Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Who Are These Lead-In-the-Water Crazies...It's a Ginormous Cuckoo's Nest In the District of Criminals

Evening big yowls, most darling KitKats ... question: would you want this woman in the vid below representing you? On anything, any matter at all.???

Given the democrats are having massive meltdowns, instead of bothering to responsibly serve our beloved country as they were elected to do ... NO, IT'S BECOME EVERY METHOD AND MEANS to destroy WE THE PEOPLE, our country, and the President. However, worst of ALL is that so many of those in congress are certifiably insane. WE THE PEOPLE don't have good women and men DOING THEIR BEST  for us, for the future of our country. NOPE, we got cuckoo's nest, greed-addicted idjits.  So too bad the swamp-draining isn't happening MUCH FASTER!!! We could all benefit. No doubt.

TRUTH IS, Kittens, this Big Cat is on complete, head-spinning overwhelm as far as everything that is happening. And while most everything President Trump is accomplishing is good for WE THE PEOPLE, in her opinion ... there are some serious issues that have cropped up. *One* being the pipeline issue. *Two* being the people of Haiti have been massively disrespected, betrayed by the delegation that was sent by the administration... they are basically just Clintonista operatives. And *Three* asset forfeiture, a HUGE PROBLEM the Kougar will have to YOWL about later... she's just way to worn out right now.

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