Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snake in the Glass

Maowww-evening, my Big Fierce Cats, this evening the Kougar read her ATIV buddy’s short story, SNAKE IN THE GLASS, in issue #7 of the fantasy ezine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies ~ a gorgeous fantastical site to simply enjoy.

Pat or P.E. Cunningham has written a wonderful witch and mage story, which is both entertaining and transforming. While this tale originated as a take off on ‘snake in the grass’, it far surpasses that beginning and soars with Pat’s intriguing and magical imagination. The story also works because of Pat’s attention to detail and her evocative style of writing, in this KitKat’s humble-rumble opinion.
Moi is very often not a fan of short stories, yowl-truthfully. Pat’s short story IS the exception.
So, a Kougar pat of exceptionally well down on the Pat’s back. And a big purring thank you.


FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Claw snippet from the menage’ WIP ~ Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand ~

“We should talk with Zotorro, get his intuition.” Enjoying how she perched more comfortably on his lap, Zion handed Wendy a bowl, then retrieved his. “Hey, do you remember when little brother read the depraved mind of Spooky Spider, after Zent throttled him into unconsciousness?”
Zavier loosed a brief chuckle. “Yeah, we all kept dodging his shooting webs, and got sticky-slimed anyway.”
“Until we bammed into him enough times and finally knocked him over.” Zion swallowed a huge bite of stew, one eye on Wendy to make certain she ate. “What if Zotorro could read the gray bio machine’s programming before he repairs?”
“Good idea.” Hearing the contact tone, Zavier nodded toward the other screen. “After I talk with the Mayor, emergency notwithstanding, I’ll find out what Zotorro believes he can do.”
“I’ll flame the gray bastard again, if he repairs,” Wendy volunteered, too eagerly.
“That’s my SlashFlame Kitten.” Zion raised his bowl, and grinned.
“It seems I’m good for more than your sexual preferences.” She sliced her gaze at him, her meaning obvious.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 13 ~

Sylva felt herself pulled upwards in a gentlemanly manner. Tempted to use her own skill to flip him into the mud puddle, she decided his impressive reflexes would take her down with him. Keeping her muddy hand, he drilled his gaze down to her soul, then used the rope to force her closer. The brilliant glints in his eyes had her wondering what color his eyes were. Damn it to hell, she should knee him in his arrogant, okay, handsome groin, and make a run for it in her *tip me over* heels. “Planning to hogtie me, whoever you are?”

Zeke had never felt so savage for a woman. He didn’t think it was because she now belonged to him. Her womanly fragrance, like warm honey and blooming sage, filled him up more than a prime steak dinner. Her face was what a man dreamed about when he rode the land for days at a time, lonely. Her lips were made for a man’s pleasure. Her hair tumbled beautifully. His bride wasn’t from around these parts if she didn’t know him, for damn sky certain. “Zeke Dhurago Vintorr, from the ranch, Sunrise Two Rivers.” He jerked her flat against him.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Kiss to P.E. Cunningham from the Kougar...

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