Monday, March 31, 2008

The Winds of Cover Art

Big Cats, another whirlwind, spin-the-brain day so far. With storm winds streaking through the Kougar's prairie this morning. The blue splendid sky has just shown itself on the afternoon horizon...reminding ~ *out of the blue* ~ a phrase moi keeps hearing spoken these chaotic, perfect storm days, and time.
The Winds of Cover Art ~ A glorious surprise in the Kougar's e-mail, the the preliminary cover art for When a Good Angel Falls, her 2012 futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand. Gorgeous, Big Kitties, just gorgeous! Moi had only two requests for changes.
And, in her e-mail David Burton, the incredible cover artist for Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, has redesigned his website with a link to moi's e-novel. In a later blog, the Kougaress will provide David's bio. But why wait? just a quick paw-click on the link below will take you to his site.
Psssst...all Good Kitties...a secret, this year's winner allowed moi and the other American Title IV finalists a peek at her book's cover art. Impressive, especially the font for the title and the way her name appears...the, yum, entwined couple is sexy delicious.
And, meow-continuing the cover art theme, the Kougar received e-confirmation her cover art form for Tangerine Carnal Dreams made it to Aspen Mountain Press. With toesies and claws crossed moi hopes it will follow in the cover prints of her two current releases. O great and lovely Bast, an ear pricked toward the Kougar's plea, please and thank you.
Sigh...a swish of her tail, the news piles up too swiftly for the Kougaress to accomplish all!!!
Purr-another note, Just Another Paranormal Monday with AuthorPromo, a Yahoo group, had it's spectacular debut today, with the Kougar providing her yowling-introduction. Shout-indeed, a good venue to scan out your fave genres and enjoy excerpts.
With her brain like corn mush yesterday, and not on creative paw-penning, the Kougaress stalked her shape-shifter and were-beasties WIPs, collecting them into one resource file, preparing for her next story project.
Rumbling-of, Lovely Big Kitties, moi has changed the series title for, Tangerine Carnal Dreams, her stallion shifter novel, to Her Stallion Prince.
Memory or memories, the song or intimate memories, Beautiful Big Cats, streamline your body over to Title Magic for Evonne's fascinating blog about memory. Mewings below
Evonne, wonderful post on memory. It is a fascinating topic unto itself. Certainly, it is a tricky animal at times. I generally have a good memory, but then when I screw up, I really!!! screw up.

Sometimes I should jot down ideas, phrases more. I have thought of key phrases while I'm driving and I keep repeating them as much as possible -- really need a recorder, but then I have to remember to use it.
Evonne, I'd luv to see the story you're talking about, how six memories shaped the hero's life. As a counterpoint, six memores that shaped the heroine's life, and how they come together, or arrive at the crossroads together???
End of March kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Death by Chlorine

Burning asthmatic lungs, burning filmy eyes, a burning face, lousy balance, a mushy brain ~ and months backwards in moi's healing. The Kougar swears, lovely Big Cats, there is now more chlorine in her shower water than in the average swimming pool ~ meaning days of recovery for the Kougaress. Yoooowwwlll! Help! Bast!
However, to the day's productive accomplishment, mushy brain and all, the Kougar did get her cover art form filled out for Tangerine Carnal Dreams, an exhaustive, if rewarding creative exercise. Not to rumbling mention attempting to create a new file set up the way moi wants -- too bad, computer programs don't care!!! It's the old and endless meow story. When tech works, its great. When it doesn't it's the effing headache from the nastiest hell ever imagined. And you can growl-quote moi on that!
Has moi previously mentioned how much she *tearing-ripping* despises hyperlinks. Why even have a word like 'cancel', if it cannot be applied to this application? Granted, the Kougaress is a mere cub on the plains of these programs, and probably just hasn't figured out to use the various helpful and ridiculously way too many convoluted functions designed (the New World Oder monopoly elite) to cause a complete lack of self esteem -- indeed, a properly applied claw or fang would create a fierce satisfaction currently.
A wowza great discussion on the Liquid Silver forum yesterday, on the hot topic of promo-ing your new e-novel. Happy-roar helpful to the Kougaress, thank you very much all. Especially appreciated is the message to write, instead of wandering in the vast forty years worth of promotional desert.

A grouchy smooch from the Kougar...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Art of Blue Pleasures

Good Evening, my patient Big Cats, today the prairie greens nicely, rising from it's winter death beneath the gray-pearl skies. The Kougar has been focused on filling out her cover art questionnaire for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, Book II in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon series, Siren Publishing. Under contract agreement, nada can be meow-revealed for now. Suffice it to purring-say, the process was creatively intense, a combination of fun and hard work.
Yowl-well, the Kougaress finally took the prize plunge. In the coming month The Romance Studio will give away one book a day to their readers. One of them will be Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, the winner being chosen by moi.

The Kougar's Dare-the-Claw Contest ~

Now, roar-announcement, for any Big Cat who reads the Kougar's blogs and cares to leave a comment, a 100 word description (or less) of a cameo character suited for either the World of the Blue Pearl Moon or Adventures of the Red Lioness series -- yowling-yes, that lucky kitty will receive a free .pdf copy of either All Shades of Blue Paradise or Red Lioness Tamed.
The claw-selection of any winners will be purely smug-persnickety subjective (with no promises made! *slash, slash of the Kougar's long tail*), and chosen only by the Kougar (it's all about the Kougar here).
As to guidelines, only your individual imagination is the limit, and some amount of decency in presentation. Your character may be one you create, or it may be you in character, one you would like to play in the story. And, if your character is used, then you will receive an e-copy of the book where the character appears, plus a tiny, wee (we're talking nano-blink here)acknowledgement. By entering this whim-cat-aloof and absolutely unfair contest, you agree to yield all ownership of your character, as it appears in the Kougar's novel.
So, if you dare, entice the Kougar's imagination...but, beware! The Kougaress adores rough and tumble play, fangs and claws included.

One aloof smooch from the Kougar...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pinwheel Cartoon Eyes

Help! Big Kitties, the Kougar's eyes are spinning like black and white pinwheel cartoon eyes. Meow-moi has been doing due duty on the reader/author loops, reading and reading and yowl-learning. Help! Her little saucer ares are spinning and spinning. Not to rumbling-mention, moi's mind is buffeted by the whirlwinds of her current newbie author life.
Roar about making your eyes bulge and your smut juices run for the nether loin region, check out Mai's eye candy on Title Magic. What a lovely and lusty birthday surprise for the Kougar. Yes, Bast must be smiling at the reception of her gift.
Big Cats, if you have yen to know more about how Sun Rocket, heroine of Red Lioness Tamed, came to novella life, check out my blog for Melissa Alvarez, The Red Lioness and Mars.
Friday, and yours truly kitty, is one year aged and saged. Let it be known only that the Kougaress's current solar age adds up to a three. In numerology ~ creative, communication, comedy. Now, if purring-moi could just get the cooperation of her precious Muse, and paw-pen a fabulous sizzle romantic comedy. Sigh-meow, perhaps one of these over-crowded days...
To be remembered, five whole stars for this one special luxurious moment on her birthday past ~ Moi's creatively thrown together chocolate fudge cake covered by Breyer's French Vanilla Ice Cream, savored while writing a scorcher love-sex scene in Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil.
And! Maa-oowww! There are reviews out there. According to an e-mail just!
Whimper...meow...a blown tentative smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiss

When it March Rains – it pours magically, sort of....
Happy Birthday kiss to moi...kisses to all my Big Cats. Here's my Title Magic Blog just for your sphynx eyes...
Today is my birthday, so I’m giving myself permission to let loose on the title of this blog and anything else. I don’t know why I’ve always held birthdays as a sacred event. It wasn’t something I was taught, or even experienced – except that in my ancient fifties’ era, birthday parties for us kids had come into suburban vogue. The fun, silly stuff. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, playing fish for dime toys, running around, the girls all in skirt-swinging dresses, until the grownups rounded us up for the grand gift opening ceremony, where the birthday princess or prince reigned, and deigned which gifts were their favorites. Then it was the off-key, loudly sung, Happy Birthday, the occasional ‘you belong in a zoo’ version. The great mystical test of blowing out all those candles. Okay, sometimes an uncle would sneak on one of those candles that couldn’t be blown out. And always cake and ice cream afterwards, marshmallow frosting mixed with ice cream, and cake – what could be better?
Fortunately for you, dear Title Magicians and precious readers, I won’t provide a running history of my past birthdays, the good, bad, beautiful and ugly. We’ll leave that to Hollywood, when they come knocking, begging for my autobiographical screen play, perfect for the hi-def silver screen – yeah (is there a bridge I can sell ya?)...just a sarcasm-funny against myself.
No, this is a look back over the past year – before being e-published and now, as a newbie author – a giant whirlwind of a journey. So, I enter American Title IV, and to my disbelief, actually final. In the meantime, I have submitted When a Good Angel Falls to Siren Publishing, which they wanted to contract, but it wasn’t heat-sizzle enough for their line. After that angst of decision, I offer them All Shades of Blue Paradise instead, now e-pubbed, and I’m writing Book II. Also, I’ve written Red Lioness Tamed to enter into a Samhain cat-prowl contest. Which doesn’t make it, however, after several long months, Liquid Silver Books offers a contract, if I make some changes – no problem, will do. And did, and the lioness lives in cyber novel space. Meow-yay!

Exact timeline aside now, but eventually I was facing my first cover art and blurb requests. Okay, basically lots of fun for me, if a highly intense process – but, being an artist type person does have it’s advantages. Then, play the theme for Darth Vader...the edits. My heart-tripping fear is engaged. Edits were not a process I had ever done before. And, at one point, after intensely slaving over the revisions for ‘Blue Paradise’, I thought I’d lost them – hair-pulling time!!! Scream at the universe!
Happily, just my ignorance about all this tech-penning stuff. Okay, being an ancient baby boomer, it’s often been trial by learning-the-computer fire – no! don’t burn up my lovely, desperately needed computer...please, I luv you. How else do I run the gamut of slashing rain and wind toward that perfect promo opportunity, always lurking somewhere up ahead? Yep, my nerves are taking a serious beating, at times, on this side of publishing business. I have made several rookie mistakes. Sheesh, just attempting to figure it all out, is a head-dizzying wild ride. Because, bottom line, how do I connect with those readers who would enjoy my stories?
So, back to the sorta timeline. Now I’m out in the first round of the American Title...and after tons o’ chocolate, and the deep down blues, after the support of my great Title Magician friends, I come up swinging, submitting to other e-pubs. All who shall remain nameless, except for Aspen Mountain Press (contracted Tangerine Carnal Dreams) – because I’ve been writing for years and years, and have full manuscripts available – especially since my health, for the last couple of years, demands I do nothing else, except write.
And then, my release days, the first two mondays of March. Yep, magic pours through me as if I did stand beneath a pounding pouring rain. My gratitude floods through me. Not just because I am officially e-published, but also because the folks at Siren and Liquid Silver have been wonderful to work with, and, gee, I tingly adore my cover art.
The other side of the happy-dance coin. Reviews. The heart trembles with trepidation, and is there a handy rock I can hide under?
Meanwhile, Siren Publishing creates Bookstrand for book distribution and for accepting manuscripts which are not in the erotic romance genre. So now, yay-yay! When a Good Angel Falls has a new home and is due out late in 2008.
Not to mention the up and down, fast and furious winds of my daily blogging efforts at Kougar Kisses, and my forum participation with Passionate Ink, a chapter with RWA – and with the author loops. Plus, all that I have not included...this is not my diary...thank heavens, for you all.
Yep, it’s all good, but time-wise, overwhelming ~ as though constantly caught in a pouring thunderstorm.
Proudly, I will say have an article in the current Passionate Ink newsletter – just really cool to see it presented there, and the pics are incredible (thank you, Francesca).
Yesterday, in the e-mail box. The cover art request form from Aspen Mountain Press for Tangerine Carnal Dreams...yay! And help! Since Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, book II is going so well. And who wants to interrupt the writing-flow?
To some of you, this blog may have looked like just a long promo. Nope. This is a snippet of my journey from ATIV finalist to where I am now as a newbie e-author. Offered because, ya know, it’s my birthday, a sacred time for review and a time to look forward to the future. And because it might offer insights to anyone else on this particular journey, or someone who is about to embark on this type of writer’s journey.
Yup, it’s pouring magically...sort of...and I’m standing out in it getting drenched...the good, the bad, the ugly...mostly, the beautiful.
Wowza congrats to Helen for being a Golden Heart finalist with her manuscript, The Magic Knot.
Some of the best birthday presents ever!

Some of the best birthday presents ever!
Siren Publishing
Liquid Silver Books

Anitra, thank you so much. I'm hoping we all just keep on rolling big time!!!
Mel, thank you. May we all just get to have our dreams become bigger and better.
March rain kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Whirlwind Kisses of March

Oh, Big Kitties! The whirlwinds of March surge and whip around the Kougar, figuratively.
Moi admired her article in the current Passionate Ink e-newsletter with it's accompanying passion-exciting pics. Sign up to enjoy all the writer-helpful articles.
Then. Contracts read, signed and sent to Siren-Bookstrand Publishing. Also, a promo presentation of All Shades of Blue Paradise on the Rites of Romance yahoo group ~ thank you for the opportunity. Plus the cover art request needs to be completed for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil. Yes, the Kougaress has her ideas spinning around in her frenzied-wild mind.
Plus, the Kougar has written her March 28 blog, The Red Lioness and Mars, for Ariana Dupre's blog site (click on listed links). Ms. Dupre is a paranormal author with Cerridwen, and her current novel, the Talgorian Prophecy, is receiving outstanding reviews.
And, the silly Kougaress blithely scheduled herself to blog on her birthday, a Sun in Aries yowl. Tomorrow. No blog inspiration, at first, of meowing-course. However, the Kougar roared through, and did a snippet-review of her whirlwind year from aspiring writer to e-published author. Which will be purring-presented tomorrow...Beautiful Big Cats.
And, wowza! In today's e-mail, finally contact from Aspen Mountain Press. A cover art request form. Hey, the Kougar is paw-tap dancing and claw-penning as fast she can. Here, on the gray-sky prairie with her daffodils blooming their gorgeous yellow heads off. And a siberian huskey looking dog digging in her pasture...hope he/she's not lost.
And...there's tons more to get done, and has been done in this e-publishing venture, this business...wowza, powza! Rumble and roar. What a whirlwind ride.
Hey, Big Cats, Helen announces her Golden Heart finalist status on Title Magic. Take a peek and congratulate her.
Helen, Good Luck! And, I've had to learn to get out of that corner too (it's a family dynamic thing). And I'm still learning, as we all do. Since it's a growth process. To toot my own horn. Congrats again. We Title Magicians are doing darn well! And I'm proud of all us.
I checked out the RT e-newsletter. American Title is kaput as a contest. But, like they say, something new on the horizon.
So, we're all the last of a breed, so to speak.
Whirlwind kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Delta Blues King

New Amsterdam, the new hero-immortal offering on TV last night, Big Hep Cats. The Kougar has been woefully ignorant, having never heard of Robert Johnson, delta blues king, who was featured as a historical key to the story's plot.
Claw-snatching a Google search, purr-yes! one of the entries offered a video presentation of Robert Johnson singing 'Crossroads'. An earthy-extraordinary poet-sorcery of the soul, his music lives inside the soul. Where blues music truly resides, and is experienced as no other music, inside your soul ~ for the Kougaress, blues music always transforms her soul and flesh into the sultry roll of her hips, the steamy sensual dance of her entire body.
Meow-huge apology here. For, the Kougaress believed Crossroads was an original song to the group, Cream. Moi makes no claim to any (none! yowl!) in depth knowledge of music or about musicians. The Kougaress simply adores music. And from the first note of blues music, an outdoor show, the Kougar was completely hooked like scale-slick ole' Charlie, the tuna.
From an amazing blues musician no longer with us, Robert Johnson will be featured in the Kougar's Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil ~ Book II of World of the Blue Pearl Moon ~ as a fictional character.
What if? He incarnated into this blue ray world? What if...the questions that is the sizzle-pure magic of writing.
Kitty Kats, oh so big and ferocious, stroll over to Title Magic for Lexie's blog on how the premise can by compared to a working hypothesis. Dizzy mewings below.
Lexie, you're making me dizzy. To simplify for my own sake. Sometimes I have a working premise because it's an inspiration. For example if I read a title about Vampires: Vamp Summer Camp (just a sample title to my knowledge). I'll read the blurb of the story, then think. Okay, what about that title is appealing to me? Summer camp in the wilds of Yellowstone? Heroine is taking her kiddos on a horseback trail ride. Oh no! Tragedy. A rattlesnake. She gets bit -- who saves her? The hero Vamp to the rescue disguised as a forest ranger because he's on a vital secret mission. Yep, daylight, but he's not your ordinary bloodsucker.
Scenario two: An otherworld where vamps go to play in the friendly sunlight of this planet. Oh no, her vessel is in trouble -- beautiful unknown planet ahead -- crasho! Into the Vamp Summer playground.
Is that scientific? It certainly involves logic, but I think imagination rules -- even if you aren't partial to my imagination. O great despair on my part - here!
Or, are these not considered a premise?

Crossroad kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Naughty Bunny Flash

Beautiful Big Cats, Mother Moon was a golden disc, mystical in her splendor last evening. And early this morning, high over the western horizon, she remained golden, yet more ethereal, an elusive beauty beckoning her lover.
A large roar of thanks and then happy-purring to Madelynne Ellis, erotic romance author. The Kougar won and has received her novel, phantasmagoria, a very GOTHIC menage ~ a definite bedtime delight.
A few days ago, the Kougar discovered she had big-yowl missed her prey-opportunity by not blogging on the Liquid Silver blog the Tuesday after the release of RED LIONESS TAMED. With a whirling kitty-newbie head and paw-frantically following up on other promo opportunities, the Kougar missed the obvious bunny-dinner in front of her. Hopefully this will be amended *hope* somewhat, when the Kougar does blog on her scheduled date.
And! Another kitty-rookie mistake, since Flash Fiction Sunday was held on Easter, with an Easter theme, of colored-egg course. The Kougar was late for a very important date. Ma-oww! If you're a naughty Big Kitty under 18, and stealing a glimpse of moi's blog ~ scat, bad cat! Flash fiction follows:

He traced his tongue over the swell of her breast. "Soft as marshmallow," he praised. His teeth gripped her nipple, tormenting with rhythmic tugs. "Pink as candy."
"Mmmmm, your ears are so fuzzy for a were-rabbit." She kissed the pointed tips, his silvery bunny fur sensuous against her lips. "But, what about your eggs?" she teased, sliding her hand down his robustly muscled chest, his sleek loins, around his dark glistening shaft. "Yep, hard-boiled and fuzzy," she whispered, gently kneading. "And deliciously ready to fill my empty basket."
"Hop on, we’ll mate like rabbits," he invited, fisting her human tresses.

Big Gorgeous Cats! Long and sleek lope over to Title Magic. Mai takes us on a journey of her writer's life. Meowings below.
Yay, Mai! Go where the Muse takes you. What a fascinating writer's journey so far. And thank you for sharing.Recently, the word 'crossroads' has come up big for me, I believe, as a shamanistic type message, since I'm not in a personal crossroads as far as what I want to write -- but, perhaps, in the direction my life is taking, given my e-pub releases and contracts, the promo thing. A whole new world, indeed. Blessings to you.
A naughty smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Card Hug

What did the Kougaress see upon her entry into the sacred writing domain? A giant handmade sun-yellow Easter bunny card from her mommy. Better than all the fantasy-wonderful Easter baskets in her cubhood.

Easter hug from the Kougar...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Kiss of Irreverence for Easter

Once upon an Easter time, in a land far, far away ~ several dimensions away, maow-actually ~ dear Big Kitties, meow-moi was a roving reporter among the humanoids. This is her news story on that staggering fateful day, a mere prelude to planet-wide changes.

Chocolate Bunny Crucified
by K. S. Wands, Alternative Dimension News
On April 1, 2007, 5:40 a.m., the Easter Bunny, solid 70% healthy cacao, was found hanging from a gigantic neon flashing cross just east of the UFO 1947 crash site near Roswell, New Mexico. It appears his entire chocolate body had been melted down, then re-molded to fit on the highly unusual cross. Enormous jelly beans hide two mammoth toothpicks impaling his upper paws. His hind feet, also impaled by a Paul Bunyan sized toothpick, was hidden by the facsimile of an egg-speckled malt ball. Sadly, the Easter bunny’s crown of thorns had been made to resemble green-dyed coconut, embedded with bright frosting spring flowers. His usual stoic serene expression – yes, I will be consumed – was one of dark chocolate agony, even though his ears remained proudly, stiffly upright.
The cross, flashing different colors to the now famous tones of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, looks to have been secretly constructed at night. With no found tracks in or out of the area, it reminds some local residents of the worldwide Crop Circle phenomena. In fact two local ranch hands, who wish to remain unidentified, first spotted the eerie throbbing glow of light from the cross, when they searched for a lost calf on horseback. Strangely it was a golden-coated calf. Investigating further, they discovered the unfortunate chocolate rabbit. Believing it was a wild stunt done by bored art students, they rode around the perimeter, checking for vehicle tracks. The two ranch hands found no tracks or disturbances of any type in the area. Packing cell phones, they immediately called 911. The operator, not knowing the true nature of the emergency, notified the Roswell authorities, Mufon and the Air Force.
However in a scene straight out of X-Files Gone Madd, the earliest light of dawn had already brought out the ‘chosen’. Laden with their cameras, their camcorders and their camera phones, these ‘chosen’ people are claiming they were summoned to the sacred site by an inner craving so strong, they were forced to follow it. Further, they claim the wafting smell of chocolate guided them to ‘him’. The crucified chocolate Easter bunny.
The land owner, who also requested anonymity, has blessed the gathering, saying the poor crucified critter can hang around as long as the Lord allows. To paraphrase, it’s just not his religious call to make.
Just hours later in another bizarre twist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or KSM as he is now being called, has announced in a new confession, that he planned and is completely responsible for the creepy Hollywood crucifixion of the chocolate Easter bunny. This is despite his current confinement at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He states further the ‘sacrificed candy rabbit should demonstrate to all peoples of western culture its childish blasphemous decadence’.
Meanwhile, beneath a gray dreary sky and the streaking scream of Air Force jets, droves of the ‘bunny faithful’ bring baskets of Easter eggs, laying them reverently around the foot of the great neon signaling cross. There is every color of egg, pastel to jewel brilliant – and every fanciful design, from Faberge to tie-dye. Also included, is every stripe of boiled egg, from watermelon to rick rack. Obviously these egg offerings are decorated by the most creative of hands to the simple loving hands of young children. It is said by most, the sight is truly inspiring.
Whispers carried on the morning breeze, murmurs fly through the large and growing crowd – resurrection. Resurrection. Resurrection, the word is heard as a small whirlwind, spoken over and over by the ‘chosen’. Yet, as a society, do we even dare such a thought?
Will he rise? This crucified chocolate bunny. The dared murmurs continue. Yes, surely he will ascend. Be risen. The heavenly chocolate Easter bunny must resurrect, some say confidently. Still, I hear one mother say to her tiny daughter – No, Bethany, there might not be an Easter Bunny this year. There may never be another Easter Bunny hopping down the happy bunny trail...

A kiss most irreverent from the Kougar...

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Day of March Miracles

A March miracle has occurred, Beautiful Big Kitties. Indeed, the Kougar was faced with a major/minor repair situation of her beloved gravel drive. A giant cave in...meow-well, it was about a foot and a half foot deep and about two feet long (lots of rain) where the tiny full stream passes beneath. Bravely, the Kougar filled her two buckets with scrap bricks, then took to her van. After dumping one pail inside with minimal filling result, she discovered where the gargantuan hole drained, down to an immense yawn of ground. *Beware! Exaggeration used for effect here.* With Spirit guidance the Kougaress discovered a big ole' slab of old concrete to block off the drainage, then filled up and got 'er done.
The miracle? Moi's strength was taxed, but yowl-amazingly, not as severely as in the past two years. Gradually, one paw-step at a time, the Kougaress is regaining her health. A grateful bow to Bast. Because this is a true healing miracle.
Moi's other miracles ~ she received her formal contracts from Siren-Bookstrand for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil and When a Good Angel Falls. Yay! Happy-roar! Yay!
And purring loudly about March miracles, the miracle of Easter and Spring is upon us. The froggie woggies are lustily singing to beat the birdie band on moi's tame prairie pond. Early this morning the full Mother Moon was the most glorious miracle of orange ~ not peach, not fruit orange, not sherbet orange ~ ethereal brilliant delectable orange ~ with trails of midnight blue clouds on her shining face. The Kougaress watched Lunabelle sink into the turquoise teal blanket of clouds on the horizon, before closing her squinchy eyes in slumber.
Rumble-in-awe, miracles abound this day. For, a gorgeous male cardinal preened himself, remaining on his branch as moi cooed at him through her kitchen window. Long moments later, he and his mate fed on the seed-rich un-mowed lawn.
The shamanic message? Perhaps, a trail the Kougaress should sniff out.
Most blessed Easter celebrations to all. May Resurrection live within you and your loved ones, as it lived within Christ, the holy One.
Big Cats, the miracle of tenacity and being published on Title Magic today by Guest Blogger, Susan Macatee. Moi's rumble-ramblings and Susan's comment below:
Hi Susan, late again to the party. Had to fix a big gaping hole in my gravel drive. Luv that cover too for Eternity Waits.
Congrats on your perseverance and your publishing success. Sharing your story helps and inspires us all. And way cool that your editor joined us. The Wild Rose Press is another notch up in my estimation. And I've already had a good experience with one of the other editors.
The Civil War has always been one of my favorite eras of American History. Will look forward to your novel. Mucho success!

Susan Macatee has left a new comment on the post "Guest Blogger Susan Macatee": Thanks, Savanna!I love the Civil War period and am grateful The Wild Rose Press is actually looking for romances set there.

March miracle kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kiss of the Spring Equinox

Kiss of the Spring Equinox, my Beautiful Big Cats. That magical force when light and dark are balanced, the black and white symbol of Yin and Yang. Of course, the Kougar is sneezing and yawning with the first allergens of Spring, her head muzzy and slightly disoriented. Some might yowl, what's new? What's new, Kougar Kat? Your brain has always been in the muzzy dream state, dial-turned onto the dance-to-a-different drummer station.
Meow-watery eyes, moi doth protests. Just a small soft mew. For, why fight the essential truth of her nature?
And yes! Thank Bast! for moi's herbs and supplements which she is about to utilize for allergy-relief, caffeine included.
Cat-walking cloud nine news from publishing land on this blessed equinox, this turn toward the green newness of Spring -- news, the Kougar will roar about later. Her Muse is insistently maowing for attention, and her paws itch to write. Hint however, the Kougar has print books in her future.
Paw-lightly scamper over to Title Magic my Good Big Cats. Lexie shares a valuable way of creating stories. Purring remarks below:
Lexie, I just thought it was my computer on the pic. I never thought of it as the scientific method, but I have done a lot of what you outlined. When I go through the RT magazine, see the blurbs, the promos, I often let my imagination soar as to what story I would write. Or I might spin it to fit a story I'm already working on. Actually, I have lists and lists of phrases and titles I've concocted that way.
And dreams have often been a great jumping off point for me too. Of course, most of them would get thrown on the junk pile. But like Anitra says, there's that jewel that shines into a story.

Equinox smooch or sneeze from the Kougar...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pleasures, Inc. ~ Renee Knowles

Greetings, Big Kitties, the tentative warmth of Spring hovers over the tame prairie. Green shoots emerge from beneath the dry tan of death and the leaves naturally mulching themselves. Last the moon waxes toward her full light again...the sky was a beautiful-amazing shade of deep blue the Kougar has rarely seen. If there is any doubt our beloved Earth changes as the cosmos changes, that silliness has evaporated with the length of the Kougaress's life in this world.
Yesterday Renee Knowles, author of Going Topless, Siren Publishing, offered moi an invitation to blurb about All Shades of Blue Paradise in her newsletter called "This Month's Featured Read." *Insert big grin here.*
And, meow-perhaps, synchronicity is stretched like bubble gum here ~ however-purr, the Kougar could not help but notice Renee's second novel with Siren Publishing, Pleasures, Inc. 1 ~ possesses a similar title word, pleasure ~ with the Kougar's book II, Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, from Siren Publishing.
Below is the oooh-so-sexy and intriguing blurb for Renee's coming soon novel:
GUILTY PLEASURES [Pleasures, Inc. 1]by Renee Knowles
[Erotic Contemporary Romance] Diana Grady stayed away from love, pouring her energy into making her escort service, Pleasures, Inc., a success. Until she hires sexy, intelligent Nick Duvane. She can't resist Nick's sensual words and steamy caresses. Then she discovers Nick is an undercover reporter who could destroy her company—and her heart.
Hey, leisure Big Cats, if you hunger for two heroes in your romances, take a little trip over to Title Magic for Holli's insightful blog. Meow-yowl below:
I have to say the whole choose between the two hero thing doesn't do it for me personally. I can see the appeal, the mystery, the competition between the men, the heroine's angst. But truthfully, it's a turn off for me. Guess I'm just weird that way.
I prefer the in-depth interaction between the heroine and hero, rather than who gets who and why.
Just me.

The pleasure of kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daffodil Lusciousness

Daffodil lusciousness...Big Kitties, beneath the leaden skies. The Kougar's daffodils are exploding, their spring yellow flowers and green leaves strikingly beautiful. Definitely heaven sent.
Moi blogged on Title Magic today. Thus that is the meow offering for the private and privileged viewing of Big Cats only!
Ah, yes, yesterday, the wearing of the green ~ and the first magic kiss of spring for me. The wee leprechauns are dancing jigs around their pots o’ gold, laughing like naughty fiends as the humans greedily seek them out, following the proverbial rainbow. Call it too much corn beef and cabbage, or the misty enchantment of St. Patty’s day still coiling around all those snakes chased off the emerald isle...but the fanciful lore of the Irish, of Shamrocks has always tickled and teased my imagination. Having some Irish roots doesn’t hurt, either.
For a deeper perspective, the wearing of the green, or the wearing of Spring, signals the emergence of new growth, a revitalization of the land for planting. And signals for all of us ~ it is time to revitalize our live, to begin anew. This theme is continued by our traditional celebration of Easter. Eggs, new life. Bunnies, chocolate or the little furry hopping critters ~ quite happy to regenerate their kind with nests full of baby bunnies. *If only chocolate would magically renew*
In the spirit of new beginnings, and in the spirit of kissing, definitely a favorite romantic activity of mine, I asked Renee Lyons, founder of the new e-publishing company, Lyrical Press, Inc., to blog with us today.

Hello everyone. Savanna was kind enough to allow me the privilege of
hijacking Title Magic and write a bit about mine and my husband's
venture, Lyrical Press, Inc. I think, coming from the other end of the
pen, so to speak, we have a fairly good idea about what authors want in a publishing house (I write under the name Rene Lyons, although I have recently retired from writing to devote more time to Lyrical). A solid and fair contract. To be treated with respect. Good and hard-working editors and publishers who are personable and professional and willing to work just as hard as our authors to turn out quality books. Appealing covers an author can be proud to 'show off'. And most of all, on-time payment of royalties. These things can be banked on at Lyrical. We want everyone to have an amazing experience with us and will work ourselves to the bone to deliver on that promise.
Frank, Emma (our Editor-In-Chief) and I are shameless fans of American
Idol. One morning Emma and I were brainstorming about a contest. We were
also chatting about the previous night's Idol show. Next thing we knew,
Lyrical Idol materialized. Okay, so it was more the brainchild of
Emma...but I was at least part of that conversation! What came of
bouncing ideas back and forth was Lyrical Idol: Season One. Best First
Kiss Contest.
Each entry must be limited to a 350 or less word count, contain a 3 word
tag to describe the characters and a slight alteration to set the scene
up. All entries must be sent in by April 5th. The best entries (think
first-round judging done by Simon, Paula and Randy) will be posted
unedited on the Lyrical Press, Inc. blog, where we will open judging to
the readers on April 15th. Yes. The readers. *insert evil laughter here*

The winner will receive a contract with Lyrical Press, Inc!
Savanna asked what appeals to me in a paranormal romance. That's simple. We'd love a Gothic/dark ghost or vampire story to get lost in. Something that will shut out the 'real' world and transport the reader to a different world. We'd love richly fleshed out characters and a detailed world that leaps off the page. We'd also love anything that has to do with faeries or elves. Yes, elves. If we're going paranormal, why not shift to the side a bit and go magical as well! My husband has an aunt from Ireland and her accent captivates me. To get a submission set on the Emerald Isle that involves some of their amazing folklore would be a dream come true. Oh! And did I mention selkies? Yes. We'd love to get a story about those Scottish creatures as well, as you rarely come across them.

We're also set to host a second contest. This one involves a cover I
created that has no book to go with it. It's a Gothic/Medieval cover and we'd love to get our hands on a book to fit it. So, if anyone is writing an historical set in the medieval age.... ;)
Savanna, and all the ladies at Title Magic, thank you for allowing me to talk a while with your readers.

Thank you, Renee, for blogging with us. I'm excited about what Lyrical Press, Inc. has to offer. And I love that cover! The details are below for the ‘first kiss’ contest. This could be your big chance at that first contract.

Daffodil lyrical kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Raining of the Green

Rain, Big Kitties, rain as the Kougar has not heard for years! Large standing puddles of rain this deep gray afternoon around moi's domain. Drought in varying degrees has been the general rule for the last ten years or so. Hearing the rain pound, beat the ground for such a long time...peace, a feeling of joy, even though the Kougaress has not the least paw-affinity for mud.
Raining of the green or the bringing of the green, for the bounty of rain will bring forth the green of Spring. And the Kougaress rejoices! a spring to her ground-covering step ~ once the puddles soak into the Mother. A kiss for St. Patrick's cheek, for this is a true green-sweet blessing.
Promo-joy, oh hope springs green-eternal. Yesterday, the Kougar submitted Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, and All Shades of Blue Paradise, Siren Publishing to Passionate Ink's Book Notes ~, a beautifully presented e-newsletter of recent releases sent to all members. Yay! It was meowing-fun.
Avoid the mischievous merry-making leprechauns, my brave Big Cats, and tread on over to Title Magic. Lexie offers us a bit of the blarney lore.
Great recitation of history, Lexie! I'd done a bit of research, but yours is better. It's fascinating to me how things divinely come about, St. Patrick's role being a perfect example.
Green beer, hey, even now I want to hurl -- you could torture me with the stuff, I swear.Now a nice honey mead raised on high to St. Patty, a kiss o' the shamrock...that's for me.

Raining of the green kisses...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Angel Flashing Kisses

Big, Kitties, the Kougar's mug is split with a huge feline-happy grin. Her romance futuristic 2012 novel, When a Good Angel Falls, is being released in late 2008 by Siren-Bookstrand ( Meow! Roar! Yay! And a sleek luxurious rolling on the carpet, since the ground outside is sleet-wet and cold.
March Madness Explosion, it's warp speed, Big Cats...the Kougar's writing, the blogs, the promo prowling...

And yowling about blogs. Flashdance rules the fun, risque flash fiction on the Liquid Silver blog, with Roscoe in charge of the party and sending over the drinks. Want to Saturday Night Fever flash your stuff on the writing dance floor? *Smooth hip cat* take a stroll on over.
The Kougar's dancing fever below:
Aahhh, Brandy Alexander in a snifter…purr-fect!And Garth is rather delish in that over-hunk way. Thank you, Roscoe
Flashing now…
Ignored as usual, she swayed to the sultry rhythms as she sat, occasionally sipping on the old-fashioned Sangria. It was the usual crowd, couples making themselves hotter, their bodies twined together like pretzels. And those who despised dancing, thinking the art of the music was all. Shaking her hair, she missed the man headed her way. A viking of a man. His golden russet mane waved below his shoulders…had he stepped off a dragon ship? Stunned as he strode toward her, she drank in his muscled thighs, impressive beneath leather pants.
"Dance with me," he commanded, extending his hand.

Angel flashing kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daffodils on the Ides of March

On this dreary chill day of dusk blue-silver horizon above the faded-tan pastures ~ on this day, Beware of the ides of March ~ the Kougar's daffodils thrive, yellow bursts of pure beauty with leaves of St. Patrick green along the side of her domain. These intrepid signs of spring have burst up from their winter-thick bed of leaves nourished by liberal amounts of doggie doo. The Kougaress can only smile her enchantment, and thank the creator goddess, and gaze upon them often.
The dreaded Ides of March, Lovely Big Cats ~ when Caesar meets his predicted infamous stabbing end. Roar-yes, at times humans will rebel against the oppression of tyranny. Purr-however, with a tiny amount of research, the Kougaress has once again discovered how little our true heritage is valued. For, March 15 was celebrated, venerated as the first day of the year. Yowl the obvious, may spiritual common sense prevail ~ spring is rebirth, the planting lands warm to a new fertility. The foals drop from their dam's belly to soon frolic over the tender green of their pastures. Baby birds chirp their new lives, hungry to feed and live.
This day should be greeted, an anticipation of the sun's light more and more upon the land, more and more revitalizing all of us Big Kitties to our new possibilities, the renewal of our lives. And, perhaps, that is the underlying vibe, the roaring happy celebration of St. Patrick's day, the festive carefree brightness of the parades. Indeed, the wearing of the green. Or, the wearing of Spring.

Moon Cat, Carolina Panthers, The Year of the Cat ~ moi's omens? Synchronicity always alive and well ~ and! Ta da! The Kougar has entered The Author's Lounge cover award contest. Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, has been accepted and moi will be notified when her turn is up. Yay! Meow. Yay!
Daffodil kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, March 14, 2008

On the Hunting Trail

Romance Rebel Ship ~ fly on over for excerpts and info on the Kougar's romance sizzle novels. Meow-yes, still a tail-twitching work in progress...
On the hunting trail for promo meat, then the bliss of a satiated belly, Big Kitties, the Kougar sniffed out a new e-publisher, Lyrical Press, Inc. at The Romance Studio. Enchanted by the name, she loped a side trail to investigate -- the thought soaring in her lyrical writing encouraged?
Moi did not prowl out that tasty morsel answer. However, she did happily discover The Lyrical Idol 'first kiss" contest. The winner will help launch this new enterprise. If you're a Big Cat writer stalking that 'purr-fect' opportunity, glitter your gaze on their website:
Official Rules for Lyrical Idol
Contest Guidelines:
· Entries must be 350 words or less.
· Entries must include a three-or-less-word "tag" introducing the hero and heroine. For example, Rhett: Southern rake, Scarlett: Headstrong diva.
· Entrants will be allowed some editing of lead-in to set the scene if necessary, but any alterations must be included in the 350 words.
· Entries must be pulled from an original, completed manuscript not currently under contract or consideration by any other publisher, agent or entity.
· Entries must be sent no later than April 5, 2008 to editor AT lyricalpress@com, subject: LYRICAL IDOL ENTRY.
· Entrants must remember that the blog is a public forum - Lyrical Press reserves the right to exclude entries containing overly explicit language.
· Entries will not be altered in any way by the staff of Lyrical Press, Inc, so please edit your work carefully.
Received entries will be considered by our editorial staff, then narrowed down to sixteen contestants. The "sweet sixteen" will then be revealed on the Lyrical Press, Inc Blog on April 15, 2008. First round blog-reader voting will proceed, and the "great eight" revealed April 21, 2008. Second round blog-reader voting will continue until the "final four" are announced April 28, 2008.
The final round of blog-reader voting will end May 4, 2008. Our first Lyrical Idol will be announced on Lyrical Press's Launch Date, May 5, 2008.
The first Lyrical Idol wins a publication contract with Lyrical Press, Inc!

Contest Rules:

· Entrants must be 18 years of age or older
· Entrants must not currently be under contract with Lyrical Press, Inc
· All entries must be pulled from completed works of 12,000 words or longer
· The aforementioned completed works must meet all other Lyrical Press, Inc's guidelines for publication
· Entries received after April 5, 2008 will not be considered
· The winning entry will be subject to all due legal and editing obligations
· Entries must be pulled from an original, completed manuscript not currently under contract or consideration by any other publisher, agent, or entity.
· Submission of entry to the Lyrical Idol contest implies a request for publication. Works submitted to the contest may not be submitted for consideration to any other publisher until entry has been eliminated from the running.
· Entrants may enter up to three entries.

Sample Entry:
Simon: Jaded, acid-tongued judge
Paula: Kinder, gentler judge
"Do you have to be so mean?" she asked.
"I'm honest. Not mean."
"No, you're honestly mean."
He raised an eyebrow, moving closer.
Stunned, she asked, "What… the bloody hell… was that?"
Enneagram magic on Title Magic today with Laurie Campbell, a specialist in character analysis. Does your hero have a fatal flaw? Meowings below:
Hi Laurie, for once, I'm glad about being a night owl, and just arriving. All the posts have been so informative. I'd heard of enneagrams, and just the basics. I'm having a great time comparing it with numerology in my head, which I've studied a bit. From everything said, so far, I'll have to claim the one designation. What's really fascinating is the 'wings' and 'arrows' -- or slings of character arrows...never mind. *Insert waking up mind here.*
What I find really fascinating is how the types interact -- as in when you described the three and eight -- if he makes sure she's looking good, she'll be more amenable to letting him take charge. Or if she lets him take charge, he could be happier to make her look good...if not, therein lies the conflict. Thanks, for explaining it so it makes sense.
Romance rebel kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aristocratic Fantasy or Kick-Ass Lioness

Big Kitties...the Kougar's head whirls 'big fat' explosively with all this promo stuff! What works? What doesn't? Where are the best opportunities? For reaching those 'darling readers' -- purr, rub, rub, purr -- who would most enjoy her e-novels? Those who read, those precious people and sentient critters, and the reason the Kougar wrote her stories, other than for her own excessively grand and enchanting entertainment.

But a moment's break from brain-on-overwhelm promo ~ For this breaking weird puzzlement! Big Beautiful Cats! Get a slanted gleaming eyeball of this! It's all in the pics. What moi is calling the Dog-Cheetah. Because to the studying eye of the Kougaress this 'more-than-fascinating beastie' looks like someone's attempt to blend cheetah and canine genes into a new hybrid. For further info saunter on over to
Dog-Cheetah ~ Returning from a wedding on March 8, 2008 and saw this animal along the Milwaukee River.
--"Eight Legs"
Milwaukee, WI

Moi's latest roaring attempt at promo:
Aristocratic Fantasy or Kick-Ass Lioness
Enter the World of the Blue Pearl Moon ~ Aristocratic Fantasy
An invitation ~ Open the door to Blue Paradise...
Destiny and love can be denied for only so long...
Except for her daring equestrienne competitions, Lady Sheridan lives a quiet life caring for her family's estate, staving off financial ruin and keeping her brother's misdeeds from ruining his marriage and the life of her beloved nieces.
Despite all his desperate efforts, Baron Zaggry has never discovered why his Sherfantasy broke their engagement. Now, his ruse successful, Sheridan is finally his, his slave lover. He has ten years worth of denied pleasures to make up for, to savor however he erotic chooses.
All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Savanna Kougar
Excerpt link:

Kick-Ass Lioness ~ watch out if yer a bad kitty shifter
If yer partial to a futuristic adventurous romp of lust and love on the high celestial seas of space...if you have a yen for those cat shifter types, lament no longer...
Year 3051, the Earth calendar used on Terra-Mars, a terra-formed moon orbiting Mars, and home of the heroine, Sun Rocket.
Blurb: What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?
Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.
Red Lioness Tamed ~ Savanna Kougar
Excerpt link:
Kisses from the Kougar...
Title Magic, Lovely Big Cats, our super librarian, Mel, educates the Kougar, crystal and clear as the looking glass...fall through the looking glass into your favorite library where magic always lives.
Mel, that was fascinating. Being out on the prairie, library access is limited! And if I could do the 'get to know you' signings and programs, I would. But being severely allergic to perfumes, cigarette smoke, etc. -- being around groups just doesn't work. However, the bookmarks are an excellent idea -- for the over 18 crowd.
My favorite library! When I was writing a medieval love story (yay! no footnotes!) for my final paper in a college Medieval history class -- yes, my professor agreed, and I got top honors for it -- given this was before Ren Festival, I researched for the details of medieval life down at the UMKC, University of Missouri, Kansas City library -- boy, I luved that place!

Smooch to the Dog-Cheetah from the Kougar...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sail on the Romance Rebel Ship

Sail on the Romance Rebel Beautiful Big Cats. The Kougar has paw-created another blogspot ~ ~ to showcase her literary triumphs...dry martini meow, right.
Roaring however, the Kougar is providing a reclining spot for excerpts and info on her sizzle e-novels from Siren Publishing, All Shades of Blue Paradise, and from Liquid Silver Books, Red Lioness Tamed.
Consider-purr, the new blogosphere ship is a claw-continuing work in progress since the Kougaress only possesses so much time, quantum time excluded ~ and only so much brain power, cosmic eternal connection excluded, also ~ to complete her author mission.
And thus, the Kougar is worn to fragile ends her announcement rumblings.

On Title Magic, the return of Anna Campbell, author of Claiming the will savoring's meowing...
Anna, late to the awards party. So excited to be here now. Oh, that necessary shopping thing! I definitely check out the award-winning books. But, it has to sell me after I pick it up. What the story is about, other than romance, of course. And the writing style of the author.
Luv award ceremonies when it's for a friend. The Oscars have become too extreme for my taste, recently. But, oh, I used to euphoria-tingle over the gowns and the glam.
Hello and welcome to all the Banditas.
Anna, you need a boost, an e-mail hug when you're slogging over that next fantabulous story -- yep, I'll remind you how wonderful you are.

Romance Rebel kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Stolen Stuffed Cougar

Howdy from the rough and tumble bar in Star Wars, my Big Cats, yesterday Lynda in her blog (, raised several fascinating questions regarding the cross-over of sci fi into the multiple-genre world of romance, thusly a sci fi romance. While the Kougar has no answers to Lynda's superb questions, moi adores the fusion of genres, and Red Lioness Tamed was labeled a spicy sci fi in the Silver Siren, Liquid Silver Book's e-newsletter. While the Kougar smile-tingle adores that description...Meow-secret ~ adventurous love and lust on the high celestial seas of space was her author motivation, more than any definition of what is sci fi, and what is not.
Yep, the stolen stuffed cougar -- on moi's local news. The poor stiff, forever-posed darling was taken from its eternal mascot home. Two camera-fuzzy and unrecognized villains absconded with the taxidermy beast, tip-toeing away from the high school's trophy case, causing the Kougar to wonder -- why are there Big Brother eyes all over and the pics are such poor quality, any real crook will never be brought to justice? If only Tricky Dick had relied on high school thieves instead of real professionals, his mug and his bum would have been covered for all of historical posterity.
To add more insult or assault to the Kougaress, a poor rabid cougar was put out of his misery at a boy's birthday party...ah, on to the golden lands of Cougar Paradise, my friend.
Then, more assault...the ticker passes announcing the arrest of a Carolina Panther for DWI. Yowl to Mother Mother Crescent Moon -- her beauty unsurpassed last evening as she hung in dark teal of falling night.
Yes, a final assault, my Beautiful Big Cats, moi received the big NO form letter from Dorchester, the Editorial Staff. Bottom line, your ms isn't going to fill our coffers.
Meow maybe...perhaps, true. Since the Kougar has no real insight into Dorchester's market potential. And, perhaps, moi's yowling ego simply wants to believe...a big roar...Dorchester is making a big mistake.
Ah, Zen Cat yes, a huge twitch of moi's tail, a grand repose overlooking her sun-warmed prairie. And purring-truth ensues...the Kougaress prefers the freedom offered by e-publishing, not to rumbling-mention, often the release of a novel occurs more rabbit-swiftly.
Crossroads, Cougar crossroads...'down to the crossroads' that the spirit message? To choose the cyber world over the established print world? Or, and, has the world of publishing arrived at the crossroads? Which master is served? The land of the New York giants? Or the land of the many, who vote everyday with the small publishers by purchasing their reading choices via the internet? Are the smaller publishers about to play David hurling the stone between the giant's brow?
The Kougar has no definitive answer or opinion...only the questions, only the constant and curious vigilance of a huntress.

Spicy sci fi kisses from the Kougar....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beautifully Blue

Sunset on the winter-crushed prairie, staggeringly gorgeous these past two days, Big Beautiful Cats. Yesterday the Kougaress watched the rose pink neon sun sink beneath the horizon, gossamer rays of blazing color seizing the sky, flames of pink and orange vanishing into deep shimmer blue and behind the streams of sculpted clouds. Later, as moi released her canines for a romp, twilight darkened the sky to a splendid blue teal color the Kougar has never witnessed before.
Beautifully Blue, my Lovely Big Cats, the Kougar's page at Siren Publishing for All Shades of Blue Paradise. Purr...le sigh...just beautiful.
Blue sizzle kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blue Excitement Kisses

Blue Excitement Kisses, Big Beautiful Kitties. Moi's e-novel, All Shades of Blue Paradise, will be released from Siren Publishing tomorrow, Monday, March 10. Yay! Roar-shout! Shiver-happy tinglies. And a sense of pride. Tail-swishing joy and a huge soft smile on her mug.
Synchronicity...hope, hope good fortune is to be rolled in, and enjoyed. For, just as the Kougaress began this blog she heard William Henry speaking about his latest DVD on the spiritual promise and awakening of 2012. To quote from his promotion, he said, 'open the door to paradise'.
Meow-wow! How could the Kougaress refuse such an opportune gift dropping from the blue heavens above?
Big Cats, an invitation ~ Enter the World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Open the door to Blue Paradise...
An excerpt from All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ Savanna Kougar
~ “Lady Sheridan Kayla Woadeir,” Clarence intoned in his best aristocratic voice. A broad smile broke over his face, brightening his countenance to near jolly. He widened the door, inviting her entrance.
She stepped into the cobalt and pearl foyer, smiling in return. “How are you, Clarence?”
“Sunny azure days ahead now, Lady Sheridan. He’s up in the grand office. Go on. I’ll ring up your arrival.”
Her high heels clicking on the alabaster brilliant floor, Sheridan watched her image in the nouveau shimmer panels. The panels reflected the immense entry room’s light creating a crystalline ambiance.
Sheridan had resorted to dressing in the way he used to passion smolder over. She had no idea if that was still true.
Sapphire blue, gleaming sapphire. The luxury satin dress fit her curves, bared her arms, bared her legs from the knee down to her matching high heels. The pearls around her throat matched the moon’s color of last evening and provided a tiny touch of comfort.
Sliding her fingers along her pearls, Sheridan moved up the long curving sweep of stairs, low steps designed for a woman. Butterflies battled to escape her stomach once she stood at the top on the wine red carpet.
Keeping her feet moving, she glided toward the open office door, as if she moved inside a pocket of air. Reality seemed a horizon away.
He didn’t speak when she entered. He casually leaned back on his chair, one foot propped up on the dark shining wood of his enormous desk. Potent power and grace, he stood, silently moving to one side.
He motioned to a swivel cushioned chair before his desk. His presence had always made her feel sultry. Once his sultry woman. It was no different now. Her whole body was a sultry sizzle rhythm. She felt it to her core as she approached the chair and sat.
Her legs crossed, she steepled her fingers, watching him pivot. Lithe, powerful as a cougar, he returned to his chair. She’d seen the media’s view of him, unavoidable in her ‘horse show’ circle. Confronted with him, her breath demanded freedom from her body.
Like a cougar, the way he moved, his fierce intense nature, that was how she’d always seen him. Cougar in male beautiful form. Cougar spirit incarnated to man.
Goddess behold! She had loved him.
Sheridan didn’t blame the women who wanted him, not just for his status or his wealth but for the primal and the aristocratic blend he was as a man, as a lover, the way he made a woman feel.
Pure sensual desire. Pure sensual need. Pure ferocious passion for him.
She waited, knowing that was his cougar-and-prey game with her. She waited, her gaze fondling the burnished waves of his dark mahogany hair, streaked with wild sunlight.
The rough grazing purr of his voice made her shiver inside. She met his gaze boldly. Never flee before a cougar. Always stand your ground, even if faced with the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen.
Pale emerald, so ice crystalline, his eyes were always startling, always stunning.
“Baron Vettura,” she returned, her tone icy cordiality. Sheridan knew her eyes glowed hot. She felt it. She shook back her hair. “It has been a while.” ~

Blue excitement kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Art of the Red Lioness

Freezy nasty cold last night, Big Beautiful Cats. The arctic air refuses to stay away. Roar of the Kougar! A ruling slash of her tail. Bring forth the warmth of Spring.
Although, it was a good night to paw-pen moi's pleasures of blue in the World of the Blue Pearl Moon. Today the sky reigns bright and blue overhead during this late afternoon pen-musings.
Being a forever-afficiando of cover art, the Kougar claw-clicked over to the TheNewCoveyCoverAward website to peruse the March entries, enjoy the art and the blurbs, then vote. Since cubhood, the Kougar has always tingly adored book cover art, having her faves, of course. Now, as she discovered when attempting to vote, the entry was still open, and there was a chance to enter for this month.
Meow-voila! Red Lioness Tamed, from Liquid Silver Books, has been sent in as a potential entry. Hope-purr-hope!
And moi discovered her cover artist, David Burton, does indeed have a website: ~ which the Kougaress will prowl through upon her leisure.
Crossroads...for the last two days, as the Kougar awakens, that Cream song plays in her head, Mysteriously, since moi is not aware of destiny providing said 'crossroad'. More mysteriously, yesterday she heard the word three times on various radio talk shows. Shaman wisdom demands a huntress eye ~ ah, meow...perhaps, it is the secretive meeting at the UN regarding the announcement of the UFO phenomena as real, the little gray or green men are here.
Maow-sarcastic, and what's new, pussycat?
Perhaps, the world of Earth has come to a crossroads. The public realization we are not alone in the galaxy. Not mere human-cat creatures risen up from the mud of evolution, but truly the stuff of stardust, the descendents of star people.

Crossroads kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Blue Pleasures of March

A most elegant purring issues forth from the Kougaress's lips for her Blue Pleasures of March.
Monday...monday...monday....echoing...Big Cats, All Shades of Blue Paradise, will be available from Siren Publishing.
The Kougar is tickled blue instead of pink, even if she is *meow purr* utterly female, and adores most every shade of pink ever invented or created.
Shades of pink adorned the sunset sky yesterday in the most amazing and soul-inspiring display. Sweet languorous bow to Bast. All the pink shades the Kougaress wishes resided in her closet, gowns to be worn at fancy elegant balls, evening dresses to be worn during sultry and seductive nights out. Wish..wish...wish...
Once upon a time, the Kougaress had time to adore fashion, to create her own designs...once upon a time. Now that pleasure is reserved for her fanciful stories, her fantasy realms. The silk-sumptuous and satin-splendid, all shades of blue wardrobe belonging to Lady Sheridan, heroine in All Shades of Blue Paradise. For in Sheridan's World of the Blue Pearl Moon the beauty of a woman is cherished, adorned, admired. The enhancement of a woman's beauty is encouraged, praised -- more than demanded or commanded. It is not a world media-screaming that a woman is 'not good enough' unless she turns into a stepford wife barbie doll victoria's secret model. For, beauty is revered, not coerced by fools and ruthless bullies, who loathe themselves.
The World of the Blue Pearl Moon – A world of lush erotic decadence, where the fiercest passions between a woman and a man need never be denied. A world of potent seductive arts, where every appetite is served in the salons and the lavish entertainments. A world of wicked and resplendent pleasures, where the love between a man and a woman is a sensual lusty affair, soaring up to the radiant blue vault of sky.
Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance] Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his love slave. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.
Big Beautiful Kitties, you must paw-spring over to Title Magic. Evonne provides an insightful wonderful interview with Amanda Grange, an UK author featured in the March edition of Romantic Times magazine. Musings and meows below:
Evonne, wonderful interviewing style.
Amanda, amazing! I'd just had a chance to read the March RT, and noticed the feature article. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite of the Austin novels. There was something so heart-wrenching when the heroine and hero finally came together. and such a completion of the heart.
I admire your ability get into the minds of these characters, to tell their stories. Thank you for sharing today. Now if only I could steal that gown on the cover.
Also, a yowl-follow up to moi's Title Magic blog of yesterday.
Anitra, hi April Aries, have you ever looked at your full chart. For example, my moon is in scorpio. You might have some significant scorpio influence.
Yeah, ever since my tomboy running days, I've loved men in that respect. I've fallen in love with a man for his intellect, mostly. Too bad, the rest of the package wasn't all that wonderful.

Blue and pink kisses (double) from the Kougar...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Lioness Magic

Big Kitties, just for your all-knowing radiant eyes, my blog on Title Magic today.

March Madness and Magic
Red Lioness Magic – with the release of my first e-novel, a perfect description for the month of March for me. And we have a winner, a new Dorchester author. American Title IV has been decided, the reader’s choice to be announced in Romantic Times magazine. Congratulations to both finalists. Opportunity is blowing your way, fast and ferocious as a March wind.
Okay, okay, I confess. Heaving an enormous sigh, I cross my arms over my heaving bosom (insert your favorite bodice ripper heroine here)...okay, this picture, the God of War from Xena, Warrior Princess – and this blog is a gift to myself, not a picture of a hero from one of my novels.
I’m an Aries, and soon good ole’ Sol will leave the dreaming-creative sign of Pisces, to shine it’s radiance in the pioneering-innovative sign of Aries, ruled by Mars energy. Think of the Spring Equinox as the portal. Yep, the sun will explode on top of my natal sun, or where the sun was at the time of my birth. So, why wouldn’t I, being a red-blooded, ‘Mars Red’ woman, be hankerin’ over that smoldering hunk o’ fiery lust and love, the God of War – the Greek Ares or the Roman Mars. Or, better yet, the actor, Kevin Tod Smith, tragically no longer with us (March 16, 1963–February 15, 2002).
Hmmm...March 16...the month of March being named after the Roman god, Mars...a bit of cosmic coincidence? I dare think not. More like the Fates wove those gold and silver threads in a destiny realized, a depiction of the god Ares for modern times. A gift for the modern TV audience. For those of us starving, soul-desperate for more than the god technology has become in our world. Yes, a gift from the grand cosmos.
But...confession time again, most bad boys don’t do it for me, but then, neither do most ‘good guys’. Just a few bad boys light my passionate fires, spin me to wildfire, then blaze me up to wanton breathlessness. And that’s quite enough to get a gal into real serious up-in-smoke trouble (all confessions deleted here).
Trouble, yep. Thank the goddesses and gods, this is only a picture. March madness is upon me. No, not basketball. Unless, I was star-blinked onto Mt. Olympus, and found myself suddenly engaged in court-dribbling, battle-of-the-sexes combat with that very bad boy in black leather pictured above.
Talk about and swoon over power, power as an aphrodisiac. The power of a god is pure sexual ambrosia.
Yet, like Xena, my fantasy attraction was also a love-hate breathlessness. There was just something about Ares, the god of war, that held me utterly desire-entranced at times, something ‘that did it’. Dark and dangerous, the ability to scorch a woman to such desire, the top of Mr. Olympus would be as nothing in comparison. And...the desire to love a man-god who obviously needed real love, the bad boy redeemed – in fierce conflict with my hatred, a savage hate for the god’s careless arrogant brutality against mere mortals, against humanity.
So, in the end, like Xena, I would be saying ‘no’, more than ‘yes’ to this gorgeous god of war – the love of humanity triumphant in my heart as it was for Xena, Warrior Princess.
So, would you succumb to the god of war? As Xena was tempted, as I was tempted...?
Draxen Z of the Venture, my hero in Red Lioness Tamed, is not the dark god of war, unless he fights to save his woman, or his family. Yep, he possesses that irresistible, take-charge charm and he’s enough of a ‘bad boy’ to captivate the heroine, despite herself and her fate-ridiculous predicament.
Available from Liquid Silver Books.

In contrast to the dark brutal rule of Ares over the mortal realm, Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura, my hero in All Shades of Blue Paradise, is golden cougar in his fierce-ruling nature, as he battles the court intrigues designed to gain ultimate power in the Realm, and ruin him by destroying his heart.
Available March 10 from Siren Publishing.
Heroes, sometimes you can’t live with them, or without them? Hey! When is Heroes returning? To TV fantasy land?
Moi's meowings below:
Ahh, Mel, my fellow fire girl. Yep, give me that good guy with a rebel bad boy streak. Trish, that was a bad day when I learned Kevin Tod Smith had passed. He had that electric virile charisma that could carry off that god role. Don't see that in a lot of actors.Anitra, yeah, my sis is like that, too. She's a Scorpio.