Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cat Coincidence, Meow-not...

Top of the late evening to ya, Big Bold Cats, it was Cat-scratching fast-dashing promo madness on Monday...and not just the Kougar promo-ing BLACK CAT BEAUTY... meow-no, there was an m/m novel, YEAR OF THE CAT featured ... also, this is the very song that haunted moi constantly as she claw-penned her black cat, Sable Kiki’s story. Then, the Kougar read an excerpt of BEING FAMILIAR WITH A WITCH, Saphire Phelan’s paranormal romance novel starring a demon black cat.
Cat Coincidence, Meow-not...
And this! as a news headline: The former Cat Stevens sings for the children ~
What? Is it the Black Cat Cosmic Code... great title for a movie, mew-huh?

Raaooor-speaking above movies... it’s a first for this movie-adoring Big Kitten... yowl-yes, for the very first time, this Kougaress rooted for the bad guys to take the heroine and hero out... The Templar has to be one of the worst movies moi has ever endured. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion while getting a root canal. Why watch? A weird fascination about how bad can it get combined with a true fascination about the Templars, which this movie sadly short-changed, in the end. Geez Louise and please, why is that surprising? In this age of all things profound lost to the chic way to be, dumb and dumber.

At least, this Big Bad Cat doesn’t have to concern herself with one of her novels becoming a botched and horrible movie. No one is knocking on her authoress door. Yep, luck shows up in strange and unexpected garments. Not being noticed can have its ultimate reward.

Summoning all Magical Big Cats ~ take an easy run over to Ann Cory’s Magical Seductions blog ~
http://anncory.com/blog ~ where she explains why this is an extra special magical day.

Yippedy-skippedy! ... don’t you just love this older 50's generation phrase? The Kougar had forgotten it. Mucho thanks to Francesca Prescott, author of MUCHO CALIENTE, who used * Yippedy-skippedy! * upon receiving an outstanding review for her precious romance comedy novel.

On an outstanding dance note ~ the Argentinian couple won the gold medal in the Super Stars of Dance... omygawd, passion-red and sultry elegance ...if only Mr. Tango was a dance teacher... if only... sigh and would the Kougaress ever love dancing thigh to thigh with that Latin Lover. Who wouldn’t let him bring out her inner Love Goddess?

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy New Year... on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 32 ~

Sylva flinched, a small pain from his final deep thrust. She’d tried not to react. Instantly, he unlocked their lips, searching her face. “I’m okay,” she whispered. God, her loins ached for the plunder of his cock. When he didn’t appear convinced, she paused her escaping breaths, murmuring, “Big.” She wondered how he’d stopped at all. His eyes were dark as smoke, and glazed with lust. “Come on, cowboy, give a girl a bucking bronco ride.” He raised upwards, onto his elbows, an obviously difficult and painful effort. “I won’t hurt you.” Tilting her hips invitingly, she rocked his manhood.

“Zeke, please.” Her soft little pleading had him raging inside, even more desperate to make her fully his. And her seductively bucking hips were scorching his cock hotter and faster than the iron brands he used to mark the boundaries of their land, these days, instead of on the ranch herds. “Your face,” he growled. If he watched, he’d know if he hurt her. She gave a quick small nod and moaned as he lunged back, preparing to hurl himself inside her like a spear. “Ramrod.” She burst the word out, between her breathless pants. “Ramrod me, again and again.”

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Thanks to all the ladies at the
HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog, the Kougar introduced BLACK CAT BEAUTY, and expounded a bit about the romance in one scene.
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Magical smooches from the Kougar...

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