Sunday, February 5, 2017

Their American Blood Is On Your Hands...

You traitor-moron judges to our country ... each and every American who is harmed and/or murdered because of YOU, your opposition to a sane travel ban, will be a huge stain on your immortal soul ... that is, if you have a soul.

Sunday yowls, greatest Kittens in the World ... When President Trump declared a ***TEMPORARY*** travel ban [echoing Obozo's travel ban nearly word for word] from countries that harbor DANGEROUS PREDATORS WHO HATE AMERICANS, this Big Cat heaved an internal sigh of relief, and actually---to her surprise---felt like she could sleep more peacefully. Why? Because that means there would be less killer terrorists coming into America---and these trained *sleeper cell* terrorists are pouring into America by the droves, over the borders, and secretly by the plane load [thank you, killer clown Obozo].

The travel ban also meant *less people* who espouse Sharia law would be invading our country. You know, Sharia law practiced by those who are determined to force us freedom lovers under that crap belief system, and who are cruelly intent on enslaving and brutalizing women like in Saudi, Trump's constitutional travel ban simply means WE AMERICANS are a tiny bit safer.

BUT NO! The brainless wonders out there began storming the airports and screaming about racism, and crying their outraged tears, and acting out like two year olds who can't find their binkies ... yeah, NEVER MIND helping those in need here, in our country, like Veterans denied health care ... never mind taking care of the homeless on our streets ... never mind the children who don't get enough to eat ... yeah, NEVER MIND THEM. Never mind taking care of our OWN first.

No, the traitor judges just have to politically piss on Trump, and continue to destroy America by their treachery. And hey, you zombie idjits out there, how about you house and feed the so-called refugees and immigrants. You know, take them in. Take care of them day in and day out.

Yeah, this uber mental illness, this utter stupidity can be compared to those who would ignore-neglect their own children to take in a horde of orphans ... NEVER MIND THE NEEDS OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN!!! We gotta save everyone else! Including those who would destroy us. Well, BAD LUCK, to all of you who are betray WE THE PEOPLE of America.

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