Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kiss the Rules Goodbye

Purr greetings, Big Kitties, it's been a rainy day and the Kougar's mail was sodden, her Romance Writer's Report soaked through. Just now Sol shines, a magical orange brilliance setting on the western serene horizon. The Kougar blew Sol a kiss in loving salute. Forever she has had a love affair with the majestic inspiring Sun.
Kitties, always remember. Rules are made to be broken. The Kougar was reminded of this by a fellow Passionate Inker in our forum. The subject was creating heroines and heroes who were not considered mainstream, and thus, not saleable.
Yes, rules are made to be broken, a truth all Big Cats know instinctively. The practice throws your silly annoying enemies off your tail and your trail. They follow the rules, you don't. Or breaking the rules opens up new realms for exploration. As in breaking the current rules for writing romance novels. This is something the Kougar practices regularly. The results *rejection -- yesterday, rejection of her story, Radio for the Star-Crossed Lover* are often not to her liking at all. Meow...yowl...roar! But that's the prey-stalking gambol. And it is merely the Kougaress's independent Sun in Aries nature she follows, her pioneering nature to break the rules in all her artistic pursuits.
But, dear Big Cats, it's also a game of balance, crossing the rushing large stream balanced on a thin shaky log. Breaking the rules -- done with every considered caution, or if caution is thrown to the whipping winds...can be the best move ever made by a writer, an artist...or it can be the absolute worst.
To kiss the rules goodbye. Or not. That is always the question asked, and lived within during the Kougar's writing adventures.

Lovely Big Cats! Romp on over for a fascinating blog on mirrors and bad luck by Title Magician Helen. Below is maowing moi's comment:
Hi Helen, wonderful and fascinating subject. Dr. Paglini, a psychic mystical witch of great reputation here in the states, has discussed the magic use of mirrors and mirrors as portals.I learned something new about the luck factor. I always thought the bad luck came from breaking the mirror, then not being able to get one for seven years.I did use a mirror as a portal. My hero, a Djinn, used the mirror to check on our realm. Thanks!

Kiss the rules goodbye and the Kougar smooches you...

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