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Flash of Bestial Purple

meow-wow...okay, he's not purple...A flash of bestial purple, my Big Lovely Cats, today at the Liquid Silver SEx blog. Today, Mima, the incomparable author of lyrical prose, was the hostess, choosing a bestial theme. For his flash-ing occasion, the Kougar decided to revise the beginning of her bestial purple short story ~

Purple Warrior Magnificent

Part 1 ~

Pain cut through my head like a Frerux axe blade. My eyelids fluttered. I wasn’t sure where I was. The surface I laid on was hard, but not sterile and cold. As the fogginess lifted, I heard some sort of alien chanting – low, demanding, reminding me of a sports crowd. My cheek hurt, so I shifted my head a bit hoping the axe wedge of pain wouldn’t become worse. Instead it subsided some, so I rolled over on my back. My eyelids still fluttered, not wanting to open against the blinding light. Shielding my eyes, I raised my head up.

Part 2 ~

Raising my shoulders up gradually, I prepared to look, to find out where the crapping universe I was. An odor rudely interrupted, potent male, hormones to knock a dragon elephant over. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to inhale. Turning my head to spare my nose, I peeked with one eye. Purple. Deep glistening purple – a color I favored. There were two purple columns directly in front me. They were carved to resemble humanoid male legs – appearing to be the powerful legs of a warrior god. Since they didn’t move, I raised my torso higher, resting on one elbow.

Part 3 ~

The chant droned, louder. Cautiously I opened both eyes. My breath caught as I gradually looked upwards over the purple god’s magnificently muscled thighs. Then my breath stuck in my throat. Instantly I launched back on both elbows. Balls, huge purple glistening male balls. They were so prominent I simply stared, gawked actually – not even moving my gaze up the obviously aroused phallus. Maybe he was a fertility god, a statue honoring the mating between man and woman. Noticing my mouth hung open, I clamped it shut, and dared my eyes to continue. Proudly, boldly standing was hardly adequate description.

Part 4 ~

The god’s phallus was purple majesty enormous – chiseled so realistically, I craned my neck get a closer look. Leaning forward, I raised up from my elbows onto my palms. Dang the galaxy, the floor surface felt familiar. I should have known, but I didn’t. Instead I looked upwards, and up again at the god’s impressive – no, ridiculously impressive phallus. Then up past his powerful hips to his chest, rippling with primitive muscle. The statue was superior-battling beautiful, trapped by the talented hand of an artisan. A god trapped inside purple-glowing stone. Except for his eyes, staring down at me, embers.

Part 5 ~

Volcanic embers. Part of a carved barbaric visage. Holy nova! He was alive! I leapt back, slamming against hard bars. I recognized them immediately. Cage fighting bars. I was inside a fight arena cage. No wonder I’d known the floor, I’d done some cage bouts in my day. Not recently. No wonder the surrounding crowd bellowed now. I scrambled up to my feet, gripping the bar with a panicked hand. My heart tripped swiftly, wanting to soar out of my chest. My adrenalin surging, I tracked my opponent’s approach. Our eyes gaged each other, seeking hidden strengths and hidden weaknesses.

Part 6 ~

Instantly I began my own silent chant...the bigger and purpler they are, the harder they fall. Always a mistake in the fight cage, his raven bronze mane is loose. Tensing to do battle, I launch, the heel of my bare foot strikes his throat. Bam! His counter move sweeps away most of my damage. I spin with his terrific force, aiming a power kick toward his solar plexus. He steps aside, surprisingly agile. My foot slams the stone strength of his hip. The jarring sensation shoots up my leg. I duck his wrestling grab, skittering around his column-like legs.

Part 7 ~

Bam! My fist plows into the base of his spine. It rocks him, but he whirls fast enough, looking to seize me against his brute strength, and crush me. I spin, dervish-style out of his hooking arm, then spring upwards toward the barred roof of the cage. His enormous hand slides down my calf, losing me. My skin-tight flight suit is icy slickness. Hanging balanced from the bars, I watch him crouch like a borgha panther, preparing to leap for me. His eyes are glazed, not with fighting heat, not with a ferocious hunger to kill. Lust? Hell, not lust.

Part 8 ~

My insides rock in horror. Panic floods my bloodstream. From the back of my brain the space station rumors explode forward like star plasma. Cage fights for a breeding mate. Warriors from little known worlds are lured to fight in the lucrative bloodlust battles with the promise that if they defeat a season’s worth of opponents, they are given the chance to defeat a woman fighter. If they win...I quiver violently inside, the consequences too horrible to face. Bestial, he springs as I drop. My much lesser weight smacks his face. I seize his giant head between my thighs.

Part 10 ~

I hold on for dear life. Fist-seizing his mane, I anchor myself and try not to think about my crotch snug against his nose, his mouth. Maybe I can suffocate him into submission before he pries me off. No! He forces his giant mouth open enough to bite me. His beast teeth grip my woman lips hard enough...ow. Ow! Enduring the pain, I clamp onto him. Tears drip from my clenched eyelids. Still, I rip out a fistful of his hair. He grunts in pain. Free, I flip backwards, launching from his shoulders. I snag his giant phallus, jerking.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 24 ~

Sylva nipped his lower lip with her lips. Her breath a storm raging inside her, she whispered, “Zeke, please, handle my breasts.” Immediately his rough, oh-so masculine hands caressed over her back. His kisses trailed along her jaw as he smoothly unzipped her bodice, freeing her. Daring herself, Sylva reached out sliding her hand along his thigh, molding his magnificent sinew and muscle. “Yes,” she murmured. His wonderful kisses followed the length of her neck and he eased the bodice farther away from her swollen needy breasts. The chill of the air rushed over her nipples. “Oh, please,” she pleaded.

Zeke lurched inside like a wild stallion, toward her. Mentally, he lassoed himself, tugging the rope taut. So far, she wanted him. Angels above stop him, he wasn’t doing anything to change that. Dang, she tasted sweeter than roses and honey, with her own female spice that tempted him to launch himself on top of her ~ ravish her until she couldn’t move. He already knew she’d be a perfect fit in his bed, beneath him ~ held in his arms as they slept and dreamed together. Her little hand on his thigh sent a bolt of need straight to his cock.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Flash of purple kiss from the Kougar...

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