Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Madness

Monday mad brain, Beautiful Big Cats, and the Kougar can't keep a claw in every dish of promo out there. Not to meow-mention she had every pen-plan to continue the erotic scene in Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil, the agreement which delivers the sacred oil to Baron Zaggry. Instead, she has completed a sorta silhouette blue drawing, which may or may not be used, since it seems there is no stock pick of Lady Sheridan on a Braverth racing horse. Yowling-comments, Big Kitties?
Growl-okay, Just Paranormal Mondays is a new Yahoo group courtesy of Destiny Blaine, multi-published author with Siren Publishing. Good roaring opportunity for all, and great paranormal genre fun. Take a kitty run on over.

The Kougar did promo with review snippets. Then, moi did ask for feedback on her fang-spoof scene for Red Lioness Tailspin...should she, or shouldn't she? Include this scene in book II of Adventures of the Red Lioness.

Meow! Howling! Help! Back to writing!!!

Monday madness kiss from the Kougar...

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