Saturday, January 26, 2008

Authoress Smooches

My Big Cats, the Kougar's winter windswept prairie has warmed to a delightful fifties degrees today. Yay! Yowl! A leisurely sleek turn or two in celebration with a joyful swish of her tail.
Did purring-moi make the error of speaking about the explosive year of 2008? in her prior rumblings? Because now her furry head is exploding! Oh, what, oh what to do with When A Good Angel Falls? Meow, meow, not a question that can be answered now, since nothing is truly confirmed -- yet the Kougar's 2012 adventure may find a publishing home. Hope, maaoow, hope!
And the happy Kougar dance continues. All Shades of Blue Paradise, on the coming soon page of Siren Publishing, is with the proofreader, and its sequel, Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, is to be contracted. Yes, the Kougaress sent in her description of the fantasy world where these stories take place, which is also the series title, World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Of course, as the Kougar has been kindly warned, the reviewers and some readers may not be splendidly impressed with this writing work of lyrical blue shades, and the happy dance will become a wilted attempt to slink through the day. Yes, the Stephen King horror world of being an author.
Help! Roar! Roar upon the wind! Any readers who luv a romance sizzle novel written in a lyrical style as befits the fantasy world of Sher and Zag, please, roar! The Kougaress needs you!

Meanwhile, the cover art of Red Lioness Tamed should be arriving soon. Ooooh, tingle, hope! Wiggling excitement of the Kougar's lithe feline self ensues.
And a waxing meow on another topic...yes, indeedy, the Kougar would luv to submit to Ellora's Cave as she expressed to another author, at some future time. There is a magic about the Cave, a certain carnal chic in this world of erotic romance writing, since romantica originated with this e-publisher. Grumble-however, the wait time is atrocious, unless she can whip up a short story she adores for a specialty line. A big yowling if??? And in low-rumbling candor, moi is not certain it's ultimately to her authoress advantage???

Authoress smooches from the Kougar...

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