Friday, January 23, 2009

January 1, 1981... back to the past on another Earth

Greetings and roaring salutations, my Big Beautiful Cats...the arctic cold is, once again, gripping the tame prairie with huge fangs...after a day of nice sunning warmth.

Grrrrrrr of complaint...and digging claws of frustration over My Space...the Kougar is thinking about not posting her bloggie there anymore...yesterday, late night, due to technical errors, moi went time traveling with her My Space blog...somehow ending up with a posting date of, meow-get this ~ January 1, 1981 ~
My Space, has it gone crazy? Beyond the usual juvenile-hazy crazy lazy hype over celebs and trends, which this hep wiser cat finds little mouse-more than trips into boring-landia, littered by turds of trivia best left to the likes of Paris yowl it somewhat kindly.
Tail-whipping annoyance...what happened to recognizing real talent? Not just featuring whomever is selected to be worshiped by fawning fan legions, obviously and blissfully unaware of their own cages of ignorance. Most sadly, unaware of their own talents, comparable to or beyond those they follow like hapless lemmings.

January 1, 1981... back to the past on another Earth ~ in truth the Kougaress doesn’t recall precisely what she did on that New Year’s date. Although, she did visit her sister in Tulsa around that time – if memory serves???
Yet, could it be? A parallel Earth where My Space was already available. And this is a message from the other side of another timeline? Hmmmm...purr...what a potential storyline. Instead of a message in a bottle, a message from another My Space located on another Earth, a cyber jump forward into the future of this timeline...perhaps by renegade hackers in a bid to prove their existence...maybe even an SOS...Big Brother is on schedule for 1984...
Just now, moi remembered a popular radio broadcast, during the nineties, by the incomparable Art Bell of Coast to Coast, where he asks Time Travelers to call in on their own special hot line. Lo and behold, one of the callers, a man, claimed he was calling on his computer, but from the future. Of course, the Kougar doesn’t recall the exact year in the future...however, it wasn’t in the far future...and, ya know what, he sounded truly creditable as to how he answered questions...not to say, he wasn’t making it all up...then again, what are the limits of cyber communication in time and space?

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 29 ~

Sylva swore the Doors’ song *Light My Fire” lived inside her now, transforming her blood into a racing blaze. His body could have starred in about any woman’s sexual fantasy. And he was about to join her on this over-large bed, which she guessed was an actual featherbed. Even though, his cock impressed the freakin’ hell out of her, and he seemed super-stud enough to take everything in hand, and her in his cowboy-rough hands...still, would she be enough for him? Would he care about her desires in bed? Her anxiety felt like fragments of ice, sharp and cold.

Zeke decided his bride needed an aggressive tumble with him, then beneath him. First, though, he cupped the side of her face, caressing. Their gazes met, deepening instantly, intense with need. Claiming her creamy curves with one arm, he threaded his fingers through her gorgeous hair. “Sylva,” he hoarsely possessed. Zeke launched forward, bringing her with him. Immediately they rolled like heathens, embraced in a lover’s tangle of arms and legs, their lips embraced in a raw fierce kiss. With their mouths clinging, their bodies molded and their hands lustily exploring each other they continued rolling back and forth, frenzied.


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May your most romantic dreams come true...

January 1, 1981 smooch from the Kougar...

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