Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Beauty of the Male Anatomy in a Kilt

Gorgeous Big Cats all, kilt synchronicity strikes again. Last evening as the lightning storms, the constantly rumbling thunder owned the skies and the rains slammed the tame prairie, the TV was actually on for weather info. Between tornado alerts, severe storm alerts and a raging fuel tank fire, some funny-clip show on NBC was allowed a little air time.
Lo and great behold, there they were in a local parade, the men in kilts, standing proud and high on top of their float. And the lads on board were more than likely high on a bit of booze, from the look of their red-tinted mugs. Suddenly it occurred. Crash, bang, part of the float collapsed. And boom! down to the street one of the kilted fell. His legs flew up, his bonnie kilt flew up...and there was the telltale blur of! that man ain't got no underwear on! Yep, everything was hanging out and on display for whoever was standing at that spot on the parade route.
Okay, you have see it, to roar a barking laugh like the Kougar howled at the sight, and the ensuing replay.
With 'synchronicity' acknowledged, now ~ da-da ~ the beauty of the male anatomy in a kilt. No, the Kougar is not merely enjoying the lack of tighty whities beneath those handsome pleated plaids. No, moi has always owned a purring-appreciation for a man's legs. Baseball players have them ~ not the brawny Babe Ruth type of gams ~ but the sleeker sinewy ~ meow-okay, like Adrian Paul, or the un-named example in the accompanying pic. Yum-purr however, it wasn't his legs the Kougar licked her lips over and 'over' fantasy appreciated. It's the virile splendor of how his shoulders and back are shaped, and the delicious-sexy way his waist is shaped, then the sculpted beauty of his hips and *goddess bless it* that is one fine gorgeous butt! just before the kilt begins. Oh gawd...yowling-yes!
Before the Kougaress drools unlady-like...she will end this blogging session.

Food! Kitties, Evonne blogs on Title Magic ~ ~ about the opportunities authors have to use food in their novels, and her own preferences. Mew-sings below.
Evonne, that is absolutely fascinating to me. While I love food, I've never done the shopping cart observations, except for whoever is behind me and ahead of me. At restaurants, I don't really care what anyone else is eating. Now, if I happen to see something that looks good, I'll ask about it. Strange, I only care about what I'm hungry for, and what the person(s) I'm with are hungry for.
I do have food descriptions in my novels, especially food sensual scenes. Anyone remember Tom Jones, that great lusty scene?
Like Anitra, I often take extra care on my futuristics or OtherWorld stories simply because it is worldbuilding, and I'm curious, and it goes to the culture(s) in those worlds.
One WIP I'm working, the hero is using food to tempt the heroine, to essentially woo her by offering the foods she loves at his birthday party, but doesn't have the budget lobster and sweet crab, and mushrooms sauteed in expensive wine, then flambe' cherries -- okay, sorry, for getting carried away.
I do have to agree it's always driven me crazy in novels where food is wasted. I grit my teeth and carry on if I'm enjoying the story.
Oh, I just remembered, I'm including some of my own recipes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, in another WIP... 'cause I think it adds to the 'flavoring' and the fun.

Kilt-mania kisses from the Kougar...


David said...

Hi Savvana,

I love the way you crafted your article, you are by no means the only lady who goes weak at the knees and purrs, at the sight of a man in a kilt.

It could perhaps be argued that having a few drinks while not wearing anything under your kilt (and we all do it) may not be the smartest of moves, but it certainly adds a bit of spice to life.

By the way, I would love to have a copy of the piper with his kilt blowing up so I could feature it on my web site, which you can find at

My site will give you the chance to look at many more photos of men in kilts, as well as lots of info on kilts.

Kindest Regards,


Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, David, I'll take a look at your site.
Assuming you have e-mail, I'll contact and send the pic. Actually, I found it at photobucket in the public area.