Monday, January 21, 2008

Kisses for the Fallen Angel

Hi Big Kitties! It's a merry-go-round gone mad! Or, perhaps merely the madness of a full moon, the Wolf Moon of last night -- an exquisite misty bright illumination in the night sky. The Kougaress is howling and yowling beneath this moon, while the numbers 444 mystically appear. Yes, as the Kougar enjoyed Glynis McCants' show on Hayhouse Radio, 4:44am appeared on her computer clock just the numbers lady spoke the numbers 444. Too fur-scratching weird, and always occurring in the Kougar's strange, strange life.
Yowl! the carousel has gone spinning-mad just like the Kougaress' little brain is currently madly on a spin. She heard back from Wild Rose Press on her submission, When a Good Angel Falls. She is fortunate and appreciative that her story was liked by the editor. Rumbling-now, the problem, a request was made that the story increase in word length. No, not a problem for the word-prolific Kougar. Although, she is not exactly sure what direction to take the story, other than a continuation of the heroine's and hero's adventures, which was planned anyway, as a series.
Loud-meowing! Another problem, the Kougar had planned to offer her novel to Siren Publishing if it was rejected, since Siren wanted to contract the story, except it wasn't in the erotic romance category. However, now Siren has branched out to their sister mainstream publisher, Bookstrand.
Oh, what is a Kougar kitty to do? Your Big Cat good thoughts are definitely welcome!
Yes, spinning madly, her Savanna Kougar world. Today, voting for the American Title IV at the Romantic Times website continues. Now, it's the dialogue scene. Tomorrow more details will be provided, plus, the Kougar just tail-twitching back and forth, knows you all want to enjoy the dialogue scene for her entry, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis.

On her Title Magic blog today, Mai give us all info on her entry in the Amazon Breakthrough contest, The Prophecy, and on the contest itself. Running-hop on over, my Beautiful Big Kitties. Below give a peek to moi's comment:

Mai, can I post your blog on the Passionate Ink forum? Sylvia Day was the president when I first joined the RWA chapter, Passionate Ink. Might get some reviews for the Amazon contest.Thanks for the info. And I kept wondering when the next round of the American Title IV would begin again. So I can go vote (insert maniacal laughter). Good luck to all of you!

Kisses from a fallen angel, the Kougar...

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