Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Wind’s Cold Howl...

The wind’s cold howl, my Big Kittens, blasts across the tame prairie after a lovely warm day in the mid sixties. This makes, at least, three years of roller coaster weather all year round. But, naw and hiss, the weather patterns on Earth aren’t changing. There is no ice age or tropical moderate age around the corner for us little Earthlings.
And meow-by-the-way, Father Sun is the quietest he’s been for a very long time. No sunspot activity detected at all. Cosmic hibernation?
Earlier, the planet of love, Venus, shone with exquisite enormous brilliance through the Kougar’s back fave window. The romance year of two with Venus large and luminous in the night sky...harken, what a great and grand chance for the many splendors of love and romance.

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

A claw snippet from The Special Secret Project ~

She huffed several breaths, then acquiesced, heading for him. “Only because you helped bring my stuff and my costumes.” Sitting beside him, she ran her gaze over his features. “And because you’re so helpless looking.”
“Helpless looking,” he mock protested. Seductively palming the back of her head he brought her mouth close to his.
“Exhausted,” she murmured, her eyelids half closing.
“You’ll be helping us all, Wendy, if you kiss me.”
“How’s that?”
“I’ll be revived.” He pressed his lips against hers, a feather’s touch. “I’ll be able to cook up a big meal, feed us all.”
“Is that so?” The warm puffs of her breath tantalized his mouth.
“That’s so.” He seized her mouth, a sensual capturing of the shape, the plush textures of her lips. He kissed her slowly and thoroughly, then with a sudden blaze of hunger from the pit of his stomach. Wrapping his arm around her, he rolled her beside him. Their mouths clung, and began playing a passionate game of chase and tag.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 9 ~

Sylva stared at the slow approach of a man on horseback. The luminous glare of lights spilling into the darkness revealed his chiseled lean features beneath the cocky set of his cowboy hat. Had she somehow been transported to a movie set? When he lifted a rope, then began twirling it above his head in ever-widening circles, she glanced all around looking for a calf, or an escaped horse ~ all while the theme from Rawhide played in her head. She wondered if she was in any danger. Should she stay put, or get up quick as she could, and run?

Zeke ran his gaze up the woman’s shapely legs covered by saloon dancer hose. The full swell of her hips were revealed by her flipped up skirt. Never more grateful for a pool of light, he stared at the daring display of her bosom, plump creamy mounds that begged for his hands, his lips, his face buried between them. She wasn’t shy about showing them. He surely liked that. As his cock sprang to life and demanded to be unholstered, he lifted his lariat, swinging it above his head. Rapidly flicking his glance around, he saw no competitors for her.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

The kiss of romance from the Kougar...

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