Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roar! ... the Kougar has had it...

The ruthless Love Goddess arrives...her claws dangerous and ready to strike...
Good evening, my Beautiful KitKats, there is the most gorgeous silky white crescent moon in the blue teal twilight sky...and Venus rivals the moon with her planetary dazzling beauty....
Yep...meow, unless moi’s mind is changed, it’s time to stand and fight against the prejudice demonstrated so clearly by The Romance Writers of America toward authors who are e-pubbed and published through small print houses. Never mind the major NY publishers are sinking like the Titanic currently. And, unless they make significant revisions to their business models...well, ain’t nothing going to stop their descent to the bottom. Hey, the RWA has tied their craft and their future to this sinking leviathan. This Big Cat is not speaking about the individual members, moi being one of them. The Kougaress is speaking about a pervasive and sickening attitude which permeates the organization to such an extent, there is no fairness, nor clarity of thought.
It’s real darn simple. If a romance novel is good, it’s good. If a romance novel sells, it sells. It doesn’t matter who the publisher is, or is not. Nor does it matter if the book is in print or in e-format...or lands on the moon and the secret civilization sends it to the top of their romance reading list. Why should any romance author be barred from the RITA competition simply because she/he isn’t with the right publisher? Or has dared to self-publish.
And this absolute poo about making a living from being an author...what is that? There are e-authors who make more money and sell more than the NY print authors. A whole lot of NY romance authors still have the day job because they need it. So, how does that make them better than the small print, e-romance authors who also have the day job because they need it?
This is nothing more than class snobbery and a smelly desperation to keep the pie divided among themselves, by probably a core few of individuals, instead of coming together and working for the benefit of All.
Unless, there is a change in course by the RWA, this Cat girl will unhitch her wagon, and will do everything she can, in concert with like-minded others, to create a haven for all romance authors, where everyone is truly welcome ~ regardless of race, color, creed or publisher, or not publisher.
We, as creations of the Divine, have every right to read and pen romance novels, and to use whatever venue we choose to purchase and sell the romance novels of our choice, and those we write.
Further note: the corrupt use of influence and monies by whoever is guilty in this world of the romance novel should not be tolerated, and is utterly condemned by this Big Cat. Read the signs
~ Huge Claws and Fangs Ahead ~ The Karma Goddess Never Forgets ~ add. No, the Kougar did not attempt to enter the precious and prized RITA competition of the RWA, figuring her novels weren’t eligible and it was time she could put to better use ~ actually writing her novels. Thus, moi is not directly affected by the nasty mess raging like patches of wildfire that cannot and will not be controlled.
Meow-however, since moi has been affected by the extreme and unwarranted prejudices... Roar! The Kougar has had it!!!

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 35 ~

Sylva moaned like a wanton, glorying in the feel of her pussy mound bucking against his hard loins. Ride me, cowboy! Yes, ride me. She crooned to herself, her body on flame with wicked bliss. “Yes,” she muttered. Wildness seized her flesh. Oh god, she loved the way he rode her, impaling her powerfully. Like a blaze shooting out of control, Sylva felt her orgasm rise and consume her body, slowly at first, and with a raw beauty she’d never experienced. “Zeke.” She thrust her whisper up to him. Yielding to the ecstasy soaring, and making her mindless, she screamed.

Zeke watched the final pleasure change her face to incomparable loveliness. For an instant, he savored her untamed scream, then speared deep inside his bride. His cock reached for her core, and gushed like a flash flood. He growled, feeling like a savage as his orgasm spread fast ~ a brush fire scorching over his flesh. The rapture and a sweet blackness carried him into heaven, holding him for a time. God, she was his. The portal couldn’t claim her now. A sheen of sweat covered him. Still, he lowered himself onto her soft satiated body. His groan claimed her lips.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Roar, rant and smooch from the Kougar...


Gem Sivad said...

Read your rant. Couldn't agree more. Ranted some myself and then couldn't get my comment to load. It's just as well, I've said it all before.

RWA represents the NY publishers and agents. Anything else is pure uh...fiction...and it's not a romance.

Also checked on Zeke and Sylva, they're feeling the afterglow right now, and so am I.

Like Zeke, I'm thinking, "thank goddess."

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Gem...
I heard through catanetworks that Sherrilyn Kenyon has also blogged on the problem.