Monday, April 21, 2008

Art of the Red Lioness

Yes, dear Kitties all, my purty lioness girl is being judged as the Kougar blogs. The cover art for Red Lioness Tamed, Liquid Silver Books, created by artist David Burton ( is currently awaiting the press your paw and claw. Your vote at The Author's Lounge ~ & at The New Covey Cover Awards ~

Purring-truthfully, the Kougaress requests you choose your fave cover art. Being more than fang-fiercely enchanted with her own cover...yowl-well, moi is happily, Spring sun-bathing biased.

And Blues News, Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar received her review for All Shades of Blue Paradise, Siren Publishing, from the Coffee Time Romance. Indeed, a tail-swiping case of the good along with the sorta bad. The review and more meow rumblings tomorrow.

And! Nope! No Harlequin e-novella fame for the Kougar. Which may be a meow blessing for reasons best left professionally un-roared.

Also! If you luv those incredible incorrigible shapeshifters check out this new animal-lusting fun blog:

Swing on over to Title Magic today, Big Kitties. Anitra blogs on the dreaded synopsis. Moi's mews below.
Hi Anitra, that is a good approach. And I've used that in a less structured way when writing a synopsis.
While I never had the jelly-shaking in my boots reaction. I certainly felt utterly overwhelmed, and lost in a cloud of confusion, at first.
However, I learned about a technique of writing a short description of each chapter. That really helped me organize how I wanted to write a synopsis.
The easiest way for me is to talk about the heroine, then the hero, then a short description of the story itself.
Often, the Happy Ever After is requested. So I will end with that, either a description or the final paragraph itself.
Writing a synopsis in that way keeps everything organized in my mind. If that makes sense...?

Artful kisses from the Kougar...

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