Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bolts From the Blue

Bolt from the blue, Big Lovely Cats, two bolts from the blue. The good one -- the Kougar's e-romance sizzle novel, All Shades of Blue Paradise, is at the top of the Coming Soon page of Siren Publishing, March tingle-purr-tingle splendid to gaze upon. Sigh-glow-happy. Roaring yay!
Bolt number two is the bad one. The Kougar has contracted the crap virus stuff going around, staved off to minimal suffering by her natural supplements -- purr-thanks to the Divine.
This is fascinating to the Kougaress, and a mystery, since her prairie home is isolated, and it's been two weeks, at least, since any direct contact with the humans. Unless cyber transmission is involved, and black cyber ops are the secret culprits.
It's a meowing-yowling-growling conspiracy...what else? Now your computer screen can transmit virus not only to itself, but to the innocent screen-staring user. Covert-suspicious, stealthy as her kind, the Kougar investigates. Aha! the frequency is encoded, invisible as nano dots designed to simply burrow into your brain. The message: Crap Nasty Flu
Meow-okay, it makes a good plot. And it's all mine! Claw-hiss-spit-swipe! You keep your mitts off Stephen King!

Cough...cough...blogging session over the Kougar...

And no germy kisses!


Mel Hiers said...

Feel better Savanna! We've all been trying to beat The Crud down here at library land. At this point, Purell and Airborne seem to be flimsy armor.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Mel, I've been dumping down the Nutribiotic Grapfruit Seed Extract and an Echinacia/Golden Seal herb formula. Also using Oregano Oil. At least, it's keeping me in the game.This stuff is nasty!
Wrote you an e-mail about Siren putting Long and Short of It on their auto review list.
Here's to defeating the Crud!