Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Smooches to the Title Magicians

Beautiful Big Cats, snow coats the brown grass-flattened prairie. When the Kougar journeyed down to her mailbox, she enjoyed the snowflake flurry driven parallell to her windshield, instead of floaty falling down to the ground.
The crisis of sadness is over, thank the Divine. Her Title Magician buddies have rallied round. Yes, moi is sometime over-sensitive and has done her fierce best to overcome. However, she has been raked over the proverbial hot coals since her tiny cub-hood. Abuse, in whatever form it takes, always leaves scars, always leaves it's horror residue. No meowing-excuses, there it is, and the horror still takes it toll at times -- leaves chinks in the Kougar's emotional armor -- despite the real healing the Kougaress has accomplished, and has received as pure Grace.
On a happy-swishing tail note! The rough draft of the heroine's lioness-human face in Red Lioness Tamed came today. It's beautiful! Loud purring ensues...and a lithe Kougar dance of joy.
On a note of accomplishment, the Kougar posted her 'introduction' at Liquid Silver Books...yes, just for her legions of kitty shifter lovers of the genre.
On a note of frustration, the Kougaress, tail-slashing vigorously, wishes she knew how to post the image of Siren Publishing's Best Book Publisher award from Preditors and Editors Reading Poll on this blog site, and on other web pages. Just how it's done the way she wants it done, eludes her kitty un-tech brain currently.

Meow-yowling complaint!

Take a sleek stroll over to Title Magic, Big Cats. Enjoy Holli's blog about the first lines in our favorite novels. Moi's comments below on Holli's blog and on the Kougar's New Atlantis blog.

As a reader I never really paid attention to the first sentence, except how it pulled me into the story and created the mood. Truthfully, first lines have never stuck with me. However, with the American Title IV, it became a whole new ballgame. I luv, to paraphrase, 'he didn't know he was a werewolf'. That's just too kool for some reason. Here's to the great first line in our novels.
Mel, thanks. Glad your back with us. Missed you.

Holli, have you ever thought of using and exploring your connection to that place in France for a novel? Could be a great story in the making.
Anitra, thanks! I'm so excited for you. Yeah, I had to put all that life experience into something.
Helen, that shapeshifter chihuahua sure made himself known in my imagination. What better dececption than a cute shivering chihuahua to get into someone's home?
A personal thank you note. Thanks, Title Magicians, for the support.

Tail-flicking kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Kiss of New Atlantis

Aaaah, dear Big Cats, it's a lonely world for the Kougar today. She worked her brain into a roaring frenzy creating her blog for Title Magic. Her little heart is sad with despair. Nevertheless a soft meow, and a tiny hope someone will enjoy it, someday.
Perhaps, she should simply claw-remove it, as if it never existed. An option to be rumbling considered.
Huntress-forging ahead. Here it is...

The Magic of New Atlantis
Donovan’s Atlantis
The continent of Atlantis was an island
Which lay before the great flood
In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
So great an area of land, that from her western shores
Those beautiful sailors journeyed to the South
And the North Americas with ease
In their ships with painted sails.
To the east, Africa was a neighbor,
Across a short strait of sea miles.
The great Egyptian age is but a remnant
Of the Atlantian culture.
The antediluvian kings colonized the world;
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands were from fair Atlantis.
Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
On board were the Twelve:
The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician,
And the other so-called Gods of our legends,
Though Gods they were.
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind,
Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new . . .
Hail Atlantis!
Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be . . .
Way down below the ocean, where I wanna be, she may be . . .
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah,
I want to see you some day.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah,
My antediluvian baby.
My antediluvian baby, I love you, girl;
Girl, I want to see you some day.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah,
I want to see you some day, oh,
My antediluvian baby.
My antediluvian baby, I want to see you;
My antediluvian baby—gotta tell me where she gone—
I want to see you some day,
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, oh yeah;
Oh glub glub, down down, yeah . . .

Atlantis – I was magically hooked the first time I heard that name spoken for one of the mythical lost continents, before Donovan’s mystic radiant song burst onto the scene – at around the age of fourteen.
Atlantis -- it was as if an ethereal burst of stars lit up my insides and glowed in my eyes. I read everything I could find on the antediluvian land Plato spoke about, as a high spiritual and technological civilization lost to a catastrophic deluge. This included the references made to Atlantis by the American Prophet, Edgar Cayce, in his readings. Through the years Atlantis has always haunted me, the seductive ghost remaining beside me. Yes, I have continued studying, researching and listening to those experts in varied disciplines, from hard science to psychic channeling, who have accomplished the most spectacular presentations of the truth – that, indeed, Atlantis did exist. And was the progenitor of many ancient civilizations, Egypt being the most popular and the most recognized.
While I have not studied every tome written on Atlantis, nor am I fanatically researching the last tiny detail put forth, I have let this legendary land and time live within me and live in my imagination. In several lucid dreams I have lived in Atlantis – another life time? I believe so.
I was so fiercely enchanted with Atlantis and it’s terrible demise, that I wrote a short story about the last day on Atlantis as it explodes, then collapses into the ocean. This was for a creative writing class in Junior College (mid 1970's). Never did I dream writing a fictional story about this world-shaking event in our pre-history would end up becoming a lasting scar on my writer’s psyche.
My story was all set to be published in the college literary magazine when I was suddenly informed that would not be happening. Stunned beyond any pain I can express here, I was told I’d plagiarized the story. A bit hard to do, since I hadn’t read anything for several years – you know, with all that reading for college classes.
Nope, I simply wrote the story without any other book on Atlantis, fiction or non-fiction, in front of me. Yep, all in my very own little words. I never was able to convince anyone of that truth, at that time. I even asked to be shown what book I had plagiarized. It never was produced by anyone involved.
May I say, as I write this blog, I realize revenge can be sweet. Indeed, deliciously sweet. Although, revenge was the last thing pouring out of me, out of my imagination, as I wrote about the future rise of Atlantis and the love story between Kalypso and Zhryphus.
No, New Atlantis poured out of my soul, out of my wildest heart – out of my unsinkable Spirit.
With the benefit of hindsight, I believe writing a story about Atlantis rising was inescapable and is, if I am courageously honest with myself, part of my destiny.
My American Title IV entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis – spun and formed in my imagination, turbulent as a sea storm – then sprang forth onto paper and onto my computer screen like Poseidon’s powerful emergence from the ocean.
Below is what you would have seen, had I not met my contest ‘demise’, and yes, Flavia darling, that includes my endless first line.
Is this a good time to congratulate Holli, Trish, Mai and Helen, for their powerful rise in the American Title IV competition? Congratulations, Title Magician buddies!
If you haven’t had the reading pleasure yet, click on over to the Romantic Times website. Indulge your paranormal senses, then vote.

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
by Savanna Kougar

First Line:
The evil cloud of hair spray dominated the air in guest room 666 at Gardenia’s only motel, The Eternal Magnolia – so named because it was surrounded by a park-like acre of Magnolia trees, saved despite the cataclysmic weather, wars and land changes on Earth.
Heroine and Hero:
Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing is 100 years old in the year 2051. A rebel at heart, an artist by soul, she survived the sterile fifties’ suburbs, the revolutionary turbulence of the sixties, the disco guru seventies. After the suicide of the man she loved, Kalypso barely survived the designer eighties, the fast-forward nineties. In the 21st century Mother Nature rebelled. Kalypso battled for freedom. She never knew why she survived. Until Atlantis rose. Once again.
Agent Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz chose an enforcement career on Earth for several reasons – his fascination with primitive worlds, to make his own way outside the family heritage, to keep official watch for his own Worlds – and, Zerculeon men find Earth women highly desirable, like the gods of old they rival in strength. Since there aren’t enough Zerculeon women, it’s a match made in intergalactic heaven. Especially when Zryphus gets a real eyeful of the Sheriff.
Story Summary:
In 2051, murder is rare in New Atlantis. The risen land of the antediluvian empire, Atlantis, is now a sovereign land colonized by freedom fighters from the former USA, survivors of the Conflicts fought against the New World Order’s attempt to openly rule the world. A Jackie O look-alike is murdered inside her Gardenia, New Atlantis motel room. To Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing it looks like the horrific work of a serial killer from the Federal Union, the Hair Spray Killer, his unlucky thirteenth victim. In a gesture of cooperation she invites the Federal Union Agent in charge of the case, Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz, to assist her in the investigation. Arrogantly, Agent Vasquoz assumes he will be taking over, a notion smashed by the Sheriff. After all, she’s in charge and women run New Atlantis. The battle of the sexes sizzles between them immediately. Zryphus has found the woman he wants to marry. Kalypso has sworn off men forever. Since the protection of citizens is her highest priority, she needs his help to swiftly capture the notorious Hair Spray Killer, a chihuahua shifter – and help her figure out who wants the diary Jackie O may have been murdered over – a newly found diary written by Jacqueline Kennedy during her White House years. When the Hair Spray Killer comes after Kalypso, Zryphus won’t let her out of his sight or their bed. However, the hidden group pulling the Killer Chihuahua’s strings, wants New Atlantis under their thumb – using every necessary evil.
Dialogue Scene:
"Why the nice treatment, Zryphus? I was dirt under your shoes when you first arrived?" Sheriff Kalypso picked up the mascara wand. "Black, black. Just like I remember."
"Sheriff," Deputy Anna called out, "finished the personal item scan. Got the body ready for transport. We’re on our way. I’ll leave the door open. Keep airing the room out."
"Thanks, Anna. You know where I am." Kalypso picked up a compact case – solid rich elegance in design. Opening it, she studied the pasty covering. "Looks real. But I never used this stuff. Couldn’t stand it. Used the sheer version they came out with – when I used makeup. – You haven’t answered my question, Zryphus."
"Bluntly, Kalypso...I want you in my bed."
Placing the compact case down delicately, Kalypso absorbed the shock. "No, I don’t think so," she slowly enunciated.
"Have a lover?" Zryphus handed her the powder case.
"None of your business, as they used to say. – Looks real. Mind if I test it with my finger?"
"Please. – You don’t have a lover. Neither do I."
"Probably because you’re married or in a committed partnership. Or you just ended an affair – something like that. No!" Kalypso shifted gears. "Feels real, smells real. Are you aware of a company, or maybe a small business that creates these replica products?"
"Three, to be exact. Can’t tell where these originated. – I’m a one woman man, Kalypso. You’d have all my attention."
"No thanks. I politely decline. – Eyelash curler. Never used one. Always looked barbaric. – Brow tweezers. Unfortunately tried this a few times. Way too painful."
"I’ll convince you. – What’s this?"
"Eyebrow darkening powder. – No, you won’t. I don’t like men when it comes to relationship crap. Perhaps you don’t know much about our social structure here. Women rule."
"I dominate in bed. In our passionate relationship."
Mystery o’ great mystery of life, Magicians All, once again, my past collides with my present. My starry-eyed fascination with Atlantis collides with my land-risen futuristic world of New Atlantis.
Yes, I admit it, the magic of New Atlantis continues the magical spell cast over me, the instant I heard the name, Atlantis.
Sad kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caterwauling Smooches and Semi-Colons

Yesterday, Big Cats, southern winds kept the tame prairie so warm, the Kougar's power bill sighed with relief. Not today. Ooo...ick! Yep, the winds rule, arctic cold winds blasting the temp down into the middle teens. A small flurry of snow graced the Kougaress's eye, tiny whirling floaty snowflakes.
Caterwauling excitement! The Kougar just received two cover art drafts for her lioness shifter novella, Red Lioness Tamed. Now, all she has to do is decide...? And! She completed her punctuation edits...for now. Yay! Frolicking tumble, yay!
Question, Kitty novel writers: Do any of your story characters think in semi-colons? Meow and soft yowl, there is a music to how we think, a rhythm...from furious rushes of thought...then a pause, next a drumbeat forward. Maybe we think in hip-hop or a Bach symphony...yes, depending on our mood, our emotion, or on our circumstances. Depending on who we are...what our life-savage passions are. The Kougar is thinking, perhaps, report writers, science writers think in semi-colons -- for that is part of their world, their way being. And you, what is your music?
Tomorrow is blog day for the Kougar at Title Magic. If you feel a passion for all things Atlantis, take an alert romp on over. Featured will be moi's life-long love affair with Atlantis and her American Title IV entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis.
To strike a different paw note, my Big Cats, walking the same journey as the Kougaress, there are huge changes afoot in our wild, mad world. Dance through them as you can and know the Kougar is always with you in Spirit.

Today is our day, Big Beautiful Kitties, Mel entertains us with the story of her cat at Title Magic. Yes, her kitty is domestic. Nonetheless, completely adorable. Below is moi's happy comment.
Mel, I smiled all the way through your cat story. We had a siamese when I was growing up, and your kitty reminds me of her.
What can I say? My doggies are my babies. Yup, they ground me, keep me from floating away into writing land too much. They let me woggle them, kiss them and hug them. They remind me daily what love is all about.

Caterwauling smooches from the Kougar...

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Kiss of Relief and Rage

Aaah, Big Playful Cats, since somehow the 'objectionable' warning seems to have been least the Kougaress hopes so. She did send a spark-contained e-mail to the only available contact she could find. All those in blogger land, how does moi make a formal yowling complaint against those who have complained against her?
Relief! Since the Kougar put claw to keyboard in a hunt to discover the lair of the culprit(s). No satisfaction in that foray into Google land. However, she did discover that her blog on Title Magic, The Magic of the Superheroine is featured on a few other websites devoted to fandom of the comic and graphic novel superheroine. Moi can say it was strangely gratifying. And she hopes all who read her blog enjoy! the most luscious cream to their lips enjoy.
So, her mad obsessive hunt was not in vain. No, not with such a satisfying snack provided by the great Divine. Bast must be all smiles at her little trick to illuminate the Kougaress about her web presence.
Red Lioness Tamed, the punctuation edits await the Kougar's fanged intensity, while the winds moan and stroke an unthawed prairie. That is if the file program will nicely cooperate. The Kougar shakes her mane as her human self would shrug a shoulder...meow! who knows?

My favorite Big Kitties, saunter on over to Title Magic. Savor The Call. Antira, Title Magician buddy has signed with a premier agent. Read all about it and celebrate with her. Moi's comment below:
Anitra, that is so incredible! It is magic the way it's all working out for you.
Nope, I've never gotten The Call, only e-mails to offer contracts for e-publishing. I did recently get an e-mail with a suggestion that I add 14,000 words to When a Good Angel Falls, so it could be published in print. I wish I could say I dashed my fingers over the keyboard writing furiously, but I have too many other projects going on with All Shades of Blue Paradise and Red Lioness Tamed coming out. Plus, I have to work on Book II and I will be signing a second contract with Siren Publishing.
I know Virgin Harvest will find just the right publishing home! We can have a big Title Magic debut and celebration.

A kiss of relief, and a raging kiss from the Kougar...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Shocking Kiss of Objectionable

Meeee-ooow! Well, step on moi's madly slashing tail! The Kougar had no idea with all her big fat 0's in the comment section, that much of anyone, other than her Lovely Big Cats, dared view her...warning! warning! 'objectionable' blog. Could it be merely the frantic search engine fanatics, their righteous eyes glazing sexual frustration, searching out the word oh! horror of all deadly horrors, the word 'erotic'? Or maybe 'smut'?
Well, keep your claws retracted, moi has pressed the warning adult content button -- albeit, she accomplished this vital mission before she actually witnessed 'the' WARNING. Having considered her blog rumblings were not for tiny kittens.
Purring-growl, if you are one of the objecting objectionables, why not dare the unthinkable, and yowl away in the comment section, so at least, the Kougaress has the opportunity for a just and fanged defense of herself. Or simply hide away in your dungeons of repression, suppression and foul disregard for our Constitutional liberties, one of them being freedom of speech. Or the freedom to meow and purr and growl as this Big Cat will continue doing. No, tyranny and the ubiquitous politically correct point of view, has not completely eliminated all of us, who run on the wild side of freedom, liberty, truth and justice for all.
Roar! Huge gigundis roar! Patrick Henry forever!

On a happier purring note, the Kougar's edits for Red Lioness Tamed have been accepted and praised. Happy, big-smiling Kougar face! Yay! Wiggle and roll. Yay!
And her current WIP, Curses Were Strange Beasts -- Chronicles of an Earth-Bound Goddess, is flowing along, mostly...such fun for a goddess girl to write about herself. (Does this get the giant red O on the Kougaress's furry forehead?)

And, a little gift, Beautiful Big, not a tasty chicken dinner brought to your lair, but the first flash fiction the Kougar has ever written (copyright fiercely enforced, of course) -- written for the Liquid Silver blog, Sexpressions.
Oh yowl no! There's another nasty objectionable word, SEX!

She inspected the splendidly muscled racing stallion, sliding her experienced hands all over his sculpted sleek body. The more she stroked over him, the more the blood bay stallion she thought to use for her mare, arched his neck and stood at attention. "You’re perfect," she softly crooned, her breath touching his cheek. "Where’s your master? – So, I can make arrangements for your services."
She frowned, impatiently shaking her long diva-red hair. Her favorite mare had come into heat. Where...?
"He’s mine...Sherrana."
That deep unforgettable voice.
She whirled toward the man who had abandoned her on their wedding night.

By Savanna Kougar

Untamed kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Authoress Smooches

My Big Cats, the Kougar's winter windswept prairie has warmed to a delightful fifties degrees today. Yay! Yowl! A leisurely sleek turn or two in celebration with a joyful swish of her tail.
Did purring-moi make the error of speaking about the explosive year of 2008? in her prior rumblings? Because now her furry head is exploding! Oh, what, oh what to do with When A Good Angel Falls? Meow, meow, not a question that can be answered now, since nothing is truly confirmed -- yet the Kougar's 2012 adventure may find a publishing home. Hope, maaoow, hope!
And the happy Kougar dance continues. All Shades of Blue Paradise, on the coming soon page of Siren Publishing, is with the proofreader, and its sequel, Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, is to be contracted. Yes, the Kougaress sent in her description of the fantasy world where these stories take place, which is also the series title, World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Of course, as the Kougar has been kindly warned, the reviewers and some readers may not be splendidly impressed with this writing work of lyrical blue shades, and the happy dance will become a wilted attempt to slink through the day. Yes, the Stephen King horror world of being an author.
Help! Roar! Roar upon the wind! Any readers who luv a romance sizzle novel written in a lyrical style as befits the fantasy world of Sher and Zag, please, roar! The Kougaress needs you!

Meanwhile, the cover art of Red Lioness Tamed should be arriving soon. Ooooh, tingle, hope! Wiggling excitement of the Kougar's lithe feline self ensues.
And a waxing meow on another topic...yes, indeedy, the Kougar would luv to submit to Ellora's Cave as she expressed to another author, at some future time. There is a magic about the Cave, a certain carnal chic in this world of erotic romance writing, since romantica originated with this e-publisher. Grumble-however, the wait time is atrocious, unless she can whip up a short story she adores for a specialty line. A big yowling if??? And in low-rumbling candor, moi is not certain it's ultimately to her authoress advantage???

Authoress smooches from the Kougar...

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Psychedelic Kiss of Jim Morrison

Aaah, Big Kitties, it's an explosive year already, good and bad -- and in every genre of life. One great piece of news exploding onto the stage of the Kougar's life as a romance author, is Siren Publishing's win. Best Book Publisher, the Preditor and Editors Reader's Poll, 2007. The Kougar is proudly smiling from pricked ear to pricked tawny ear. She is dancing-happy for everyone at Siren -- including herself, of meow-course.
Yes, she does her elated Kougar dance, her paws romping in sleek light-footed and exuberant rhythm.
May this win bring wonderful benefits to All at Siren Publishing. Bowing prayer to Bast.

On a darker explosive note -- Riders of the Storm, dear Big Cats. The life and death of Jim Morrison of The Doors, the fantabulous incendiary topic last night on Coast-to-Coast with George Noory. The Kougaress has always adored the music of The Doors, and has always soul-mind adored the image-flying enchantment of Jim Morrison's poetry -- because you have to experience it, feel it -- live the mystic raw journey of it. His poetry can't be understood in any other spectrum of light.
And that is the eternal gift of Jim Morrison to our Earth culture, to our souls and minds. It is also incredibly lacking in our current world.
Light My Fire blasted like sexy flaming honey through the Kougar's soul, and blasted into her spirit forever. And it still does, whenever she hears it, especially the original long version. Nothing purring-hot and wild like it. Jim Morrison is and was a psychedelic shaman, as the title was coined by a fellow band member, one of the featured guests on Coast-to-Coast. The first, and maybe the only psychedelic shaman -- the exception being Jimi Hendrix.
When the Kougaress does a check back in her life, to the time and music of Jim Morrison, to her own psychedelic journeying (no naughty substances involved), and she scans her world today in comparison -- where is that primal mystic aliveness? No, it is as if we've become a vampire nation, our spirits sucked dry, long sucked dry by various evil forces.
No, not entirely, dear Big Kitties, have our spirits been devoured. Yes, our spirits still dance the sailing clouds, the storm clouds. There are still riders on the storm, maiden youth to crone ancient. And no, that era was not the perfect free-love paradise. However, it was much more alive than now, in certain ways of the Spirit. It was neon-color alive in the realm of mind, not the brain. The Mind. The Mind roaming free, creative and untamed in the realm of dimensions -- The Mind bringing forth those gifts to the world, thus, enlivening the world for All.
It was a psychedelic aliveness, a new raging light of poetry -- still living inside the Kougaress, for which she is yowling-grateful.

Lope long and easy, dear Big Cats, over to Title Magic for a tickle-the-ribs blog by our guest blogger. Amanda's claim to author fame, You Had Me at Halo -- the Kougaress luvs that one!
Moi's purr-joyful comment below:
Amanda, what a delightful blog. I'm grinning, can't you see it? Oh, and now I know what to do with my sagging middles -- or maybe I could just offer up my fleshy sagging middle to the hordes of zombies, who needs liposuction?
In all honesty, I would luv to write a light-hearted paranormal and have begun a few, but I think my moon in Scorpio keeps getting in the way. BTW, your pic, and you, of course, are adorable. Thanks for blogging with us.

Psychedelic smooches from the Kougar...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold Prairie Smooches

Cold has attacked the Kougar's winter-brown prairie, darker shades of brown everyday to meow's eye -- no, not as viciously as the chill deities could prey upon the tame prairie -- for which the Kougaress is smile-pleading grateful.
Good news, good news, dear Big Kitties, yes the organic cocoa powder has arrived -- a mewing-lovely surprise, since moi was not expecting it, and had clawing-desperately ordered it from another vendor, despite her wish to be free from the tyranny of debt.
May the Angel Big Cats hear her yowling pleas for relief from tyranny. Only, if it were so for all us, dear and mighty Bast. Freedom from tyranny.
More good news! Yes, the Kougar sent Red Lioness Tamed back to her editor for further review. Caterwauling unexpectedly, moi had tears dripping down her cheeks, and she sniffled a lot, at reading her own story -- and it's not sad at all. It was the love 'sniff' happy ending to this first novel in the Adventures of the Red Lioness. Moi has never written specifically to bring forth those tears -- yet, there they were. Real. Her little loving heart touched to it's thumping core -- because of love.
Indeed, love is all to rare upon our Earth, my Beloved Big Cats -- hence, the ceremony and heart-sending pomp on Valentine's day...or so the Kougaress's theory goes. Love Evonne's blog on Title Magic today. Moi's fantasy memories of Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise were definitely vividly brought to life once more. Take a languid stroll on over and sumptuously enjoy, Big Cats all.
Evonne, oooh Patrick Stewart, he's tops on my sexy bald men list -- and I'm a hair-loving gal. But heaven or star trek forbid, those sexy french shirts he used to wear while off duty, omygawd, was I in enamored lust. Light sabres, eh? Geez, I need that portal, so I could take a trip over.
Fun times, I've always wanted to make films, write, and do a starring role. The actual being a star part doesn't do it for me, though. My teacher in acting classes at college tried to get me to go into it -- but, I chose writing instead. Wouldn't it fun! Title Magicians, to make movies of our books?
Yeah, now we just need those millions. Or, maybe, a lot of over-eager film students.

Cold prairie smooches from the Kougar...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Purrs from New Atlantis

Lovely Big Cats, take a sweet stroll over to the Romantic Times magazine website -- do enjoy the dialogue scenes of the four remaining American Title IV finalists -- Holli, Mai, Trish and Helen. Purr-enthusiastic moi enjoyed them immensely. Yes, an enigmatic kitty smile, she's not meowing about which scene got her paw-pressed vote.
For the Kougar's legions of Big Cat fans -- do not embarrassingly spray your beverage of choice while laughing -- for, somewhere in this immense and splendid universe, there must be a world where the Kougaress is worshipped and adored.
Enough, the Kougar slashes her fur-magnificent tail -- below is her dialogue entry -- all copyrights reserved, of growling-course.

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
by Savanna Kougar

"Why the nice treatment, Zryphus? I was dirt under your shoes when you first arrived?" Sheriff Kalypso picked up the mascara wand. "Black, black. Just like I remember."
"Sheriff," Deputy Anna called out, "finished the personal item scan. Got the body ready for transport. We’re on our way. I’ll leave the door open. Keep airing the room out."
"Thanks, Anna. You know where I am." Kalypso picked up a compact case – solid rich elegance in design. Opening it, she studied the pasty covering. "Looks real. But I never used this stuff. Couldn’t stand it. Used the sheer version they came out with – when I used makeup. – You haven’t answered my question, Zryphus."
"Bluntly, Kalypso...I want you in my bed."
Placing the compact case down delicately, Kalypso absorbed the shock. "No, I don’t think so," she slowly enunciated.
"Have a lover?" Zryphys handed her the powder case.
"None of your business, as they used to say. – Looks real. Mind if I test it with my finger?"
"Please. – You don’t have a lover. Neither do I."
"Probably because you’re married or in a committed partnership. Or you just ended an affair – something like that. No!" Kalypso shifted gears. "Feels real, smells real. Are you aware of a company, or maybe a small business that creates these replica products?"
"Three, to be exact. Can’t tell where these originated. – I’m a one woman man, Kalypso. You’d have all my attention."
"No thanks. I politely decline. – Eyelash curler. Never used one. Always looked barbaric. – Brow tweezers. Unfortunately tried this a few times. Way too painful."
"I’ll convince you. – What’s this?"
"Eyebrow darkening powder. – No, you won’t. I don’t like men when it comes to relationship crap. Perhaps you don’t know much about our social structure here. Women rule."
"I dominate in bed. In our passionate relationship."

Helen has posted a fascinating blog on Title Magic. Take a cat-sleek hop on over and enjoy. Moi's rumbling-rambling comment below:
Amanda, that's a scream about being downloaded onto youtube -- but it's certainly possible in this world of tech with all the cameras and microphones -- like in the Mac and the other computers.
Helen, wonderful subject! My thought is, since everything is frequency, it can be imbued with ill or good, the frequencies manipulated whether by the wand of a sorcerer or simply by repeated thoughts -- say, like a parrot who repeats a sound because the bird hears it over and over -- okay, so I saw those cute parrots talking and singing on Jay Leno last night.

New Atlantis kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kiss the Kougar's Car

From the cold-locked in prairie, dear Big Kitties, and yowling-horror, the Kougar's organic cocoa powder did not arrive with her order. Now, she'll have to prowl the web, find another supply swiftly. A big plaintive On the good loping side of her life, the Kougar began her edits on Red Lioness Tamed, with what she believes, are good results overall. A minor snafu she must paw-iron out. However, in grin-purr truth, she is immensely enjoying expanding her 'uh' love smut scenes. Ooooo, so many carnal good times, so little time to thoroughly savor. Which reminds purring moi, that most evil and splendid of days is just around the corner -- Valentine's day.
Oh don't get the Kougaress wrong. Everything within her adores this festivity of pink and red and those gorgeous hearts of glitter and lace, and everything amorous-nice. It's claw-simply, the romantic holiday has rarely adored her in return. Yes, a sad Kougar furred face, which she shakes, her ears also shaking adorably.
Did you know, Beautiful Big Cats, there is a Kougar car? Yes, ha-ha rumbling ha-ha, the Kougar has her own car -- and does she ever wish with her sports car luving heart -- she did possess one of these sleek babies for her very own touring pleasures. On the Kougar car website, that little sleek yellow number is beckoning like the most naughty temptress...if only...although, the Kougaress confesses to having a siren-red car fetish.

On the Title Magic today, Trish has done an out-of-this-world incredible blog about romance in sci fi, and how she came to enjoy both genres. It's a the-galaxy-is-a-big-place winner. Ears pricked, take a run over there, Big Cats. Moi's purr-enthusiastic comment below:
Hey Trish! This is great! I got turned on to sci-fi by Star Wars. Who could ever resist Han & Leia if you're a true romantic? I'm so glad you mentioned Dark Angel, luved that one too. I started watching the Atlantis Stargate when I was living somewhere else and could get the show. Can't here. But it had it's fun, fun interesting elements. Although being an Atlantis aficionado, not in line with my studies. Although, Mr. Hunk -- omygawd, luved him from the beginning. Thanks for posting his pic. I could go and on, but I won't. Beautifully said and presented, Trish. Oops, have to mention I luved the episodes of Firefly I got to see, and the episodes of Serenity. Way cool...

Blown kisses from the Kougar in her Kougar car...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kisses for the Fallen Angel

Hi Big Kitties! It's a merry-go-round gone mad! Or, perhaps merely the madness of a full moon, the Wolf Moon of last night -- an exquisite misty bright illumination in the night sky. The Kougaress is howling and yowling beneath this moon, while the numbers 444 mystically appear. Yes, as the Kougar enjoyed Glynis McCants' show on Hayhouse Radio, 4:44am appeared on her computer clock just the numbers lady spoke the numbers 444. Too fur-scratching weird, and always occurring in the Kougar's strange, strange life.
Yowl! the carousel has gone spinning-mad just like the Kougaress' little brain is currently madly on a spin. She heard back from Wild Rose Press on her submission, When a Good Angel Falls. She is fortunate and appreciative that her story was liked by the editor. Rumbling-now, the problem, a request was made that the story increase in word length. No, not a problem for the word-prolific Kougar. Although, she is not exactly sure what direction to take the story, other than a continuation of the heroine's and hero's adventures, which was planned anyway, as a series.
Loud-meowing! Another problem, the Kougar had planned to offer her novel to Siren Publishing if it was rejected, since Siren wanted to contract the story, except it wasn't in the erotic romance category. However, now Siren has branched out to their sister mainstream publisher, Bookstrand.
Oh, what is a Kougar kitty to do? Your Big Cat good thoughts are definitely welcome!
Yes, spinning madly, her Savanna Kougar world. Today, voting for the American Title IV at the Romantic Times website continues. Now, it's the dialogue scene. Tomorrow more details will be provided, plus, the Kougar just tail-twitching back and forth, knows you all want to enjoy the dialogue scene for her entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis.

On her Title Magic blog today, Mai give us all info on her entry in the Amazon Breakthrough contest, The Prophecy, and on the contest itself. Running-hop on over, my Beautiful Big Kitties. Below give a peek to moi's comment:

Mai, can I post your blog on the Passionate Ink forum? Sylvia Day was the president when I first joined the RWA chapter, Passionate Ink. Might get some reviews for the Amazon contest.Thanks for the info. And I kept wondering when the next round of the American Title IV would begin again. So I can go vote (insert maniacal laughter). Good luck to all of you!

Kisses from a fallen angel, the Kougar...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Novel-Brewing Kisses

Lovely Big Cats, a truth to chew upon. Did you know King Arthur's brother once lived in the Mobile, Alabama area? Confused? Don't believe the Kougar, and believe instead, this is just a pitiful mew for attention?
Check out Glenn Kimball on last night's Coast-to-Coast am show with Ian Punnett. You'll get a fantastical story and a whole lot more on the real history of our lands.
Big Kitties all, in case you have a yen to learn more about the workings of a novelist's mind, usually functioning just on the edge of The Cuckoo's Nest -- the Kougar will not specify which edge, in or out -- back and forth. Purring for example, the subject of big balls hanging off pickup trucks came up (meow, meow, the Kougar's knows, 'came up') on the Passionate Ink forum. To outlaw or not. The Kougaress will not comment on the various positions (meow! there are many 'positions'). What caught her fantasy-spinning mind was one members comment about how she would fantasize about snipping them off.
Snip! Snip! Ouch! if you're a boy kitty. A confession: The Kougaress often fantasized a similar remedy in the day of chrome phalluses hanging well below muscle cars and pickup trucks. Over-compensation for one's lack of true sexuality is a nasty scene.
Thus! Magically! Thanks, my Muse! A story idea began as a mustard seed in moi's ferocious imagination. The current result is below:

The Big Snip by Savanna Kougar

When Zhyve crept into the night-darkened transport area, hummed on the portal and swiftly tapped in the coordinates, he was running for his life. Or, more precisely, the life of his cock. The warning system’s screeching whine blasted through the protective ear pieces he wore. And the flashing eye-searing lights nearly blinded him through his protective goggles.
"Come on, you piece of trash. Work!" he snarled. Seconds ticked away like time bombs as the portal powered up to full. Hell’s own ass, he didn’t have much time left before the robo-enforcers would be swarming him, taking him down like a slaughter animal. Only he wouldn’t be dealt the kindness of a death blow. No, his cock would be snipped back and he’d be put up for public auction, with no guarantee his purchase wouldn’t be another male wanting his cock’s services.
Zhyve snarled his desperation, sprinted for the portal. Hell to be had, he might as well have his molecules spread through several dimensions, than stay for that certain fate. He launched, diving through the smoky whirls just as the giant crash of thick metal struck the floor.

Reminder: all copyright belongs to the author -- Kougar moi

Novel-brewing kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mystique Kiss of the Red-Maned

Big Kitties, darkness has befallen the realm of the red-maned Kougar -- night, that is -- although, the current darkness of the world falls rapidly upon us all. And chill reigns supreme here on the snow-caressed prairie, the one digit kind of cold...ick, meow, growl!
Forgive the Kougaress for not writing her blog sooner -- she was stalking the realm of the redheads, the human and fantasy variety...indeed, purring-elated, a fun and fabulous time, the rewards always the nourishment of her soul.
Mystical question? how many life experiences as a redhead? has the Kougar had? And is that why she is in luv with the redhead, no matter the species?
Another question: The Mystique of the Redhead?
Cat-truthfully, the Kougaress is not certain what the mystique is, or is not. She is spirit-absolutely certain it does exist. Mystique, perhaps being the slapped-with-a-fish clue, explains itself.
Being red-maned, the Kougar should have some knowledge, rumbling-purr however -- so she believes. Fierce-certainly, the red-tressed heroines of her romance sizzle novels are an exploration, and are examples of the redhead mystique. It's all in the story itself, and can only be understood in that the redhead in art, paintings, photos, fantasy. The red-maned beauties found in Music. Myth. Magic. And the Mystic.
Yes, dear Big Beautiful Cats, just as the mystique of you, Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Panthers, Bobcats, Lynx...the Cougar -- of all Wild Big Cats intrigues the Kougar, so does the endless exploration of the redhead mystique, intrigue the Kougaress.
And, thus, she ever-writes.

Mystique kiss from the red-maned Kougar...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kisses from a Confirmed Redhead

Hey! Big Kitties, the winds are sharp and nastily cold. Rumble...a long leisurely stretch, a shake of the Kougar's head...yes, she is cozy enough, thank you, great and divine Bast. Today ideas are spinning in her mind and through her furry tawny head like running crazed prey. So many ideas, so little time on the Mother.
Okay, dear Big Cats, for the more human side of the Kougaress, check out her MySpace page, Purple, purple everywhere -- a vast sea of magenta and purple as far as the eye can see. Plus fantasy representations of moi. Yes, redheads rule her domain. Big Cat or human shapeshifters, redheads rule the fantasm realms of her novels.
Can you tell the Kougaress possesses a fierce fondness for the redhead. *Appreciatve growl*...indeed, she appreciates every hue and shade of the red-tressed.
To be ever meowing-fair, she also adores the beauty of brunettes and blondes -- and the silver-tressed. Perhaps, it is merely a ferocious hair fetish, this appreciative eye for hair and fur -- although moi has never felt the savage urge to confiscate wigs and keep them hidden away in her dungeon lair. Perhaps, as the Kougaress would prefer to believe, it is her artist's eye -- the lust to paint and photograph and write about fur and tresses -- the various sensuous colors. And the tactile feeling of every manner of coat and mane, every unique silkiness and softness, it is to be ever-savored.
Of course, the Kougaress adores having her fur stroked...also her human tresses. And she adores doing the stroking.
Profound thought for the day? Squinting her eyes, shaking her head, not an iota of the profound appears...not on this day.

The Kougar will leave profound to Title Magic's guest blogger, Mona. Stride easily on over, my Beloved Big Cats, and take a look. Moi's roaring-enthusiastic comment:
Mona, what an incredible blog. And ain't it the truth, that roller coaster of emotions -- from absolute joy to complete despair. I'm riding that wave too with my first e-novel coming out. Your words have truly helped and inspired me. Mucho, mucho sales! And congratulations for what you have achieved.
To quote from Mona's blog:
Check to order for TO LOVE A HERO, a sizzling love story in an exotic setting.

Since the Kougar had a bout of brain fog yesterday, double kisses from a confirmed redhead, the Kougar...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Contest Kiss for Passionate Ink

Happy Cats All, the Kougaress -- hope,hope -- has finally received her edits for Red Lioness Tamed, and snow blessed the tame prairie last night -- just a tiny coating, lovely in its own way. And now, sundown blazes a spectacular path across the horizon. While the Kougar continues to blink her muzziness away. The Passionate Ink forum is always a huge help to getting the Kougaress's mind in gear.
And speaking of, the yowling call has gone out for more entries into Passionate Ink's annual writer's contest for published and unpublished authors. If you adore running on the wild side of sizzle in your smut-pen-to-paper or paws-upon-the-keyboard, check out this wonderful opportunity at Passionate Ink, -- the RWA Contest page. Below is the general announcement:

Passionate Ink’s Third Annual
The Passionate Plume Contest for Published Authors
Deadline: Deadline: 2/4/08
The only published, all erotic romance award in RWA!
Five Sizzling Finalists in Five Categories:
Contemporary - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in a contemporary setting. Includes series and single-title length romances. Can also include elements of romantic suspense/intrigue.
Historical - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in a historical setting.
Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-fi -novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting in the future, an alternate world/reality, or another planet. Includes elements such as elves/faerie, sword and sorcery, aliens, etc.
Paranormal/Time Travel - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting that includes elements of time travel, angels, vampires, werewolves or other paranormal themes.
Novellas - novellas of 25,000 words or less with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting.
All novels entered must be at least 25,000 words in length. Novellas are considered 10,000 to 25,000 words.
All categories are open to alternative lifestyle entries–and any entry that reflects an erotic romance between two or more people, straight, gay, bi, or any romantic combination.
Judging and Prizes:
First Round: Will be judged by readers, writers, reviewers, booksellers and librarians.
Final Round: Five finalists will be judged by multi-published authors and reviewers.
The decisions of judges are final.
Winners will be announced at the Passionate Ink gathering at RWA National in San Francisco. First place winners will receive a Passionate Ink pendant and an award graphic for their website. All others will receive certificates and a finalist graphic for their website. Results will be listed in Passionate Ink’s newsletter, on the website, as well as have their names published in the ROMANCE WRITER’S REPORT.
Passionate Ink’s Third Annual
Stroke of Midnight Contest
Deadline: Deadline: 2/4/08
Remember The Stroke of Midnight is a contest for unpublished erotic manuscripts. BOTH PUBLISHED AND UNPUBLISHED AUTHORS MAY ENTER. However, if published, this must be a new genre for the author (For example, if the author has published in paranormal erotic romance, she can enter in one of the other categories) **
Five Sizzling Finalists in Five Categories:
Contemporary - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in a contemporary setting. Includes series and single-title length romances. Can also include elements of romantic suspense/intrigue.
Historical - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing
romantic relationship in a historical setting.
Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-fi - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting in the future, an alternate world/reality, or another planet. Includes elements such as elves/faerie, sword and sorcery, aliens, etc.
Paranormal/Time Travel - novels with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting that includes elements of time travel, angels, vampires, werewolves or other paranormal themes.
Novellas - novellas of 25,000 words or less with erotic elements that focus on the developing romantic relationship in any setting.
All novels entered must be at least 25,000 words in length. Novellas are considered 10,000 to 25,000 words.
All categories are open to alternative lifestyle entries–and any entry that reflects an erotic romance between two or more people, straight, gay, bi, or any romantic combination.
Judging and Prizes:
Preliminary-round judging will be completed by three qualified judges - Passionate Ink and other RWA members experienced in critiquing and/or published authors familiar with our genre. All scores will be added and averaged to determine the entrant’s ranking. Every attempt will be made to provide entrants with detailed score sheets and judges’ comments from this preliminary round. Top five entries in each category will move to final round.
The top five finalists in each category will be ranked by the following industry professionals:
Contemporary: Kate Seaver, Berkley
Historical: Hilary Sares, Kensington Aphrodisia
Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-fi: Angela James, Samhain Publishing
Paranormal/Time Travel: Roberta Brown, Brown Literary Agency
Novella: Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora’s Cave
First place winners in each category will receive a free one year membership in Passionate Ink ($25 value), a certificate, and an award graphic for their website. (Writing teams will split the membership.) All other finalists will receive certificates and and a finalist graphic for their website. All entries will be returned after finalists are determined and statistical information is complete. Winners will be announced at the Passionate Ink gathering at the Romance Writers’ of America National Conference in Dallas. Results will be listed on the Passionate Ink website and in the chapter’s newsletter.
The decisions of judges are final.

Hop and leap on over to Title Magic for Anitra's informative blog on tax paying for writers -- that is, if you've earned enough fishies to pay. Moi is definitely not! in that category.
Big Cats, to pay the fishes or not to pay, that is the growling question.

Anitra, this is a big fat sore point for me. Nothing against your accounting ability, a wonderful skill and knowledge to have. Actually, I'm so poor I don't have to worry about the income tax. And it's a good thing in my case because then I don't have to battle with my integrity over this. Since the income tax is technically illegal under the Constitution of the united states. The problem being they'll throw you in jail or worse, anyway. So I never tell anyone not to file or pay. Although, I'm betting more and more people will revolt simply because they can't pay in our current falling economy. And, truthfully, I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I ever fall into 'their' paying category again. Truth is truth.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kiss of the Blue Unicorn's a gray leaden day on purring-moi's prairie. However, the Kougar does appreciate the mild cold instead of the extreme cold.
My ever sexy goodness! The Kougaress enjoyed most of her dreaming slumber time -- a rarity. What if you could walk any dimension, find the best lover? Now there's a sizzle romance story. Then, what if? You couldn't return and you were trapped with him? And, thus, the smut fun story evolves.
Speaking of, frustration still rules on the Kougar's Red Lioness Tamed edits. Bast, and good Angels, help! Thank you.

Today on Title Magic you find Kougar's blog, offered below for your kitty perusing pleasure.

The Magic of a Real Unicorn

Good Readers and Title Magicians All, recently my past has been colliding with my present. No, not just the one magical example that I will speak about in today’s blog. Nay, the count is many times over now. I suppose this is bound to happen, if you live long enough. Yes, I have definitely lived long enough. Crones of the world, unite, I say! Staffs raised triumphantly.
Once upon a time, when magic emerged like a dandelion from beneath the technology of our industrial age...and the frolic of dancing had come upon the land again...disco. Once upon a time, I viewed a real live unicorn – in all it’s beautiful white-silky coated flesh. The enchantment was nearly overwhelming, even though it was the unicorn of medieval tapestries, and not the horse unicorn of my fantasies.
If you have ever been to a Renaissance festival of ye older years, you may have also seen these magnificent beasts, these unicorns from ages past, reborn again unto our land.
So, begins my Crone’s tale (on a disappointing note: no shapeshifter’s furry tail yet despite the spells and mind concentration).
Mid 1980's, the advertisement was in the newspaper...full page, in black and white, a picture of the mythical beast with one of its owner/creators, Morning Glory. Mom and I stared in sheer bewitched fascination at that ad. We studied, trying to see anything about that huge jutting horn that looked fake. Anything! What further intrigued us was that Morning Glory and her unicorn were going to be at Hall’s department store on the Plaza. Hall’s, now long disappeared from Kansas City’s world-renowned Plaza, was comparable to an upscale Dilliard’s department store. Shopping land of the snooty, chic and definitely rich.
Loving all things magical, especially beasties, and loving all things genetic – that is, we were creating our own breed of super dogs, mom and I couldn’t resist this opportunity, even though it meant arranging time we didn’t have to get there. Fortunately, when we arrived there weren’t many people gathered around the roped off platform area. And there they were, the exquisitely lovely Morning Glory and her amazing magnificent, obviously very male, unicorn – looking exactly like the unicorn laying beside the maiden in the medieval tapestry we’ve all seen. While staring, besotted fool-like I’m sure, mom and I peppered the gracious Morning Glory with questions.
How? When? The genetics of the unicorn. As I recall, she explained that they, she and her husband, had found ancient medieval manuscripts describing how to create a unicorn from a certain breed of goat. Wisely, she gave away no real secrets in the process (currently under patent), they had successfully used. When we could finally tear ourselves away – the unicorn having provided a further demonstration of his reality by taking a giant pee on the floor – mom and I puzzled and pondered over our adventure into true sorcery during our drive home.
As the years passed, I had the sweet enchantment of glimpsing these unicorns of Morning Glory and her husband, at the Ren Fairs. I also knew they were eventually featured in the Barnum and Bailey Circus, only because I would come across the advertisements.
Hold your wands back, magicians! This is where my past and present collision occurs. Sunday night, January 14, 2007, with Ian Punnett on Coast-to-Coast am – the Wizard Oberon Zell Ravenheart was the featured guest. Husband of Morning Glory, partner in creating the real live unicorns, he has written a new tome, A Wizard’s Bestiary.
Wizard Oberon Zell Ravenheart is an incredible man, a man of true wisdom in many ways. Perhaps not the flash and magic of a Harry Potter, he’s real, just as his unicorns were real. I recommend listening to his interview and checking out his website (, including reviewing the many tomes he has written. If you’re a writer of the paranormal, and all things mystical – if you desire an entrancing trip inside a real magical world, use your finger wands and fly on over to see Oberon Zell’s story, the photos of his unicorns, photos of him and Morning Glory – or, if you just want to experience one of the best, most magical things to occur in the eighties, go to the website, Sideshow World (
Being of the Flower Child generation, it was easy to realize back then, that the very lack of magic in our age of the industrial military complex, was one of the dynamics in creating the counter-culture. Where, once again, magic revived itself. Becoming the weed, the dandelion, the dandelion blowing in the wind...the seeds of change...that cannot be stamped out, nor poisoned out of existence. Nay, not to be destroyed forever by those who refuse to believe and by those who would use it to rule over us.
Magic surfaces everywhere now. The Medusa of the modern day world. Cut off one serpent strand of hair, and two more fantastical novels are published. Everywhere, in every domain magic – magic in it’s myriad of forms and lights, lives...and wants to thrive among us all.
Indeed, the magic of Morning Glory’s real unicorn, straight out of medieval lore, in the prominent middle of Hall’s department store, lo those many years ago – sparked the magic in my heart to a higher, fiercer flame...for which I am eternally grateful.

Title Magician, Lexie O’Neill, is a finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough contest. Check out her entry, The Eddy Complex, in the romance category at
If you haven’t taken a quick peek yet, here’s my reminder to check out All Shades of Blue Paradise on the coming soon page of Siren Publishing. In the World of the Blue Pearl Moon, every shade of blue has its own fantasy seductive quality.
Blue unicorn...hum...? Just a Muse-whispered thought for another story...

Blue unicorn kisses from the Kougar...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sentinel Wings of the Tiny One

Yes, the Kougar has yielded to the inevitable of our current culture, the myspace page -- that is if she wants another avenue of promotion for her sizzle smut novels. And another exciting fun way of collaborating, and of networking with other authors (also hopefully with her readers). And, of course, another yowling-bliss way to be with her beloved Big Kitty friends.
Like every tool in this Earth realm, from the original handy stick picked up in defense or for a meal, the cyber world is a two-edged blade. Imagine if you will, the mighty mystical and glorious Excalibur -- or the massive long heavy blade of a Conan-like warrior -- perhaps, the tiny lethal dagger hidden in a lady's voluminous skirts...that blade can be used for protection or it can be used to murder.
An act of cold-blooded murder, or protecting your loved ones, it's all in the use of the blade -- it's all in the opportunities the blade provides, whether it's the opportunity to survive by feeding yourself and others -- or whether it's used in a crucial moment of protection.
So, because her little kitty brain was mushy mush, as far as following her writer's Muse, the Kougaress ventured into the land of designing her myspace page -- with only passable results, despite a good five hours spent. But then the Kougar kitten is a total novice -- nay, nearly an innocent in the cyber realm.
Big Beautiful Cats, rumble-muse returning to the Shamanistic magic of three, an itsy bitsy bird, not much bigger than a hummingbird, flew before the Kougar's van three times, at least -- as she traveled back to her lair. This itsy cutey flight-darted before the Kougar, then to her surprise remained flying in front, arrowing straight ahead. The Kougar slowed, following until the tiny bird landed in a tree. Before the Kougaress could pass by, the tiny bird wing-blasted in front again, shooting straight as an arrow ahead, once again...three times this occurred, dear Big Cats. Then, the tiny winged one, landed in the pasture field where a flock of her/his kind fed. A whole flock of itsy birds curved upwards, a gentle, but swift whirl before the Kougar.
Was tiny one a sentinel? An advance scout of warning that the big devouring Kougar was on the prowl in her green van?
The sacred message of this eye-wonderful happening? Blink, blink -- think, think...
Someone needs to be a sentinel, on the watch, on guard against any enemy coming down the path. From her towering tree perch, the Kougar warns all, that if you want freedom, the freedom to Big Cat roam our beloved Mother, now is the time to protect it with all your intelligence, all your might and right.

Mel has written a fantastic blog on Title Magic about her life as super librarian heroine. As usual what follows is moi's purring-happy comment:
Mel, gives me the extra good tinglies. Luv to learn more. See, I told you, your super librarian powers were very much needed! That graphic is too chuckle, chuckle Kool.

Excalibur kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meow! Scratch! Hiss! Ripping and Shredding the Critique

Mystic Kat Video...there it was 'frozen'! the blog, when the Kougar clicked to her blogger dashboard. The angel cats are speaking and *meow moi* wishes she heard their messages yowling-louder, since her overall state of mind is complete confusion in our current time upon dear Mother Earth. Perhaps, they merely announce their kitty divine presence?
So, off to play huntress in the small city and the Kougaress spied three squirrels, one of them with amazing red-orange belly fur. That's the magic shaman number, three. Stock up, store the nuts, prepare -- zip about, tail flitting rapidly, and perky as a human on a Starbuck coffee diet. Perhaps, that is rumbling moi's message. Caffeine, and lots of it. Purring ha-ha...right!
The Kougaress uses the jump-boost of caffeine sparingly, since she is sensitive to it, and loathes that nasty buzzy head thing.
Ah...Shaman Kat...come one, come all, the Kougaress shall divine your future for you. A question, one or two, and the sacred Kat of Delphi will seek the wisdom and guidance of the Great and Wise Bast for you.
Swami Kat? Just don't put any goldfish in the crystal ball. Or use the goldfish bowl for a crystal gazing ball.
Apologies, swami shaman kat moi, is traveling the wild plains of her imagination. It is a five day in her defense. Five -- the number of adventure, fun, just plain silliness, chaos -- good or bad. Or Indian Jones on a good whip-cracking day.

And the cage battle over 'said' continues, demonstrating once again, Dear Big Cats, why the Kougar does not have a critique partner, nor a critique group. Given that, evidently, the word 'said' is sacred and should never tumble from it's forever pedestal of good and profound novel writing. Meow! Scratch! Hiss! Arching of feline backs -- and it ain't even Halloween.
Oh, yes, when in a relaxed kitty state, stride on over to Title Magic for Lexie's blog about her romance chapter...and yes, Lexie, the Kougar would adore joining you and your chapter at the Beach Retreat...if only...

No, Savanna, you are right, I haven't read your writing. And I hope you don't think by my comments I was judging your books. I just was in disagreement with how you viewed the word 'said.'To me, it is invisible and a necessity in my writing. Perhaps my style is much different than yours.I am only commenting on my experience with reading books that use anything *but* said or adverb+said. I find it distracting. Someone else may not.That is why people enjoy such a variety of books. Just as much as you took offense at my comments, can you see how I might find yours equally offensive? If I think 'said' is necessary and invisible, and you think it is 'boring,' then you have made a judgment on my writing as well without ever having read it.

Kristen, I'm sorry if you feel offended. That was not my intention. I did take offense from your -- what I perceive to be -- an inflexible stand. When you haul out reference books, yes, I have a tendency to believe you have no room for something new. The ole' rules-are-made-to-be-broken-by-some-of-us-thing. I have previously stated there are certain writing styles where 'said' works and does become invisible, which I enjoy. Why, you have ignored my truth in this matter, I am not sure. I hope, since you now say, you are a writer, that your particular writer's voice is conducive to 'said'. Personally, I've said 'said' so many times now, I am bored with it. As I previously stated, which seems to be ignored, everyone does have their own cup of reading tea, which I totally respect. I am not asking you to like reading my novels, not at all. I simply suggested you check out my post on the dialogue entry for the American Title, that's all. It won't waste too much of your time. And if you want to say you hate it, fine by me. I personally do not care for being accused for what I did not say. Since I take great pains to say it for the sake of truth. If you want to put 'said' in every sentence of your novel, be my guest. I thought I offered a fair and just way for both of us to agree to disagree. You read my dialogue entry and decide for yourself. That's all! However, it's certainly fine by me if you choose not to, since the word 'said', will not be used as a dialogue tag. Every one of us is free to write as we see fit, including said use of 'said', or if we want to use 'boast' we can. Now, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But I will confess I rather like 'boast'. However, I didn't read the story so I have no way of determining if it worked or not. So, I'll take Mel's word for it.

Listen, my Lovely Big Kitties, it's that naughty Kougar! What's she doing? Meow! Scratch! Hiss! It's the ripping and shredding paper of critiques, the flying use of each tiny slashing claw!

Mystic Kat kisses from the naughty Kougar...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cougar Spirit Smooches's a deep hole...yeah, Big Kittie Lovers, a rumbling ha ha...the Kougar is still padding around her domain, frustration her current companion. Although, her sunset was absolutely exquisite, a blazing luscious shade of pink married to a bright luminous peach -- the gentle slashes of color showing through a thin cloud bank of muted indigo.
Okay...meow, growl...the comment edits on Red Lioness Tamed refuse to show up, and are refusing any kind of document manipulation attempted by moi, despite a tender claw applied. No, not one grumbling cuss word. No, not one vicious hissing fit thrown. Or anything thrown at all. Truly deeply amazing, isn't it? Since the Kougar is a proud red-maned Aries.
And still, not one ounce of friendly cooperation. And yowling-fierce moi has not a clue why -- being technically challenged.
Pet cat...the name of the blog flashing up, just before moi's dashboard came up...message from the giggling mischievous cat angels? Yeah, this Kougar would luv to be a pet to Mr. Right Sexy Hunk. Like the heroes of her sizzle romance novels. Dream on...and on, and on...
However, the Kouar would be remiss if she failed to acknowledge the spirit of Cougar crossing her path several times now. Cougar Spirit showed up big time on Dr. Stephen Farmer's shaman hour on Hayhouse radio.
Cougar Spirit as leadership -- heck, who does the Kougaress lead? All of us Big Cats who aren't computer savvy?
Perhaps, the lightbulb dramatically blinks on! Those of us who choose not use 'said' as a dialogue tag. Yes, the meowing, nay should the Kougaress speak it, the roaring revolution has begun! 'Said' is not the end all, be all of a writer's ability to tag dialogue.
A disclaimer truly meant: That is not to denigrate those writers who successfully use the 'invisible said' writing style. As mewing moi has stated, she has read and thoroughly enjoyed that particular writing style. Sorry to roaring-say, IMHO, that writing style does not work for every writer's voice.

Below is a continuing discussion occurring at the Title Magic blog on that incredibly awful-used dialogue tag...'said'.

I agree, in terms of some writers, who can successfully use 'said' invisibly. And certainly, as Trish demonstrated, a lot of times I don't use tags. I'm sorry, I still HATE the use of 'said' in what I've read over the past ten years. It's like it's been done to over-death. IMHO. However, to each their own cup of reading tea.

To me, Savanna, that's like saying the word 'the' has been done to death or 'and.' There are just some basic words that you have to use in writing that do become 'invisible' to the reader, and that you couldn't really eliminate realistically. I don't think I've ever once been taken out of a book because of the word 'said.' But I most definitely have if a writer uses everything *but* said as a dialogue tag...or use an adverb+said. Ugh."Said" is a basic word that gets the meaning across without detracting from the sentence.

Kristen, while I can understand what you're saying, however and for example, you haven't read the novels I've written, where I don't use 'said' as a dialogue tag. I got so completely sick of that word, I couldn't stand it! I felt like pulling my hair out -- ugh! Because I'd keep asking myself, what does that mean? How are the characters feeling, why and how are they saying their words? Said, said, said...who the heck cares? Not me!

Yes, maybe my novels, or my style of writing, is not for you. That I can understand. Just as over-used and over-abused 'said' novels are not for me. Can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G!?And, that IMHO, is why there is a wide variety of writing styles available.
My lack of 'said' can't have completely turned off editors, since Murder by Hair Spray did final. And I certainly don't use 'said' as a tag line in that novel. When the dialogue entries come out on RT, I'll post mine, and you can then decide whether or not my style of writing is worth your reading time.

Cougar Spirit smooches from the Kougar...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Kiss from DreamTime

Big Wonderful Kitties, the Kougar believes she was lost in a dreamtime warp before her bleary-eyed awakening on this day. She'd just been told her human ancestresses were from Brazil, and somewhere else down in South America. Even though the features of her face would be considered Celtic, and that is her human appearance.
Why this dream? Now? The entire dream itself is a re-run dream, but with vast improvements in the plot and in the bold coloring, similar to the Indiana Jones' movies.
Then, in a past life regression done by Denise Lynn on her Hayhouse Radio show, the human Kougaress found herself gazing out over a gorgeous azure sea. There were a few sailboats with bold-colored sails in the primary colors. The sand beneath her sandalled feet was fine, a tan-white glisten. Scanning around for any other indicator of where she was, and lo and behold! there was the Sphinx, the one in Egypt, yet the Lioness One appeared more colorful -- without any wear and tear. Around the Sphinx, the Kougaress's unique breed of doggies played. A darkening had come upon the land, this land that begot Egypt -- and we were all about to leave. Because the evil could not to be stopped then. The question becomes can it be stopped now?
As some renegade archaeologists have recently suggested, the antediluvian cultures of the Americas may have colonized what has been considered the Old World -- Europe, Asia, Africa, instead of the Old World colonizing the Americas.
Indeed, red-haired mummies of an ancient, ancient age have been discovered in North America and South America.
The Kougar asks, what is our true past, our true ancestry?
We, dear Big Cats, may need to know that truth, in order, to create our future as we all truly desire in this year of ONE. This year of incredible change and new beginnings. This year of ONE SPIRIT.

Romping, rolling big cats, the debate or the pathetic fang-ripping over Ms. Edward's supposed plagiarism continues. Below is Moi's claw-careful, yet forceful response.

I still think Cassie Edwards may have been given legal advice on the matter that was true, but wouldn't be considered moral. Since non-fiction out of publication doesn't necessarily need to be footnoted. Or maybe she didn't understand. Or, like was suggested, she simply thought she'd written the passages, forgot she hadn't. I don't think there was any malicious intent, since it's a matter of non-fiction, not fiction. She didn't steal from another romance writer. And to beat up on an elderly person, I'm sorry I find that morally reprehensible for whomever is doing it. And I think it comes from a base nature of kicking someone when you think they are down, not discovering first whether they are actually guilty. Or finding out precisely what they are guilty of.
Regarding Britney, I doubt she has anyone in her life who truly cares about her as a person, only what she can do for them. Or if they do care, they don't know how to help her. Blessings upon her.

DreamTime kisses from the Kougar...

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Deadly Kiss of Plagiarism

The deadly kiss of plagiarism, dear Big Cats, stalks the romance publishing world currently. So, today beneath the sapphire-tinted cloud-streaming skies of the cattle prairie, the Kougar offers her comment from the Passionate Ink forum. For a complete viewing of perspectives on this volatile issue check out the forum as a guest.

When I was attending Junior College way back when, I was accused of plagiarism. It about killed my soul, since I was utterly innocent. I cried for hours in the student union. It's left a scar I can't ever seem to get rid of...mostly because people didn't believe I was innocent, no matter what fact I presented to them, what truthful explanation.
Truthfully, it's made me leery of trusting anyone over this issue, so I go to extreme lengths to keep absolutely everything I've ever written, hand-written, dated, etc. Just in case.
I'm not certain how I come down on the issue with Cassie Edwards. I'd like more info on the whole matter. However, in the case of the RWA, if she's not a member, as they stated, why are they responsible for anything other than stating their policy, which they did.
Like Lauren stated, the real issue gets lost in the shark-feeding frenzy -- sorry, Lauren, if I just plagiarized you. I admit! I admit! I admit it! Sorry, overly dramatic here. Just to say I agree with you about the real issue getting lost in the whole soap opera melee'.
I also have to agree with Barry's view, why get all nit picky about every little thing. Now if some one's scene is quoted verbatim, or so close it's obvious, that's another matter. Although I've read stories where the scenes were so similar someone could have accused one author of plagiarism.
Maybe Ms. Edwards will simply get a career boost from all this discussion. You know, unfortunately being on the fast track of elderly -- which I absolutely despise -- I'm sorry, but sometimes your brain, your ability to think and know things does change. I would blame her editors more than anybody. For all we know she asked what was appropriate in the use of non-fictional research, and was told what was legal, then followed that advice. If it is strictly legal, okay, you can have a moral objection and not read her books. But to be so vicious, I'm sorry, you need to show really dishonest intent here. IMHO.
Regarding Ms. Roberts, yes, she's been through the mill on plagiarism when Janet 'I forgot her last name' did plagiarize one of her love scenes, and eventually admitted it.That's where Robin's wisdom comes into the discussion. Hey, there are only so many plots, titles, ways of description -- and when you describe a love scene or anything going on in the story, too far out of the box, you can't sell. I know I live that road everyday.

Big Lovely Kitties, for an insider's view of the literary agent from Kelly Mortimer, run on over to Title Magic. Moi's probably unpopular comment is below, as well as a response to Holli on the previous day's blog.

Kelly, you sound like one heck of an agent! I wish...but as a reader I absolutely HATE the way the word 'said' is used these days. So I don't use it. Ever! Except in the dialogue itself. Or in a parody situation such as 'he said, she said'.I'm hoping readers and reviews will be open to my way of tagging dialogue scenes, as I do in ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE. For authors who are okay with e-publishing maybe Siren Publishing will give you a shot at another way of writing. Like they are me.

Holli, you and I could have been blood sisters! I devoured every Walter Farley I could get my little grubby paws on! And wanted to race horses too. Fortunately I did get my half-Arab filly, Pride, and she was fast! clocked her at 40 mph once, riding bareback.

Blue sapphire sky kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rain Kisses the Yellow-Grass Prairie

Rain kisses the yellow-grass prairie today. A good and blessed thing on the Big Kitty's running land. Yes, the Kougar is grateful, and remembers she should invest in some old-fashioned rain barrels. And at least, snarling-moi does not have to view those hideous chem-trails destroying the beauty of her skies, not to mention the real question...what are these tic tac toe lines, those parallel lines doing in her skies, and what are they destroying?
Lest you remain skeptical on the whole chem-trail matter...well, the middle of the prairie does not have consistent jet air traffic playing a regular game of tic tac toe, or jets racing side-by-side over and over across our vast skies. Leaving contrail lines.
Get over it, America, we are under siege by somebody for some, the Kougar would clawing-bet, foul reason. May the great and wondrous Bast take them to just and savage task.
Yay! Yowling! Yay! The Kougar completed her cover art questionnaire for Red Lioness Tamed, a fierce long process. But rolling tingly fun. She also worked on her blurb, always a brow-concentrating frolic of words. Now, heaven send massive angelic support, she must navigate the beautifully designed forum site at Liquid Silver Publishing with her limited skills. Hunting the new ways-of-tech prey can be exhilarating, it can also be monstrously frustrating and exhausting.

Lovely Big Cats! take a leisurely lope over to Title Magic for Holli's insightful blog on how writer's shine the light on our cosmos. Moi's purr-rumbling comment below:
Holli, so true about interpreting or shining another light on the cosmos. Reading has done that for me whether fiction or non-fiction. I think the very first one was The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. It was a whole wonderful magical realm I wanted to inhabit.

Prairie rain kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fame and Fortune's Kiss

Rumbling hello, Big Kittie Lovers, the Kougar has been writing her little paws off recently, mostly blog entries and one article for Passionate Ink she will leave for a future purring-sincere talk between us. Finally, she was able to get a page done on her goddess story and begin another story -- what if you had agreed to a bargain in what you believed to be a lucid dream, only to discover it wasn't actually a lucid dream, but for real (sexy oh-so-hot yummy hero, of course) -- fierce fun meow!
Synchronicity strikes again! As it strikes with great frequency these days. Yes, when the Kougar was returning from her mailbox enjoying her splendid winter-colored prairie, John Cougar sang on her radio...message from the angels? Perhaps the Kougaress's angels will provide more clarity... is it? could it be? on the path to an artist's fame and fortune?
Fame and fortune these days ain't what it used to be. Well, it is in many ways, the soap opera, tabloid excesses and the opportunity to live a better life, both. However, for most from the Kougar's perch, her savanna tree viewpoint, it just looks like a fancier and more tortuous prison, these 2008 days.
Why would the Kougar chase the elusive chance at fame and fortune? As a messenger of the Divine Bast, she has her stories to tell for the benefit, the raising up of our beloved world. And to the Kougaress wealth used to equal freedom. The freedom to live as she truly chooses, and to assist others in achieving that same freedom. Yet, as the Kougar has come to understand wealth no longer equals freedom in our current world.
No, freedom, true freedom must be generated from the soul, from the heart -- and by the Will of us all. In action and in prayer. Freedom must be generated by the most ferocious and thunderous growl leaping up from the deepest part of our loins, from the deepest part of ourselves. From our divine natures.

Darling Big Kitties, take a languid stroll over to Title Magic. You will adore Evonne's blog about her over-the-pond's writer's organization, or organisation, as the Brits spell it. Moi's comment yowled below:
Evonne, luv to hear a report if you make it. Best of luck to Catrin also. So true about us writers in our ivory towers. Gee, if only that hero I'm writing about would stop by for a long visit. And ain't it true when we writers get out to party, it's a real parteee!

Fame and fortune's kiss from the Kougar...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kiss the Rules Goodbye

Purr greetings, Big Kitties, it's been a rainy day and the Kougar's mail was sodden, her Romance Writer's Report soaked through. Just now Sol shines, a magical orange brilliance setting on the western serene horizon. The Kougar blew Sol a kiss in loving salute. Forever she has had a love affair with the majestic inspiring Sun.
Kitties, always remember. Rules are made to be broken. The Kougar was reminded of this by a fellow Passionate Inker in our forum. The subject was creating heroines and heroes who were not considered mainstream, and thus, not saleable.
Yes, rules are made to be broken, a truth all Big Cats know instinctively. The practice throws your silly annoying enemies off your tail and your trail. They follow the rules, you don't. Or breaking the rules opens up new realms for exploration. As in breaking the current rules for writing romance novels. This is something the Kougar practices regularly. The results *rejection -- yesterday, rejection of her story, Radio for the Star-Crossed Lover* are often not to her liking at all. Meow...yowl...roar! But that's the prey-stalking gambol. And it is merely the Kougaress's independent Sun in Aries nature she follows, her pioneering nature to break the rules in all her artistic pursuits.
But, dear Big Cats, it's also a game of balance, crossing the rushing large stream balanced on a thin shaky log. Breaking the rules -- done with every considered caution, or if caution is thrown to the whipping winds...can be the best move ever made by a writer, an artist...or it can be the absolute worst.
To kiss the rules goodbye. Or not. That is always the question asked, and lived within during the Kougar's writing adventures.

Lovely Big Cats! Romp on over for a fascinating blog on mirrors and bad luck by Title Magician Helen. Below is maowing moi's comment:
Hi Helen, wonderful and fascinating subject. Dr. Paglini, a psychic mystical witch of great reputation here in the states, has discussed the magic use of mirrors and mirrors as portals.I learned something new about the luck factor. I always thought the bad luck came from breaking the mirror, then not being able to get one for seven years.I did use a mirror as a portal. My hero, a Djinn, used the mirror to check on our realm. Thanks!

Kiss the rules goodbye and the Kougar smooches you...