Monday, January 12, 2009

Flash During the First Full Moon

The Blue Funk Full Moon, my Big Lovely KitKats...that’s what it should be called instead of the Wolf least, by all the authors the Kougar knows who are down and experiencing the blue doldrums.
Definitely not a fun day for moi, either, except for her paw-penning...which has gone exceedingly well, once the nasty series of domestic crises had run their course.
A Wolf Full Moon, and the first one for 2009...well, the Kougaress could have used some ferocious wolfies to chase away all the bad vibes. Given this is the eleventh day and the year, 2009, also breaks down to an eleven in numerology, this must be the year to master your emotions, not as in containing them, but more to the fanged point, expressing them in the cause of your destiny, and expressing your deepest emotions to show others how much you love them.
The 2009 Wolf Full Moon is in the astrological sign of Cancer, sign of hearth and home, and home to all those moody, rising tides of emotions. Okay-meow, great for writing those emotional passionate love scenes...but yowl! not so fun to actually live for the Kougar.
But harken and barkin’, what else does our first Full Moon of the year bring ~ you heard it howling-here first, unless you’ve visited ~ ~ and read Lauren Coleman’s bloggie ~ which begins this way ~
What does tonight’s first Full Moon of 2009 foretell? This one is called the Wolf Moon, a Full Moon in Cancer, and it is indeed a precursor to a year that will be full of werewolf news.

“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.” - The Wolf Man, 1941.

For more on this Year of the Werewolf, head on over to Lauren’s Cryptomundo.
According to the fortuitous signs, we authors should take notice of, masterful werewolf heroes with a sense of universal destiny will be all the reading rage.
Or has the masterful werewolf heroine come of age? She not only protects home and hearth, but wins her mate and fulfills a cosmic destiny.
Yep and yip, it may be time for moi to revise her wolf shifter novella, Kill the Black Wolf ~ find the right publishing home and hearth, and fulfill this year’s eleven destiny.

Moving on, Big Kittens, since time and Full Moon Flash-ing wait for no one. Jolie Cain, erotic romance author, popped her cherry, hosting her first Flash Fiction at the Liquid Silver SEx blog today. Going with the theme of *FIRSTS*, she was the hostess with the mostest naughty, fun and sexy-hot firsts.
Since it was a rough beginning to the day for moi, she added *Part 17* to her current Serial Flash, using the theme of ‘firsts’.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred

Part 17 ~

Sylva felt fear slither up her spine and a thrill chase through her belly. Desire had her in its grip. Yet the cowboy, Zeke, holding her like some prize heifer, was a total frightening unknown. Honeymoon? Bride? What? Was she like some mail order bride, only tossed here by a strange-universe force? Not that she didn’t enjoy being on his horse. She loved horses, especially galloping horses. And , yee-ha, his body was all lean rawhide and ropes of muscle. Damn, his cock made itself at home in her butt crack, already. Abducted by a cowboy, yep, a first for her.

Zeke plucked his dazed-looking bride off, cradling her in his arms. “Go on,” he told Smoky. Knowing where to go, the stallion trotted toward the Hotel’s stable. Immediately Zeke bolted up the steps with her. Balancing her against his chest, he opened the unlocked door, entering swiftly. Luminous lamps switched on automatically, providing a path of golden light back to his private room. Moving into his lavatory, he placed her on a stool next to the wash basin. “Let’s get the mud off you, honey.” Kneeling before her, he gently rasped, “I apologize, Sylva, consummation first, then our wedding celebration.”
Part 1 - 15 ~ see the previous blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ see In 2051, murder is rare in New Atlantis...

Psssst...just for the Big Cool Cats ~ the Kougar’s dialogue entry for American Title IV ~ since revised for publication ~

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
by Savanna Kougar

"Why the nice treatment, Zryphus? I was dirt under your shoes when you first arrived?" Sheriff Kalypso picked up the mascara wand. "Black, black. Just like I remember."
"Sheriff," Deputy Anna called out, "finished the personal item scan. Got the body ready for transport. We’re on our way. I’ll leave the door open. Keep airing the room out."
"Thanks, Anna. You know where I am." Kalypso picked up a compact case – solid rich elegance in design. Opening it, she studied the pasty covering. "Looks real. But I never used this stuff. Couldn’t stand it. Used the sheer version they came out with – when I used makeup. – You haven’t answered my question, Zryphus."
"Bluntly, Kalypso...I want you in my bed."
Placing the compact case down delicately, Kalypso absorbed the shock. "No, I don’t think so," she slowly enunciated.
"Have a lover?" Zryphys handed her the powder case.
"None of your business, as they used to say. – Looks real. Mind if I test it with my finger?"
"Please. – You don’t have a lover. Neither do I."
"Probably because you’re married or in a committed partnership. Or you just ended an affair – something like that. No!" Kalypso shifted gears. "Feels real, smells real. Are you aware of a company, or maybe a small business that creates these replica products?"
"Three, to be exact. Can’t tell where these originated. – I’m a one woman man, Kalypso. You’d have all my attention."
"No thanks. I politely decline. – Eyelash curler. Never used one. Always looked barbaric. – Brow tweezers. Unfortunately tried this a few times. Way too painful."
"I’ll convince you. – What’s this?"
"Eyebrow darkening powder. – No, you won’t. I don’t like men when it comes to relationship crap. Perhaps you don’t know much about our social structure here. Women rule."
"I dominate in bed. In our passionate relationship."

May your most romantic dreams come true...

Flash Kiss beneath the Wolf Moon of New Atlantis from the Kougar...

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