I spent 90 minutes in communication with a source who is a former ARSOF commander. He listened to my interview with Gary Heavin last night, the main producer of the movie Amerigeddon, the Founder of Curves, and the person, from my perspective, who is the leading candidate to be the next ambassador to Haiti. My source was very interested in a comment and a question that I asked Gary during Sunday night’s (May 28, 2017) show.
Hodges: “Gary, I have been told that we have 2 America’s, the imperfect Constitutionally elected Republic, much of which is controlled by the Deep State, who influences and controls the government like some hidden planet. And then of course, we have the Deep State. At some point, the Deep State will emerge during a crisis and take full dictatorial control over the country. Trump and Sessions are going after the Deep State by going after child-sex-trafficking because it will open up drug-running and gun-running and money laundering as well. Gary, who gets to the bank first? Who is going to win?”
Before I give you Gary’s answer, please allow me to focus on my source’s response to the question.