Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Nocturne Kiss

Warm winds flow across the cattle prairie. The sky is deep blue and grand with floaty small clouds. There are clumps of green grass beneath the thick brown grass, and buds are forming on bushes and trees, just waiting to be frozen off when winter sad to the Kougar's eye. Nature is confused by it's own 'up and down' state, absolutely mirroring the Kougar's usual state of confusion these days, and for several years passed. To bloom now, or not to bloom now. To jump now, or wait. To form buds now, or wait for another climate, another turn in the weather. Is spring really around the corner?
Big Kitties, the Kougar has jumped with all four paws into a small writing project. Nocturne Bites is being introduced as an e-book addition to the Silhouette Nocturne line of paranormal romances. 10,0000 - 15,000 word short stories are being acquired.
To quote: We're looking for fast-paced novellas that hook the reader early by establishing a paranormal world and its conflicts. We are looking for stories of vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, psychic powers, etc. set in contemporary times.
Yep, the gold rush for what is often labeled, Urban Fantasy, is on. Grab your writer-panning tools, your picks and axes, head for the hills of your imagination, and mine that golden story.
Yep, the Kougaress could launch into a profound analysis of why this genre is becoming so popular -- but meow-moi believes just a few peeks at the headlines of our world, and the real goings-on beneath the headlines, provides all the insight required to understand the 'why'.
Not to rumbling-mention a new renaissance of the mind and spirit is occurring. More and more we all awaken to the Aquarian age. We all awaken to the paranormal, indeed a new world to many of us -- as rich in color and complexity as a kaleidoscope.

A nocturne kiss from the Kougar...

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