Monday, February 11, 2008

Queen Kougaress for a Day

Cold! Big Beautiful Cats! Bone-chilling cold. And the Kougar is grouchy, her tail slashing. So meow-what if it's still winter, the tease of spring, of warmth in this endless weather carousel upon the sweet prairie, riles the Kougar. Today.
Or, maybe it's just an outrage of hormones hotflash-flooding through her. If moi was Queen Kougaress for a day, such an outrage of hormones would be banned. Off with their royal hormone heads! Set up the guillotine, high, high above the Queendom. Keep the blade razor-sharp and shiny. Any hormones who dare disrupt the citizens. Off! With it's slimy nasty wriggling head.
And off with the heads of all those who poison our water with fluoride like Hitler once did, to control the German people. Off with the foul heads of whoever makes our men sterile with all their pesticides and chemicals in our water, food and air.
The Queen Kougaress prefers her men virile and strong -- lusty in the ways of passion. Not droopy and pathetic between the sheets.

However, the Queen Kougaress yowl-sings the praises of Lexie for her blog at Title Magic today. Wise words for us all, purring-indeed. The Queen's comments below.
Lexie, wonderful post, and so true about keeping everything in proportion. I'm famous sometimes for letting something be bigger than it actually is, then I do what you suggest. Hey, the important thing is your child came home, not that they are perfect at everything in life. It's more important that I get to kiss and woggle my doggies, than the bad stuff life doles out. I think giving and receiving love is the great equalizer.
Lexie, is that beautiful red hair I see, or a tricky cast to the photograph?
Gosh, you and Trish do resemble each other -- and only in the most beautiful way.
Good trick, Anitra, I'm going to have to try that strategy out.

Queen Kougaress kisses...

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