Friday, January 9, 2009

Romance in Blue and Tango in Red

Romance is in the winter air, my Big Fierce Kittens, the Kougar posted her first bloggie at Happily Ever After ~ titled ~ Winter in Blue & Romance in the Year of Two. Moi expanded on the topic of romance and offered a bit more insight into this New Year of Two, than when she posted on her Big Cat blog, here.
Also, today the Kougar went cyber spelunking for a catalogue company who sold prints of romantic paintings, gargoyle and dragon statues ~ and all sorts of the fantastical, magnificent and magical decoration for home and lawn. Moi couldn’t quite remember the name, although she adored the name...brain cell leakage?
The pic above is one of the romantic prints from the Google-discovered internet shopping venue ~ ~
The Kougaress would absolutely *the cat’s whiskers* love to dance the Tango like that. Meow and passion oh-so purring extreme.

Big Amazing KitKats, Lexie’s Title Magic blog on the affects of the color red on the male of species was fun and informative. Plus, the info fueled story ideas for a Red World novel written by yours pussycat truly.


FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Claw snippet from the menage’ WIP ~ Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand ~

“I should make myself such a bad distraction you’ll want to get rid of me.”
“Backfire,” he whispered next to her ear. He nipped the rim of her little ear. “Don’t distract the Dark Wizard too much, or he’ll use his very own wand of fiercest strength.”
“Fiercest strength,” she mock-derided. Naughtily she wiggled back and forth on his rod.
“The wand is gathering its lightning force,” he growled.
“It is. I can definitely feel the white heat.”
“If we weren’t facing Mowzolinn, his weather war machines and his evil thugs, I’d white-heat your sweet kwim hole.”
Straightening to a serious posture, she asked, “How can I help?”
“Snuggle up, my kitten, let me work my tech magic. I’ll explain along the way.”

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 14 ~

Sylva collided with his rock-solid chest, the buttons of his vest, his holster belt and a bulge she would call Sears’ tower impressive. His rope held her prisoner as his mouth dived for hers, capturing. Forced backwards over his impossibly strong arm, Sylva felt herself kissed with such raw passion, she was stunned at first. When her own passion surged wildly, she hooked her fingers in the wide leather of his belt, and kissed him back, measure for measure. Her blood turned to fire. The tightened loop around her shoulders suddenly felt damn erotic. But hell! What was she doing?

Zeke had figured to woo his bride toward their first night of conjugal bliss together. He possessed no such sanity with her. Especially not when his little filly kissed him back with a passion that matched his own, and set his loins ablaze. He pulled harder on the rope, the feel of her womanly flesh his best paradise. He kissed her harder, the ripeness of her lips and how she used them his undoing. He had her lassoed. She had him by the balls. Hell, his balls felt as blistered as if he baked them naked beneath the noon sun.


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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Tango Red smooch from the Kougar...

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