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*IT* Happened One Night...

Good late evening, my Big KitKats, the Kougar is shivering in her fur, along with the most of the country....brrrrrrr...instead of purrrrr...
Presented for your sizzling entertainment, the revised love/passion scene...the one moi used as her American Title IV entry ~

*IT* Happened One Night...


“Good excuse as I’ve ever heard...Agent.” Kalypso turned to him. “You can unfurrow your over-sized brow. I’m not accepting his sperm, lab or otherwise. Although, it’s none of your damn business. Really.”
“Over-sized?” Zryphus gazed down at her, his eyes implacable and smoky, except for what Kalypso labeled the puppy look.
“Oh, for gawd’s sake And men think women are over-sensitive. Not that we aren’t at times. But the shoe fits on both feet. Oh, never mind. That didn’t come out right. I just meant large, as in bigger than most males I know. Not un-handsome.” She took a breather. He still gazed down at her. “I didn’t talk about your over-sized organ ” she pointed out.
“Cock. Phallus. Whatever you call it in your language. Wouldn’t that bruise your ego more than a ‘brow’?”
“You haven’t done me the honor of looking upon it, yet, gorgeous. How would you know if it’s over-sized?” He’d softened his tone to southern gentleman, surprising Kalypso and unnerving her a bit.
“Seemed pretty monstrous when it was pokin’ up before,” Kalypso defended, knowing she swam in shark-infested waters with this ridiculous exchange. Him being the biggest shark of all. Maybe he was the biggest shark she’d ever known. She squeezed her eyelids, wanting to shut out her own thoughts. She waited, feeling the inward-outward rush of her breath as if that’s all she could feel.
“Let’s test it out,” he whispered, “I’ll let you feel it.” He grasped her elbow, all of a sudden propelling her somewhere. “You can decide if it’s over-sized.” His dark rasp close to her ear, tormented her senses, taunted her loins, and ignited her to liquid fire. And made her ability to think turn into corn mush. She only knew they moved into a private darkened area of The Castle where lovers went, an area of hidden alcoves, designed for passionate trysts.
‘No,’ she tried to speak. The word refused to pass her lips.
He thrust her against stone, the smooth, warm stone wall of an alcove. His huge hard body braced against hers, he held her captive. His lips seized her lips, his fierce kiss conquering her mouth before she could fight him.
His kisses conquered her senses, and spun her desire out of control. She kissed him almost as boldly, her arms winding around his neck, her breasts flattening against his chest.
He played her lips, the Viking virtuoso, and she desperately adored it. She kissed him as heathen-relentlessly. Not wanting to be anywhere else. Only against him.
Damn Damn The word ran through her soul like a chased rabbit.
She was in mucho big trouble. Big nova-type trouble. That didn’t stop her. It certainly didn’t stop him.
When he slid his large powerful hands up her thighs, beneath her dress, she did nothing but sigh like a willing vixen against his mouth. She did nothing but furiously play her lips against his, insatiable for him.
She let him caress her, boldly caress her thighs.
Maybe it was enough that he knew how to stroke her, and claim her with long god-demanding caresses. Maybe it was their passion, and the ruthless desire of his kisses to hers, that she couldn’t refuse. Maybe it was how good he smelled. All-powerful male, potent as rich smoking tobacco.
Somewhere—in the very back of her mind—a teensy voice begged and warned, telling her everyone knew. Gardenia would know, did know. That didn’t stop her.
And somewhere, she knew he was doing exactly what he wanted to do with her, and do to her. That didn’t stop her.
Exquisitely, she burned.
With excruciating heat, her loins blazed, wanting him. Her wetness flowed, sweltering on the inside of her thighs.
His hand stroked between her thighs, all powerful. Gradually he stroked upwards, a delicious wild torment.
Claiming her mouth with steamy forceful kisses, he caressed the juncture of her thigh.
She tensed, believing he would just grab between her thighs, and crudely try to excite her.
His caresses didn’t halt, and his seductive rhythm continued.
She moaned into their ferocious clinging kiss. Arching, she pressed her breasts against his chest even more. His strength to her softness, exciting her fiercely.
She whimpered against his mouth as he caressed her sex mound, as he claimed, gently claimed. He held her mound completely with his palm. His hand was so large, she kitten-moaned.
Owning no illusion, she knew he claimed her, as a man claimed a woman he knew belonged to him. That didn’t stop her. She burned impossibly hot.
Tenderly, insistently he caressed her mound. His kiss savagely pressed on her lips. When she slightly rocked her hips toward his hand, he gently shoved his finger inside her sex lips. Kalypso stilled, wild with pleasure and wild with shock. His finger slid over the juicy length of her clit, shivering her within. She didn’t deny him. She couldn’t. He groaned against her mouth. A man’s want, so brutally passionate she shivered inside again. And couldn’t deny herself what he was about to do to her.
Even if it had been ages...and ages. And everything she had fought for, victoriously fought for, was about to be lost. To him. To these moments between them.
His finger rubbed tenderly, masterfully over her swollen clit. When he lifted her off her feet, her thighs seized by his powerful huge hands, she was helpless, and helpless with her own need as he parted her thighs...just enough. He fused his mouth to hers, scorching her lips all the way to heaven. He thrust it, his cock between the length of her inner thighs. So she felt him, the towering potency of his manhood, fully between her slickened thighs. The immense shape of it tightly pressed by the flesh of her thighs, was different, and more defined. She shuddered to her core with shock and an ache to mate. Goddess, she ached while her sex dripped with juiciness.
~~~~~~’s not just a legend anymore...

~~~ Kalypso & Zryphus invite you to read their love story ~ a match made in intergalactic heaven ~~~

MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~ 2051 suspense futuristic, erotic romance ~ American Title IV finalist ~ sizzling and rising from Siren-BookStrand on January 15, 2009 ~ the future begins here...
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Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 21 ~

Sylva jerked her hand back as if she’d touched a hot stove. Only it was the scorch of their passion. Amazed, she watched him skillfully unstrap her high heels, his fingertips brushing a brand through her hose as he slipped them off each foot. “How hot are you, cowboy?” she crooned, utterly unlike herself. *Husband* ~ it rang through her mind until he looked up, his silvery eyes beaming intensely. “Zeke,” he hoarsely prompted. “Hot enough to singe your eyebrows with one kiss.” His small grin lit up his eyes, his hand slowly stroking up her leg. “Is that so, Zeke?”

Zeke circled caresses on her upper thigh, long and beautifully full beneath his palm. Her eyes glittered a dare, yet he also witnessed her filly-skittishness. Gradually leaning forward, he placed a kiss above her knee. One kiss at a time he moved upwards, fondling the generous curve of her thigh, then her luscious hip. Her soft yielding moan encouraged him, and he slid his palm up her other thigh, pressing kisses until he met the stiff fabric of her skirt. He embraced her haunches, stroked, then grazed his fingertips over waistband of her strange hose. “Take them off,” she murmured.

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May your most romantic dreams come true...

It happened upon a kiss from the Kougar...

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