Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ice on Mars ~ Growls and Giggles

Just for my Big Kitties, the very first posting of...

Red Lioness ~ Paw Swipes and Claw Tickles
Sun Rocket giggled loudly, her un-shifted shifter fur tickled over what she’d just read on Draxen’s instructional screen. She’d been perusing the history archives of early 21st century Earth, the USA news section. Always good for comic relief during a long day of space travel.
Just for more grins and to quell her growing disbelief, she leaned forward, re-reading the press release.

Phoenix lander confirms ice in Martian soil
From Associated Press
July 31, 2008 3:25 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES - The Phoenix spacecraft has tasted Martian water for the first time.
The robot heated up soil in one of its instruments earlier this week. Scientists say the chemical test confirms the presence of ice near the Martian north pole.
Until now, the evidence for ice has been circumstantial. That was based on photos Phoenix took of a hard splotchy area near its landing site and changes it saw in a trench.
Phoenix landed in the Martian arctic on May 25 on a three-month digging mission. NASA on Thursday said it was extending the mission an additional two months.

Yowling another laugh, she reared back and slapped her thigh. "What a stinky fish meow of a joke," she muttered derisively, then laughed louder and longer, her head thrown back, one hand on her belly.
"Sun Rocket Cub," Draxen affectionately spoke, then grinned a teasing leer the instant she gazed at him. He swaggered inside the commerce communications area of his ship, ignoring her momentary scowl.
Standing behind her, he gripped her shoulders with a lover’s tenderness, and looked at the screen.
Sun Rocket erupted with another chuckle, pointing at the primitive news someone had forgotten to lose over the centuries of time. Inside, she became still as claw-captured prey, the niggling memory of her grandmother’s stories of what she’d endured and the horror circumstances her ancestors had lived through on Mars came to the forefront of her mind, large and vivid as a hologram re-enactment.
"There were already black ops troops, top scientists and colonists from Earth crawling all over the surface of Mars, most of it, " she muttering-growled.
"Top Secret had become Top Syndicate Control of the Earth masses by then, my beautiful one." His fingers lightly caressed the nape of her neck. "And you and I, or our ancestors, we’re either created by experiment, or were being created in the warehouse labs."
Sun Rocket turned her face, rubbing her cheek against his arm sensually. "Meow-wow...can’t complain about how you were genetically enhanced."
"The order of the universe eventually rights all wrongs." Draxen slipped his palm beneath the loose gossamer-like blouse she wore. With absolute possession he gently claimed her breast. Casually he flicked his thumb over her rising nipple.
"Bad Captain," she complained, then languidly lightly bit near his wrist. "You’re tempting the lioness to come out and play with that beastly cock of yours. And you’re too busy taking care of the ship."
"The Dendryff did take a toll on one weapons’ system." Draxen rolled her plump nipple between his fingers, a delicate finesse that only teased, but didn’t inflame her to raunchy ride-his-handsome-hide, no matter what the danger was, demand. "I have to return, check the progress, put in more restoring calculations, my woman."
Sun Rocket growled low in her throat. More often, her lioness nature emerged with him, even when in her full human form.
His hand deserted her breast, then cradled the side of her face with a sweetness she was gradually becoming accustomed to from him. Bending down, he caressed a long kiss on her lips, his kiss warming her, charming her, and enchanting her.
"We arrive on the Outer Station soon, my Sun Rocket. You will wear your collar."
Before she could hiss properly and swipe him with the cut of her words, he had spun around and was nearly through the archway.
"If you don’t purr my pussy to contentment, Captain, your balls are mine to bat, claws promised!"

Lioness shifter lost in space with a loner captain who will do anything to keep her, even seduction by leather.
Link ~ ~

Ice on Mars smooch from the Kougar...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Summer Rains Cometh

Howdy, Big Cats, the Kougar is blessed with lots o' raindrops this summer. Last night the edge of a storm passed by, prompting the shutdown of moi's computer for a bit. Later, sweet little sprinkles fell to Earth. Gradually, the rainfall increased to a goodly long pour, wonderfully soaking the ground. The day has been silvery rainy gray while the lands are sweetly green, and greening even more beautifully now.
Blessings to all those in southern California, and the Kougar is glad this earthquake wasn't THE BIG ONE. And blessings to All in California, the fires are ferocious and terrible, and deadly at times.
Paw-penning onward with THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~ believe moi when she yowling wishes she could conjure up a man to serve her brazen pleasures after the last, and ongoing carnal scene. Omygawd. And this is just the first chapter.
Ride the Silver Stallion ~ this is the temporary working title for another stallion shifter novella, which is forming in the Kougar's sometimes clever brain -- and is inspired by the Highwaymen - Silver Stallion song by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. Thank you, gentleman of the cowboy poet highway. Many kisses.

Lovely Big Cats, Lexie pens a great blog on the arc of writing a compelling successful novel at Title Magic ~ ~ today. Moi's mew-sings below.
Lexie, absolutely excellent presentation. And I've learned even more about the craft of writing. Thank you.Most of what was discussed seems to come naturally to me -- or maybe it's simply osmosis -- I've absorbed it from reading all those books, watching all that tv, once upon a time -- and from being a movie fanatic -- except not like I used to be.In the early 90's my sis lived in Alexandria, VA ~ so I got a chance to visit DC then. It was an incredible experience.

Soft raindrop smooch from the Kougar...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angel Speak ~ 4:44

Yowsa, Wowsa, Big Cats ~ another sacred synchronicity. Today the Kougar was posting on Just Another Paranormal Monday about the release date of When a Good Angel Falls. At precisely 4:44pm tame prairie time, moi hit the 'publish post' button.
In angelic numerology according to Dr. Doreen Virtue, world renown angel reader, the number ~444 ~ is that moment when your angels want your attention and speak to you, download their messages, in current vernacular.
Roaring another WOW! For you, my blessed Big Cats, the Kougar's Title Magic blog posted today. It's all about the number: FOUR.

What is Magical about August 13?

Let’s see now, what is magical about August 13, 2008 ~ it’s Wednesday the 13th, not Friday the 13th, which may be a very magical day for some, especially if your story is halloween spooky with lots of naughty tricks or treats.
August is an 8 month in numerology, meaning all things material, money and what looks good, or appearance makes the woman or man. The day is a 4 (1+3) which denotes stability, the four corners or what you build a future on, whether an event or a decision. This is a 1 year ~ numero uno ~ ‘we are number one’ is the attitude.
What does it all add up to in numerology? This is a 4 day (8+4+1 = 13 = 4). So NOT my best numbers, yet very magical in the realm of the practical, bringing forth a stable future and making good decisions.
Okay, what’s really magical about the day for me is ~ ta-da! This is my release day for When A Good Angel Falls. This story is truly a labor of love on several levels, especially on a the spiritual level, for me.
Being an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast am, night talk radio, famous for its paranormal topics ~ the subject of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar ~ is one of the hottest conversations going, and only gets hotter as we come closer and closer to what some people refer to as the endtimes.
So, what if? What will occur on that magical and mystical winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 ~ that final day of the Mayan calendar?
Well, I’m here to tell ya, my imagination couldn’t resist the fun of answering that question. No, indeedy, my muse was transformed into a crystal ball, and I forged ahead into the mists of the near future.
And thus, When a Good Angel Falls was born. This is Sedona and Volcano’s story as they travel to Maya Toga Days in LA.
Truthfully, this story was not only a delicious adventure and a fun passionate love story to write, it was also darkly disturbing, since all is not angel brightness in our world. The dark force rises just like Darth Vader rose to power in Star Wars. And that is the evil Sedona and Volcano must overcome to save Earth for humanity.
Blurb: When a Good Angel Falls
Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp? Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal, with the hope her death will be quick? Or does Sedona trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her? Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges from the darkness astride a super-speed black motorcycle.
Is he her savior from the brutal hell of end times, or is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?
Sent from heaven to help her save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.
What do you think ~ December 21, 2012, just another day? Just one more winter solstice...

Angel speak smooch from the Kougar...

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Kougar's Interview with Crystal

An impressive sight, my Beautiful Kittikins, the newly cut pasture with all the elephant bales waiting to be taken and stored. This year there were twice as many bales due to all the wonderful rains storming and sprinkling on the tame prairie. Even this morning the sky was a gray pearlescent and a small shower graced the land for awhile.
Is this big Kougar cat ever grateful, since the forecast was sunny and aiming for the 100 degree mark. Meow a big thanks to Bast and the weather goddess, and the Divine.

Guess yowling what, Big Lovely Kitties, moi's author interview with Crystal has just been posted today. Crystal has done a beautiful presentation, and the Kougaress is so beyond pleased.
Link ~ ~

It's been a hopping mad and happy day on the Just Another Paranormal Monday Yahoo loop. Lots 'o great excerpts and info and lively chat on several topics, not all of them of the spooky variety.

Tomorrow, it looks like yours truly kitty will be paw-penning for Title Magic since no one else signed up for the date. Of course, i's a perfect opportunity to announce the release date of WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ ~ ~

Also a big roaring congratulations to Terry Odell!
This week's 5 Heart Sweetheart at The Romance Studio...
"Odell’s characters feel very real. Both leads are sensible and extremely likable. The supporting cast is great as well, especially Randy’s partner Kovak. Randy tells Sarah that criminals are caught because they are “stupid,” but these bad guys are somewhat unusual in both their crimes and their methods."
"The author’s take on police work is both fascinating and entertaining. I loved the “brainstorming” session. There is not a lot of lust here, but it is a great romantic relationship and a satisfying, complex mystery." - Lynn Bushey

Yes, the Kougar was perusing for promo ideas since moi signed up for the one year package advert deal, and found Terry's exciting review.
Happily, while the Kougar was claw-penning away on the Special Secret Project, she took time out to storm her creative brain, brew up her enchantingly, yet potent ads for The Romance Studio, then e-sent them post haste, and is now anticipating the eye candy results.

Today on Title Magic ~ ~ Mai posts an insightful and guaranteed to be helpful blog about networking in the author book biz. Stroll on over and learn. Moi's mew-sings below.
Great insights, Mai. And congrats for going beyond your comfort zones. I spent a bunch o' years accomplishing that myself, in a different life arena. So I know, it certainly ain't all that easy, for the most part.
You're absolutely right about being genuine. I think that's why a lot of people will talk to me, and won't really talk to others. Simply because I care and I'm really interested.

Roar and a big smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flash of Sunrise Wings & Cherub Wings

Woopee! Big Kitties, the Kougar just learned her 2012 futuristic adventure romance, When a Good Angel Falls, will be released on August 13, 2008 at ~ ~
Jumping and winging for joy...ever wanted to know about carnal cherubs and what they can naughty, naughty do to the woman of their heaveny desires? Then, this is the story for you.

Today at the Liquid Silver SEx blog, Jeanne Barrack presented a beautiful selection of backdrop pictures for Flash Fiction day. Take a trot on over, my sleek Big Cats, and enjoy the lyrical fiery sexy flashes. Moi had only enough energy and time for one. And the special secret writing project is under the creative gun...


Desiring the blazing colors of this day’s sunrise, Kessia unfurled her cellophane-like wings. Instantly the fiery reds, the flaming orange and the iridescent purples stained her large wings like cathedral glass, only the color lived more luminous and more vibrantly than what could be captured in a window. Feeling sensuous and free, she languidly shook her bright red tresses. The heaviness glided between her gently flapping wings and over her small strong back. Sighing with bliss, and with the joy of nature sang around her, she didn’t hear his stealthy approach.
"Kessia, you are mine by capture. Our old way."

Flash-winged kisses from the Kougar...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Condolences to All Authors and Aspiring Authors

Evening greetings, my Extraordinary Big Cats. Summer is in full force on the tame cattle prairie, the air muggy and the sky overcast with the hope of more rain. The pasture is being mowed, the elephant hay bales being rolled up by efficient farm machinery. This year the rains came and the grass is not only exquisitely tall, but extra thick.
The Kougar is still recovering from her under the weather state, but she is recovering. And penning enthusiastically on her latest wip.
Why? You yowl about the title to moi's blog. Recently it has been brought to the Kougar's attention by someone definitely in the know... and brought to moi's attention so she could not possibly miss this truth about the publishing biz. The truth? Sadly, very, very sadly a lot of good to exceptionally outstanding stories are not published... not because they aren't submitted... although, there are those manuscripts also.... however, even if a writer is published, no matter how good the writing, no matter how excellent or wonderful or incredible the story, they get ignored by the readers.
This, in moi's opinion, is a truth that often gets conveniently swept under the dirty rug of dirty little truths and secrets, and never heard about among the *squeeing* joy of new authors and new contracts and new releases and new fantastic reviews ~ this is a confetti-tossing constant in this biz, no matter which blog, Yahoo chat loop, review site or romance loving site, or publishing site one visits.
If moi knew how to remedy this appalling and the Kougaress' believes unnecessary situation, she would be roaring it from the rooftops to any and all who would listen ~ and shrieking it fiercely to all those who don't listen.
This is not a 'paw put down' to any author who is successful. No, the Kougar is grinning-thrilled for you and knows you richly deserve your success and every reader you have, and will gain.
Yet, this is a memoriam, and an honoring of all those authors who's fantastic stories weren't favored by the readers for whatever reason, and didn't sell. Yes-meow, there are lots of reasons. Trends, poor promo as in how the book is advertised, say, as a particular genre of romance when it really fits another genre much better. Tons of reasons why.
Purring-softly, the Kougar offers condolences to all of us authors and aspiring authors who have been unfairly treated by, for lack of a better term, fate. Fickle fate. We have written our hearts out. We have sweated and bled and created no matter what our life circumstance. Our story and our writing skill, both are superior, even magical and lyrical, fierce and magnificent. We were born to write, to give our stories as gifts to all who would receive them...
Yet, it is not to be...
So, today is now the official memorial day for good stories lost, that should never have been lost to our world, to our culture. Good stories that should have been cherished by a wealth of readers forever and ever.
The remedy to this tragic loss, once the Kougar figures it out... if she ever does, of course, she will share, and share big cat ferociously and whisker-grinning gladly.
Once again, condolences, all my beloved authors and aspiring authors, the Kougar holds you in her heart and in her prayers. May the Angels work on our behalves, since the mortal world will not.

Kiss of condolence from the Kougar...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Once Upon a Mars Lifetime

Sunny hot greetings from the Kougar, my Lovely Big Cats. If you're into the Mars mythos, or into other life experiences, please enjoy moi's blog for Liquid Silver SEx blog ~

Today I let my imagination run wild and free. Just for fun I thought I’d invent or recall, whichever...? a lifetime on the planet Mars. That is, let the movie roll before my mind.
Why Mars? The red planet is prominent in the space news with the Phoenix rover scooping up samples. And, of course, my sci fi spicy heroine in Red Lioness Tamed lives on a Mars moon, her home world, a safe haven for cat shifters. Besides, who can resist Ares (Kevin Tod Smith), the god of war from Xena, Warrior Princess. Not me, even if he is the bad god dude.
...hmmm...I see myself as a statuesque woman, heavy in the bosom department. I’m about twelve feet tall, with an 80's electric red-tinted blonde mane, being blown back by a soft wind. Before me is a grand shiny city of futuristic arcs and space needles, similar to the cityscape in the old cartoon, The Jetsons, only more majestic. The sun flares huge and white-yellowish on the far horizon, appearing larger then here on Earth.
Everyone knows the war is coming. The tremendous fleet of attack ships has entered the edge of the solar system, but the Fleick travel with tortoise-slow deliberation, no doubt using their instruments and psychics to scout out our defenses.
Our own impressive fleet, although not as huge, hovers in wait. They encircle Mars, remaining hidden behind our neighboring planets and their moons. The fleet will be used to herd the Fleick ships toward our monstrous defense towers that spew destroying plasma greater than lightning.
Every sacred center of Mars is also protected by gargantuan missiles that can splinter a star. It is neutron energy powered by the giant crystals mined on the neighboring planet, Earth, still a primal garden of eden with few populations centers.
Those citizens in panic have already fled to caves and to the underground tunnels, where the super trains run and the way stations are like tiny city centers. Daily, the tourists and the other-world trade representatives line up at intergalactic docking and leave on any ship or travel freighter available. Not that I blame them. Hell is about to be unleashed.
What kind of hell? For how long? The speculation is ongoing, an endless disgorgement of opinions on the screen and audio formats.
Why the massive unprovoked attack? No one seems to know precisely why. An ancient enemy with a terrible grudge against the earliest colonists from the Pleiades star system. Some believe it is retribution for another war fought an eon ago. Some believe the Fleick want their own settlements in the solar system, despite the unsuitability to their race.
I haven’t made up my mind yet. Whether or not to flee to my family’s outlying farm land and cave-prepared home. My beloved, Danarius, stays to fight. He and his elite team keep direct communications’ relay with our attack fleet. That’s where he is now, until it is over. Before today, he attempted to convince me to leave, even threatening to use force. To simply bundle me up and take me to my family home. Yet, the truth is, neither he nor I want to go on without the other one.
I gaze around from the small hilltop just beyond the boundary of the city proper. The wind picks up and I wrap my arms around myself. Mars, my beloved Mars. My heart-loved land, do all your glories stand in the face of cataclysmic war?
Or does most everything die? The people, the animals, the plants, the sacred history? The planet itself...will our blessed homeland, Mars, die? I shudder at the horrific reality of what could be.
Slowly, I sit upon the pleasant ground, lush with fragrant blooms. Crossing my legs I let the wild tiny cousrog on my lap. Stroking its long silky fur, I close my eyes and tell myself to remember everything about this lifetime on Mars. Then I concentrate on everything about Mars I have ever learned.
I breathe in the essence of Mars, the abundance of life all around me. And once again, I live my memories engraving them on my mind, and inside my very soul. For that moment I can speak of them again. Speak of this lifetime on Mars. And speak of my love for Danarius.

Adore regency romance? Skip on over to Title Magic, my Big Kitties for Evonne's interview with Louise Allen, historical romance author extraordinaire. Moi's mew-sings below.
Hi Louise, I can see why you'd need a family tree chart, just to keep track of everyone.
Very impressive series. Being a lover of history I can understand your author's passion for writing in the historical genre.
Dagger down the mainsail, I haven't seen that forever...was it in an older swashbuckling movie? Erol Flynn...I don't think I'm spelling that correctly. I vividly remember the scenes, names I'm not so good with.
Do your novels contain swashbuckling scenes?

Once upon time smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

...a woman, a stallion, and a tangerine wind...

Kittens, good early evening...the Kougar wishes she could wax poetic on the blue sapphire skies above the tame prairie...however, meow-nasty, the skies are often hazy gray brown ugliness during the morning hours, for several weeks now. Sunsets have been poetic pink and lovely...yowl, what has happened to moi's skies?
One piece of author news, the Kougar finally got Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis formatted properly ~ also moi titled the chapters ~ then claw-clicked send to Siren-BookStrand.
Yes, so cat ego-ish, but the Kougaress luvs her stories -- even if not popular with all readers.
Okay, Brave Big Cats, for you only...the Kougar's Title Magic blog.
Short and tangerine sweet, everyone...the unveiling of my cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams, coming from Aspen Mountain Press. I placed the banner first, in case, the cover could be considered too risque. While there is no actual nudity on the cover, it is implied since the tangerine pleasure world of Yemisque is certainly clothing optional.
Just before I began this blog I heard Willie Nelson singing...a woman, and a stallion, and the wind...
There’s something so lyrical and so incredibly magical about that song for me...the song itself, the musical styling and especially how Willie sings it. And in that moment, the song was also a gift. With a flash of ah-ha, the lightbulb flared in my under-the-weather brain ~ those lyrics, changed a bit ~ perfectly fit the story of Tangerine Carnal Dreams.
....a woman, a stallion and the tangerine wind...

The woman, a fire-fierce heroine determined to save her father.
The stallion, shapeshifter playboy who keeps his royal heritage hidden.
The tangerine wind, a constant sultry aphrodisiac wind on the beaches of Yemisque.
I must confess as an author, there was something so lyrical and fun, so free and fantastic, as I wrote and lived Katta and Zio’s sizzle love story and their adventure, in my imagination.
I still don’t have a release day, but my stallion shifter and fire-fierce heroine novel is due to hit the e-shelves soon ~ ~

What was the most recent song lyric that contributed to your story, or was an inspiration to you personally?

Tangerine wind kisses from the Kougar...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mars Lifetime & Tangerine Title Magic

Meow, Big Cats, the Kougar is worn out and ailing. So moi will keep her blog short and simple. Tomorrow, July 24, at the Liquid Silver SEx blog, the Kougar will be the feature blogger ~ her title ~ Once Upon a Lifetime on Mars ~ yowl, here's the beginning...

"Today I let my imagination run wild and free. Just for fun I thought I’d invent or recall, whichever...? a lifetime on the planet Mars. That is, let the movie roll before my mind.
Why Mars? The red planet is prominent in the space news with the Phoenix rover scooping up samples. And, of course, my sci fi spicy heroine in Red Lioness Tamed lives on a Mars moon, her home world, a safe place for cat shifters. Besides, who can resist Ares, the god of war from Xena, Warrior Princess. Not me, even if he is the bad god dude."
And tomorrow, the Kougar will also be blogging at Title Magic, and unveiling her cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams. The Big Kitties here already gotten the first tangeriney glimpse. The title is Tangerine Magical Cover Art, and below is the Big Cat's first slanty eyed look at the beginning:
"Short and tangerine sweet, everyone...the unveiling of my cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams, coming from Aspen Mountain Press. I placed the banner first, in case, the cover could be considered too risque. While there is no actual nudity on the cover, it is implied since the tangerine pleasure world of Yemisque is certainly clothing optional.
Just before I began this blog I heard Willie Nelson singing...a woman, and a stallion, and the wind..."
At Title Magic today, Anitra presents a quirky fascinating blog and asks about the what movies, tv shows and experiences have inspired stories. Moi's mew-sings below:
I've had some major influences, other than devouring romances since age 13. The Flame and the Flower being the first 'deep impact'. Every movie I've seen that I liked has influenced me, as did all the James Bond novels I read before the movies.
Stars Wars was a blast that hit to my soul, then Indiana Jones. I decided I wanted to be able to write like that movie, the sheer fierce impact of it.
Later it was Buffy and Angel. Xena, Warrior Princess, and the Hercules spin off. Firefly was good too, along with Stargate.
There were some campy half hour shows made in New Zealand that I absolutely luved. Cleopatra *can't remember the rest of it*, but it was futuristic.
Okay, I'm remembering too many now, so it's time to stop. LOL.
Memory lane can be dangerous at my age.

Mars tangerine smooch from the Kougar...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shimmering a Song

Good Evening, my beautiful Big Cats, the Kougar's fang is being a challenge. However, this afternoon moi sent When a Good Angel Falls e-winging toward publication with Siren-BookStrand. Of course, the Kougaress is in smiling love with her story.
For Jeanne Barrack's guest blog with Title Magic lope on over. You'll shimmer-magic enjoy.
Today, we are in for a magical treat, everyone. Jeanne Barrack is an erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books (plus other publishers) . I feel I've gotten to know Jeanne through the Liquid Silver forum, always a fun and verra risque party place to hang out. Hey! Just check out the Liquid Silver SEx blog today, where Jeanne (A Song of the Sidhe) and Roscoe James (The White Swan) are partying down in celebration of their new releases.
I am constantly amazed and enchanted whenever Jeanne's shares her knowledge about Irish history and Celtic/Irish music, especially the songs of the bards. And, let me tell you, can she pen a fantastic battle scene! Not to mention her writing style is passionate and lyrical, in perfect harmony with the tales she weaves, and the love stories she writes.

The place: Ireland, a long, long time ago when the Sidhe walked among mortals
Donal Bawn was the most handsome man in all of Tipperary with a voice that could lure the birds from the trees. But that all changed when he angered Ogma, High King of the Tipperary Sidhe. Doomed to wander as a hunchback with a voice as thin as a reed, Donal keeps to the forests away from human companionship until one day he hears a melodious female voice singing a fragmented tune over and over.
Ceoleen, a beautiful female of the Galway Sidhe has also been cursed for her vanity and foolhardiness. Blinded and exiled to a fairy ring deep in the woods, she can only repeat a broken phrase of music until that fated day when Donal finishes the song for her.
But their curses are only partially broken. It will take a great deal more than music to decide their fate.
Will their love be strong enough to finally free them?
Liquid Silver Books

A shimmering song and kiss from the Kougar...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shimmering Flame Tomorrow

Summer Kittens, tomorrow on Title Magic erotic romance author, Jeanne Barrack, will be the Kougar's guest blogger. Jeanne will be talking about her Terran Realm novel, Shimmering Flame, available from Liquid Silver Books.
Today! is also Jeanne's Monday release day at Liquid Silver Books for *in her words* ~ "A Song of the Sidhe" ~ which is a repubbed, revised and expanded story set in Ireland of ages past.
The Kougar is constantly amazed and enchanted with Jeanne's knowledge about Irish history and immensely enjoys her obvious love of Celtic music, especially the song of the bards...not to yowling mention her writing.

What is the Kougar tail-twitching working on? Why, meow-concentrate and pouncing-focus, she is proofing the final version of When a Good Angel Falls ~ coming soon from Siren-BookStrand. And just for your lazily squinching eyes, my Beautiful Kittens, these are the last paragraphs moi read before paw-blogging ~
"Fully turning to her, the more-than-handsome naked cherub bowed. "I shall draw your bath. Bubbles included." Grandly, he exited the room. Sedona nearly laughed.
"Better a cute cherub than an ugly cherub," she muttered, amused despite herself. She heard the water running and attempted to turn off the spilling faucet of her thoughts, thoughts that would get her nowhere now. Standing, she wrapped the blanket around herself. "I don’t care if he has seen me naked." Stiffening her jaw, she headed for the bathroom."

Shimmering flame kisses from the Kougar...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feather Flash Day

Greetings, all Gorgeous Big Cats, in honor of Celia Kyle's feather flash day at Liquid Silver's SEx blog ~ ~
The Kougar presents ~

Feathered Wings of Fire

Scrambling quickly up the small pile of red desert boulders, she shielded her eyes from the midday sun with one hand. Fascinated, she peered at the immense dark shape in the sky, unable to tell if it was a small plane or a humongous bird. Staring for all she was worth at the odd-looking shape, whatever it was, maybe even some kind of UFO, her breath hitched when it banked suddenly, then powerfully glided over the parched landscape. Wings, definitely giant feathered wings. Her breath jerked again and her heart drummed with wild elation. Probably just an enormous buzzard, though.

Still, a tiny, tiny thump of hope tingled in her breast as the magnificent bird grew larger, and seemed to head in her direction. Crouching, she fumbled for her camcorder inside her stuffed backpack, but no go, unless she was willing to take her gaze off the...mygawd! She straightened, sucked in a big fat breath, then forgot to breathe. Thunderbird, echoed in her mind. Thunderbird, it banged around like a large bouncing rock falling into a canyon. Thunderbirds, like the ones talked about on late night radio, the crypto sightings, the American Indian myths, the 1800's picture she’d Googled.

Like the one sighted in Alaska flying beside a Cessna. Of course, the pilot and passengers had freaked out huge time. “God, I hope so. I hope it’s a Thunderbird,” she whispered, thinking if she spoke too loudly, it would frighten the legendary creature away. As the ginorous eagle-looking bird sailed closer and closer, her blood sang with excitement while trepidation curled her toes. “It could want dinner,” she murmured, remembering the tales of monstrous nests containing human bones. Still, she stood her ground on top of the sun-baked boulder, and waited, greedily searching for every detail she could observe.

Brown mahogany, the giant wing feathers gleamed beneath the sun. Looking translucent, the tip edges shimmered with gold. As he flew closer his flight feathers streamed a golden flame of light. He. The ginormous eagle had to be a ‘he’. Sailing beneath the sun, he obstructed her view of the sky, and darkened the land around her with his shadow. Mesmerized, she watched his entire body glisten gold as if an ancient sky goddess poured gold dust over his dark feathers. Stunned by his sheer size, his incomparable glorious beauty, still, she couldn’t make herself believe he was a hallucination.

Aware her own body entered a state of paralysis, she did not care. Shifting his flight pattern, the Thunderbird creature rose, flying higher. Her heart nearly stopped, stabbed by raw disappointment. Come back, she desperately whispered inside her mind. Majestically he circled directly above her, catching inside his shadow as he languidly spiraled higher. She concentrated, memorizing his every winging movement. “Omygawd.” Her throat closed in awe at what she witnessed. He sparkled with a fiery aurora of colors as he flew in slow motion. His entire body. Unable to take it all in, she dropped her hand, and blinked.

Then she shut her eyes. Forcing them wide again, she gasped, her breath ripping from her lungs. His tail feathers blazed, rainbows of fire flowing, jets of amazing color that put the brightness of the sky to shame. Thinking, Firebird....she felt her body fall backwards. Her mind blanked. When she emerged back into awareness, she felt strong arms around her. Incredibly strong arms. She blinked, daring her own eyes to open. Starting violently, she wondered how the strange gorgeous man held onto her. “You are here. As we previously arranged.” His unique bold voice fire-stormed over her senses. “What?”

Feathery kiss from the Kougar...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazed Cat, Krazy Kat

Beloved Big Cats, this Kougar is Crazed Cat, Krazy Kat these days. And this cat is now drowsy, and definitely needs to wink and blink her way toward a catnap.
Today, the Kougar claw-clicked and tail-twitched her way through the promo-landia of the Fallen Angel Reviews loop, enjoying the companionship of her sister Siren and BookStrand authors, smiling-usual. What you learn, and if only bytes were bites, since the descriptions of food, including blueberries, an absolute yum-yum fave, had the Kougar wishing she owned a food replicator and a food transporter beam. Which brings moi to one of her fave soap boxes -- why are we still in the black oil age of technology. What happened to the life o' George Jetson?
Back to the Kougar's finished up her special project's presentation and e-winged it forth. This particular book project is so deep dark secret now, that's all moi can reveal.
What do you think, my Beautiful Big Cats? For the Kougar's promo title on her next two releases ~ 2012 Earth Angel or Fire-Blasting Space Babe ~ Yep, the promo creative ideas are spinning like an zero point energy machine. Maybe the Kougaress ought to hook up her brain...meow! quit paying the electric company. Yowl! Promo insanity prevails.
And! other paw-writerly projects were set up today, my adored kitties, ready to be completed.
Plus the Kougar has thought of an expression for her heroine in Black Cat Beauty...Black Cat-titude, or, of course, Black Cat with Attitude...

Meow! Happy After Full Moon Day.

Crazed, Krazy smooch from the Kougar...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Moonshine...and the Revenuers

Serious topic tonight, my Lovely Big Cats. Did you know Prohibition, or the gin and bathtub days of the 1920's was orchestrated, not because well meaning people cared about the disease and abusive use of alcoholism -- but because the oil industry wanted no competition in selling gasoline...
Find out for yourselves. There's plenty o' research and documentation out there!!! Claw through it. To get you started check out last night's program on Coast-to-Coastam with George Noory. ~ ~ moi has the Recap...

Alcohol-Based Fuels
Ecological biologist David Blume discussed the importance and benefits of alcohol-based fuels, and how the petroleum industry has suppressed their development. Some of the earliest cars such as the Model T were flex fuel (running on either gas or alcohol), and Henry Ford was an advocate for alcohol fuel. However, he was opposed by John D. Rockefeller who pushed for Prohibition, which stopped the manufacture of alcohol for any purpose, Blume detailed.
Cheaper than gas, alcohol is a superior fuel, as it leaves no carbon behind, engines last longer, and it can free us from foreign dependence, he noted. There are some twenty different crops that can produce alcohol, and many of them, such as sugar beets, yield more alcohol per acre than corn.
Most cars can actually run with up to 50% alcohol in their tanks, without using any kind of conversion device, Blume declared, and kits can be added to vehicles for less than $300. People can get permits to create home distilleries to brew their own alcohol fuel, which enables them to be eligible for tax credits, he said. An advocate for community organizing, Blume said in many locales residents have set up driver owned stations which offer alcohol pumps.

Okay, Kittens, if you want your own let-freedom-ring moonshine still, if you want to outshine the revenuers like Uncle Jesse, remember Daisy Dukes? ~ here's the link for the book pictured ~ ~

For pure tickle-your-fancy enjoyment lounge on over to Title Magic. Guest blogger, Jade Lee, discusses the pros and cons of entering contests for published authors. And, my elegant Big Cats, eye the cover art~ Moi's mew-sings below ~
Hi Jade, your sense of humor is a scream and a huge day brightener!Thanks for giving us the benefit of your experience. It really helps me make better decisions.If I had the extra time/money I would consider entering some of the pubbed contests.But, alas, I can't keep up with promo and writing my wips, as it is.BTW, the cover is gorgeous! Who's your cover artist?Terry, follow your heart, but don't be intimidated by the RITA's. After all, they're only authors like the rest of us. Yeah, brilliant and talented, and maybe best selling, but really, if you can handle the scores...who knows, you could gain a lot by the experience, and by the results.

Moonshine kisses from the Kougar...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tangerine ~ The Unveiling

Tangerine ~ the Unveiling ... ta-da!

Hot off the e-mail press, my Beautiful Big Kitties! The Kougar's cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams from Aspen Mountain Press.

And it must be Bast's timing because the Kougaress is mind-numb and worn out from her shopping hunt-the-groceries and the find-a-new-mouse since her plumpy roller mouse is limping on it's dysfunctional roller feet.
A Happy Kougar face...squinch, squinch...and roll over. Moi already adores her new slim trim tiny mouse, called a pocket mouse, she found on *best-of-all* sale! Tiny mouse is much superior to old plump, but well-serving mouse, which was always too big for moi's hand.
Whatya think?
Given the Kougar's propensity for the unique, this terrific torrid cover art hits just the right spot ~ the hero stallion shifter in tangerine lusting paradise...and let the adventure and the carnal games begin.
On Title Magic today Mai shares her upset about a novel marketed as a romance, which was not a romance. How do author's defend themselves from the marketing machine that is NY publishing when they get it wrong???
Hi Mai, I HATE when that happens. So I'm with you on the rant part. And I totally feel for the author. I'm sure she didn't want her book marketed as something it was not. Moi's mew-sings below.
That's one reason I like being with the small print/e-publishers I'm with currently. Because both Liquid Silver and Siren-BookStrand are very careful about how their books are marketed.
Heck, you can read the first chapter at your leisure at Liquid Silver. And at Siren there's a good-sized excerpt, so you can get a feel for the story and the author's writing style.
I may not get as many sales as a lot of authors, but I do want those who purchase my novels to be happy and satisfied that they did.
And I've been extremely lucky -- thank you, thank you, cover gods -- that my cover art is to my liking. In fact, I just got my final cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams. I think it's unique and terrific, and suits me perfectly. How readers will feel, I have no clue. And I absolutely love the cover art for my three others.
That's the thing, so far, I have had a say. And boy, as an author and as an amateur artist, I'm so glad!

Unveiling kiss from the Kougar...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Growl Up a Storm ~ ?

Summer evening greetings, all Big Cats...the Kougar is un-blurring her eyes from a catnap. A very well deserved catnap since her sleep habits, such as they are, have been severely interrupted by finishing up Black Cat Beauty and e-winging the Halloween Tail or Tale off to submission-landia, where hopefully moi's novella will find a home. Meow-yowl, was this story trick or treat fun to claw-pen...mostly. There were only a few caramel apple sticky parts, but growl up a storm, they were a super-glued mask that didn't want to come off.
Hmmmm...growl up a storm, perhaps the Kougaress's next Big Cat shifter tale, or is that tail, as in Tiger by the Tail???
To shift paths, my Beautiful Big Cats, moi has a final divine run through of When a Good Angel Falls from Siren-BookStrand...before her angelic 2012 story is released. Excitement purring! rrraorrrr...lots of excited purring! Rev up your super-charged black motorcycles for this futuristic adventure romance.
Also, on the paw-penning horizon, a new project which must remain completely mysterious, and may or may not come to super hero will dive in with the pen and give it her best...assuming an unexpected or or expected speed bump doesn't take her out.
On Title Magic today Evonne blogged wonderfully, and when doesn't she blog wonderfully, about time of the Kougar's absolute fave topics!
And yesterday Mel blogged about the Abused TBR, in which moi's title was mentioned, and for which the Kougar plants a e-smooch on Mel's cheek.
Moi' mew-sings below for both blogs ~
Mel, that was too good. I was reading that fabulous title, thinking how much I luved it, then you mentioned Murder by Hair Spray!
What am I reading? I'm reading and editing Black Cat Beauty right now.

P.S. I need to get a copy of 'said' great title. It looks wonderful.
Time travel is endlessly fascinating. I love time traveling through books and movies. What could be more fun than Back to the Future...well, never mind. Actually, there are an infinite possibility of fun scenarios.
Terry, I'm with you. I love those historical sites, and got to experience Colonial Williamsburg.
Okay, I could pen pages and pages. One of my fave time travel notions is as a type of OverSight or OverSeer. That is, I could travel back to the beginning of Earth as a planet, and watch life unfold from the beginning up to the present time. Without being trapped in any particular period of time.
Anitra, I never saw Red Dwarf. That sounds good. And funny.
Anyone hear the name John Titor before? or past, present and future?
Cool, cool blog, Evonne!

Black cat smooch from the Kougar...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Book Cravings ~ Red Lioness Tamed

My Book Cravings ~ Red Lioness Tamed ~ Review by Robin Smith
Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar
ISBN #: 978-1-59578-424-7
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Romance
Is it the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time? Sun Rocket would soon find out as she deals with Draxen, her captor or is that captive? You be the judge as the cockles of your heart heat up with book one in the Red Lioness series.
Sun Rocket awakens to find herself in strange surroundings. Where is she or more importantly how did she get here? She is a cat shifter which could pose a problem for her as her species isn't exactly popular with some people. Thankfully she maintained her human form during her transference from a horse holding unit as she admired the horses.
Draxen is the owner of the ship where he finds a redheaded seductress in his cargo bay. Who sent her? Why is she here? He's bound and determined to discover these answers and more as the story unfolds. Her luscious body tempts him mightily as passion begins to ignite within his soul. Will he get what he craves?
This story just explodes right from the get go. Making you curious to unravel the mystery presented as well as enjoying the by-play between Draxen and Sun Rocket. Discovering the answers gives one a pleasurable read, one which excites the senses in a variety of ways.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It filled me with anticipation as I read the passion that just seems to explode off the pages or in my case the computer. Wow the heat level in this book coupled with the heat wave here on the mountains has me wishing I had a pool of ice water handy to cool off. This book was very well written. Definitely not for a young reader, it's just too sexually stimulating. Ms. Kougar I applaud you, you held my attention, took me on a journey and warmed my heart all at the same time.

Five kisses to Robin Smith from the Kougar...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rating: 5 Ripped Bras

Big Bad Cats, it's an erotic romance inspired day! The stars must be aligned on hawt! hawt! hawt! Extra jalapeno hawt!
Raorrrr! Give it to me hard and make me yowl up the sun. Not only is the Kougar pussy-slick steaming up her ending to Black Cat Beauty...
If you lap up menage, as in two men and one woman, does Siren-BookStrand author, Jenny Penn, have a book for you! The Kougar gives Excerpt #3 from Deception ~ a personal rating of *5* count 'em! 5 RIPPED BRAS.

Deception is now available at

Check out why Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Deception 4.5 stars and called it "laugh-out-loud hilarious"

[Deception by Jenny Penn]

Blurb: Tessa Miller only wants to help her friend. Having two muscle rippling hunks at her door is a bonus. Mistaken assumptions lead Tessa to the most thrilling week of her life. Will the pleasure be worth it when she finds out she's been deceived?

AND! On Title Magic today, erotic romance author, Devyn Quinn, is the guest blogger. Happily trot on over, my Beautiful Big Cats. Moi's mew-sings below.
Hi Devyn, thanks for sharing your story on Title Magic. It's been an incredibly long haul for me too, although I'm not NY pubbed.
I'm so glad you could finally grab that brass ring and hold on!!!
Your penn name Devyn Quinn is absolutely perfect, IMO, for the novels you currently write.
I wish you continued success...and those covers are erotic yummy.


Ripped bra smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flash with Friends ~ All That Star Glitters

Big Kool Kats, Sunday Sex Flashin' with friends and lovers is happening at Liquid Silver SEx blog ~ ~
The Kougar Kool Kat only peeked out of the writing cave long enough to post her six part Sunday Flash, and to do the mundane necessaries of life stuff...meow! like washing her clothes. Or it will be a naked kitty.

From moi's wip ~ All That Star Glitters
Tempted to touch weird foam, she didn’t, not prepared for the horrible consequences, like her fingers melting off.
I’m melting. I’m melting. Sandia never knew if she remembered the Wizard of Oz from her childhood, or knew the movie because she’d seen it as part of her re-education program.
Shaking her head once, she turned toward the path. The icky foam had simply disappeared. A gleam embedded in the grass halted her. Tiny, radiating beautifully in a fan shape, it was like nothing she’d seen before. Entranced, Sandia slowly moved toward it. Dropping the branches, she bent over, peering intently.
His orb ship cloaked, Drovv entered Earth’s gooey atmosphere. Remaining on the standard entry vectors, he sent his code to Base. Accepted, he notified them of his new mission, time of arrival, with the Princess currently unknown.
Drovv growled a few choice cuss words in his favorite language for rude crude expressions. Hurtling toward the North American continent, he honed in on the beam from the Princess’s ring. He formed a cloud around his ship, slowed his descent, and sank over the southwest states. Near the curvature of Earth, the sun blazed white jewels of light over the Pacific ocean.
Sandia bent at the waist, staring at the bright glittering spot. "A fallen star?" she murmured, entertaining herself with the whimsical conjecture. "I don’t have a clue what you are. You do look like a tiny, tiny piece of a star...stardust." Her imagination soared, stardust sprinkling down from the cosmos, magically gracing Earth.
Not feeling any heat on her face, Sandia bent a bit closer, seeing the outline of circle. "Like a ring...amazing," she whispered. Enchanted and intrigued, she looked over at the branches she’d dropped, checking for a twig small enough to lift up the star ring.
"Nada," she whispered. Daring her forefinger closer, she inhaled a deep breath. Slowly Sandia immersed her fingertip in the stardust shimmer around the ring. Cool. No heat at all.
"Wow!" Delicately she picked the ring up. "All that glitters isn’t gold." Inspecting the strange mystical ring, she raised it higher. "All that star glitters..."
Sandia screamed. Brutal male arms encircled her waist, jerking her off her feet. Her air cut off, she sputtered, struggled. "No!" she screamed as the bear-muscled man slung her against his side, carrying her with one brawny arm. Rape flashed through her mind like a horror movie.
"I will kill you!" she raged, and twisted violently. Uselessly. His arm was a horrible vice.
"Good disguise, Princess. We’ll play this your way."
What the freakin’ hell! Princess?
"Princess!" she shouted furiously. "I am not your princess."
"You fail to remember our one lusty encounter."
Whoever he was? He thought he knew her. Sandia didn’t know whether to feel some measure of relief – or...? God help her!
"I don’t know you! Put me down!" she ferociously ordered.
"I’ll put you down soon enough, Princess."
Blood pounded in her head, making her dizzy. His gruff peculiar voice pounded through her...
What? Is he a Sasquatch wearing clothing?
"No!" she shrieked as he powerfully leapt up the cabin’s porch steps.
He sat down on the top step, surprising her. "All due force authorized, Princess." She was hauled over his lap, face down.
His intention sliced though Sandia. Disbelief seized her for an instant. Then she screamed her lungs out. Only interrupted by the heavy smack of his hand on her bottom.
Sandia’s hands flew back, her butt stinging nastily. The beastly man manacled her wrists with one hand, then smacked her harder. Pain flared over her bottom. Enraged, she struggled wildly.

Star glitter kiss from the Kougar...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday with Two Lips

Maooww, my Beautiful Big Kitties, it's been a very naughty, but 'inspiring' chat day over at the Talking Two Lips Yahoo loop with my Siren and BookStrand buddies. For juicy steamy excerpts of new releases and upcoming releases take fast stroll on over, Big Sexy Cats.
Below is moi's sign off post...
Yeah, I did sign off for awhile. But you all are irresistible. I actually got about a page written --my supermen are slinging an attack ship back into space while my heroine is dazed, but not confused about how much she hates being collared, yet her pantheress side wants the hero for a mate...and the bad guys are about to make screen contact...
Savanna Kougar
~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Over at the Liquid Silver SEx blog ~ ~ , Jeanne Barrack wrote a musically inspiring blog, featuring beautiful Irish ballads. Moi's mew-sings below.
Oh, I love the Irish/Celtic music and a lot of the hot sultry Latin music, also the romantic ballads.
The story I'm working on now has some of my fave old rock songs, which the hero uses to woo and seduce the heroine -- Black Magic Woman by Santana. Spooky, spooky little girl...I Put A Spell on You...Year of the Cat.
In fact as I writing on the story and typing the heroine's name, at that instant a song by The Animals played, It's Your Life...and her name was spoken in the song...
How's that for musical synchronicity? And no, I wasn't playing a CD. It was the bumper music on a radio show.

A few minutes ago, my beloved Big Kitties, the Kougar heard the tame prairie coyotes, yipping loudly and carrying on in the neighbor's north pasture.
Message for everyone, Coyote Spirit?
Beware those who say they tell you the truth, but have been known to lie often...
Thank you, Coyote Spirit
It's a rough world out there. And since Coyote is known as the Trickster Spirit...well...use your own best judgement and intuition.

Late Saturday smooch from the Kougar...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tangerine Happiness & Angel Winner

Sunny Saturday greetings, Big Cats. A divine breeze blows through the Kougar's humble lair after gray skies and nasty high humidity. Wildflowers bloom abundantly decorating the tame prairie, and moi's potato plants are sprouting, green and adorable. Although, the Kougaress is highly doubtful any sort of real potato will be produced.
Smiling happily, the Kougar announces that CathieCaffey is the winner of the mini angel reading. Shoot off an e-mail, Cathie (the addy will be in the comment section) ~ with your ‘fun’ question or just leave it up to the Angels, and moi will pull your special card.
Tangerine Happiness! my adored Big Kitties, moi's cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Aspen Mountain Press ~ is otherworld exotic and sensually sci fi scintillating!
Indeed, the Kougar sleekly rubs her joy on the cover goddesses and gods...and grins her thanks upon Bast.

Meanwhile...what do you think of the Kougar's latest in story penning...

Black Cat Beauty ~ a purring seductive shifter story for Halloween ~
A private Halloween party in a gothic mansion hidden in the Hollywood Hills. Add one party crasher, Sable Kiki, a naughty black cat with a sexy wild human side.
Her covert assignment from her devious, always-cunning father: use her seductive wiles to find out the truth from Devon Zant, a movie star on the rise to super stardom.
Posing as the super hero actor, Devon Zant, D’Torr has arrived on Earth seeking revenge for the capture of his younger brother, and to assist in stopping a powerful enemy.
The leviathan warfleet of the Altirrux wants rule of all intergalactic trade routes to Earth, endangering the survival of D’Torr’s race, and all the inhabitants of the rare blue jewel, Earth.

Over at Title Magic, the romance author, Mona Risk, is blogging about story settings. And the Kougar is quite whisker-fierce envious. Plus, Big Beautiful Cats, meet the cast of Mona's latest romance suspense novel, French Peril.
Moi's mew-sings below.
Hi Mona, great to see you here again. You are so lucky. I wish I'd had the opportunity to travel as you have, and use the settings for my stories.
What a great cast of characters for French Peril.
Right now, I'm like Anitra, living in my fantasy worlds and doing research via the internet and other media. One of my best research tools is listening to Coast-to-Coastam, night time radio. They have guests in different paranormal areas, also top investigative journalists, historians and physicists like Michio Kaku. They've even had people who were once part of the Mafia tell their stories.
It's like taking a college course almost every night.

Happiness smooch from the Kougar...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Angel Reading, Anyone?

Magical Seduction of an Angel
2012 ~ What happens ‘When a Good Angel Falls’ ?
Being an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast am, night talk radio, famous for its paranormal topics ~ the subject of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar ~ is one of the hottest conversations going, and only gets hotter as we come closer and closer to what some people refer to as the endtimes.
So, what if? What will occur on that magical and mystical winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 ~ that final day of the Mayan calendar?
When a Good Angel Falls, my novel coming soon from Siren-BookStrand, answers that question with Sedona and Volcano’s unusual love story.
Join me at Ann Cory’s Magical Seduction blog ~ ~ for a story blurb and to share your thoughts and insights about 2012.
I will choose ONE person who comments for a free fun angel mini-reading via e-mail. This means I pull one angel card for you, tune in to the wise words of the angelic realm, and e-send you the results.
Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~
Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I] ~ aristocratic fantasy available from Siren Publishing ~ ~ Which seductive shade of blue are you?
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 angelic fantasy coming from Siren-BookStrand summer 2008
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tomorrow, the Magical Seduction

Summer languid-tail greetings, my Big Cats. The Kougar hopes you are lazing about, enjoying the sun or the shade, your snoozing preference.
Moi is *squinchy-smile* happy to report Red Lioness Tamed ~ Liquid Silver Books ~ has received another review, one that blew the Kougar's whiskers straight back. Robin from My Book Cravings ~ ~ enjoyed the spicy sci fi romp just as moi hoped when she claw-penned it. And again, a huge roar of thanks to Vivien Dean for finding the review. And yowl-yes, when the Kougar can spare a few breaths, this prime meaty review will be right here for the glowing orbs of the Big Cats.
Tomorrow, the Magical Seduction...meow-yes, the Kougar will be blogging on Ann Cory's blog, Magical Seduction ~ ~ The tidbit of promo below will tell and show where to go...if you want in on the conversation about 2012.

2012 ~ What happens ‘When a Good Angel Falls’ ?
Being an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast am, night talk radio, famous for its paranormal topics ~ the subject of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar ~ is one of the hottest conversations going, and only gets hotter as we come closer and closer to what some people refer to as the endtimes.
So, what if? What will occur on that magical and mystical winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 ~ that final day of the Mayan calendar?
When a Good Angel Falls, my novel coming soon from Siren-BookStrand, answers that question with Sedona and Volcano’s unusual love story.
Join me at Ann Cory’s Magical Seduction blog ~ ~ for a story blurb and to share your thoughts and insights about 2012.

A kiss of magical seduction from the Kougar...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pouncing has become Painful...I'll wear sable, some day...

Big Gorgeous Cats, pouncing on the much needed groceries has become painful out there. A big maowing OUCH! The obvious example: the Kougar's brand of ice cream containing real cream, of course ~ Breyer ~ has down-sized their carton while keeping a high price. *Pout, pout* and a wicked slashing of moi's tail. Not to mention fuel cost, an insanity of compliance among us all with those hidden elite who prey upon us.
Truth to meow, beloved kitties all, it's no fun out there in moi's little shoplandia anymore. Not that most of the humans aren't kind and still friendly, but a dark depressed mood overlays everything, a pall of shock and confusion. Of rising anger. Indeed, the Kougaress is in full roaring sympathy, given her own circumstance. And often fondly recalls a statement attributed to Marie Antoinette, although it could be argued the fair queen never uttered such words -- let them eat cake.

Rrraorrrr...onto more fantasy fun topics. As the Kougar was penning her sexy naughty halloween novella, Black Cat Beauty, last Sunday eve during Coast-to-Coastam...and just as she claw-tapped in her heroine's name, heard 'sable' in the bumper music song by The Animals, It's My Life...lyrics ensue ~

It's a hard world, to get a break in -
All the good things have been taken
But girl there are ways to make certain things pay,
Though I'm dressed in these rags
I'll wear sable, some day
Takin' all I can get, no regrets
When I ... openly lie
And live on their money, believe me honey, that money - synchronicity, anyone?

And for another fantasy, the tangerine fantastical cover art for Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ Aspen Mountain Press ~ arrived for a lookey see. Moi adores the concept, one of stallion shifter high strangeness...later the official unveiling will occur...for now, the Kougar is signing off and entering the writing cave...

On Title Magic today Anitra has posted an adorable pic of her pooch, and talks about using those bad time in our life to enrich our characters and our writing, as well as the release that writing can bring. Moi's mew-sings below.
Anitra, cute doggie picture! I always use my experiences, good, bad, ugly or beautiful. This is especially true in When a Good Angel Falls, which is exactly the theme your speaking about, Lexie.I never fit in either. And, yep, my heroines and heroes get to win in the end.Of course, it is therapeutic -- however, I also find it totally frustrating at times, since it doesn't happen in the real world.

Sable some day kisses from the Kougar...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby ~ the Alien

Okay, my hep Big Cats, the Kougar had another blog planned for today. However...meow instead, just enjoy this pic of Baby, the Alien, who is alive and well at the Roswell UFO Festival.

Here's the link for all the pics ~

And enjoy this snipped from moi's current WIP ~

"What are you going to do? Heat me up with your dynamite super sex appeal?" Her blood on bubbly sizzle from him and their soaring flight, Sable took another look downward. The mountain peaks shone like gargoyle lairs, higher and more jagged.

Finally, take leisurely walk over to Title Magic and enjoy Lexie O'Neill's introduction of herself. Moi's mew-sings below.
Hi Lexie, nice pic. Good idea about intros. Although, I'm not sure, at this point, the best way to accomplish them.
It sounds like from what you said about your rejection letters, that your novels would fit a niche market more than mainstream. Have you explored small print publishers who are successful with your type of stories?

Summer livin' smooch from the Kougar...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flash of the Fire Seeker Princess

The Kougar is feeling it, my Big Kitties, summer is taking over her svelte form, and the urge to lounge lazily is like sniffing lavender...maowww...where's the comfy bed?
Flashing at Liquid Silver's SExpression's blog with Mima, was all about the baking sunrays, the last time the Kougar clicked over...and, if you're in the mood for some m/m genre flashing today is your day, stride on over.

From moi's WIP ~ Fire Seeker Princess ~ Chapter One

June 1, 2007 – Princess Shalarri of the Kwelstar Worlds opened her arms wide in celebration of the rising sun. The new day was gloriously hot already. Standing on her small deck, she stretched like a happy feline. Completely nude, Shala greeted the sun as she did most every morning on the backwards primitive planet called Earth, at least, by most of the sentient inhabitants.
She smiled, feeling the bliss of sun rays soaking into her skin, saturating her to her core. She waved to the sunrise male jogger. He waved, his gaze glued to her body as he trotted by–
The jogger had become dedicated to enjoying her female form almost since the day of her arrival, about one earth year ago.
Fortunately earth males were easy to control. All she had to accomplish was the draining of their fire energy, enough, in whatever area of their body or mind she wished. It had become routine for her, no matter how dangerous the attacker, from the Men in Black to the rare rapist. It was even mischievous fun on some occasions. She giggled within, recalling how hilarious it was to watch their proud mating bulges diminish, wither to hanging hotdogs.

The fire seeker princess flames a kiss your way...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lazy Days on the Tame Prairie

Meow-stretching hello, my Beautiful Big Cats. Moi needs a hammock and some time lazing around in the sun and shade of her tame prairie. With all the rainstorms passing through it's a regular jungle out there! Yep, her little brain is spinning like a top and quickly toppling into tired.
Today, the Kougar did spend some quality chat time with her Siren and BookStrand author buddies at the Midnight Seductions chat loop. Take a stroll, Cool Cats, and a peek at all the spicy, very sexy excerpts.
And, the Kougaress penned a couple of good scenes on her current WIP, Black Cat Beauty ~ a purr-seductive story for Halloween. Hmmm-roarrrr, it's not quite midnight, perhaps Sable Kiki will engage in a midnight seduction of her own...

On the shapeshifter front, Celia Kyle, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books, is kindly setting up a web site for LSB shifter stories ~ ~

Now for you, my adorable and adored Big Cats, the blurb for When a Good Angel Falls ~ currently on the coming soon page of BookStrand ~ ~

Winter Solstice 2012
When a Good Angel Falls ~ Coming soon from Siren-BookStrand
Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
Blurb: What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp? Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal, with the hope her death will be quick? Or does Sedona trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her? Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges from the darkness astride a super-speed black motorcycle.
Is he her savior from the brutal hell of end times, or is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?
Sent from heaven to help her save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.
Page link: ~ ~

Lazy prairie smooch from the Kougar...