Friday, February 3, 2017

The Berkeley Terrorists...You Tell 'Em, Millie

Midnight big ole yowls, darling Kitkats ... okay, more than these idjit misguided terrorists, this Big Cat blames the police officers WHO DID NOT DO THEIR JOBS ... AND WERE INSTRUCTED TO STAND DOWN by the mayor ... yes, to let the riots happen.
The Kougar is a big believer in the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH ... She believes in the right to PEACEFUL PROTEST AND DEMONSTRATIONS. She DOES NOT BELIEVE you have the right to beat someone up and destroy property just because you're upset by what you deem a racist Nazi. Truth to tell, you're the ones acting like fascists. You're the ones acting like Nazi brown shirts.
We Americans aren't going to take it. Believe that. But then, that's the diabolical plan, isn't it? Bring about a big crackdown by law enforcement, then blame them for being fascists. The fascists you forced them into being by your violent and vile behavior. AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE.
Know this, you and your brainless zombie ilk are doomed to failure. Guaranteed.

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