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Criminal Clown Obozo Raided Fannie and Freddie ... ObummerCare Is Bankrupt

All By Machiavellian-Corrupt Design ... Early night yowls, most adorable of Kittens ... yep, this Big Cat gets to YOWL LOUD AND PROUD ... ***she told you so*** ... from the very beginning, she warned everyone that the flim-flam-glam-man was pulling off another one of his con-job psyops against the American people -- with that whole affordable care crap.

Yep, it was all rigged to fail, to be used as a future excuse to come takeover the health care system with the FED ... gosh, who's perpetrating this true fascism?

Oh, and the silence from the ENEMY-MEDIA about this wholesale slimy sicko bamboozling of the American people is most definitely deafening...don't you think?

Okay, here it is ... PROOF! ... and this is likely just the very tip of a very nasty, razor-sharp iceberg.


Private investments seized to save Obamacare
Jerome Corsi | Infowars.com - FEBRUARY 28, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two lawsuits proceeding through the federal courts threaten to expose and disrupt a scheme the Obama administration concocted in 2012 to confiscate all the profits from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac – the government’s two mortgage giants – with a plan to divert billions of dollars to pay essential Obamacare insurance subsidies that Congress had refused to fund.
On July 9, 2013, Fairholme Funds, Inc., a mutual fund that held preferred stock issued by the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as “Fannie Mae,” and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as “Freddie Mac,” filed suitagainst the U.S. government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, seeking “just compensation” under the Fifth Amendment for their property when the Obama administration, in the so-called “Net Worth Sweep” of 2012, confiscated all Fannie and Freddie profits.
In 2008, when the economy went into recession over the collapse of the subprime mortgage market, Congress passed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, HERA, to save Fannie and Freddie by a federal bailout that placed the two Government Sponsored Entities, GSEs, into government conservatorship, with the U.S. Treasury recapitalizing Fannie and Freddie by issuing to the GSEs $187.5 billion in senior preferred stock with a 10% dividend designed to repay the U.S. Treasury over time.
But in 2012, when Fannie and Freddie became profitable, as the mortgage market returned with rigorous credit underwriting and a zero-interest rate environment maintained by the Federal Reserve, the Obama administration initiated a “Net Worth Sweep,” designed to confiscate 100% of the profits generated by Fannie and Freddie.
The result was that private shareholders like Fairholme Funds were paid nothing on their Fannie and Freddie stock.
In August 2012, the Obama administration engineered an amendment to the Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements creating a variable dividend that allowed the U.S. Treasury to grab all Fannie and Freddie profits, regardless how large Fannie and Freddie’s earnings might be.
In 2016, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, in the case U.S. House of Representatives v. Burwell, ruled the Department of Health and Human Services could not use taxpayer dollars to pay Obamacare insurance subsidies Congress refused to fund.
To solve this problem, the Obama administration defied the District Court by diverting profits confiscated from Fannie and Freddie to pay the Obamacare insurance subsidies Congress had refused to fund.
To block the progress of the Fairholme lawsuit, the Obama administration asserted executive privilege, seeking to withhold some 77,945 documents from the public view, including some 12,251 documents the government wanted completely withheld (even from the federal court).
The plaintiffs in the lawsuit asserted the government’s purpose in seeking to keep the documents secret was to conceal the government’s motives in seizing from private and institutional shareholders their stock dividends in Fannie and Freddie the government wanted to seize.
“The government has asserted the information could be ‘disruptive to markets.’ However, it is difficult to imagine how discussions by officials as far back as eight years ago and emails on matters as mundane as daily press clips could impact today’s markets, which, by definition operate on the very latest information,” wrote constitutional law scholar John Yoo. “Executive privilege is available for presidents to use in highly sensitive matters, and its use is constrained by specific procedures.”
“In the pending litigation on the Net Worth Sweep, the government has applied this privilege in an overly broad and unjustified manner,” Yoo continued. “Either federal officials are trying to cover up something they know is illegal, or we are witnessing an unprecedented and disturbing obsession with secrecy.”
On Oct. 4, 2016, Judge Margaret M. Sweeney of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., gave her first order demanding the release of some of the documents that the government sought to withhold – documents the New York Times reported reached “the highest levels of the Obama administration.”
The New York Times further reported the government initially had argued that in seizing Fannie and Freddie, it had acted to protect taxpayers from future losses because the companies were in “a death spiral” and taxpayers needed protection from future losses.
But documents Judge Sweeney forced to be released made clear the government moved to seize all earnings of Fannie and Freddie just before the two mortgage giants were about to become profitable.
Fairholme and the other plaintiffs in the case had asked Judge Sweeney to review a sample of 56 documents in the case to determine if the government had a legitimate argument to seal the documents.
After her review, Judge Sweeney ruled that the documents should be released because Fairholme had an “overwhelming” need for the documents and no other source of available evidence “would similarly inform their understanding” of the events surrounding the profit sweep.
On Jan. 30, 2017  a three-judge panel for of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the federal circuit ruled unanimously that 48 of the 56 documents were not privileged, but should be released to the plaintiffs.
In writing their order, the three-judge panel expressed sympathy for the plaintiffs’ argument that the documents the government sought to seal would reveal (if made public) that Fannie and Freddie were not in a threat of a “death spiral” to insolvency when the Net Worth Sweep was ordered by the government in 2012.
Instead, the three-judge panel suggested the respondents should have access to the 48 documents in their attempt to prove the GSEs were reporting substantial profits at the time that were more than sufficient to cover the Treasury’s original 10% dividend guarantee and potentially to pay dividends to the other shareholders as well.
At issue was the plaintiff’s argument the Treasury appropriated the stock held by private investors to generate what the Treasury knew would be a massive return on the investment to the government.
FannieFreddieSecrets.org, a website created to make easily readable the documents Judge Sweeney through a series of rulings starting in October 2016, has revealed public archives and a deposition from Susan McFarland, Fannie’s former chief financial officer, from July 2015.
In her deposition, McFarland refuted projections made by Grant Thornton, the accounting firm the government had hired to do a financial analysis on Fannie and Freddie, speculating that Fannie Mae was going to lose $13 billion in 2012, the year in which the Obama administration decided to start confiscating Fannie and Freddie earnings.
McFarland revealed in the deposition that she had told high-level officials at the Treasury on Aug. 8, 2012, that the company (Fannie Mae) was “now in a sustainable profitability, that we would be able to deliver sustainable profits over time.”  McFarland added that while Fannie was “not there yet,” she as financial officer “could see positive things occurring.”
A letter from then Secretary of the Treasury Jacob L. Lew, addressed to then House Speaker John Boehner dated May 17, 2013, also rejects the government contention the Fannie and Freddy were in “a death spiral” at the time of government confiscation.
In the letter, written at a time when the Treasury was preparing to engage in “extraordinary measures” because Congress had not yet authorized an increase in the statutory debt limit, Lew explained to then-House Speaker Boehner that Treasury had just learned “last week” that it was anticipating a payment of $60 billion from Fannie Mae to be delivered on June 28, 2013.
In another document unsealed by Judge Sweeney, a Grant Thornton, purportedly showing Freddie Mac’s deteriorating financial condition, contained a marginal note handwritten by an unidentified Grant Thornton employee, saying: “3 yrs. of cum. profits, you start to think about releasing the valuation allow. The valuation allow. When probably 2013, 2014.”
In the second case, originally filed as Perry Capital LLC vs. Lew (now,Perry Capital LLC, for and on behalf of Investment Funds for which it acts as investment manager, Appellant v. Steven T. Mncuhin, in his official capacity as the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Et Al., Appellees) the investment manager Perry Capital LLC sued the Treasury Department over the decision made in the “Net Worth Sweep” of 2012, and specifically the decision made on August 17, 2012, through which the Obama administration succeeded in engineering an amendment to the Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements that resulted in the private and institutional shareholders of Fannie and Freddie being shut off from receiving future dividends on their Fannie and Freddie stock.
On Feb. 21, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled the Obama administration had acted within its authority under HERA.
While this decision was widely viewed as a victory for the government, the ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals was very narrow, arguing only that the statutory claims of Perry Capital LLC were barred by the Recovery Act’s strict limitation on judicial review.
Instead of dismissing the plaintiffs’ claims, the Circuit Court remanded the case to the lower District Court to litigate contract-based claims regarding their rights as shareholders to have received Fannie and Freddie dividends.
Translated into ordinary English, the Circuit Court punted, sending the case back to the District Court where the Perry’s contractual claims regarding the rights of shareholders to receive dividends could be properly litigated at trial.
In what has become a complicated case, legal analysts still maintain that at the District Court level, Perry LLC stands an excellent chance to force the Treasury “to return the money, which it had no right to receive in the first place.”

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The Social Nightmare of Junior High Revisited...omygawd...

Afternoon big ole yowls... darling and daring Kitkats ... the Kougar DID NOT watch the Oscars. ... she gave up that soulless silliness years ago... why? for one thing she doesn't like hoity toity crapola ... also, she doesn't like the massive disparity of wealth between those glamor slaves of the globalists, and the real people of America ... truth to tell however, she would have loved to make films ... she'd love to make films of her books ... because she absolutely adores movies ... HOWEVER, she *doesn't* love the twisty globalist deception that is now mostly commie-propagandist, entertainment films for the masses.

So, NOT having watched the HOLLOWOOD crap unfold, she was assaulted with it briefly on Alex Jones' show... 'cause he was making a good point as usual ... AND OMYGAWD it was like being back in the social-clique horrors of junior high school ... the part of junior high this BIG CAT HATED!!! She loves learning, always has... but all the clique crap that went down. But yeah, of course, she was mostly on the outside. Big surprise...huh?

And YOWL about INSTANT KARMA ... the big fat oscar production couldn't even get the WINNING movie correct. That's how far they've FALLEN.

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National Suicide...One More Reason

THIS BIG CAT CANNOT ABIDE ORGANIZED RELIGION ... Sunday yowls, most beloved KitKats ... truth is, the Kougar never fit it in when it came to churches and organized religion, and such ... ultimately, she couldn't stand the hypocrisy, the holier-than-thou attitudes... for a time, she did attend services at Unity Village, which had a lot of value for her at that point in her life ... however, it got down to politics where those who were less spiritually aware gained control ... thus, that was the end of that ... corruption of the spiritual message always rules unless vigilance against this dark force is extreme ... at least, that's this Big Cat's experience in life.

Here's another outstanding article by Dave Hodges about American Churches.


 The American Church Has Become An Instrument of Globalist Oppression
In the annals of the Independent Media, it is a well-established fact that unorganized and chaotic immigration practices are being used to undermine the culture of national sovereignty of the nations of the West.
Unfortunately, the American church has become a primary instrument being used in the demise of our culture and nation’s  sovereignty.

Sanctuary Cities

Phoenix is a sanctuary city, or at least it was until President Trump told these cities that their federal money would be withheld if they continued to break federal immigration laws. And it is interesting, the deportations of illegal immigrants is limited to those who have committed serious crimes against the people of the United States, and yet people continue to protest the enforcement of our laws. I fail to understand why this is an issue for any person to accept. Isn’t a nation a safer nation if felons, who are not supposed to be in the country are being expelled?
Although sacntuary cities will all but disappear, chruches will take up their function.
I fail to understand what people are protesting. Are they protesting the fact that a government’s Chief Executive does not have the right to screen immigrants for health and criminal background? Are they protesting the fact that we should not be deporting criminals who have a track record of endangering our society? Is America supposed to become the modern day version of a penal colony? And nowhere is this leftist lunacy more prevalent than in the American church. While President Trump is espousing “America first”, many of the American churches live by the philosophy, “America last”.

A Personal Anecdote

I was driving in downtown Phoenix last week and I saw a truck with the words, Lutheran Church. In a subtitle beneath the these words, were the words “Refugee Services”. In other words, an American based church was diverting the offerings of Americans to the church to perpetuate the illegal sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.
For the record, if a human being, in front of me is bleeding, I will render aid, without regard to the language that they speak. If a human being, without regard to a country of origin, is starving, I will feed them. My Christianity is not bounded by national boundaries. Churches should and do have outreach programs to help those in need in order to grow the flock of Christians.
However, what I found in a cursory investigation, was that my former church, a Lutheran church located in Glendale, Arizona, has greatly increased its contributions to “Refugee Services” while decreasing contributions to other programs which would include and serve primarily American citizens. In other words, my former church was playing politics with the contributions of its membership in order to support illegal immigrants.  I have a major problem with this practice. Where I would render aid to a human being without regard to their demographics, my former church is rendering aid in preference to illegal alien’s demographics, and this is done in deference to overt programs intended for American citizens. In other words, my former church is playing politics on behalf of the deculturizing strategies of people like George Soros and the New World Order.
I took my local observations and attempted to query the various sects of the Lutheran Church on their national allocations of their American member’s contributions and found an exaggerated version of the same trend. Immigrants, first, Americans last, when it comes to expanding and contracting budgets. The biggest example had to do with foreign outreach programs vs. the same kind of programs in America which used to be directed at the homeless in America’s inner cities.
I have come to the conclusion that the modern church is an instrument of the New World Order as it participates as the church has come to view itself on a global scale with a decided deemphasis on American needs. I was raised on the edict of God, Country, Family.  That mandate has changed to Less emphasis on the true word of God, no emphasis on country and a decided globalist view is being forced upon today’s church-goers.
The concept of Christ is universal. However, churches are meant to be primarily a vessel of service, in the name of Christ, that serves the needs of their community. My anecdotal investigation also found several instances of where the Catholic church was actively recruiting foreigners to come to America, without regard to the legal process of immigration. In other words, the Catholic church was facilitating criminal behavior.  So much for Romans 13.

Churches Have Become the Enemy of the American People

nwo and the churchThe birth rate in America is 1.8 and we need 2.1 to maintain our population and as I have said before, immigration is good and needed in America. However, type of immigration being set forth by the American churches of today is national suicide.

When Does a Modern Country Become a Third World Country?

When does a First World country become a Third World country? The better question is, how many third world immigrants can a modern country take on until they become the newest Third World country? This is why in the 1880’s, at the height of America’s largest legal immigration period, American law reflected the fact that the country would control the number of immigrants and the origin of the immigrants would be limited by a quota system. Further, the absence of communicable disease was a requirement for entry as was the absence of serious criminal behavior in the background of the immigrant as much as could be determined.
Today’s churches and their “immigration outreach services” have total disdain for the welfare of the country, as a whole, as they facilitate law-breaking behavior to the overall detriment of American citizens. The FBI has stated, for example, that one in ten immigrants from the Middle East could be expected to be radicalized. This is a euphemism for terrorist potentialities.
Why would any organization, even a church, advocate for the entry of these people without proper screening? Are we to assume that the Lutheran church is just fine with the events of Orlando, San Bernardino and 9/11? If so, this is why I want nothing to do with the modern American church.

Other Transgressions

When Donald Trump said he was opposed to the restrictions placed on tax-exempt churches to speak out on critical issues by the IRS, I had hoped that Christians without faith, Christians without courage and Christians without conviction to the teachings of Jesus Christ would rediscover their soul and subsequently speak the Christian truth on such subjects as abortion.
I would hope that Christians throughout America would recognize the globalist leanings of their church and reject these churches. One does not have to belong to a church, in the church’s present form to be a Christian. One can participate in home bible studies where the emphasis is on the Word of God and not on raising money for the social justice programs of the New World Order. Let’s be clear about one thing, if a church serves the purpose of globalism, that church does not serve God.
Please leave me examples of globalism in your church. I am particularly interested in anti-American sentiment being set forth by many churches.  Please leave your observations in the comments section.

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Saturday screaming yowls, most cherished Big Cat Beauties ... HERE'S THE COMMENT THE KOUGAR LEFT FOR DAVE HODGES on his excellent article about YES, PEDOGATE:

Thanks for keeping a focus on Pedogate, what many of us are calling it now. If we can break the back ot the corrupt, horribly immoral congress and many of the puppet masters in the District of Criminals, I feel we have a very good chance to WIN this information civil war. And it will break the back of the bad deep state CIA. Besides, who can stand the suffering of the child victims, all the victims of human trafficking.


Trump Is Attacking the Pedophile Empire


Steve Quayle calls him, “God’s Prosecutor”. Steve is referring to the fact that President Trump is doing God’s work and is courageously moving forward to confront hardened criminals who occupy positions of leadership in our society. What an incredibly accurate term used to describe the efforts of Donald Trump. This is particularly true with regard to Trump’s intentions to pursue the previously forbidden topic of child-sex-trafficking, particularly as it exists as both a form of business and an avenue of entertainment for the elite including some very prominent members of our present and past political establishment.
When Donald Trump called America a “hell-hole”, this was not an exaggeration. Any country that refuses to protect its most vulnerable members and the abuse is being perpetrated by what should be its most trusted members, that government, in its present composition, no longer deserves to exist. And this is exactly what this last election was all about. Donald J. Trump represents a changing of the guard. America is in the process of being freed from the rule of a criminal mafia and transformed into a nation that governed by the rule of law as represented by the Trump administration and its courageous and transformative policies.

A Bold Proclamation

President Trump has boldly announced a course of action against human trafficking. Let’s be clear, this is a declaration of war against the forces of pedophilia that helped to take down General Flynn and may be involved in the musterious death of Ambassador Churkin.
Here is the declaration of war issued by President Trump as it relates to this topic:

Tacit Support for the President

Sometimes we can paint a group with a broad brush and not be accurate in our assessment. I have extreme disdain, and for good reason, for Congress, as a whole. Both houses of Congress act like a prostitute that is for sale to the highest bidder…..until a special person comes along. That special person is former Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney. She has broken ranks with the massive cover-up of silence, with regard to the elite child-sex-trafficking scandal most call Pizzagate. (Personally, I don’t like the term Pizzagate as the term cheapens the seriousness of these crimes against children. Unfortunately, we are almost forced to use the term in covering this heinous abuse of trust because this is the term that the casual consumers of the truth are calling it,).
Dr McKinney put out a very concise, yet telling tweet on the topic of President Trump’s announcement of his intention to pursue child-sex-trafficking all the way to the top.

Forewarning: this brings down Dems and Repubs! He needs to go straight all the way because this goes to the top!… http://fb.me/5WZkeiKPh 

This is not the first time that Dr. McKinney has spoken out on the topic. Many feel that her unwavering position on this subject cost Dr. McKinney her political career. She clearly knows the scope of this problem and how high that it goes.
Americans who lack knowledge with regard to this scandal, should sit up and pay attention. This is a former member of Congress calling out her own. McKinney is not the only former member of Congress that lost their seat because of their personal, unwavering view on the topic.
Frank Wolf, former Congressman of the 10th District in Virginia, was on the warpath against human trafficking until the forces of pedophilia conspired to force this multi-term Congressman from office. In my estimation, Frank Wolf is lucky to be alive. Wolf’s chief child-sex-trafficking investigator is not alive and he died under very mysterious circumstances. The following is a quote from Wolf’s former Congressional website which has now been scrubbed.
“Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Not only is it an affront to human dignity, but it is an insidious criminal enterprise. Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year, according to the U.S. State Department. This figure does not include the thousands who are trafficked annually within countries, including the United States. While the hidden nature of trafficking makes reliable numbers difficult to come by, we do know traffickers prey on the most vulnerable. Traffickers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling women and children, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Polaris Project, one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in the country…”
There are some additional items of note:
  1. The deceased child-sex-trafficking investigator, working for Wolf, lived in the same apartment complex as State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski. The investigator’s daughter used to play with Monika’s son, Dylan. In my estimation, this linked Monika with an interest in child-sex-trafficking because of this relationship. This relationship put her on the list.  I can say, without hestitation, this relationship had nothing to do with trafficking. However, that is apparently what “others” think and this has, in my estimation, provided the impetus to go after Monika. Virginia CPS stole her child on unproven charges of abuse. After The Common Sense Show raised over $40,000 she was able to defeat Virginia’s Department of Family Services and Dylan was returned to his mother. This action was motivated by her relationship with Wolf’s chief investigator.
  2. Monika recently contacted me because she was experiencing extreme workplace harassment and was in fear of losing her job and possibly her life because she supported Donald Trump. The Deep State is alive and well in her corner of the State Department. She was merely seeking advice from me on how to proceed. She said the magic words during the course of our investigation. A woman from Saudi Arabia is in charge of what content goes into current State Department brochures regarding child-sex-trafficking. Foreign examples of this heinous activity is prominently displayed in these brochures. However, nothing is mentioned about domestic child-sex-trafficking in the current literature according to Wesolowski. This got my immediate attention. The employee in question, according to Monika, frequently travels to Saudi Arabia. Her actions constitute obfuscation of the truth of what really happens with sex-trafficking inside the United States. Given what has surfaced in Wikileaks, this should raise red flags if this is all true and I have come to believe that it is.

The Mystery On Why Comey Was Retained As FBI Director

I have also come to believe that Comey was retained as FBI director because he knows where are the “Pizzgate” bodies are buried, so to speak.
Comey is now under the control of Jeff Sessions, instead of the corrupt former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch(mob). Comey is now free to pursue the perpetrators of these heinous crimes without political consequence.


This is going to be a wild ride. The revelations, to date, have been narrow. This is about to change.
In a recent conversation with Doug Hagmann, we both agreed that the Independent Media and our followers must keep the pressure on with regard to child-sex-trafficking, regardless of how many prominent members of Congress fall out of the trees.


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I Am Not Suicidal ... PEDOGATE Investigator

Afternoon yowls and musings, sweet and serious Kitttens All ... the Kougar had not planned to present more info on PEDOGATE today ... HOWEVER, this article is so comprehensive and so good, she felt IT MUST BE SHARED for the sake of humankind ... Humanity is in a fight for its very life, its very soul ... WE MUST DEFEAT this darkside spiritual corruption NOW ... or lose our precious children forever to the evil-empire elite.


February 23, 2017

Investigative Journalist Beaten And Threatened, Creates Video Insurance Policy 'I Am Not Suicidal'

- Entities With A Lot of Power Are Systematically Attacking Those Investigating Child Sex Trafficking


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the past weeks, those that have have highlighted high level pedophilia rings in the U.S. have been intimidated, threatened, destroyed, or in some way muzzled.

The latest example of this comes from Liz Crokin, an investigative journalists for the Observer, which is a publication formerly owned by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Donald Trump, who reported in September 2016 about how the Hillary Clinton campaign systematically overcharged her poorest donors, in an exclusive article that detailed how low income Clinton supporters were repeatedly charged by the Clinton campaign, resulting in massive complaints at some of the biggest banks in the U.S. of fraud.

In her video statement, which she calls her "insurance policy," she explains how after breaking that story wide open, having it go viral on the Observer and on social media, she started receiving threats, was intimidated, her social media accounts were messed with, and she felt that her life and those close to her were  in "danger." So she backed away from doing explosive corruption investigative articles, out of fear for herself and those around her.

Until now......

She states that since Trump was elected, she has gotten involved in researching pzzagate, pedogate and high profile pedophile rings within the U.S., and as she notes, she has been very active on social media highlighting sex trafficking stories, she refers to as "pedogate" stories, which after checking her page, we see her assertion is true.

Facebook post from yesterday, specifically deals with one of her assertions in the video below, regarding how many sex trafficking and child exploitation busts have been made since Trump has been office.


Crokin goes on to explain that about a week ago, from her video publish date of February 18, 2017, she was asked to be involved in a project with "some really major government whistleblowers," in relation to child sex trafficking, pedogate and pizzagate. After meeting with two people involved with the project, who told her they had suspicions they were being followed, and agreeing to participate in the project, she was "roughed up," as she shows one of the bruises left on the back of her arm, stating "I have bruises like this all over my body to prove it."

She ends by saying she is making the video because she wants people to know "I am not suicidal. I do not take drugs. There is no reason why I should be found dead from a suicide." 

The details of her video shown below, and beneath that is the video itself. 

Then we will detail others that have been muzzled in some way, or attempts have been made to destroy them, directly after becoming involved in investigating high level pedophilia rings or child sex trafficking.

------"I'm posting this video for my own safety. I have been threatened and intimidated since exposing a major Clinton corruption story and I feel targeted more so than ever after I agreed to be involved in a project blowing the lid off of Pizzagate and Pedogate. I know several other people researching this and exposing this who have been targeted in the past few days. Please pray for people brave enough to expose the truth on this horrendous scandal and coverup and especially for the children who are being tortured and ritualistically sexually abused by these elite monsters. This is not a partisan issue, anyone with any kind of humanity should get behind this movement. 



Had this been just one person, some might wave it away as paranoia, coincidence possibly in the timing of the attack on Crokin, but taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, she is not the only one where strange things have happened surrounding the topic of pedogate or pizzagate, as we are reminded of a January 28, 2017 article Stefan Stanford wrote about CBS46 mainstream media news anchor Ben Swann, disappearing for over a week after having done a segment on Pizzagate that went viral.

Before coming back to his show, he announced that his social media accounts would be going dark, then in a followup video by Stefan , he explains that they did indeed go dark, as well as his website which held other related material to the topic. Both those videos are below as recent flashbacks.

More recently Milo Yiannopoulos has been in the headlines, where an interview from over a year ago was brought back to the public's attention in which his words were construed to defend pedophilia, which he vehemently denied, offering multiple articles he has written in the past which outed pedophiles, claiming one of them was coming up for trial due to his reporting, but which he admitted his phrasing and his presentation was badly formed

Without getting into the details of this scandal that caused him to resign from Breitbart and cost him his lucrative book deal, we do note that he too was publicly investigating pizzagate, as evidenced by his December 2016 assertion that when he was supposed to speak to the pizzagate issue he "got a number of phone calls, with Washington area codes, saying 'not yet! Stop it."

In December 2016, former Huffington Post reporter who was locked out of his Huffpo account and his posting rights terminated after writing about Hillary Clinton's health, was censored by YouTube, with a video being wiped off his channel after highlighting an Andrew Breitbart tweet, made a year before he died, which stated "How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me."

For those unaware, the whole "pizzagate" scanadal blew up after Wikileaks published the Podesta emails, where some speculated that specific references to "foods" were  codes used to reference children and pedophilia.

Breitbart unexpectedly died a year later at the age of 43.

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele claims to Alex Jones below, at the 4:30 minutes mark, that Michael Flynn was actually brought down because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names.


In researching this article we have also noted a series of censorship issues, from social media to websites being shut down, all relating to articles, videos, chats and forums dealing with Pizzagate, so while one or two or even three could be considered weird coincidences, the sheer amount of these "coincidences" does make it appear that there are some very powerful entities that are stifling, intimidating, harassing, and actively censoring those reporting on child sex trafficking, pedogate and pizzagate.

Language Warning on the Breitbart video below, where Andrew Breitbart specifically states "What's in your closet, John Podesta."