Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kisses for All Shades of Blue Paradise

Release date, Big Kitties, the Kougar's paws are dancing on cloud nine! Fortunately her sleek, tawny-muscled body keeps her atop the fluffy cloud, instead of crashing through such ephemeral soft wet stuff.
Yes, it's here! March 10 is the release date for moi's e-novel from Siren Publishing, All Shades of Blue Paradise. Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry live, battle and love in their aristocratic fantasy World of the Blue Pearl Moon.
Yay! Smile from kitty ear to kitty ear...loud purr rumbles ensue.

Blurb: [Erotic Paranormal Romance]
Beneath the blue pearl moon, Lady Sheridan's fiance, Baron Zaggry, broke her heart into unbearable pieces. Ten years later, she becomes his love slave. Baron Zaggry never discovered why his Sher broke their engagement. Now, he has ten years worth of denied pleasures to enjoy her however he chooses.

And, the Kougaress has received her entries to judge in Passionate Ink's published author contest. Lots of good reading ahead.
Last night, or actually meow-this morning, the Kougar completed her first draft of Wolf Kill, about her wolf shifter hero and the woman he lusty desires, the woman who saves his life, and the woman who is destined to become his Prophetess -- if he can win her from the claim of his two brothers, the alpha leaders of his pack.

Beautiful Big Cats, Evonne has posted an exceptional blog at Title Magic on heroes, the heroes in your romance novels. The heroes of your fantasies, all delightfully written in across-the-pond style. Moi's meowings below:
Evonne, you brought up so many wonderful things to consider, well, I could write pages. Usually, I will have a strong visual of my hero like the movie Lexie described -- but it becomes the entire package, his emotions, his character, how he feels -- I start feeling him, even how he moves physically.
I have written stories that began with a movie star like Pierce Brosnon and especially Adrian Paul -- but the longer I write, the more the heroes are completely unto themselves. They live in my imagination as real.
Great post, luved it.

Blue Pearl Moon kisses from the Kougar...

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