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Winter in Blue & the New Year of Two

Yep. Big Beautiful Cats, the second day is ending in the New Year of Two, 2009 ~ 2+0+0+9 = 11 ~ 1+1 = 2 ~ in the science and art of numerology. Here is a promo the Kougar wrote for the bash at the Siren-BookStrand chat loop. Then, just for the Big Cool Cats, the continuation of moi’s Serial Flash ~ Happy New Year... on another Earth, Part 8 ~


Hi everyone, 2009 is considered to be the Year of Two in the world of numerology. The number TWO is love, companionship ~ this year is about couples coming together to care for each other and to love each other from their hearts and souls. This year is all about romance in all its many-splendored expressions.
This is also a time to join forces with each other to achieve our life dreams, as we are all doing today. Working together, during this year, will bring about the most satisfaction and success.

Since my OtherRealm, erotic romance novella *** ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE *** does not celebrate the holidays as we do here, I thought I’d write a winter courtship scene ten years prior to when the story begins. Yes, it’s all about romance in it’s purest form as Sher and Zag fall in love.

The World of the Blue Pearl Moon–A world of lush erotic decadence, where the fiercest passions between a woman and a man need never be denied. A world of potent seductive arts, where every appetite is served in the salons and the lavish entertainments. A world of wicked and resplendent pleasures, where the love between a man and a woman is a sensual lusty affair, soaring up to the radiant blue vault of sky.

Winter in Blue

The Courtship of Sher and Zag ~
A prequel scene to ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~

He rode beside her, Zag, the Baron, astride one of his winter steeds, a silvery gray stallion of majestic stature. Lady Sheridan glowed, a giddy excitement. Her heart winged toward him, the flight of a dove toward its mate. For a moment she closed her eyes, and hoped with all her being that his heart soared toward her. He’d spoken so. Just two days past. Two days of dreaming about him night and day. Of walking on a floor of air as she remembered the emerald smolder of his eyes only for her, as she remembered the fierce passion of his features before he had sealed her lips with a kiss that had been a silken blaze of pleasure over every inch of her flesh.
Goddess of the Blue Flame, she recalled his every word of love.
For two days now, she told herself to stop acting like a lust-wild virgin beneath the full blue pearl moon.
Yet, did she dare hope? Given his stud-formidable reputation with women, lots of women, could she afford to give her heart? His erotic talents and trysts were well-known throughout the kingdom. Still, in truth, she’d heard no woman claim his love as hers.
Shades of pale blue shimmered, a glaze over the deep blanket of snow on the mountain plateau, where she often trained her horses for competition. The cold air of winter only tickled her nose as bluefire raced through her veins. She listened to the snow-crunch of their horses’ hooves echo softly as they sedately traveled the scenic path. Blue-sky wishes, she wished her heart would quit fluttering, a fast-winging bird in her chest.
The frigid stillness around them, seemed as companionable as the silence between them now. She’d swiftly discovered being with him didn’t require the silly art of playing coy, of always engaging his attention.
“Sher.” His purring tone, so like a golden cougar, warmed her skin to honey. Clasping her gloved hand in his, he brought them to a halt. “Mother is throwing one of her extravagant balls for Father’s top business associates. Would you attend with me?”
His formal tone soared her insides, yet shattered her composure. This invitation to the Baroness’s high profile event was a step toward becoming engaged.
“Yes.” The icy mist of her breath met the mist of his.
“Sher, you have become my heart.”
Subtly, he squeezed her hand, his gaze a glisten of fire. Lifting her hand beneath his lips, he caught the edge of her glove with his teeth. Almost fiercely, he tugged, exposing a sliver of bare skin. With one kiss, soft yet completely potent, he seduced the underside of her wrist.
Spinning inside, she leaned toward him. Their lips collided in a searing kiss. As he claimed her mouth with a ferocity that pleased her, she moaned, inviting the play of his tongue. They dueled passionately, the swordplay of pleasure only interrupted when his stallion became impatient.
“I shall teach him better manners.” His grin wickedly teased her.

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 8 ~

Sylva glanced back and forth, completely bewildered. Illumined buildings that were no more than three stories, looked as if they’d been the victims of an all out war between an old west movie town and the elongated elegance of art nouveau. Not only that, horses adorned by silver-laden saddles stood at hitching posts while some manner of flying automobiles were parked on rooftops. Where in the freaking hell was she? Swivelling her head in slow motion, she nursed the hope she’d wake up at any moment. Even the music sounded like a strange mix of honky tonk and a waltz.

Zeke fingered his lariat as he urged Smoky forward. From what he could tell, the Diamond Flame had the most action. The piano-tinkly, fiddle-swinging music streamed toward him and the most expensive air cars packed the rooftop. A glint of light caught his eye. Instantly he focused on the center of Main Street, one hand ready to draw his pistol. He blinked, blinked again, an attempt to clear his vision, though it was as clear as a hunting hoot owl. The woman sat in middle of the street as if she’d fallen. Probably those strange ankle-breaking shoes were to blame.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Winter blue kiss from the Kougar...

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