Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Belated Smooches to Tom Petty

Big Kitties, a belated kudos to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Moi has always relished his down-to-earth, yet lyrical -- understated and powerfully lyrical at once -- music and song. No, Big Cats, no excess flash, no costumes malfunctioning, just music from deep down in the gut and soul. Where reality and dreams meet, and blend into the beauty of living.
Lovely Big Kittens, it's a rainy windy day across the brown beautifully rolling prairie. And life continues spinning it's web, it's magic. Both. The connecting web of life or the brutal web of tyranny. The magic of our One Spirit or the dark-empire magic of Darth Vader. The lines between good and evil are being drawn more fang-sharply every day to this Big Cat's eye.
Indeed, the Kougar has always dreaded this time arriving upon us. She shivered internally whenever learning about the Great Depression, about World War II as a cub -- never wanting to live in such times. Never.
No, destiny has not abided by her deepest wishes. Here she is. Caught in this tortuous trap. Trapped in an adventure where she lives on the wings of angels, and on the power of prayer. And existing only by her abilities and skills. Only because of the love of others, and by giving love and caring wherever she can. Only that.

Love scenes, Big Cats! Oh, the Kougar shivers most deliciously anticipating the final American Title IV round. The final two finalists go romantic-head to-romantic-heart in this penned showdown, which will determine who is the champion of us all by popular vote. Yes, excitement tingles through the Kougar like tiny lit firecrackers. Who will ultimately win, become a published author with Dorchester?
Paw-to-heart hopefully, all of us finalists will present our entered love scenes on Title Magic. Moi's is steamy-bold. So any Big Kitty under eighteen beware -- not for your innocently blinking eyes yet.

Brown prairie kisses from the Kougar...

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