Monday, February 27, 2017

The Social Nightmare of Junior High Revisited...omygawd...

Afternoon big ole yowls... darling and daring Kitkats ... the Kougar DID NOT watch the Oscars. ... she gave up that soulless silliness years ago... why? for one thing she doesn't like hoity toity crapola ... also, she doesn't like the massive disparity of wealth between those glamor slaves of the globalists, and the real people of America ... truth to tell however, she would have loved to make films ... she'd love to make films of her books ... because she absolutely adores movies ... HOWEVER, she *doesn't* love the twisty globalist deception that is now mostly commie-propagandist, entertainment films for the masses.

So, NOT having watched the HOLLOWOOD crap unfold, she was assaulted with it briefly on Alex Jones' show... 'cause he was making a good point as usual ... AND OMYGAWD it was like being back in the social-clique horrors of junior high school ... the part of junior high this BIG CAT HATED!!! She loves learning, always has... but all the clique crap that went down. But yeah, of course, she was mostly on the outside. Big surprise...huh?

And YOWL about INSTANT KARMA ... the big fat oscar production couldn't even get the WINNING movie correct. That's how far they've FALLEN.

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