Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blue Gold ~ Back to Egypt

My Bast Kittens, here’s a new mewing *Back to Egypt* read for you. Today, the Kougar had a fun and fascinating chat time on the Siren-BookStrand loop in celebration of romance author, Lindsay Townsend’s latest release ~ BLUE GOLD ~
And! The Kougar’s Serial Flash in Two Hundred continues this evening...and, yes, roar and tail-soar, a claw snippet from Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ all below...

Blue Gold
By: Lindsay Townsend
Categories: Historical Historical Mainstream ROMANCE

Word Count: 124,400
Heat Level: SENSUAL
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Blurb ~

Ancient Egypt, 1560 B.C.

Ruling Upper Egypt from Thebes, Pharaoh Sekenenre has many enemies. Aweserre, whose grandfather seized the crown of Lower Egypt. Kamose and Ahhotpe, his son and daughter, who plot to rule in his place. And, most dangerous, the storm-god Set.

It is a time of famine. To prosper a man must be civilized and ruthless. Ramose, priest and Vizier, is all of these. Kasa, a farmer, must learn to be like him to survive. Neith, wife of Ramose, is driven, first to drink, then to courage. Hathor, who killed her son, finds love, desertion, then a second chance at love. Tiyi, the gentle masseuse, is desired by many, but desires only one.

Watched by the gods of Egypt, the conflict reaches its climax in war. The pyramids, a thousand years old when the story begins, play a crucial part.

Behind all is the God Set, with his question: 'What am I?'

"The God Set or Seth in ancient Egyptian mythology is a mystery, represented by a strange animal. In 'Blue Gold' I set out to explore this mystery in the most direct and exciting way I could. And I've always loved the pyramids!" ~ Lindsay

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Claw snippet from the menage’ WIP ~ Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand ~

He smiled, padding closer. He intended to train Wendy in the use of their battle weapons and vehicles, once she was trained to his sex preferences, and to his mastery. She’d adored the rush of riding behind him on his powered-up motorcycle and in his sleek speed-improved car. He’d never admitted it to her, but he’d made some improvements just for her. Just to see the wild enthusiasm on her face when her eyes would glow, the golden lights in them flaring magically. Just to be with her. Despite Zotorro and Zavier.
Wendy had always encouraged him in his skill with machines. Donkey-kick-in-the-ass yes, she’d also warned him repeatedly to be careful. Not that he’d listened a whole lot, except to keep her and others safe.
Rounding the curved entrance into the kitchen, he halted in mid-step, then swiftly took several steps back where he could watch unobserved. Zent wasn’t just cooking up stew, he was cooking his cock inside Wendy, forking her at an agonizingly slow pace. He knew why. Wendy wanted it that way. Her face ethereally gleamed with pleasure. And she’d opened her kwim hole fully to his brother’s penetrating rod.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 12 ~

Sylva figured she wasn’t going anywhere yet, given the way he handled a rope. Not only that, she had no clue where the crap she’d ended up. Where was a cop when you needed one? “Looks like you’ve made friends with a mud puddle, little lady. Give me your hand and I’ll help you up.” He stretched a lean, long-fingered hand down to her, yet kept the rope tight. What? Was he going to hogtie her next, if she didn’t? She blinked, the timbre of his voice registering. Molten and smoky, with a smooth twang that melted a woman’s sexiest insides.

Zeke ached to her know her name. However, his beautiful little filly didn’t appear to appreciate his husbandly claim of her. Yet. He aimed to convince her right quick about what he had to offer. If she’d arrived to meet another man, she was plumb in luck he’d found her first. “Hope you like mud, Mr. Cowboy.” Rebellion glinting in her eyes, she clasped his hand with her mud-covered, but dainty palm. Given it was the one she would have used, he smiled. Besides, by sweet heaven, if she wanted to play rough and untamed as sin, he’d oblige her.
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Blue Gold kisses from the Kougar...

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