Monday, July 28, 2008

The Kougar's Interview with Crystal

An impressive sight, my Beautiful Kittikins, the newly cut pasture with all the elephant bales waiting to be taken and stored. This year there were twice as many bales due to all the wonderful rains storming and sprinkling on the tame prairie. Even this morning the sky was a gray pearlescent and a small shower graced the land for awhile.
Is this big Kougar cat ever grateful, since the forecast was sunny and aiming for the 100 degree mark. Meow a big thanks to Bast and the weather goddess, and the Divine.

Guess yowling what, Big Lovely Kitties, moi's author interview with Crystal has just been posted today. Crystal has done a beautiful presentation, and the Kougaress is so beyond pleased.
Link ~ ~

It's been a hopping mad and happy day on the Just Another Paranormal Monday Yahoo loop. Lots 'o great excerpts and info and lively chat on several topics, not all of them of the spooky variety.

Tomorrow, it looks like yours truly kitty will be paw-penning for Title Magic since no one else signed up for the date. Of course, i's a perfect opportunity to announce the release date of WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ ~ ~

Also a big roaring congratulations to Terry Odell!
This week's 5 Heart Sweetheart at The Romance Studio...
"Odell’s characters feel very real. Both leads are sensible and extremely likable. The supporting cast is great as well, especially Randy’s partner Kovak. Randy tells Sarah that criminals are caught because they are “stupid,” but these bad guys are somewhat unusual in both their crimes and their methods."
"The author’s take on police work is both fascinating and entertaining. I loved the “brainstorming” session. There is not a lot of lust here, but it is a great romantic relationship and a satisfying, complex mystery." - Lynn Bushey

Yes, the Kougar was perusing for promo ideas since moi signed up for the one year package advert deal, and found Terry's exciting review.
Happily, while the Kougar was claw-penning away on the Special Secret Project, she took time out to storm her creative brain, brew up her enchantingly, yet potent ads for The Romance Studio, then e-sent them post haste, and is now anticipating the eye candy results.

Today on Title Magic ~ ~ Mai posts an insightful and guaranteed to be helpful blog about networking in the author book biz. Stroll on over and learn. Moi's mew-sings below.
Great insights, Mai. And congrats for going beyond your comfort zones. I spent a bunch o' years accomplishing that myself, in a different life arena. So I know, it certainly ain't all that easy, for the most part.
You're absolutely right about being genuine. I think that's why a lot of people will talk to me, and won't really talk to others. Simply because I care and I'm really interested.

Roar and a big smooch from the Kougar...

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