twenties-something woman greeted, her eyes flashing flirtation.
"Mara, we’re looking for a guest. Mr. Robert Bateman."
"He was here, Marshall. Checked out yesterday about 2:00 in the afternoon. Seemed real enthusiastic about something. Paid his bill. – Everything seemed okay."
"See anybody with him, Mara?"
"I know he’s been talking with Trista. Seen them together. When I went to lunch. At Bev’s place. – But I didn’t see Trista with him when he left – or anyone else."
"Make any calls?"
"One to Trista that I know about. Overhead him on his cell. – Didn’t use the room phone."
"He leave any information about were he was headed?"
Marshall Vhulf leaned on her counter – forward, on one elbow – eye to wolf-penetrating eye with Mara.
"He didn’t speak it, Marshall." Mara cast a speculative cold eye over Keira. "But I think he may have headed north. Recent wolf trails up there. Good swimming place too – if you know what I mean."
"I do, Mara. Thank you. If he you see Mr. Bateman, or hear anything else, I need to know – talk to me quick."
"Yes, Marshall. You want his room key. No one’s checked in yet."
"Thanks, Mara. Say hello to your mother and father for me. Plan to be at the Sunday picnic."
Mara smiled then – beautiful, yet somehow voracious.
Taking Keira’s elbow, in a commanding manner, and not to her taste, the Marshall escorted her outside. "The car," he stated, releasing her.
Obeying him, only because he was a werewolf, and only because she wanted to find Rob – and because she was stranded – Keira quickly strode to the passenger door, sliding in when he opened it.
"Keira, my fierce one," he spoke once he was beside her. He handed her the room key.
"Fierce!" she challenged. "How fierce could I be compared to you?"
"You will be fierce enough," he enigmatic spoke, switching on the car.
Slowly he drove along the row of rooms, until they were before room 216.
"For the sake of expediency, my Keira, I will forego your door. This time."
"Fine!" She quickly shoved open the door. Her foot landed in a pool of water. "That’s why!" she shouted at him, once she’d jumped out.
"Wolves like water, Keira," he absently spoke, his focus on the motel room. "Next time, however, I will lift you out."
She stared at the back of him, until she handed him the key. Her insides were gooey and stunned – because she knew he meant it.

Kiss to Cindy from the Kougar...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to the Future and Beyond

Hello-purr, my Kittens, the Kougar is worn down to a hunting-shopping frazzle...not to yowl-mention moi accidentally angered an elderly citizen, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then offering the wrong kind of assistance. Indeed, Big Cats, the Kougaress has only seen pure hatred and evil blazing from the eyes of two humans *focused directly at moi* twice in her lifetime, both of them elderly women. The Kougar must wonder if demons have a special fondness for possessing these particular human bodies.

Back to the future and beyond, my Big Beautiful Cats. The Kougar has an enduring fondness for all three Back to the Future movies. What's not to love about that *Dorlean ` the car*, that time travel adventuring in that offbeat fun way? Often, when writing one of moi's stories, meow-however, that's what it feels like, since past events make the heroine and hero who they are, no matter what part of their sizzle romance adventure the Kougar is writing. And the moi also flicking-tail happily adores writing futuristics, which always mean knowing the past as well, regardless of culture the novel set in ~ the space of Red Lioness Tamed or another dimension like World of the Blue Pearl Moon.

To tell Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry's story in All Shades of Blue Paradise, the past was often referenced since the novel began ten years after Sher broke their engagement. And that is where backstory enters the story picture. And for that craft topic visit Title Magic and soak up today's Guest Blogger, Terry Odell's words of writerly wisdom.

Moi's opening and intro...

Happy Summer All. Grab those special books you love to escape with, and head out to the pool or to your backyard lounging chair, and indulge your reader's appetite. Terry Odell's romantic suspense novels are a perfect fit for summer. Her clear descriptive writing style will carry you away effortlessly into a story packed with hang-onto-your-teeth twists and turns. But, most importantly, ends with the triumph of love.For all of us authors and aspiring authors Terry discusses a topic that is vitally important to a successful novel, how to use backstory. What does your reader need and want to know about the main characters? How much is too much? And when is there too little backstory?Welcome Terry, thanks for joining us today.

Meow-then, a snippet from Starting Over by Terry Odell ~ just because moi loves it.

In the steamy cocoon of the shower, Colleen’s fingers found the dimpled scar the bullet had left on her thigh and the long, straight one where they’d repaired her femoral artery. She knew they were no longer a garish red, but she refused to look at them. Thankfully, the exit wound on the back of her leg was out of sight unless she really worked at seeing it. The ugly reminders that screamed "failure" remained, long after the physical pain had gone.
She watched the sudsy water swirl down the drain, willing it to take her memories along.
Get a grip. It’s over. Forget Pine Hills. You made your choice, so get on with your life.
She declared yesterday a do-over. Hell, as long as she was changing the rules of time, the last three months never happened. But then, she’d still be a cop in Pine Hills, Oregon, instead of a basket case in Orlando, Florida.

Back to the future kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Virgin Harvest Day ~ Anitra Lynn McLeod

Greetings, all Big Cats, if you're a virgin. Today is your day to be harvested, plucked and sensually plundered...and, well, meow...pleasure-plunging fun ensues...
Opps...never mew-mind, the Kougar was carried away by her naughty imaginings.
Today! is Anitra Lynn McLeod day on Kougar Kisses. Why? you politely purr...because Anitra, one of the ten ATIV finalists, has just entered the holy land to the to-be published by none other than Kensington. Moi will let her tell it in her own words. And for the rest of the super fab, champagne-popping blog, lope on over to Title Magic ~ ~ and congratulate her.
On Friday June 6th my agent, Roberta Brown, woke me up with a phone call. I was asleep because I'd worked until 11:30 p.m the previous night at my "regular" job then worked until 2:00 a.m at my "favorite" job, which is writing. She apologized and said she would call back later. I told her there was no way I was going back to bed because I knew she wasn’t calling to chat.
And I was right.
Roberta called to tell me John Scognamiglio of Kensington was offering a three-book deal for my novel, Virgin Harvest.
Now mind you, I was not fully awake yet so I had to pinch myself three times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. (I have a bruise on my butt to prove this!) I was also miffed that I had been sleeping--why couldn't I get "the call" when I was actually doing something like writing?
I wasn’t dreaming, but the enormity of everything took two days to sink in. When it did, my reaction was something like, “Oh my God! I’m finally going to be a published author!” and then I panicked, "Oh my God! I've got to write two more novels!"
Virgin Harvest will come out next summer under the Kensington Aphrodisia line. I have my deadlines for delivering the other two novels (both erotic romances). I can’t wait to see the cover art and from what I’ve heard about John, he’s going to be a wonderful editor to work with.

Moi's mew-sings below ~
Yay!!! Anitra, I knew you'd get the BIG ONE. I hear Kensington is a great place to be -- which is even better!
Congrats! as a word just doesn't seem big enough. I'm thrilled for you!

Tomorrow, my sexy Big Kitties, is author guest day on Title Magic with none other than Terry Odell, multi-published suspense-action-adventure romance author. And you are definitely invited!
What an amazing span of time, my Gorgeous Big Cats. Pat P.E. Cunningham was featured for her short story in Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine. Mel Heirs had her short story featuring 'chessies' published. And now, Anitra is signed with Kensington. Way too cosmic cool! (See previous posts for more info)

Sweet virgin kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's a Girl to do with a Werewolf

Beautiful Big Cats, half of the year, 2008 is gone, lost somewhere in the mists of quickening time. And official summer time is just around the corner, beginning on June 20. The Summer Equinox, a magical energy, a balance of day and night. This year the full moon is on June 18 ~ or the fullness of summer is there for the taking and making. For the full living of life.
Okay, on the ever-mundane side of the Kougar's life. Plain white washing machine arrived, and moi discovered she still possesses some muscular strength when she wrangled old washer outside, then new washer inside. Hopefully hook-up will occurr tomorrow, once the carpet dries.
It's been a lovely cool dry-air day on the tame prairie, with the crescent moon showing in the late afternoon sky as a luminous pearl.

Just for you, my treasured kittes all, Part Deux from Chapter One ~ Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves ~ What's a girl to do with a werewolf?

He opened the passenger door for her. She half-dived within, part of her silly-concerned with getting his seat all wet. As her rain god sheriff, or whatever he was, opened his door, Keira concentrated on finger-combing back her stuck hair. Concentrated on not looking upon him – rain god or devil in disguise.
"Keira," she spoke her name when she heard the door shut. "Keira Summer Windsor. – Would you like to see my driver’s license?" She opened her bag. "Ms. Windsor." His voice did not disappoint. Instead – smooth, deep as a long warm summer night, deep as gazing up at the clear black sky.
Keira resisted the urge to female shudder. She looked over, then up at him, as he wanted – indicated by the tone of his voice.
"Marshall Zane Dominik Vhulfe," he formally presented. He also presented a small formal smile. But it was the warmth emanating from his gaze, the flame rising warmth behind his eyes, that captured her attention – that captured her full attention.
Why his whole name?
"Your license is not necessary yet, Ms. Windsor. Stranded?"
She nodded, shivering within. Suddenly she felt possessed. Held in some sort of weird possession as he inspected her. Sniffed her. As if he ‘sniffed’ her all over.
Strangely, she knew he sniffed her. And Keira knew he continued to inspect her. She felt it all over. And somehow, she knew, as she knew the feel of rain on her body, on her senses – he found it pleasurable. Found her pleasurable. Found it...
If I open the door, run – I wonder if they’ll find my body?
"What happened?" he finally asked, the darkness of his eyes compelling.
Dark, but golden, his eyes. Golden flames leaping. Leaping toward her.
"No power – when I pressed the accelerator," she answered, turning away from his exotic riveting face – his bone structure was to die for. "Know where I can get a tow to a mechanic?"
"I’ll have David bring your car to his garage. In the morning. I’m Marshall of Blue Moon Bay. David will take care of you. Fair price."
"Thanks. Blue Moon Bay? What a wacky coincidence, Marshall Vhulfe. I’m looking for my cousin, Rob. Robert Bateman. He’s supposed to be staying at the Half Moon motel."
"Zane," he spoke as if owned all the patience in the world. "Mother was mesmerized by Zane Grey’s westerns – still is. – You said ‘supposed’. Is something wrong?"
"Rob was supposed to call his mother last night. I was on my way past here. Said I’d check on him. He always calls," she rushed as if she ran out of breath – and noticed how tightly she clutched her bag against her chest.
"We’ll head over there right now. Nothing doin’ tonight. The rain. – May I call you, Keira?"
"Of course...Zane," she managed. "Great name. Read a few Zane Grey westerns. Teenage years."
Is it possible to actually jump out of your skin?
"Nervous, Keira?" he inquired, moving to switch on the car.
Terribly. Wickedly. Jump out of my skull nervous.
"I was supposed to be at Diane’s shop in half-an-hour now," she looked at his dashboard display clock.
"Diane Griffith?" he inquired, ease-perfectly moving out onto the highway.
"Yes! You know her?"
"Just to do a little shopping. Gifts," he explained. "Are you one of her suppliers?"
"She likes my jewelry designs. They’ve been selling."
"You can give her a call when we get to Half Moon, Keira."
Goddess! His voice – pure black magic.
"Thanks. No need for everyone to worry. Since I’m safe."
But am I?
She stared straight ahead, at the rain, still a gully washer. She listened to the wipers swish, and wondered if this was another bizarre crossroad in her life. Her life had taken bizarre turns before – but this felt even more bizarre. Somehow.
"Why is your cousin Rob up this way?"
"You’re gonna laugh. I hope you’re gonna laugh. He’s hunting the american werewolf – cameras in hand. Ever listen to radio? Coast-to-Coast? Art Bell? George Noory – only this was a new show..."
"Ian Punnett," he interrupted. "Night rounds. Officer’s best friend at times."
"Rob eats, breathes, lives cryptozoology."
"Lake Geneva, the sightings."
"Werewolves – They’re not just for halloween anymore – on Linda Godfrey’s website. Seen it?" Keira tried a light tone.
"Clever. No I haven’t been to her website. Listened to that show. Quite the conversation in town for a few days, for us night folk. Thought we might get a few people up our way – Blue Moon Bay can always use a few guests. Helps the economy."
You could be a male model – help the economy out. A whole lot!
"Anyone in town every have a sighting?" she asked. With some relief Keira watched as they turned off the highway at the Blue Moon Bay road sign.
"Tales told every now and then. Especially at the Ale House – on spooky nights."
"Ale House? Do you mean like a tavern?"
"Stone building, 1800's. Built by the same family that still owns it. They brew ale – old-fashioned recipes. It’s a gathering place for us – used for town council meetings."
"Grow up in Blue Moon Bay?" she inquired, always fascinated by people’s life stories – and especially his. Now.
"No. Close by. Visited a lot. Relatives. Lots of relatives."
She heard the boyish grin in his voice.
"Always want to be Marshall?" she asked, letting herself enjoy, a little, how he ease-expertly handled the car around the winding curves.
"Destiny," he stated, amusement in tone. "Dad was the Marshall for most of my growing up. Then my Uncle and Aunt teamed up as the Marshalls. Later, my older brother. Now my turn – Married, Keira?"
"No," she loosed before she thought. She felt stalked, but not unpleasurably. "You?" she returned, her breath stuck somewhere.
"No, Keira. I’m not married. I’m not engaged. No girlfriend. And not divorced."
"Wow," she murmured. "Aren’t the women just dripping off you?" Immediately, she squeezed her eyes tight – wishing fiercely that she hadn’t just said that.
"Have to chase off a few."
Instantly, a scene formed – a waking dream. A wolf – beautiful, primal, male-majestic – circled by other wolves, all females. All waiting. All splendidly sleek, breathtakingly beautiful. When the females approached, he charged, chasing them back.
Keira jerked upright, clutching her purse more vigorously against her chest.
"Yes, Keira." His voice touched her, black magic. Wolf magic.
Frozen, and wondering if she would ever unthaw – maybe she wouldn’t have to – he’d just eat her – Keira managed to turn her face toward him.
"Been sighted lately?" she asked.
He laughed. Or male-howled with laughter.
"No, my Keira," he finally answered. "However, a few of the brethren could have been sighted. In transition. Or playing wolfen tricks. On the humans."

Cover art, my Fabulous Kitties, today on Title Magic, Helen blogs about the commercial importance of cover art and posts some beautiful enchanting examples. Mew-sings below:
Ooooh, Helen, I absolutely love your cover choices! I'd be picking up those too. C.L. Wilson did get great artistic covers! While I will pick up a book with a wonderful cover to my eye, even occasionally purchase for the cover. I truly buy on the blurb and reading a page or two at random, first.
Hey, you should have posted your cover!

New Summer kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Another Paranormal Monday

Beloved Big Cats, the Kougar is up to her slanty eyebrows busy! So, for your beautiful glowing eyes only, moi's contribution to the Yahoo Loop ~ Just Another Paranormal Monday ~
Hi paranormal junkies...uh, I mean that only in the nicest of ways, of course. Since I can't be with you today...I'm working on a friend's WIP...but *whew and phew* I did finish my first round of edits on Tangerine Carnal Dreams, coming from Aspen Mountain Press...
But just for fun I thought I'd give you the beginning of my mss, Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves ~ Chapter One ~
Werewolves of London, Coming to America – by Robert Bateman.
Keira shoved her cousin’s latest article-writing attempt into one of her bags, on top – while the phone rang.
"Aunt Debbie, hello. What can I do for you?" Keira shouldered the phone while trying to tie her shoe – a comfy black suede half-boot.
"Dear, are you busy?"
"On my way out – taking some of my jewelry pieces up to Diane. Got Rob’s article. I’ll proof read it tonight."
"Your mother said you were going up that way."
"What is it, Aunt Debbie?" Keira attempted patience, slowing her breaths.
"Hunting the American Werewolf."
"Are you talking about Rob or Coast-to-Coast – when Linda Godfrey was on?"
Keira forced in more patient breaths and stilled the anxious whirl inside her head.
"Yes, Ian’s Punnett’s new show. I’m worried about Rob..."
Keira tingled, an eery crawling in her stomach she didn’t like.
"What’s going on, Aunt Debbie?"
"Rob hasn’t called..."
Keira tingled all over, fiercely. Rob’s fanatic hobby was cryptozoology, chasing after unknown or paranormal creatures.
"What’d he do – grab all his camera gear? Head up to Lake Geneva to hunt for the American Werewolf?"
"Yes...and he hasn’t called."
"Where is he supposed to be, Aunt Debbie?"
"He’s staying at a small motel, The Half Moon. I spoke with him three nights ago. Rob said he would call last night."
"What town, Aunt Debbie?" Keira asked. Worry furrowed her brow – Rob always called his mother, being a bit of a mother’s boy.
"Tiny place – don’t even think it’s on the map. Blue Moon Bay."
"Road sign for a turn off – seen that. Yeah, I’ll stop. Check in on him."
"Thanks, dear. Be careful. Storm movin’ in I heard. On the morning news."
"Call you on the cell – you do have my number?" Keira hefted the last bag over her free shoulder, and reached for her purse – one she had glitter-designed. Just for the fun of it.
"Yes. Your mother gave it to me. Blessed be, dear."
"Blessed be." Keira set her phone down, rushing for the front door. And toward her car, a 94 Eclipse, she called the Plum Silver Goddess.
Blasting the radio up, her favorite music station, she drove toward the old two-lane highway. Toward the Land of Linda Godfrey’s american werewolves – in rural Wisconsin, east of Lake Geneva . Keeping her speed-itching foot under control, Keira stayed at her usual five miles over the speed limit.
"I wish I owned the power to manipulate time," she dramatically murmured, just for herself. She twitched her nose, a skill she had practiced since seeing Samantha on Bewitched – one of her mother’s old favorite tv shows. As a mere child she had been magically awestruck.
"Born to be wild..." She belted out with the song, revving up her spirits, and quickening her pulse to wonderfully reckless. She rocked in her seat rhythmically, singing along with the radio tunes. While farmland turned to forest. And sparse forest became deeper forest. Above the towering trees – trees she as always thought of as majestic mystic beings – gray skies became the shade of pewter.
As she entered denser darker forest, the rains came. Slashing sheets of rain.
Wipers on high, she leaned forward, her gaze focused on following the yellow line. At the same time, she glanced up watching for the turn off sign to Blue Moon Bay.
"Oh crap!" Keira pressed her accelerator again. And again. No response. Gradually her car slowed down. While the pit of her stomach churned to near panic, and the rain slashed at her.
"Now what!?"
She guided her car onto the highway’s narrow shoulder, carefully, letting it roll until it stopped. Turning it off , she tried to calm herself with memories of past rescues.
"Another crisis! In a long series of crisis," she muttered. She reached for her cell phone. "Just what I need. – Why didn’t I get the phone number to the Half Moon?"
Taking another deep breath, she silently asked, "What now, Goddess?" She stared down at her cell, wondering who she should try to reach. Her mother didn’t drive. Aunt Debbie didn’t have a car. And all her friends would be working, brutally busy with their lives.
"No service," she stated flatly, not greatly surprised by her fate. "Well, that solves that. Can’t call anyone anyway."
Bad luck had been her constant companion for the last several years – despite her best efforts to change her luck, her exhausting, endless efforts to keep her karma right.
"Help," she appealed to God, Goddess, her Guardian Angel.
Keira sat calmly, and waited. Waited for something. Anything good. Her mind spun chaotically, searching for any idea out of her horrid predicament.
"I definitely need help – a miracle or two," she spoke moments later. Again to her Guardian Angel. Or any Good Being. Out there.
She waited, watching the rain glisten-pour down her windshield. Watching the rain rage. She waited, observing her own internal battle. Calm or panic? Both tore at her – the giant claws of an ether monster she couldn’t see or identify.
"Direct from hell. Or the X-Files," she murmured.
Then a glint in her rearview mirror caught her eye.
Glancing up, she saw the flashing lights of a Patrol car as it rolled up behind her.
"Friend or foe?" she wanted to ask whoever was behind the wheel – remembering the news stories of bad cops, of bad men impersonating cops.
"Not a Patrol uniform. More of a sheriff’s look," she murmured, watching the man in her side mirror, when he emerged. No rain gear. Not even a hat. But armed. Definitely armed.
"Armed and dangerous?" she automatically asked herself.
"Geez!" Keira sat up straighter, her insides suddenly wild and wanton-simmering. "He’s gorgeous. Gorgeous hair!" Long, flowing to his shoulders, his hair was being rain slickened – revealing his sculpted, rather exotic-appearing features.
"Rain god impersonating a mere human male?" she asked herself.
Against all her wishes, Keira’s loins came to twisting life. The bold, arrogant-casual way he strode toward her side window. His thighs – sleek and powerful muscle – she wanted to carve them with her hands.
"My God!" She broke out in a light sweat, even as she began to open her door, even as she prepared for the onslaught of rain.
"Hello," she began, glad her voice didn’t give away her throbbing pulse.
"Follow me," he invited, more than commanded.
Once she had grabbed up her purse, he pivoted toward his car. No protection from the downpour, Keira plunged out into the drenching rain, dashing behind him – and hoped he wasn’t the devil incarnate. Posing as a rain god.

Trot on over to Title Magic, Big Kitties. Lexie presents her thoughts on how to improve one's chances of becoming a published writer. Mew-sings below.
Hi Lexie, I think you've raised some excellent issues. Truthfully, I have no answers for you. I help wherever I can and whomever I can, but it's not formalized as in a chapter setting, except for the Passionate Ink chapter of RWA, where we all help each other, especially via the forum.
As I've mentioned before, my journey has not been one which should be followed by anyone else. There was no step-by-step process. It was guided by a Divine Hand in a very mysterious and mostly incomprehensible manner to me. Or, to say it differently, it makes no logical sense whatsoever.
I'm sorry to hear various chapters are having problems. I personally think the contest market is over done, so to speak. Meaning too many contests for the amount of entries available. And with economic times now more difficult, who can afford it? Time, of course, is also at a premium. I do as much as I can, and it's never quite enough in terms of promotional opportunities.
This isn't an easy business, unless, it's just your hobby. Something you're doing purely for the fun of it.
I know I haven't really answered your real questions and concerns. And I am sure there are others much more qualified. However, if I can help you in any way, I will.
BTW, I liked your story premise, the one you talked about at the beginning of CJ Lyon's blog.

Just another paranormal kiss from the Kougar...