Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flash of Sunrise Wings & Cherub Wings

Woopee! Big Kitties, the Kougar just learned her 2012 futuristic adventure romance, When a Good Angel Falls, will be released on August 13, 2008 at ~ ~
Jumping and winging for joy...ever wanted to know about carnal cherubs and what they can naughty, naughty do to the woman of their heaveny desires? Then, this is the story for you.

Today at the Liquid Silver SEx blog, Jeanne Barrack presented a beautiful selection of backdrop pictures for Flash Fiction day. Take a trot on over, my sleek Big Cats, and enjoy the lyrical fiery sexy flashes. Moi had only enough energy and time for one. And the special secret writing project is under the creative gun...


Desiring the blazing colors of this day’s sunrise, Kessia unfurled her cellophane-like wings. Instantly the fiery reds, the flaming orange and the iridescent purples stained her large wings like cathedral glass, only the color lived more luminous and more vibrantly than what could be captured in a window. Feeling sensuous and free, she languidly shook her bright red tresses. The heaviness glided between her gently flapping wings and over her small strong back. Sighing with bliss, and with the joy of nature sang around her, she didn’t hear his stealthy approach.
"Kessia, you are mine by capture. Our old way."

Flash-winged kisses from the Kougar...


Crystal Adkins said...

HI Savanna I have no idea what I've done with your email addy but I wanted to let you know that your interview is up on my blog :) here is your link:


Savanna Kougar said...

Crystal, thanks so much. Actually Google Alerts came through!