Friday, March 21, 2008

A Day of March Miracles

A March miracle has occurred, Beautiful Big Kitties. Indeed, the Kougar was faced with a major/minor repair situation of her beloved gravel drive. A giant cave in...meow-well, it was about a foot and a half foot deep and about two feet long (lots of rain) where the tiny full stream passes beneath. Bravely, the Kougar filled her two buckets with scrap bricks, then took to her van. After dumping one pail inside with minimal filling result, she discovered where the gargantuan hole drained, down to an immense yawn of ground. *Beware! Exaggeration used for effect here.* With Spirit guidance the Kougaress discovered a big ole' slab of old concrete to block off the drainage, then filled up and got 'er done.
The miracle? Moi's strength was taxed, but yowl-amazingly, not as severely as in the past two years. Gradually, one paw-step at a time, the Kougaress is regaining her health. A grateful bow to Bast. Because this is a true healing miracle.
Moi's other miracles ~ she received her formal contracts from Siren-Bookstrand for Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil and When a Good Angel Falls. Yay! Happy-roar! Yay!
And purring loudly about March miracles, the miracle of Easter and Spring is upon us. The froggie woggies are lustily singing to beat the birdie band on moi's tame prairie pond. Early this morning the full Mother Moon was the most glorious miracle of orange ~ not peach, not fruit orange, not sherbet orange ~ ethereal brilliant delectable orange ~ with trails of midnight blue clouds on her shining face. The Kougaress watched Lunabelle sink into the turquoise teal blanket of clouds on the horizon, before closing her squinchy eyes in slumber.
Rumble-in-awe, miracles abound this day. For, a gorgeous male cardinal preened himself, remaining on his branch as moi cooed at him through her kitchen window. Long moments later, he and his mate fed on the seed-rich un-mowed lawn.
The shamanic message? Perhaps, a trail the Kougaress should sniff out.
Most blessed Easter celebrations to all. May Resurrection live within you and your loved ones, as it lived within Christ, the holy One.
Big Cats, the miracle of tenacity and being published on Title Magic today by Guest Blogger, Susan Macatee. Moi's rumble-ramblings and Susan's comment below:
Hi Susan, late again to the party. Had to fix a big gaping hole in my gravel drive. Luv that cover too for Eternity Waits.
Congrats on your perseverance and your publishing success. Sharing your story helps and inspires us all. And way cool that your editor joined us. The Wild Rose Press is another notch up in my estimation. And I've already had a good experience with one of the other editors.
The Civil War has always been one of my favorite eras of American History. Will look forward to your novel. Mucho success!

Susan Macatee has left a new comment on the post "Guest Blogger Susan Macatee": Thanks, Savanna!I love the Civil War period and am grateful The Wild Rose Press is actually looking for romances set there.

March miracle kisses from the Kougar...

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