Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flash! International Party

Flash! Big Kitties, it's an international party at Liquid Silver blog today. For any Big Cat who yowls and meows in Spanish, this is definitely the sizzle-erotic blog party for you. And Roscoe James, Liquid Silver author, is the perfect party-more-than-hearty host. Take a languid trot on over, and purring-wild enjoy.
Below is moi's flashing yowl from her WIP ~ The Golden Tigress Dances
She was golden tigress. Curvaceously beautiful, yet all powerful sleekness. Her mane of hair was rinsed by gold, yet bold red in color, reaching to her hips. And swinging like a heavy curtain of silk whenever she danced, or moved seductively. I knew she hadn’t been in cat form recently. She reeked. Beautifully. With many needs. I steepled my palms together, forced my breathing to less rapid. I used my thighs to squeeze my aching balls, to keep my towered cock from firing too soon. For her. I’d been carnal blistering for her, for several turns of the moon now.
And roaring-tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow...the Kougar's blog. The Red Lioness and Mars, will be featured on Star-Crossed Romance ~ ~
Stroll on by, my Beautiful Big Cats, for a fun romp among and with all the galactic star authors at Star-Crossed Romance. The Kougar has enjoyed her many visits to this spacey realm already.
And omypurringgoodness! Lovely Big Kitties, you must take a long peek at Evonne's blog on Title Magic today. Evonne does a fabulous job of reporting on the Romantic Times Convention. Please, do kitty-rolling enjoy.

Golden tigress kisses from the Kougar...

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