Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Romance is in the air...

Romance and mushy stuff is in the air...valentines...red and pink and white, glittery and lacy and beautiful...the Kougar has come to believe this frilly fun is an upliftment of the human heart...indeed and softly purr, a true celebration of Valentine’s Day is a reminder to our hearts. Yes, romance and love is always in the air...waiting for us, ever available to us...the tender and caring part of our natures....and also, it is the magical pinkie and red sparkly stuff floating down from the rarified realm of Cupid, of Venus or as she’s also known, Aphrodite ~ sprinkling inspiring the passionate sexy side of our natures.
Recently Lexie blogged at Title Magic on how red is the color of desire for men, psychologically...as in wearing that slinky curve-enhancing scarlet gown with no back, or wearing that hot little red dress...or is that, a hot little red number? Most women know about tempting men with red instinctively, if not intellectually. Certainly, moi has dressed her heroines in red often. Of course, the Kougaress is partial to red, most every shade of red, from a deep ruby blue-red to a flaming, nearly orange red. Yes...red is the color of desire. And romance is in the air...valentine red, that is...

Romance’s Red Ribbon ~

Light my loin’s fire,
Red is the color of my desire.
Let’s wing our love higher.
Come, take my breast, my Sire.
To ignite my most savage fire,
Taste my nipples to your desire,
Stoke my passions, take me swiftly higher...
Make them red as berries, my Princely Sire....
O, yes, I beg, tease my nether petals to a fierce needy fire
For you, bring me beneath your throbbing blade, soar us both to red’s most blistering desire...

Kyzaira sighed to the depths of her heart, and felt it flutter within her breast. She’d only meant to pen a few lines of fanciful thought. Yet, there it was, her heart and her desire spilled from her red ink pen onto parchment. Disbelievingly, she stared for a moment. How? When had she become so carried away? Some fair time ago, she had settled at her desk for the purpose of sending a message of polite regard, to be handed to the regional Prince, upon his annual arrival to their realm, as was her social duty. Instead, her folly of feeling, her romantic daydreams had won out, upon thinking of the Prince’s bold visage, often compared to the hunting ferocity of falcon.

Purring-hmmm..., my Gorgeous Kittens, the Kougar was just inspired to claw-pen this beginning while writing her bloggie...to what final end? Another serial flash? ... Another story WIP ???

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 26 ~

Sylva trembled uncontrollably as he strongly pulled her nipple inside the warmth of his mouth. Still fondling the underswell of her breasts, he suckled in a manner that had her sex dripping, and her belly warming, then simmering. “Harder,” she encouraged, when he nuzzled her other nipple. Latching on, he tugged with more force while scraping this thumbnail back and forth, over her huge wet nipple. Sylva moaned loudly, her loins flooding with molten desperate need. “Yes.” Squeezing her shoulder blades together, and dropping her head back, she offered her breasts completely. She heard his primal groan, and felt it.

Zeke wallowed in the taste and rigid texture of her bud-plump teats. She was perfect for suckling, a pleasure he intended pursuing often in their privacy together. The pillow softness and shape of her breasts drove him crazy, as he handled her, like a bull in a field of loco weed. She was his bride. Even if she didn’t have a damn sweet clue what that meant in his world. She’d learn. No matter how many times he had to rope her, or tan her voluptuous ass before he rode between her creamy thighs. Now, heaven was her thrust nipple.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Romance is in the air *kiss* from the Kougar...


Jolie Cain said...

Red is definitely a color that gets attention. And I sooo agree that men love red. Red lipstick, red high heels, red panties, red dresses. They're so simple. lol!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Jolie....great way of expressing it.
That sounds like a perfect line for a heroine ~ are you usining it?