Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Year of the Romantic Heart...

Happy evening, my Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar is anxious to finish the final chapter of HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES, coming from Siren-BookStrand ~ yep, wowza, the thrill is chasing through her tail, and hopefully to her typing claws.
And..the thrill is definitely there! As BLACK CAT BEAUTY nears release from
Liquid Silver Books.
So many novels to pen, so little time...roar and soar into the liberation of the imagination... this Kougaress takes the flying leap...

The Year of the Romantic Heart... my cherished Big Kittens. ~~~ Be kiss-ready ~~~ The Kougar rarely pays attention to most TV commercials anymore, given their appeal to a lower than kindergarten intelligence nowadays. Except to keep track of cultural trends, always a fascination from a sociological viewpoint. So, moi is penning her bloggie and she hears in the background *be kiss-ready* ... how sweetly and passionately perfect for this Year of the number Two... now, the couple in the commercial, while cute in a teenage way... has little to do with real possibility and pleasures of being *kiss-ready* ~~~ for, what if you could look forward to delicious sweet and wild kisses from the lover of your choice everyday...what if...what if your lover bestowed your favorite kisses everyday and craved that time when you would bestow their favorite kisses...
Well, and big growling hell, would that improve the world for all us??? betcha, gals and guys *be kiss-ready” cats.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 27 ~

Sylva was caught on the edge of ecstasy, her entire body...not merely her sex bits, especially as he fondled her breasts more vigorously. His teeth gently captured her bliss-aching nipple, tugging and releasing, over and over. She moaned, clenched her eyelids tightly. And wanted more. The desire to feel her skin against his exploded inside her. Leaning forward, looping her arms around his neck, she flowed her hands into the springy thickness of his hair. Embracing the back of his head, she whispered, “Please, make me naked.” Sylva kissed his forehead, inhaling his outdoors’ scent, his raw male smell.

Zeke sucked her nipple taut into his mouth, caressing downward. Feeling her darling little waist beneath his hands, he paused, stroking. He eased her short sassy dress over her breeding hips, so lovely in the embrace of his hands, he reveled in the shape, then shoved the dress down her thighs. Keeping her teat deep in his mouth, he slid the bunched material down her calves. After molding the curve of her leg, he gripped the stiff skirt material, pulling it from her feet. “Time to mount up, cowboy,” she murmured provocatively. Her lips brushed his earlobe several times. “Zeke.”

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Scan it with your jewel night eyes, my Big KitKats, yours truly Kougar expanded her bloggie...Romance is in the air... for the HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog... and go, enjoy Francesca’s recycled chandelier story.
Also, for the next part of the Never Ending Story ~ ~
Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Year of the Romance kiss from the Kougar...

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