Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Rising of New Atlantis

The cover art for MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS has risen, thanks to the talent of Jinger Heaston...and the Kougar is so in love...wiggle, roll and scriggle on the carpet...while smiling like a foolish cat girl with an eye for a bad boy tomcat...
But purr-seriously, New Atlantis rises, a glorious new land, in Jinger Heaston’s cover art creation. This is the first glimpse of the Kougar’s story about the future on 2051 Earth. Also, this is the first glimpse of Kalypso and Zryphus, who save the future of New Atlantis, all while battling the Hair Spray Killer, and battling each other over love and passion.
After all IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT for Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.
IT HAPPENS ONE NIGHT for Zryphus and Kalypso, too.
Note: *IT* is particularly large and dominating.

Atlantis...it’s not just a legend anymore...

Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing, 100 years old in the year 2051, never knew why she survived the cataclysmic land changes. Or the Conflicts when she battled for freedom beside those who shouted ‘Don’t Tread on Me’. Until the rising of Atlantis, and she began New Atlantis with a group of rebels.
Zerculeon, Zryphus Vasquoz chose an enforcement career with Earth’s Federal Union for several reasons–his fascination with primitive worlds, to make his own way outside the family heritage, and to keep official watch for his own Worlds.
Once he gets an eyeful of the Sheriff, as they investigate the Hair Spray serial murder, Zryphus knows he’s found the woman he wants to marry. Despite her cold disinterest.
When the Hair Spray Killer stalks Kalypso, Zryphus won’t let her out of his sight, or his bed.


The future begins here...

Atlantis rises at
Siren-BookStrand on January 15, 2009...

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 19 ~

Sylva trembled involuntarily. “And if I’m from another world, why are you speaking English?” He grinned for a breath, his gaze searing into hers. “Parallel worlds, as we figure it here.” He leaned forward, his fingertips grazing over her cheek before he slid his hand through her hair. “Oh...SUV, it’s a type of vehicle.” Damn, were her lungs racing breaths against each other? “You were in its path?” he asked, a low deep whisper that tingled her earlobe. “Yes.” She’d leaned closer without knowing it. “Then you were in my path.” His tone seductively teased her senses. Sylva whimpered.

Zeke darkened with lust at her whimper. Drawing in the fragrances clinging to her skin, and to her chestnut golden hair, he palmed her shoulder gently. They would have to learn about each other later. Even his gratitude for her arrival was reined up short. He skimmed his hand toward her neck, the feel of her shoulder causing a groan to escape against her ear. “Sylva, don’t be afraid,” he encouraged. “I swear your bride’s pleasure will come first.” A hitch interrupted her little gasps. “Bride? What does that mean...here?” Zeke cupped her head. “You’re about to find out.”

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Kiss to Jinger Heaston from the Kougar...

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