Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baby Cubs, it's cold outside

Baby cubs, it's cold outside. Yesterday the winds slashed across the cattle prairies, knife-slicing cold winds. The Kougar is grateful for her mostly cozy lair, and her huge supply of hot chocolate makings. She is also extremely purring grateful for her endless supply of words, the words she uses to create her stories.
Reading for the Kougaress when she was a growing-up cub was the adventurous escape in her life. Books were hungrily devoured for hours, in dim light, beneath the bed covers, it didn't matter. Now, it's the adventurous stories written by the Kougar that have become her escape, that wondrous and fantastical cave she escapes to, writing her dreams, living her fantasies, offering what she has learned of this world and otherworlds.
This world, o precious world, our third rock from the sun, as the Kougaress has yowled previously, is facing the extreme winds o' change. Will those mighty club-wielding giant changes we all face, be guided by our best imaginations, our most beneficent dreams for each other? Will we reach for our highest, most sacred fantasies? To guide the future. Will we do unto others as we would have done unto us? Will we truly live the golden rule? As we guide our new future of 2008 into being?
Or will we fall like Rome? Into the squalor of greed and corruption, and horrific evil?
The Kougar walks with all those who sacred dreaming walk into our future. With all those who brave the cold slicing winds o' change to rescue our future and to dance forth, on playful and fierce paws, the powerful and beautiful renaissance waiting for, only, our will to bring it forth.

Big Kittie Lovers, elegant-stride on over to Title Magic for Anitra's blog on how we can bring forth the changes we desire in our lives.
Below is curled-up-on-a-cold-day moi's comment:
Anitra, very well spoken. The adventure of the ipod. I think you could translate that into a great scene in one of your stories, including the realization that nothing is written in stone -- unless, it's written on a stone tablet, of course.

Baby cub kisses from the Kougar...

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