Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kiss of the Spring Equinox

Kiss of the Spring Equinox, my Beautiful Big Cats. That magical force when light and dark are balanced, the black and white symbol of Yin and Yang. Of course, the Kougar is sneezing and yawning with the first allergens of Spring, her head muzzy and slightly disoriented. Some might yowl, what's new? What's new, Kougar Kat? Your brain has always been in the muzzy dream state, dial-turned onto the dance-to-a-different drummer station.
Meow-watery eyes, moi doth protests. Just a small soft mew. For, why fight the essential truth of her nature?
And yes! Thank Bast! for moi's herbs and supplements which she is about to utilize for allergy-relief, caffeine included.
Cat-walking cloud nine news from publishing land on this blessed equinox, this turn toward the green newness of Spring -- news, the Kougar will roar about later. Her Muse is insistently maowing for attention, and her paws itch to write. Hint however, the Kougar has print books in her future.
Paw-lightly scamper over to Title Magic my Good Big Cats. Lexie shares a valuable way of creating stories. Purring remarks below:
Lexie, I just thought it was my computer on the pic. I never thought of it as the scientific method, but I have done a lot of what you outlined. When I go through the RT magazine, see the blurbs, the promos, I often let my imagination soar as to what story I would write. Or I might spin it to fit a story I'm already working on. Actually, I have lists and lists of phrases and titles I've concocted that way.
And dreams have often been a great jumping off point for me too. Of course, most of them would get thrown on the junk pile. But like Anitra says, there's that jewel that shines into a story.

Equinox smooch or sneeze from the Kougar...

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