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Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ The Rising...

Another amazing synchronicity, my Big Beautiful Cats, today the late afternoon sky on the tame prairie was eerily similar to the sky Jinger Heaston created for the cover art of the Kougar’s newest release at Siren-BookStrand...her ATIV baby...MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS...
The legend and the future of Atlantis continues to live and magically thrive within the moi’s imagination. Kalypso and Zryphus continue to live their love story in moi’s heart and in Book II of the New Atlantis series.
Originally, this story was supposed to be a novella ~ three erotic, then fall-in-love-and-in-passion days at Gardenia’s only hotel ~ between Sheriff Kalypso and Zryphus, the Zerculeon Agent from the Federal Union, while they catch the Hair Spray Killer. But nope, the story swiftly spiraled completely out of control, becoming epic in scope.
However, what are the Kougar’s fave scenes ~ besides the erotic romance scenes where IT takes charge ~ why, it’s the *battle of the sexes*, the verbal sparring between Kalypso and Zryphus.
Hey, Kalypso has had one hundred years to despise the way human males behave in relationships. Zryphus has had a lifetime of wanting and searching for his one woman. She’s not about to give in. He’s not about to give up. What they do agree on, is the immediate capture of the Hair Spray Killer.


Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing, 100 years old in the year 2051, never knew why she survived the cataclysmic land changes. Or the Conflicts when she battled for freedom beside those who shouted ‘Don’t Tread on Me’. Until the rising of Atlantis, and she began New Atlantis with a group of rebels.
Zerculeon, Zryphus Vasquoz chose an enforcement career with Earth’s Federal Union for several reasons–his fascination with primitive worlds, to make his own way outside the family heritage, and to keep official watch for his own Worlds.
Once he gets an eyeful of the Sheriff, as they investigate the Hair Spray serial murder, Zryphus knows he’s found the woman he wants to marry. Despite her cold disinterest.
When the Hair Spray Killer stalks Kalypso, Zryphus won’t let her out of his sight, or his bed.

Excerpt: Kalypso and Zryphus meet ~

“Sheriff.” The man’s voice commanded first, and announced his presence second. “Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing.”
“Yeah, that’s me.” Turning, Kalypso’s gaze gave no quarter, hard as diamonds on the outsider. “Agent...?”
Dang it to hang, he was a tall and broad drink of water. She’d expected the usual tight-ass wimp, with grim lips and eyes that were mirrors, reflecting nothing but the orders they’d been given. No, this man burned with sheer vitality. His gaze assessed, a damn force of nature. She’d bet if she struck a match and tossed it toward his eyes, they would sizzle like her birthday candles, then explode at his will. Yep, he was definitely a whole load of nano dynamite, unlit.
“Agent Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz,” he answered. “Give me your evidence retrieval. I’ll take over from here.”
Audible gasps burst from Anna and Dr. Victoria at the man’s patriarchal and patronizing tone.
“No, you won’t, Agent Vasquoz. You’re here at my invitation. Only. You follow my rules or you don’t get to play ‘Find the Hair Spray Killer’. Do you understand?”
“Wowzi Powzie,” Deputy Anna whispered, watching her vid screen light up with the sparks flying between the Sheriff and the outsider Agent.
“It’s a Federal Union case, Sheriff. I have priority investigation.” The Agent’s gravelly deep voice filled the entire room.
“You have nothing, Agent. Unless I say so. You can turn around, hit the portal. Or you can cooperate. You’ll have full access. Anna will give you all she’s retrieved so far. If you want, I’ll even act friendly, let you ‘analyze’ this bag more closely.” Sheriff Kalypso approached, a lioness with no fear. “I’ll even sweeten the pot, Agent Vasquoz—let you do a quick exam of the body before we save the fetus. As they used to say, deal or no deal?”
“Whirlwind in the room,” Deputy Anna whispered to Victoria, who still watched her vid screen.
“Deal. For now, Sheriff.” Focusing his gaze like a cannon laser, the Agent straightened his over-large shoulders, his latent power obvious.
“Pull anything against my authority, Agent Vasquoz, and I guarantee you won’t like the results. Deputy, feed your vid evidence to the Agent’s data base, will you, please?”
Once Anna stood, he handed his data vid to her without looking. His gaze relentless, Agent Vasquez followed the Sheriff’s arm wave to the corpse. Moving easily in the small confines of the room, despite his size, he knelt with deliberate care, scrutinizing every detail of the body.
Sheriff Kalypso couldn’t deny his concentration was impressive. She watched him turn the victim over with gentle precision.
Awed, her heart tripping rapidly, Sheriff Kalypso moved closer. “Even her face resembles Jackie O.”
“How do you know?” Agent Vasquoz demanded, not looking up.
“I was born in 1951. Check out your history data base, Agent.”
“Call me Zryphus.”

Excerpt Two:

“How many victims so far?”
“Twelve. If this proves out, it will be unlucky thirteen. Or lucky thirteen. I have a feeling you’re a very persistent woman.”
“Truth, justice. That’s our way here, Zryphus. Play it that way, we’ll get along. Once Deputy Anna finishes scanning, you can take her data, or follow in her footsteps, and get your own.” She eyed him, wondering if he was a wolf dressed in wolf’s clothing, as he appeared. There was no pretense of wearing sheep’s clothing that she observed. “Do you usually work alone?”
“Back up team for forensics, investigation. Yes, I work alone. No partner. You’re the exception, Kalypso. Let’s investigate the contents of her handbag together.”
“From what I can tell. the makeup and lipstick cases look like replicas of the early sixties era. We have lab verification and analysis, if you want use of it.”
“Let’s see what we’ve got first.” Agent Zryphus carefully dumped out the handbag’s contents. After scanning each item, he professionally murmured, “Just her prints and bio cells. Take a look at the lipstick. Is it the color she’s wearing?”
“Wouldn’t your scan data verify that?”
“Wrongly phrased. You’re the period expert. I wanted your impression of how real the lipstick and the makeup itself are to your recollection.”
Sheriff Kalypso uncapped the lipstick. “It’s been ages, but it looks real. Smells real. Not the same color she’s wearing.”
“The color of lipstick has been the same on each victim. Never found a container.”
“How could you tell on the burned victims?”
“Enough residue remained for holo reconstruction. Take a look inside the other cases,” he suggested.
“Why the nice treatment, Zryphus? I was dirt under your shoes when you first arrived.” Sheriff Kalypso did some burning of her own while she picked up the mascara wand. “Black, black. Just like I remember.”
“Sheriff,” Deputy Anna called out, “finished the personal item scan. Got the body ready for transport. We’re on our way. I’ll leave the door open. Keep airing the room out.”
“Thanks, Anna. You know where I am.” Kalypso picked up a compact case, solid rich elegance in design. Opening it, she studied the pasty heavy covering. “Looks real. But I never used this stuff. Couldn’t stand it. I used the sheer version they came out with, when I used makeup. Except when I acted in college theater. We used the heavy stuff because of the lighting. You haven’t answered my question, Zryphus.”
“Bluntly, Kalypso...I want you in my bed.”
Placing the compact case down delicately, Kalypso absorbed the shock. “No, I don’t think so,” she slowly enunciated each word.
“Do you have a lover?” Zryphys handed her the powder case.
“None of your business, as they used to say. Looks real. Mind if I test it with my finger?”
“Please. You don’t have a lover. Neither do I.”
“Probably because you’re married or in a committed partnership. Or you just ended an affair. Something like that. No ” Kalypso shifted gears. “Feels real, smells real. Are you aware of a company, or maybe a small business, that creates these replica products?”
“Three, to be exact. I can’t tell where these originated. I’m a one woman man, Kalypso. You’d have all my attention.”
“No thanks. I politely decline. Eyelash curler. Never used one. They always looked so barbaric. Hmmm, brow tweezers. Unfortunately, I tried this a few times. Way too painful.”
“I’ll convince you. What’s this?”
“Eyebrow darkening powder. No, you won’t. I don’t like men when it comes to relationship crap. Perhaps you don’t know much about our social structure here. Women rule.”
“I dominate in bed. In our passionate relationship.”

Atlantis... it’s not just a legend anymore...

~~~ Kalypso & Zryphus invite you to read their love story ~ a match made in intergalactic heaven ~~~

MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~ 2051 suspense futuristic, erotic romance ~ American Title IV finalist ~ sizzling and rising from Siren-BookStrand on January 15, 2009 ~ the future begins here...
~ ~ ~

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 20 ~

Sylva sweltered inside, a blaze of wantoness claiming her...despite her his hand possessed the back of her head. His following words fanned her fire, making her feel wildly naughty. “I only hope you do care about my pleasure,” she whispered, recalling the horrific times when that hadn’t happened. “Always,” he murmured. He sealed her mouth with his, swooping her upwards at the same time. Desperate for more of the way he kissed her, Sylva looped her arms tightly around his neck, feeling the brush of suede and the delicious tickle of his hair. God, he was strong.

Zeke ravenously kissed her willing mouth, carrying her to his bed. He’d made certain, a day ago, everything would be ready for his bride. Entering the large, lavishly furnished room, he laid her on the wine-red velvet lounge beside their enormous bed. Nuzzling a kiss on her lips, he straightened and quickly tossed off his hat, then shed his jacket. Bewitched by her, he sat down on his chair pulling off his boots, his gaze trained on her like a hawk. When she reached down to remove her shoe, he stayed her hand. “Let me, Sylva. I am your husband.”

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

New Atlantis Rising kisses from the Kougar...

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