Monday, March 24, 2008

A Naughty Bunny Flash

Beautiful Big Cats, Mother Moon was a golden disc, mystical in her splendor last evening. And early this morning, high over the western horizon, she remained golden, yet more ethereal, an elusive beauty beckoning her lover.
A large roar of thanks and then happy-purring to Madelynne Ellis, erotic romance author. The Kougar won and has received her novel, phantasmagoria, a very GOTHIC menage ~ a definite bedtime delight.
A few days ago, the Kougar discovered she had big-yowl missed her prey-opportunity by not blogging on the Liquid Silver blog the Tuesday after the release of RED LIONESS TAMED. With a whirling kitty-newbie head and paw-frantically following up on other promo opportunities, the Kougar missed the obvious bunny-dinner in front of her. Hopefully this will be amended *hope* somewhat, when the Kougar does blog on her scheduled date.
And! Another kitty-rookie mistake, since Flash Fiction Sunday was held on Easter, with an Easter theme, of colored-egg course. The Kougar was late for a very important date. Ma-oww! If you're a naughty Big Kitty under 18, and stealing a glimpse of moi's blog ~ scat, bad cat! Flash fiction follows:

He traced his tongue over the swell of her breast. "Soft as marshmallow," he praised. His teeth gripped her nipple, tormenting with rhythmic tugs. "Pink as candy."
"Mmmmm, your ears are so fuzzy for a were-rabbit." She kissed the pointed tips, his silvery bunny fur sensuous against her lips. "But, what about your eggs?" she teased, sliding her hand down his robustly muscled chest, his sleek loins, around his dark glistening shaft. "Yep, hard-boiled and fuzzy," she whispered, gently kneading. "And deliciously ready to fill my empty basket."
"Hop on, we’ll mate like rabbits," he invited, fisting her human tresses.

Big Gorgeous Cats! Long and sleek lope over to Title Magic. Mai takes us on a journey of her writer's life. Meowings below.
Yay, Mai! Go where the Muse takes you. What a fascinating writer's journey so far. And thank you for sharing.Recently, the word 'crossroads' has come up big for me, I believe, as a shamanistic type message, since I'm not in a personal crossroads as far as what I want to write -- but, perhaps, in the direction my life is taking, given my e-pub releases and contracts, the promo thing. A whole new world, indeed. Blessings to you.
A naughty smooch from the Kougar...

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