Saturday, February 2, 2008

Satiny Pink Slips

Pink slip blizzard -- ticker headline. Sadly, as the Kougar would adore witnessing, it's not a blizzard of lingerie, of satiny pink slips dropped from the Empire State building on Valentine's day -- floating, slippery ephemeral banners in shades of pink falling into the eager hands of men, who give them to their sweeties -- or women grabbing for their favorites to wear for the amorous affections of their beloved.
Sadly, lovely pink slips in all styles and sizes, aren't falling from our skies in a snowy fantasy storm, truly befitting our love for Valentine's day as a culture -- at least, as the Kougaress observes it within herself, and in most of the fair sex.
No, the pink slip blizzard are people losing their jobs, and thus, their homes, their cars... sometimes losing their entire lives. Ever read the Grapes of Wrath, dear Big Cats, or watched the black and white film? If not, now is the time. Because that story of the dustbowl depression looks like our future in many ways. Unless we change our future by our collective will, by our collective consciousness toward a future bright with true happiness and opportunity for all.
From the high perch of the Kougar's tree house, this pink slip horror is not merely the ebb and flow of life upon Dear Mother Earth. No, my Big Kitties, this is by design. The design of those few who believe it is their right to rule over us, to dictate how we should all live. It is the design of those who live in the world of billions upon billions in wealth -- wealth gained mostly by the constant economic rape and plunder of the middle class.
Meow-yes, it's a classic case of follow the money, amateur sleuths -- who has it? Who controls our system of fiat currency. Who can print this fiat currency at will, and who decides how much this will cost us all. It's all about the money, all about who controls it -- and, in our current world, money equals power. And money buys power.
Just as the peasant population in the British isle were intentionally bred to a lesser physical size, and kept hungry so that they depended upon their royal masters, upon the fiefdom -- so, we have been managed, are being managed in different ways, simply look toward Fifth Avenue to understand the power of psychology and propaganda -- we are all being 'managed' to serve the few.
The Brave New World and 1984 are now. Not later. Not on the possible horizon. Now.
Yes, the details may appear different, Big Brother's control is not.

How the Kougaress wishes with all her heart and soul, she was among the Valentine's day celebrants, with those who worship the value of love between a woman and a man, of love between any who would cherish each other -- with all those who relish the giddy sweetness of lacy pink, red and white hearts -- how she wishes she waited, anticipation glowing in her eyes, to snatch up one of those silky fragile pink slips for her very own. How she wishes such a Valentine's day event would occur, to be enjoyed by all who wish participation.
How she wishes...softly yowling wishes...

Valentine pink kisses from the Kougar...

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