Monday, February 6, 2017

Time to Metaphorically DEEP SIX Paul Ryan and His Skankoid Ilk

Just after noon yowls, most specialist Big Cat Beauties ... that ugly-dark traitorzoid RHINO Republican, Paul Ryan, and his little-idjit buddies, ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO SABOTAGE our President, and thus, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Paul Ryan is refusing to move quickly on replacing OBUMMER-CARE with a saner and kinder health care system. How many people desperately NEED good health care? How many people are dying because of Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan is refusing to help people with immediate TAX RELIEF, by ***slowing*** down the plan President Trump has put forward, which---for one thing---if you make less than $25,000---means you DON'T PAY any income tax---which yes, the income tax is technically illegal---but at least, TRUMP is trying to actually HELP people with much less tax.
AT THIS TIME! President Trump is DOING ALL HE CAN TO STAVE OFF A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ... meanwhile the evil psycho robber barons like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are saying they WANT TO SLOW DOWN, DEFLATE, PLUNGE the stock market. ALSO, these soulless bankster gangsters are telling the BIG BAD BANKS to raise interest rates significantly, and NOT LEND to small businesses, to not lend to MAINSTREET AMERICANS. The President WANTS interest rates to remain low for the time being, to help Mainstreet start-build their businesses, to thrive, to make buy homes.

Message to Skankoid Paul Ryan: Every evil traitorous act you are doing [have done] against President Trump and thus, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, will absolutely BACKFIRE AND BACKLASH against you, and your ilk. So be it! 

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